tagLoving WivesA New Partner Ch. 03

A New Partner Ch. 03


I guess I should have seen this coming, yet there I was, naked and cuffed to the chair in our bedroom wondering how I had gotten there. Oh, all of the signs had been there—GA had been restless for several weeks—and more adventuresome in bed. She'd fellated me until I came in her mouth and swallowed every drop—she'd even let me fuck her in the ass, formerly forbidden territory, and climaxed mightily from it. And yet, I hadn't put it all together until the moment I found myself in the chair...

Since she'd been so wild of late, it really hadn't surprised me when she'd suggested a Friday date—usually a precursor to some fairly vigorous fun in the bedroom. All through dinner at our favorite restaurant, she seemed distracted—friendly and playful, but distracted. She'd left the table a couple of times to go to the lavatory, something she almost never did. Our usual drill was to catch a show after dinner; but as soon as we got to the car, she attacked me... She kissed my neck and rubbed me through my pants as she unbuttoned her blouse to her navel. I quickly decided we should head home and she punctuated her agreement by freeing my very erect penis and fellating me as I struggled our way home...

Once we arrived home, she bolted for the door tugging at her clothes. By the time she got to the door her blouse was pulled out of her skirt and completely unbuttoned—flapping sufficiently that one had little difficulty seeing her breasts. I was in close pursuit, pausing only long enough to put my member back where it belonged, and caught her at the door. She rubbed her bare breasts on my back, kissing my neck, and reached into my still unzipped pants as I struggled with the key. After what seemed an eternity, I finally got the damned thing open and as we burst through the door, turned to find her completely topless—her blouse was still on the porch...

While she slid out of her skirt and panties, I quickly pulled off my shirt and pants. We quickly and hungrily embraced, our tongues wrestling in each other's mouths, our hands roaming each other's bodies and hips. Her breasts were warm circles pressed against my chest and my erection was a fiery spear pressed firmly against her stomach. It seemed that we were both moments from climax and nary a lip or tongue had touched the other's genitals, much less anything more...

GA gently disentangled herself from our embrace to catch her breath, then pulled me over to our living room rug. We sat down facing each other, hip to hip, and resumed our embrace. She stroked my penis as I gently ran my finger along her now sopping slit. A groan escaped her lips and she grasped me more firmly as I found her clit. After a moment of rubbing her, she was rocking her hips and moaning. I paused as I sensed her impending climax and she pushed me back on the rug and climbed on top of me, pushing her soppy cunt into my face. Now it was my turn to groan as she enveloped me with her mouth and began working furiously up and down my shaft. Hungrily, I lapped at her slit and lolled her clit with my tongue, reveling in the warm, salty taste of her juices. Soon I could tell she was on the verge of climax and pulled away, kneading her hips, allowing her to calm. And then I repeated the process, nearly bringing her to climax, then calming her. My own climax was building and I was trying to time it so we came together. Just as we nearly did so, she rolled off and lay there on her back, panting, my hips still rocking slightly in frustration...

"Come, let's go upstairs where we can be more comfortable," she said, grabbing my hand and standing up. I pulled her back down and tried to pin her, but she scurried away.

"I mean it," she said, and not too kindly, as she pushed me to the stairway, "let's go."

She rubbed her breasts against me and grasped my penis as she pushed me along, feigning reluctance to climb the stairs. Suddenly, about a third of the way up, my vision went dark—how I never figured out, but she'd managed to slip a blindfold over my eyes. I paused but she firmly pushed me along and, as we reached the top, led me by the hand away from the bed. I almost panicked as she pushed me down and I felt the cold wood of one of our kitchen chairs on my buttocks. But only for a moment—she straddled my hips, her breasts at my lips, then plunged herself down on my penis. We both groaned as I slid in all the way, nearly climaxing as her warm wetness enveloped me. Suddenly, she hooked her legs around the legs of the chair and clamped down and handcuffed my arms behind me. I struggled to thrust up into her, but she held me there, not even rocking her hips.

"Be patient, now," she whispered in my ear, and my heart sank as I remembered the last time I found myself in this situation. She loosened her hold and gave a couple of perfunctory rocks of her hips, but I was no longer as near to climaxing as I had been. On the last rock, she let my penis slip from her and she climbed off, leaving me there in the dark, my wet penis chilled in the air... I heard her climb onto the bed and thought I heard a slight snigger as she did so and soon heard fairly vigorous slurping.

