tagInterracial LoveA New Life Ch. 4

A New Life Ch. 4


Judi didn't remember much about how she got home that evening or even what she said to her husband. She went right to bed and slept through the night and late into Saturday morning. The light of day Saturday brought back the reality of what she had done. She tried to keep busy Saturday with shopping and errands, trying not to think about her situation, but it kept coming back to her. She would never have believed it if someone had told her that she would be letting one black man, let alone three fuck her. It would have been even more inconceivable that she would eventually participate willingly.

Judi had a million questions in her mind. Would she get pregnant? If she were, how would she tell her husband? It would end their marriage for sure, but did she care? She felt guilty about her infidelity but on the other hand Judi felt invigorated by all the attention; she felt desirable again. Was that so wrong? Was it wrong for her to enjoy life again?

Yes, the sex had been incredible, but should she feel guilty for enjoying the sex so much? She had never passed out from climaxing in her life. Hell, she was lucky if she just got off once a month over the last ten years of her marriage and it wasn't that good even then.

Judi knew deep down inside, like some women do in that sixth sense, that she would get pregnant. It had been close to her fertile period when her and Derrick had fucked the first time. She could almost feel a new life forming in her body. If she were pregnant, she knew that she had the option of having an abortion, but she would never do that. This was a baby, a human life and after all, she wanted a child with all her heart. Yet this child didn't belong to her husband, it belonged to her boss, a married black man. However, she that knew she would love the baby no matter who the father was. The truth was that it was a secret thrill to Judi that she might be carrying Derrick's baby. She knew that he was happily married and would never leave his wife. Yes, she loved him, even after the rough treatment, maybe even because of the rough treatment. But she knew that Derrick had a softer side and would eventually show it.

Derrick was everything Don wasn't. Don was always so wimpy when it came to sex, never wanting to try anything new or taking control. Fortunately, Don was not truly an obnoxious personality. His greatest sin had been that he had lied about the fact that he was sterile. Had he loved her so much that he had been afraid that she would not marry him if she knew? The truth was that she might have considered that. Through it all Judi still cared for Don, but was probably too late for them.

Too many questions and not enough answers.

Through it all Judi found that she had a new outlook on life, a new bounce in her step, a new life within her.

The next several weeks flew by in a frenzy. It was the busy season at work and no one had much time for socializing. Derrick had been away for several weeks on a trip to the Orient, business and pleasure. Judi and he had not gotten together for almost three weeks. She was climbing the walls. When they finally had the chance, it was a quickie in his apartment. Still great but not long enough. Derrick promised that this was unusual and that he would have more time for her in the next several weeks when things got back to normal.

At home, Judi and Don's relationship had actually improved over the past several weeks. Part of the reason might have been that Judi felt better about herself and less defensive. Don had also found a job and he was showing signs of coming out of the funk he had been in for several years.

Judi still could not feel truly guilty about what she had done; she only felt sad that her marriage to Don was probably over. But the thrill of having the child she had always wanted over shadowed the feeling of regret.

It wasn't a surprise to Judi when missed her period. In fact, she felt an incredible excitement in the pit of her stomach. She knew that a new life was beginning for her. Where it would lead she was not sure but she still wanted to take the journey.

The first day her period was late, Judi went out and bought a home test. The results were as she had expected; she was pregnant! She figured that it was time to go to her doctor to confirm what she already knew.

Doctor Sally Moran had been working with Judi for years, trying all types of treatments to get her pregnant. It had been a mystery to her as to why Judi could not get pregnant. She tried to get Don to be tested but he had refused. It had been her conclusion that it was Don's problem not Judi's. Judi had chosen Doctor Moran first because she was a female and second because she was an expert in infertility. She and Judi had become more than patient and doctor, they had become friends. In fact, they had even cried together on several occasions when Judi's test results had come back negative. When Judi found out that Don was sterile, she had obviously shared that with her doctor. Doctor Moran was as angry as Judi but tried her best to console her friend.

When Judi stopped in to see Dr. Moran and told her about her suspicions, she was shocked to say the least. She did her own test and confirmed that Judi was a month pregnant.

