tagLoving WivesA New Man in Our Marriage

A New Man in Our Marriage



We had only been married for four years when we bought a cool condo in a complex with a pool, a tennis court and a gym.

We quickly discovered that a lot of social activities revolved around the swimming pool.

My wife, Shelly is 29, very sexy with a gorgeous, big bubble butt, medium sized breasts and a flirtatious way about her.

She is a school teacher and likes to tease me about the male teachers and fathers of her 2nd grade students who came on to her. She knows this makes me jealous, but also very aroused and we would always have great sex after she would tell me a story about one of these guys making suggestive comments and in a couple cases even asking her out.

I trusted her, and she always assured me she loved me and only me. And she said she would always make it clear to these guys that she intends to be faithful to me.

I am 32 and an engineer with a 10-to-6 work schedule most of the time so I would get home several hours later than Shelly.

Over the course of our first summer in the condo, I would come home to find a note from her telling me to join her at the pool.

We had developed a group of friends in the complex and I would always find her hanging out with them.

One of the couples in our circle of friends, a pair in their early 30s, eventually revealed that they had an open marriage. The wife, Jessica, revealed that after we spotted her having a romantic dinner with a black guy who was not her husband at a fancy Italian restaurant we loved. They didn't see us at first and we saw them holding hands across the table. At one point, the guy pulled one of Jess's hands to his lips and kissed it in a very sexy kind of way. They saw us as they were leaving, holding hands. Jessica looked embarrassed, but didn't pull away from the guy. She even introduced him to us. She said "I want you to me my friend, Derek."

Needless to say, my wife and I were taken aback and kind of embarrassed ourselves. We awkwardly acknowledged them as I stood and said "Nice to meet you, I'm Bill and this is my wife, Shelly."

The next day, Jessica caught my wife as she was coming home from work and said she wanted to talk to her.

According to Shelly, Jessica told her that she and her husband had agreed they could date other people as long as they were open and honest about it. Jessica said her husband — Matt — actually got turned on when she went out with other guys and had sex with them. She said they tried to be discreet, and she had only dated a couple of guys. She told Shelly Matt was so turned on when she went out that he would go down on her when she came home — even after her date had cum inside her. She said that drove Matt crazy. She said Matt knew all about Derek, and wanted to hear all the details of her date with him when she got home late last night.

When I got home after Jessica's visit, my wife told me to sit down, "You are not going to believe what Jess told me today!"

We were both blown away by the whole story. But it was also erotic and somehow very arousing!

The next time I saw Matt at the pool, he pulled me aside and said Jess told him we had seen her and Derek out at dinner and that she had told us about their open marriage. He said, "I hope you guys are not put off or offended by any of that. And I hope we can still be friends."

He said it was a personal, private agreement between him and his wife and it has not hurt their marriage in any way. In fact, he said it has made him more excited and attracted to his wife than ever before. And he added that the guys she has gone out with have been pretty cool, so no one's getting hurt.

After that, we noticed that Derek would sometimes be included in the social gatherings at the pool. While most of our friends were not aware that Jess and Derek were lovers, we could see those meaningful looks they gave each other. And we noticed a couple of times when they went together to get drinks or snacks in Jess and Matt's place how it seemed to take longer than necessary.

Our attitude was Jess and Matt are entitled to live their lives as they please, it's none or our business. And they are very likable people. So we not only remained friendly with them, in a way we became closer friends since at first we were among the few who knew about their open relationship.

As time went on, more and more of our neighbors became aware of what was going on.

Some people stopped having anything to do with them, but others were more like us, and we would sometimes joke about it.

Shelly and Jess had become really close. And Shelly said Jess told her that Derek is very well endowed and knows how to use what God's given him. She said it is the best sex she has ever had.

Shelly said, "I can't believe she told me that!"


Jessica told me a lot about her affair with Derek. It was just about all she talked about with me. I think it was partly because at first I was one of the few who knew about the relationship and her open marriage.

She said the whole open marriage thing kind of evolved out of conversations she and Matt had about her dating experiences before they got together.

