A New Life Ch. 4


Suddenly, Judi glanced up and almost screamed. Their waiter, a young black man, was standing there with their bill. His eyes were as big as saucers as he watched Derrick's finger moving in and out of Judi's hairless pussy.

"Derrick, Derrick!" Judi breathed.

Derrick turned and looked up. Instead of stopping, he simply went back to kissing her neck, his fingers not stopping for a moment.

"Derrick, the waiter's here," Judi said in a panic, trying to close her thighs.

Derrick ignored her and said, "Open your thighs!"

Judi hesitated for a second then closed her eyes and opened her thighs as instructed her body beginning to quiver. She knew the waiter could see everything. Her dress was practically to her waist and her legs were spread wide. Judi moaned when she felt another of Derrick's fingers enter her. God, she was hot, she was nearing a climax.

Derrick brought his lips to hers again, forcing his tongue deep into her mouth. When the kiss broke, Derrick moved to her neck again and then to her ear. He began to whisper to her, "Judi it is so wonderful that you are carrying my baby. I know it will be a beautiful baby because you are a beautiful woman. I am honored that you have chosen me to father your child. I love you."

Judi shuddered and began to climax on Derrick's fingers. She was oblivious to the waiter who was still standing there. All she knew was that this wonderful man loved her and that his fingers were doing wonderful things to her. She shuttered and shook as little spasms overtook her. Then she spread her thighs wider and looked directly at the waiter as if to say, 'Look at me, look at me getting finger fucked by my wonderful black lover.' Her body shook again and again until she fell into Derrick arms in exhaustion.

After a few minutes, Judi felt Derrick remove his fingers. She saw him wipe his wet fingers on a napkin before taking the bill from the waiter. He looked at it and handed his credit card to the waiter as if nothing unusual had happened. The waiter left the two lovers. When he returned, she saw Derrick hand him a $100 bill and wink. He pulled Judi from the booth and walked proudly out of the restaurant. The night had just begun.


In the taxi on the way home the two lovers acted like teenagers. They made out in the back of the cab, oblivious to the driver who was watching while trying to negotiate traffic. Judi's dress was almost around her waist the entire ride. Several times she tried to pull Derrick's cock out but he stopped her telling her to wait. She moaned as Derrick alternated between finger fucking her pussy and playing with her rock hard nipples. She was relieved when the taxi reached the hotel. It wouldn't be long before she had that wonderful black cock in her pussy where it belonged.

The two lovers hurried through the lobby to the large glass elevator that would take them to the 26th floor. As soon as the door of the elevator closed, the two were all over each other again. Derrick had his hand under her dress and Judi had hers on his hard cock. They were startled when the door opened on the mezzanine level and an old couple got on. They had removed their hands but their lips continued to work on one another. The old couple looked at them with disdain. Whether that was because he was black and she was white or because they were making like teenagers neither knew nor cared.

When the old couple got off on the 12th floor, Derrick and Judi went back to what they were doing before. Derrick pushed Judi against the window glass and pulled her dress up in the back. Her ass was bare and pressed against the window for anyone that cared to look. Judi moaned as the cold class touched her ass, chills running thought her at the thought of the view from the street below. Judi was even more astounded when Derrick reached up and pulled both shoulder straps of her gown down her arms. When the straps reached her elbows, both breasts bounced free. Derrick bent down and began to suck first one then the other as the elevator continued its ascent to their floor. Judi was hoping that no one would be getting on. It was possible since there was a popular restaurant on the top floor.

Fortunately, no one got on the elevator. When the door opened, Derrick took Judi's hand and led her into the hallway. He stopped Judi when she tried to pull her dress up to cover her breasts. The two walked arm and arm down the hall with both of Judi's breasts exposed.

Suddenly the door to a room opened and a young white couple came out and started walking down the hall toward them. Judi tried to pull her dress top up but Derrick stopped. She felt him tighten his hold on her arm as they walked her past the surprised couple. The man had a smile on his face and the woman eyes were as big as saucers.