Judi didn't lie to her; she told her that it was not Don's baby and that it belonged to her African American boss. After all, she would certainly know the father was black at delivery.

After recovering from her initial shock, Doctor Moran had a serious discussion with Judi about her options--abortion, putting the baby up for adoption, etc. Judi refused all of these and told her that she was happy and wanted this baby more that anything in the world. The baby would receive all the love Judi that could offer.

Finally, Dr. Moran came around and congratulated Judi then hugged her, telling her cautiously that she had a rough road ahead of her. She offered any assistance that she could provide. They cried tears of joy together.

**** Judi was so excited about the baby that she wanted to tell Derrick right away. However, she knew that she had to control her excitement and tell Derrick at the perfect time. She couldn't just blurt it out in the office one day. Judi was not really sure how Derrick was going to react. She was pretty certain that he would be happy. After all, he had made sure that he always came in her pussy and he knew that she was not on the pill. Still, they had never really discussed her becoming pregnant so there was still a hint of doubt.

Judi struggled to think of the appropriate time and place; it had to be special.

Fait was on Judi's side when Derrick announced that the two of them needed to go to Atlanta to a convention of vendors and potential customers. The company was going to set up a booth and he and Judi would be the on-site representatives. Judi was elated, this would be the perfect time and place for Judi to tell Derrick he was going to be a father: a romantic dinner, candlelight, wine. Judi decided that she would tell Don when she returned from Atlanta.

On Friday before they were scheduled to leave, Judi found out that Terri would be going with them to Atlanta. She was crushed, then furious. She had hoped this was going to be their time--her time to be with her lover, the father of her baby. The pregnancy was already wreaking havoc with her hormones.

Judi stormed into Derrick's office slamming the door. "What the hell is going on here Derrick? Why are you inviting that little tramp secretary of yours on our trip to Atlanta?" Judi screamed, her face red.

Poor Derrick didn't know what was going on. He certainly had no idea Judi was pregnant or that she wanted to share that important news with him in Atlanta.

Derrick sat back in his chair starring at her in amazement. When he got his composure he leaned over his desk toward Judi. "Judi, I don't know who the fuck you think you are talking too but unless something has changed, I still own this company and I will invite anyone I damned well please, anywhere I please. The last time I checked, you work for me. Furthermore, because we have had sex, does not give you the right to come in here and tell me what to do. If it's any of your business, which it is not, Terri is the one who is setting up our entire display and making all the arrangements for us to meet with business clients. She is basically responsible for the show."

Judi sat there stunned. She hadn't thought before she stormed into Derrick's office, she was running on pure emotions. Now she had opened her mouth and possibly spoiled everything.

After a long pause, Derrick said, "Now if you don't want to go, I can easily have Ann Towenson take your place."

Judi opened her mouth but no words came out. The tears began to flow. Finally she found her voice and said, "Oh Derrick, I'm so sorry, I...I don't know what is wrong with me lately, I'm just so emotional. I had no right to say what I did." Judi broke down in sobs.

Derrick got up and walked around the desk and put his arm around her. "Alright, alright, let's forget this conversation ever happened sweetheart. I know we haven't had much time together lately. I promise we will get more time in Atlanta. Why don't you take the rest of the day off and go home or shopping. We leave Sunday about noon." Derrick put his hand under Judi's chin and raised her face to look at him.

Judi looked up at Derrick in obvious relief. Wiping her eyes, she smiled and thanked Derrick sincerely.

Derrick leaned down and kissed Judi. His tongue entered her mouth and his hand reached around to massage her breast tenderly.

Judi's emotions went from sadness to joy, to desire in seconds. Judi's hand came up to Derrick's crotch and began to massage his rapidly swelling penis. She felt it expand in her hand. On impulse, she pulled his zipper down and worked his large cock out of his pants. Her eyes grew wide at the always-amazing site of Derrick's long black cock. The large purple head was swollen and already had a drop of clear juice at the tip. Judi's tongue came out and licked the drop off the head. She then ran her tongue around the swollen gland, coating it with her saliva then moving down the shaft. Her lips and tongue covered ever inch of the long black shaft.