She had told Matt about this one black guy she had dated who was very well endowed. She said whenever they talked about their pre-marriage dating, Matt would always ask about that guy and the kind of sex they had. She said she admitted the guy made her have an orgasm every time they had sex. She said he was amazing. She said the crazy thing was that Matt always got so turned on hearing about it and they would have amazing sex.

Jess asked me if I had ever dated a black guy.

"No," I said. "I've heard stories about these African-American guys with big dicks. But I think it's a myth."

I mean there are probably guys of all races who are really well endowed and black guys who have average or even small dicks.

Jessica said I might be right about that, but she has been lucky that the two black guys she has dated were both really big. She said the first guy she dated after she and Matt opened their marriage was a white guy — a co-worker of hers — and he was pretty big too.

She asked me about Bill. I told her he is pretty well endowed, maybe six or seven inches, but he is not huge. I told her, I didn't think I would want anyone any bigger than that, anyway. I think it might hurt.

She said I should just give it a try one time and find out what it's like.

"No way!" I said, "I could never betray Bill like that. He is the love of my life."

"Well, I guess Matt is the love of my life, too," she said. "But I have really become attached to Derek emotionally as well as physically. He is all man, an incredible guy. And you know what, Matt defers to him when the three of us are alone."

She said Derek has sometimes spent the night at their place in the master bed with her while Matt sleeps in the guest room.

She said Matt has even masturbated while watching them have sex.

At one point she told me Derek has a sexy roommate, a guy named Drew, I might like to meet.

"Don't even think about it," I told her. "I am not into that. I respect you and the decisions you and Matt have made about your lives. But it is not something Bill and I are into."

The next time I saw her, she brought it up again.

She said, "I told Derek I thought Drew would be a good match for you. And he said he completely agrees. In fact, he said the way you parade your sexy ass around the pool in those bikinis you wear, he knows Drew would be totally hot for you."

"Oh my God!" I said, "Please stop that, I do not parade my ass around like anything. And I am not interested in Drew or anyone else. Please, please don't talk to Derek about me."

She said "Okay, whatever. But you never know, Bill might even get off on it just like Matt."

A couple weeks later, I went to the pool after getting off of work, and Jessica was there with Derek and his roommate, Drew. Like Derek, he appeared to be in his early to mid-30's. And he was very well built. Trim and muscular.

She said, "I was hoping you would come to the pool after work. This is Drew, the guy I have been telling you about."

I could not believe she would say that, almost like suggesting I had an interest in meeting him.

Drew shook my hand and said "Well, well, well! Great to meet you. I have heard so much about you. And you are even more beautiful than Derek said."

Well, I blushed at that. I have to admit I was flattered and kind of looked down to deflect the compliment.

Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Jess and Derek grin at each other — almost like co-conspirators.

Across the pool, I saw one of the other couples who regarded Jess and Matt with disdain after hearing about their lifestyle say something to each other and shake their heads as they looked at us.

I started to move away from Jess and her friends, but she pulled a lounge chair next to her and said, "Come on sit with us, we don't bite."

So at first, it was the two guys on one side with Derek and Jess next to each other and me the other side of Jessica.

After a glass of wine, the mood lightened up and we were joking about all kinds of things. Well, mainly they were talking and I found myself laughing at some of the comments. The two guys really did seem like fun. Soon we were in the pool playing volleyball. First, guys against girls. Then, Jess and Derek against me and Drew.

When we got out of the pool, Drew pulled a chair next to me. And as more wine flowed I got into the spirit of things a little more and Drew was telling me about his time in the Marines and how he was now writing code for computers and starting to make a good living.

After all of Jess's talk about Derek's big dick, I took a few quick, furtive glances at Drew's crotch. He wasn't hearing a speedo or anything, but it looked like he had quite a bit going on down there.

I have to say, I had fun talking to him.

But I wanted to get home before Bill got off work, so I excused myself, saying "I have to fix dinner for my man before he gets home."

That got a good laugh.

Drew helped me gather my things and walked me to the gate. He said "I'm so glad I finally got to meet you. I have heard so much about you. And you are way better than the billing."