When the two arrived at Derrick's door, he put the card in then turned to Judi. He picked her up and carried her through the door, like a bride on her honeymoon. He walked her directly to the bedroom and gently laid her on the bed then stood and began to undress.

Judi watched as his muscular body came into view, thinking she would never get tired of seeing his naked body. He obviously did a great deal of weight lifting, his chest and abs rippled like a professional body builder.

When Derrick was naked, he crawled on the bed. Instead of climbing onto Judi, Derrick laid down on his stomach between her thighs. He pushed her legs up to her breasts and quickly brought his mouth to Judi's drooling pussy. As soon as his lips touched her pussy, Judi began to climax.

"Oh God, oh God, Derrick, eat me, eat my pussy. Yes, yes God I'm cummmmiiinnnggg!!! Judi screamed as Derrick's tongue brought her quickly to her peak. Her body shook and her thighs squeezed Derrick's head as her hips humped into his face. Judi was barely finished one climax when another began. This time something strange happened, Judi felt herself squirt something. She was mortified, thinking she was peeing. Derrick didn't miss a beat; he continued to eat her like nothing had happened. Derrick's lips and tongue worked Judi's pussy like never before. Judi tried not to squirt again but couldn't help it as her body was racked by spasm after spasm. She could feel her pussy throb and squirt, then throb and squirt again and again.

Derrick ate Judi's pussy for well over an hour before he came up for air.

Judi long ago lost track of the number of climaxes that she had. She could feel the soaked bed sheets under her. She saw that Derrick's face was shinny and dripping with her juice as he moved up and over her. He brought his wet lips to hers and shared a long passionate kiss. Judi reached down and brought his swollen cock to her still very wet pussy lips. As soon as the large head forced itself through her lips, she began to climax again.

"Oh my God," Judi moaned, trying desperately to keep from fainting. She could feel the large head of his cock spreading her pussy like only he could do. Her body was shaking with pleasure.

Derrick wasted no time, and began to work his cock in and out in short rapid strokes, trying to let Judi get used to the size before he began to fuck her in earnest. Soon, Judi was screaming as Derrick's entire cock was plunging in and out of her stretched pussy. The wetness of her pussy helped Derrick get the entire cock into Judi, stopping only when it hit bottom. Derrick kissed Judi's lips then moved to her neck. He licked and sucked her neck, placing several large suck marks on her skin before moving to her breasts. His tongue and lips worked more magic on her sensitive breasts as his cock never stopped it's pounding of her pussy. Finally, Derrick could hold it no longer.

"Oh God baby, I can't hold back anymore, I have to cum. Can I cum now baby, can I cum inside my little mother's pussy?"

Judi shivered anew at the words "little mother". "Yes, yes, yes, cum in me, please cum in my pussy," Judi said, "God, I love you." Suddenly Judi could feel the large head swell and the shaft throb and began to spit the contents of his balls deep into Judi's womb.

"Oh God, I'm cumming, take it, take all of my juice deep in your sweet pussy," Derrick bellowed.

"Yes, yes lover, cum in me, cum deep in my cunt, your cunt, your 'little mother's cunt'," Judi answered.

Judi felt her own pussy throb as she accepted his sperm deep into her body. Her pussy was so wet she could no longer tell the difference between her juice and his sperm. His pounding continued, splattering their juices over their groins and onto the already wet bed sheets.

Derrick continued to fuck Judi, his cock never getting soft, until he came again, filling Judi to overflow.

The night was a daze of kissing, fucking and loving. Judi didn't know how many times they fucked or came. It was an incredible night, a night Judi had dreamed about since she was old enough to know of sex. She had an entire night with her lover, never being interrupted and never stopping. When she finally fell asleep at 5 am, she was an exhausted and satisfied lady. The night had met all of her expectations.

To Be Continued...

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