tagLoving WivesA New Way of Life Ch. 04

A New Way of Life Ch. 04


In Part 4, we see Azizah learning her husband is not as faithful as she had been and is, instead, sharing Earl's wife and many others. Her feelings, injured by seeing her husband fucking Earl's wife, are soon soothed by the feeling of Earl's cock, and Ting's tongue in her pussy.

Azizah arrived and what had been our normal, laid-back, 'immoral' existence was threatened. Not only did we now have children to be concerned about, Azman realized that even his enjoyment of Ting was curtailed. Not that he was doing without, certainly not. Every night I could hear the headboard on their bed knocking gently on the wall. Azizah certainly didn't seem to mind that her husband was catching up on his duties. She had seemed concerned at first that her and her children's presence, with her husband, would be too much for the household. Ting resolved that problem immediately, finding a nanny who cared for the children while Azizah and her husband got reacquainted after such a long time apart.

Unfortunately, having Azizah there was having another effect on me. I lusted after this lovely young Malaysian lady. Her beautiful smile and fantastic figure reminded me so much of Ting when she was that same age. Ting felt the same way and was already telling me as we cuddled at night that she wanted Azizah as much as I.

What eventually happened was Ting got her first. It happened almost as though Ting had choreographed it. Azizah was still on occasion giving the children the benefit of being fed at her breast. Of course it was no longer necessary, but any time that they became restless she had found that offering her breast to them seemed to have a calming effect. It had also had the salubrious effect of increasing the size of those lovely tits until she now almost filled a full c-cup bra. Ting has discovered it first, finding Azizah feeding one of the children. Azizah had hurriedly covered her breast, but not before Ting got a good view of their fullness. In time it was Ting who convinced Azizah that such modesty was unnecessary in our household and actually began to sit with her as she fed them.

That was how, just a few days later, that Ting found herself in the nursery staring at Azizah's breast as she leaned forward to put one of the children in his bed. Azizah's breast was still exposed and Ting put her arm around her shoulders before she had a chance to put it away. "Oh, you are so fortunate," she had told Azizah. "I would have loved to have had the opportunity to feed children so naturally. Does it feel good to have them sucking so hard?" A bashful Azizah had admitted that it did, actually causing her to want sex. Ting had smiled and suggested that as a woman who had never had children of her own, she would like to see what it felt like to feed the young boys. Obviously there was no way that could happen, although Ting took the opportunity after that on some occasions to let the children suck her breasts without benefit of the life giving milk. Azizah smiled, knowing that it was making Ting very horny - a feeling that always persisted for quite some time after she had fed the children. That was when Ting, almost insistently, asked Azizah for a taste of her milk. Perhaps it was the circumstances, or just a melding of the two ladies' sexuality, but Azizah, not wanting to reject the woman who had been so kind to her, let Ting cup one breast and suckle her until she had a taste of Azizah's milk.

The result had been totally unexpected, at least from Azizah's view. The feeling of another woman sucking her breast was totally different from that she experienced with the children and she found her panties becoming damp. Without thinking, she cupped Ting's head and pulled her tighter to her breast. Ting realized the effect far before Azizah did and closed both hands around her breast, pulling hard enough to stretch it and the nipple. Azizah found herself unwilling to stop Ting, even when she felt her warm hands slide beneath her long dress.

The experience had been so pleasant, and the sensations so strongly remembered that unconsciously, she let her thighs drift farther apart and Ting's hands touched the crotch of her wet panties. She had almost pushed her away at that moment, but Ting had been quietly insistent, pushing the sodden cotton crotch away with one hand, while using the other to gently press her fingers inside Azizah. Few men know where the most sensitive spot inside a woman's vagina is but Ting, as a woman who had pleasured herself and others, did. She also knew that the feeling of her thumb slowly rolling over the hood of Azizah's clitoris would cause her to offer even less resistance. Within a few short minutes, Azizah was quivering and shaking as an orgasm peaked. Ting had not allowed it to fade. Quickly realizing her advantage, she pulled Azizah's panties off and kissed the now slick lips of her vulva. It was too much for Azizah and, raising her legs and placing each of them on the arms of the chair to give Ting full access to her sex, her hands closed behind my wife's head as she pulled Ting hard against a now flowing, needy pussy.