I laughed, told him I enjoyed talking to him.

then he leaned down and kissed me on the cheek.

Oh my God! I felt a pulse of excitement between my legs.

But I was so flustered, I said "Okay, thanks. Bye."

And as I walked away, he said he hoped he could see me again.

I just kind of waved and kept walking.

When Bill got home, he said he was hoping he could jump in the pool with me. I told him I had already been there. And I mentioned that Derek and Jess were there with Derek's roommate.

"Really," he said. "Is it that guy Drew who Matt's told me about?"

"You know about Drew? I mean, what do you know about Drew? What has Matt said?"

"Oh not much really. It's just you know how they are always bragging about their open marriage? Well he said if we ever wanted to do something like that, he thinks Drew would be a great match for you."

"Whoa, you are not serious. What did you say?"

"I told him that is not for us, but I also think you could probably have just about any guy you want."

"You weren't offended that your friend was thinking about setting me up with another guy?"

"Wait, wait," Bill said, "He didn't say he was setting you up with anyone, just that Drew is a big, good-looking black guy who would probably be hot for you."

"Let me ask you something," I said, "How would you feel if I wanted to start dating and having sex with someone like Drew?"

"Honestly? Well actually I have thought about it," he said. I would be very jealous, even humiliated. But I have to admit, the thought of it is very arousing! It is very erotic."

That night we had another amazing round of sex, this time role playing. Me acting like I was having sex with Drew and Bill acting like he was Drew making me his woman.

We went at each other several times that night.

And it became a routine almost every night over the next week or so.

I didn't tell Bill, but a little over week after the first time I met Drew I got a text message from him. Apparently, Jessica gave him my cell phone number.

He said he and Derek were coming over to our pool and he was hoping to see me again.

My mind was in turmoil. All of this talk by Jess and the role playing during sex that Bill and I have been having were getting to me. Suddenly, I was starting to want this.

I didn't respond to Drew's text. But when I got home from school, I took off my clothes, got on the bed and masturbated thinking about Drew and what it would be like to have sex with him.

Then, I put on a skimpy bikini, filled a plastic glass with gin and tonic and headed for the pool.

Jess and the two guys were already there.

Drew came over to me with a big smile. "I'm so glad you could make it," he said.

"I've been thinking about you so much lately."

He leaned down and embraced me.

That afternoon, it almost seemed like we were a pair of couples, Jess with Derek and me with Drew.

When I put on my sunscreen, Drew said "Roll over, I'll do your back."

I was so turned on as he rubbed on that sunscreen. And when he got to my butt and started rubbing the sunscreen onto the parts of my cheeks not covered by my high rise bikini bottom I almost hyperventilated.

Then as he lay on his stomach, I rubbed sunscreen into his sexy, muscular back.

When he got up after I did his back, I glanced at his trunks and it looked like he was slightly aroused. And he looked big.

As the afternoon wore on and the alcohol took effect, there was more laughing and fun and lots of touching This guy was turning me on.

Again, I left before them to fix dinner for Bill.

Drew helped me with my things and walked me to the gate. This time he leaned down and kissed me on the lips. It was quick, sweet. But it sent a surge of arousal to my groin.

Again, I was flustered, turned and waved as I walked away.

Bill seemed preoccupied when he got home from work that night. Something on the job was bothering him. He said he didn't want to talk about it.

He wasn't even in the mood for sex. I was ready to tell him about seeing Drew again, but the timing didn't seem right.

The next day, I got another text from Drew inviting me to the pool.

I wanted to go. I wanted to see Drew again. I had to admit I was attracted to him. In fact, I spent a lot of time thinking about him. About his hands on me and my hands on him and what it would be like to go further — so much further!

But the more I thought about it, the more I realized I could not go further with this. I could not go to the pool.

Still, when I got home from work, I did strip down and have my way with myself thinking, fantasizing, lusting for Drew. Drew and his big dick.