Derrick moaned and thrust forward as Judi took the head into her mouth. She moaned deep in her throat as she felt Derrick's cock move deeper and deeper into her wide-open mouth. She sucked most of the cock into her throat before gagging a bit. She pulled back and moved forward again. This time she took the whole thing down her throat. She had gotten very good at taking his cock into her throat, all the way to his balls. She could hear Derrick groaning above her as her mouth and throat worked his cock. She pulled back several times, only to take him back in again.

"Be careful sweetheart, I can't take much of this," Derrick hissed.

This only served to make Judi work that much harder. She had never sucked his cock to completion before. Judi knew that she was already pregnant so it was not necessary for him to cum in her pussy. She wanted to taste his cum.

Judi could feel Derrick trying desperately to hold back. It was a futile attempt. Judi was now using her hand to jerk his cock, causing him to rapidly lose control.

"Judi, Judi, stop!" Derrick panted.

Judi sucked harder and moved her hand faster.

Suddenly, with a loud moan, Derrick's cock enlarged in Judi's mouth. Judi felt the first blast hit the back of her throat with great force. Derrick moaned in surrender and began to squirt his hot sperm into Judi's mouth.

Through half closed eyes Derrick watched his lover's cheeks bulge with his sperm then collapse as she swallowed, then fill again.

Derrick was a very heavy cummer, which did not surprise Judi since she has seen it run in rivers from her pussy. Yet, she thought it would never stop as her throat worked to drink every drop. She felt the hot juice slide down her throat and fill her stomach. She found that she loved the taste and texture, unlike the few times she had sucked her husband off.

Suddenly, Judi felt a spasm as a small climax went through her body. She lost track of time as her pussy spasmed each time she swallowed a mouthful of sperm. She kept sucking until she felt Derrick pry her lips from his cock.

Derrick pulled Judi's head to him, breathing heavy, trying to recover from his intense orgasm.

Judi lovingly kissed and licked Derrick's quickly shrinking cock until no trace of his sperm was left; she had swallowed every drop. Derrick smiled down at Judi saying, "God, that was one of the best blow jobs that I have ever had, you are an amazing and beautiful lady. Now why don't you get out of here before I throw you over that desk and fuck your brains out."

Judi smiled and said, "Promises, promises, I am ready anytime you are."

"Well, I don't have time right now but I can guarantee you that your pussy will be so sore by the time you leave Atlanta, you will have trouble walking," Derrick said laughing.

Judi didn't know at the time just how true that statement would be. She jumped up, kissed Derrick and said, "I am going to hold you to that promise lover."

**** Judi and Derrick left Sunday afternoon for Atlanta. Terri had gone down late Friday to begin preparation. Derrick had purchased first class tickets for the two of them.

The flight was a pleasure to Judi because she got the chance to talk to Derrick without anyone interrupting; she had all of his attention. At one point, she almost told him that he was going to be a father, however, she knew that this was not the time or place. Judi did try to find out more about Terri and Derrick's relationship.

Derrick told her that Terri had worked for him for several years. Judi had never really paid much attention to their relationship until now. Derrick was obviously fond of Terri; what man wouldn't be, she was gorgeous. Derrick also told Judi that Terri had a fetish but he would not elaborate.

Now Judi was even more curious about Derrick and Terri's relationship. She asked Derrick again what he meant when he said Terri had a fetish. He refused to answer, saying only that she would find out eventually. He did say that she had the longest tongue of any person, man or woman that he had ever seen. It was actually a deformity from birth. Her tongue was twice as long as normal, like the singer from Kiss. He also said that Terri had had her tongue pierced and wore a stud in it when she was not in the office. Judi was amazed and had many questions, but Derrick refused to give her any more information, just smiling at her questions.

Derrick had arranged for all three of them to have large rooms on the 26th floor of the Plaza Hotel. The rooms were beautiful. It was obvious that Derrick went first class in everything he did.

Before they separated, Derrick asked Judi to dinner that evening.

Judi was elated, this would be the perfect time for her news.