The slurping went on seemingly forever, occasionally punctuated by a deep groan. Out of no where I felt a tugging at the strings that held on the blindfold and it slipped from my eyes. There, stretched out on the bed, was Raymond. GA was kneeled next to him busily sucking his penis. The mystery of who had untied my blindfold was soon solved as another large black male appeared to my right and started to make his way to the bed. He paused and looked at me for a moment.

"I'm Julian," he said, offering a hand, then pulling it back with a sheepish grin, "sorry, forgot. Dat's one fine bitch you got there."

I felt my face turn crimson. I couldn't speak and just sat there as he grinned at me and sauntered over to the bed. He climbed onto the bed to lay next to GA and started rubbing her hips as she continued to work her mouth up and down on Raymond's glistening member. Julian began rubbing a finger up and down her slit, then slowly eased it into her, eliciting a groan as he slowly worked it in and out... She lifted her head and Raymond's penis slipped from her mouth, slapping against his stomach, as she rocked her hips in time to Julian's strokes. After a few moments she jiggled her hips, pulling Julian's finger from her, and climbed up to straddle Raymond.

As she straddled Raymond, she kissed him full on the lips. He pawed her hips, his massive penis pointing at her cunt like a dagger. She scrunched down a bit until the tip of his penis was just at the entrance of her and continued kissing him as she rocked her hips against him. His glans was just parting her labia as she teased him, yet he made no effort to rock his hips and push into her, but rather, patiently, waited for her to come to him. Julian slowly stroked his massive penis as he watched them; I just sat there resignedly, knowing it was futile to struggle. After what seemed forever, she rocked her hips and his glans disappeared inside her labia, then, biting her lip and moaning, she pushed back onto him. I watched mesmerized as the entire length of him disappeared into her, stretching her, until his testicles rested against her. She paused for a moment as if allowing herself a moment to adjust to his girth then gave a small thrust of her hips. As she did so she cried out in near pain as her long postponed orgasm overwhelmed her, giving little half clenches with her hips as her vagina spasmed around his penis. Raymond groaned in obvious pleasure with her contractions and kneaded her hips as she came... She collapsed, panting, against his chest and he tenderly rubbed her back as she calmed herself.

She lay there for what seemed like a long time, mewing into his chest as he rubbed her back and gently rocked her hips. Slowly, the rocking of her hips became more intense, instead of just working him around; she began sliding more of his length in and out of her. Soon she was well and truly fucking him, pulling up until just the head of his penis was inside of her, then pushing down until she was enveloping his whole length. Raymond began thrusting his hips as well, grunting as he pushed hard into her on her downward thrusts. Julian just lay there, watching them, stroking his fully erect penis. GA looked over at him, as though only just now remembering there was anyone else in the room.

"Come up here, Julian," she gasped as she and Raymond slowed their thrusts. Julian moved up until he was standing on his knees next to their heads. GA rocked back on her hips, burying Raymond deep inside her as she reached out with both hands and grasped Julian's penis, her hands barely reaching around its circumference. Hungrily, she swirled the head of his penis with her tongue and plunged her mouth down over it. She could only manage a few inches of it, but it didn't damp her enthusiasm as she worked enthusiastically up and down. Julian groaned with each plunge, and soon GA was rocking her hips up and down on Raymond's shaft; soon he too was thrusting into her. It took them a few while to get their rhythms in synch—at least a couple of times, Raymond's thrusts were too energetic, pushing GA up with enough force that Julian's penis was pulled from GA's mouth. Soon, though, they settled into a rhythm: Raymond thrusting into her and kneading her breasts with his hands; GA rocking her hips in synch with him, steadying herself with one hand on Raymond's chest while holding onto and stroking Julian's penis with the other as she worked it hungrily in and out of her mouth. Their grunts and groans and moans; the slapping of flesh against flesh; the liquid slurping, squishy sounds of sex filled the room. My own hips were involuntarily rocking in synch with their rhythm—I wanted so desperately to cum, but the way GA had tied me to the chair prevented me from touching myself...