That night, Bill was in a much better mood. He said he had made a big mistake at work and was afraid it would cost him a promotion he was counting on. But today his boss called him in and told him not to worry. He was disappointed, saying Bill's mistake would cost the firm money. But he said he also knows mistakes happen. They happen to everyone. His boss told him they appreciate his hard work and he is still on track for a promotion. His boss sounds like a good guy.

So Bill asked me about my day.

And I told him I got a text from Drew.

"Really!" He said. "What did he say? Did you give him your cell number?"

"No, no, no Baby, I think Jess gave it to him. He wanted to meet me at the pool again"

"Did you go? What happened."

"No, slow down. Actually, this is second time he texted me. The first time was yesterday when he also invited me to the pool. And yesterday, I went. And it was fun. He seems like a really nice guy. But I was afraid to go today because I think I am attracted to him. And I don't want to hurt us."

"Oh my God!" Bill said. You had a date with him yesterday and you didn't tell me?"

"No, no, no. It was nothing like that. I just met them at the pool and we talked and had some drinks. Everything was very innocent."

"Why didn't you tell me," Bill said. "This is so hot! It turns me on in a weird kind of way. I mean, it makes me jealous. But it is very sexy! You and some hot, black guy cavorting around the pool like Jess and her boyfriend — like a couple."

"Okay, that is way off the mark, totally not what happened," I said. "I didn't tell you because I could tell you were not in a good mood. You had something on your mind that was troubling you and it didn't seem like a good time to talk about this. But we did have fun, and he gave me a quick kiss when I left."

"Jesus, this is making me hard. I want you so bad right now, you hot, sexy, naughty little girl."

That night we had probably the hottest sex we've ever had.

During pillow talk he said he thinks we should see where this takes us.

"Look, Jess and Matt seem to have a good marriage. She gets to have a boyfriend. And he has a hot wife and can't get enough of."

"Do you really think you could handle this if Drew and I started dating?"

"Oh Baby, just the thought of that has me hard again."

And so we had more wild, raw sex both of us fantasizing about me and Drew dating.

The next day brought another text from Drew. This time it was a selfie showing him with a sad-looking frown on his face.

"I missed you," he said. I can't stop thinking about you. I loved how your hands rubbed sunscreen into my back and legs. I loved rubbing sunscreen on your back and legs and your sexy booty even more. You are so gorgeous! Please let me see you again. Come on. The pool, this afternoon."

I shot back, "Drew, I am a married woman. You can't be talking to me like this. I would like to see you again, too. But we are only friends. you have to respect that."

"Of course, I respect that," he said. "I just get excited. I will be cool, calm and respectful. Just meet me at the pool."

"Okay, maybe," I said.

He was the only one at the pool when I got there. And he had a cooler with a pitcher of margaritas inside.

"Hey, glad you could make it. So good to see you again," he said

"Where are Jess and Derek?" I asked.

"Oh, you know, they had to take care of a few things first. They'll be here soon."

I knew what that meant.

So I sat down on the chaise lounge and started rubbing in the sunscreen, as he poured a couple glasses for us.

"Go ahead, let me get your back," he said as he knelt down next to the lounger and I rolled over.

His hands felt so good. My mind started reeling with this sexy man taking care of me and touching me like this.

I had just finished putting sunscreen on him when Derek showed up with a big smile on his face.

He said Jess and her husband would be here soon, but had some things to take care of. I could only imagine!

They showed up about 15 minutes later happy and laughing at something.

Here I was sitting with my friend Jessica, her husband and her boyfriend and the man they were encouraging me to date. Pretty wild scene.

And Jess and Derek were seated next to each other like a couple. Matt was on the other side of Derek. He was deferring to Jess's boyfriend.

Soon we were all in the pool playing volleyball. Drew and me against the three of them.

Drew was out before me and had a towel ready to wrap around me when I stepped out. He is quite the gentleman. A very sexy gentleman.

It was time for me to go. This time Drew walked me to our condo.

At the door, I turned to him and said "I would like to invite you in, but I don't think that would be appropriate and my husband will be home soon."

"That's okay," he said. "I just wanted to walk with you. Thanks for seeing me. I enjoy being with you."

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