Derrick knocked on Judi's door at 7 PM. Judi was ready; she had been ready for an hour. She wore a white dress that was very short, tight and showed a lot of cleavage. It looked great with her tanned skin. She wore no nylons and of course no panties.

Derrick kissed her and held her at arms length and whistled at what he saw. "God, you look beautiful," he said pulling her back to him for another kiss. His hands went from her back to her soft ass cheeks.

Judi could feel his cock begin to swell as he pulled her into him. She pushed him away, not wanting to let things get out of control now. "Down lover, there will be plenty of time for that later, let's go, I'm hungry," Judi said with a smile. In fact, Judi was too excited to be hungry but Derrick didn't know that.

Judi and Derrick were a striking couple, him in a dark suit, black shirt and white tie, and she in her tight white dress and 4 inch white heels. They received a lot of stares as they walked thought the lobby.

Derrick had made reservations at a fancy restaurant. Actually it was an old church, which had been converted into a restaurant. It was trendy and very expensive. It was obvious that Derrick knew a lot of the staff there, as they greeting him like an old friend.

Judi and Derrick were led to the balcony of the restaurant where the seating was somewhat secluded and private. The table overlooked the rest of the restaurant below. The table was actually a booth with a large padded and rounded seat, enabling Judi and Derrick to sit close together. There were candles on the table and a bottle of wine already cooling. Judi would take it easy on the wine since she knew she was pregnant.

They sat close together drinking wine and talking quietly. They watched the activity on the church floor below them. Derrick held Judi's hand and kissed her many times as they shared intimacies. Dinner was delicious and the service was excellent; the waiters seemed to always be there to fill their wine glasses or take their orders. Actually, Judi would have liked a little less attention.

Finally, when the eating was done, a bottle of wine consumed, Judi felt the time was right. Judi turned toward Derrick and put her hand on his cheek. She looked into his eyes and said, "Derrick, there is something I need to tell you," and she paused. "I don't know how else to say this, except to come out and tell you...I'm...I'm pregnant; you are going to be a father."

Judi held her breath. The silence was almost frightening. The noise of the restaurant faded away as she waited for his reaction. Judi felt that she could actually hear her heart beating. It seemed like an eternity but was actually only a few seconds until Judi saw a big smile come to Derrick's face. Judi sighed with relief and allowed herself to smile.

"Oh my God, sweetheart, that is wonderful. I know that you have waited so long for this, God, I don't know what to say," Derrick said honestly.

"Your smile says it all," Judi said and brought her lips to his and kissed him long and hard. She could feel her heart beating wildly with joy and excitement. Judi's excitement mounted as she felt Derrick's hand reached down and squeeze her thigh.

When he broke the kiss, Derrick said with obvious concern, "What about your husband, what will he do?"

"I don't know and right now I don't really care," Judi responded.

"Well," Derrick said, "I tell you what, effective immediately you have a 30% pay increase and I am going to double your rate of commission. Also, you can use my apartment for as long as you want, if you decide to leave Don."

Judi had difficult comprehending what Derrick was saying. "What?" she asked.

"You heard me right, I won't have any child of mine living in poverty," Derrick said with determination.

"My God Derrick, that is so wonderful, I love you," Judi said her voice quivering with excitement.

"I love you too," Derrick responded and brought his lips to hers. When he pulled away, he had a look of concern on his face.

"What's wrong?" Judi asked.

"You know that I love my wife and I will not leave her," Derrick said.

"Yes I know," Judi answered quietly as she took Derrick's hand. "I just want whatever you can give me Derrick. I will not be a burden to you, I love you too much for that."

"And I love you too sweetheart," Derrick said and brought Judi's lips to his again.

Judi practically fell into his arms, spreading her thighs as she felt his hand touch her thigh then move up and under her dress. It only took a second before his hand was on her rapidly swelling pussy lips. Judi moaned as Derrick's long black fingers spread her pussy and slid in easily. Their tongues dueled as Derrick's finger began to move in and out of Judi's juicy pussy. She moaned as Derrick's head went to her neck, trailing little kisses to the sensitive area around her collarbone.

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