After some time of this, Raymond grabbed GA by the waist and began lifting her up and down on his penis as he drove into her with such force that GA could no longer keep Julian in her mouth. She just held onto his shaft as Raymond lifted her up until he was just barely insider her, then slammed her down until he was buried deep inside. At first I was concerned with the violence of his fucking her and started to struggle against the restraints until I realized that her moans were nearly as loud as Raymond's groans. At that point, I just sat back and watched her repeatedly being impaled on his penis... Suddenly, Raymond groaned loudly and slammed her down one last time, thrusting up violently, his hips jerked as he pumped his semen into her, each pulse of cum clearly visible at the vein at the base of his penis. GA screamed and rocked her hips with his pulses as she too came, milking his cum from him. Watching their spasms nearly made me cum as well, though Julian looked somewhat in pain—GA had clamped down on his penis with her hand as she climaxed, only releasing him after what seemed an eternity when she collapsed on Raymond's chest.

They lay there for several moments, their chests heaving, as they collected themselves. Raymond tenderly stroked her back, his penis still buried inside her yet showing no signs of softening. Julian was still kneeling by her head, slowly stroking his glistening and very erect penis, and looking very frustrated. GA made a contended keening sound, gently rocked her hips a few times, then slowly pulled off Raymond, leaking a little cum on his stomach as she rolled off him and lay next to him.

In an instant, Julian was between her legs lining his penis up with her opening, still gaping from Raymond's intrusion. With a groan and a mighty clench of his hips, Julian drove right into her with one violent thrust. GA grunted as the air was driven out of her lungs, yet grasped his cheeks and wrapped her legs around his thighs. There was no pretense of tenderness as Julian began sliding his penis in and out of her soppy vagina—just pure animal fucking. His big penis was a blur as it pistoned in and out of her working the semen that Raymond had pumped in her into a milky white froth that oozed around his shaft. GA thrust back as hard as she could, pulling at him with her hands, her breasts were jiggling in a circular pattern with his thrusts; her moans becoming a constant keening...

Raymond pulled himself up and knelt next to GA's head and offered his penis. She tried to take him, but just as she would close her lips around the head of his penis, Julian's thrusts would shake her free. In the end, she gave up and concentrated on Julian as he pounded into her.

Suddenly, Julian gave a huge thrust, rolling GA's bottom up off the bed as he clenched his hips and froze there cumming. His hips jolted and he grunted as he pumped his semen into her, mixing his with Raymond's. Soon after he started pumping into her, GA came with a shriek and pulled at him with her hands and legs. They stayed frozen like that, the simultaneous twitching of their hips from their spasms the only evidence they were still conscious seemingly forever. Julian's cum soon filled her to overflowing, it, mixed with Raymond's, flowed around her labia and his penis, mixing with her juices in a slimy, milky fluid that ran down the crack of her ass, along her back and onto the bed.

With one final grunt, one final half thrust, Julian collapsed onto GA, pinning her onto the bed. She relaxed her grip on him as well, releasing her legs from his thighs, and began to gently stroke his back. Tears were streaming down her cheeks as she kissed his neck. As their breathing calmed, GA pushed on his chest and he lifted himself with his arms and slowly slid his penis from inside her, then sprawled next to her on the bed. Raymond flopped down next to her as well. The three of them lay there, chests heaving from their exertions, GA with her legs splayed, their semen clearly visible to me as it oozed from her onto the bed; their penises glistening from her juices, jutted jauntily and showed no signs of softening... The smell of raw sex permeated the room... I was on sensory overload. Part of me was torn seeing her lying between her two lovers, sweaty and sated; part of me was as aroused as I had ever been and was desperate to cum from what I had witnessed... Then GA reached out and gently grasped their shafts. They grinned as she made a gentle cooing sound and softly stroked them. The act wasn't overtly sexual, but rather one of tenderness as if she wished to still be joined with them. Soon their collective breathing slowed and they drifted off to sleep, leaving me in the tied in the chair frustrated and aroused...

I'm not sure how it was possible, as much as I wanted to cum, but I must have drifted off to sleep as well. Images of GA bouncing on Raymond's shaft and Julian thrusting into her were suddenly driven from my mind as I awoke with a start to the unmistakable sounds of pleasure. The afterimages of my dreams were replaced with the sight of Julian suckling and kneading her left breast as Raymond was doing the same with her right... GA was moaning loudly and thrusting her hips as Raymond's right index finger rubbed and circled her clit. From the state of her arousal, this had been going on for some time—she seemed on the verge of climax, her groans the deep guttural ones I've only heard her make when extremely aroused. Just as it seemed she was going to climax, Raymond stopped and gently rubbed her stomach, allowing her to calm—all the while, they continued to suckle her nipples. Deliberately Raymond repeated the process, keeping her near climax but stopping just short...

As she calmed for the third time, she grasped Julian's head and, pulling him to her, kissed him full on the mouth. Gently, she pushed him away and wriggled free of Raymond. As he lay back, she straddled him and rocking her hips, ran her slit along the length of his shaft as she stared into his eyes. He reached up and began kneading her breasts. Julian rolled up onto his side and stroked her lower back and hips as she teased Raymond. GA leaned forward and kissed Raymond full on the mouth, her opening hovering just at the head of his jutting penis. With a groan, she arched her back and slowly lowered herself onto him, enveloping him completely.

"Oh God, you feel so good inside me," she groaned as she rocked her hips, practically trembling.

"You got one sweet pussy, " Raymond answered with a groan. He grasped her by the hips and lifted her until jus the tip of his penis was inside her, then plunged her down.

GA screamed as she came, her hips twitching as she spasmed around him.

"God, woman, that's one powerful pussy you got there," Raymond groaned as he tried to keep from cumming as well.

"I'm glad you like it," she gasped, rocking her hips, as her orgasm subsided.

Slowly then, she started raising up and plunging herself down on his shaft, rolling her hips as she worked him inside her. Mesmerized, I watched as his shaft disappeared and then reappeared from inside her, her labia clinging to his glistening shaft.

"I got to get some of this," Julian said as he knelt behind her.

GA groaned as he grasped and kneaded her hips as she worked Raymond's penis in and out of her vagina. Julian then held her still with one hand and, half standing, pointed his penis at her anus and rubbed its head up and down the crack of her ass with his other hand, coating it with their combined juices. I fully expected her to protest, but she simply turned her head to him and told him to be slow and gentle. And he was. I could see her focusing on relaxing as he pushed against her. Her anus was well lubed from his and Raymond's cum having mixed with her juices and leaked from her earlier, easing his entrance. Slowly, but relentlessly, he pushed against her; she whimpered as the head of his penis eased past her sphincter. He paused there for a moment allowing her to adjust to his girth, then slowly eased the rest of his shaft into her.

As far as I knew, this was the first time she had ever had two penises inside her at the same time. She lay there completely still, all but collapsed on Raymond's chest. Julian slowly eased himself back, then pushed forward—GA grunted as he did so—Raymond held her still, his penis half buried in her vagina. As Julian buried himself in her anus, Raymond gave a half thrust until he too was buried deep inside her. GA emitted a deep guttural groan, almost a half squeal... Slowly, they worked their shafts in and out of her—it took them a while to develop a rhythm, but soon they were working like a well oiled machine, alternating their strokes—one would be pulling out of her while the other was pushing deep inside her. GA tried to thrust her hips, but ended up trembling and squirming as they thrust deep into her, her moans a constant keening. It wasn't long until the pace of their thrusting increased to almost a blur, as they seemed to be racing to climax... The bed shook, GA's breasts jiggled against Raymond's chest, the squishy slapping sounds of sex filled the room. Suddenly, Julian thrust one more time deep into her, his hips clenching and shuddering as he pumped his semen into her bowels with a mighty grunt. Raymond groaned and thrust deep into her as well, also shuddering as he came. With both of her lovers pumping their semen into her at same time, GA gave a tremendous squeal and too shuddered in climax. I nearly came with them; watching their spasms was just about the most erotic thing I'd ever seen... It seemed to go on forever—GA keening seemingly with each spurt as they pumped semen into her.

Suddenly, it was over. Julian pulled out of her with a plop; his semen flowed out her and ran down and coated Raymond's balls... GA slowly slid off Raymond, his cum dripping from her cunt onto his stomach. They all lay there for a few minutes, their chests heaving as they calmed.

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