I was fortunate enough at that time to be passing by on the way to my office in our home. The sight of my wife, between Azizah's thighs was beautiful! There was no danger of my being seen, Azizah's head was thrown back and her eyes closed as my wife gained her initial advantage. I found myself freeing my cock from my trousers with some difficulty because of its hardness. I made certain by taking off my shoes that I would make no noise to disturb the two ladies in front of me although I knew Ting would know I was there almost immediately. Crouched as she was between Azizah's thighs, Ting's ass was the perfect height for whit I had in mind. She must have realized I was there just at the moment I lifted her skirt, pushed her panties aside and slid deep into her cunt. Whether it had been the oral sex she was giving Azizah or just anticipation of what I would do when she told me about it, Ting was very juicy and that tight channel offered a delightful, lubricated, sensation as I slid into her with one slow pressure. I tried to keep the strokes slow and gentle, but somehow Azizah sensed my presence. Probably due to the fact that each time I pressed my throbbing cock into Ting, it forced Ting's mouth tighter into Azizah's crotch. Her eyes opened wide as she realized what was happening. She started to get up, but Ting pressed her down into the chair again and continued eating Azizah's pussy as I fucked Ting.

I think that Azizah reached orgasm first, although it was difficult to tell. Ting was right behind her and both women jerked and shuddered as the throes of their delight traveled from their pussies to their brains. I was far too busy injecting a thick load of hot cum into my wife's tight cunt to pay much attention to what either of them felt. Holding onto Ting's warm, full breasts, I launched several jolts of thick cum into that perfect haven. Azizah recovered first and fearing some criticism of what was happening, jerked her top down, covering her breasts.

Ting, thank goodness, calmed her. "It's okay, Azizah" she said, sitting up on her heels now that my cock had fallen from her cunt. A pool of cum was forming beneath her and despite her aversion to taking it from other than the source, she dipped a finger into it and then licked it clean. "Earl can't stand to see me in this position," she told the still concerned woman, "without fucking me. He doesn't care who is around. I dare not bend over without worrying about whether or not he will fuck me." She managed to stand up, although still shaken by what had just occurred. Her panties hung almost to her ankles and she used two fingers to collect another mass of the silvery juices that flowed slowly from her now closing lips. These followed the path of the other finger as my wife smiled her pleasure.

"Mmm, he always tastes so good. Would you like a taste?" Azizah looked horrified at the idea and managed to shake her head. I decided that it would be best if I left the two of them together as Ting tried to help Azizah understand the open lifestyle we led. It wasn't until much later that night that I felt the bed shake as Ting joined me. In my sleep-drugged brain I heard her saying something about Azizah, but it didn't register until I sensed Ting's fingers beneath my nose and realized she had gotten into Azizah again. Her last words echoed in my head until sleep finally overcame me. "Soon, my darling, soon," she had said."

I didn't realize how soon it was going to be until three nights later, I was aroused by the shaking of our bed. Azman had joined us, as he had often before Azizah's arrival and was fucking Ting mercilessly. Ting was obviously enjoying it even more than I was, although it had always been one of my real pleasures to see her taken by a man who loved to fuck as much as Azman did. I didn't interrupt them until Azman fell away from my wife and lay panting at her side. "It's good to see you back, Az," I said softly, "Ting needs lots of cock and really enjoys having you fuck her."

"I've been wanting to fuck Ting ever since Azizah arrived, but its not easy to get away from her," Az said, still panting from his exertions. "It's not like before, I have to be very careful. Tonight I just couldn't stay away from Ting. Her pussy is always so sweet."

I laughed and looked at Ting who was lying there with a broad smile on her face. Azman had rolled onto his side and was fondling Ting's breast. Finally she pulled him closer, turned slightly toward him, and lifted it so he could get at her nipple easier.

It might have surprised Azman, but not so much that he let go of my wife's breast. He was pulling hard on it, drawing as much of it into his mouth as he could while at the same time pressing his cupped hand against her pussy. In the time he had been with us, he had learned how good a freshly fucked pussy tasted, but had not eaten Azizah yet, fearing it would lead her to ask about how he had learned to make love to her in that fashion. That didn't slow him now as he first spread Ting's legs and then fastened his mouth on her cunt. Ting was bucking hard against his face when I realized how thirsty I was. I got out of bed, with a last look at my wife's smiling face as she pressed her lover's head tightly into the tasty flesh between her thighs as his hands sculpted her breasts.

Azizah was restless. Sex with her husband had been good, very, very good, but at times, he had finished far too soon as far as she was concerned. Some how or rather, being such a conservative lady, she realized she needed to accept the fact that Asian men are just too concerned with their own pleasure to give the same to their wives. However, she thought, smiling to herself, after meeting Azman here in the west, Azman seemed to have performed much better. Most of the time, she reached orgasm and wore her out. Unfortunately tonight had not been one of those nights and she needed him again. She reached over to touch him, but was surprised to find he was not there. Thinking that Azman must have gone out to the kitchen in need of a cold drink, she got up and moved quietly down the hallway toward the kitchen. Just as she was passing Earl and Ting's bedroom, she heard a muffled gasp, then a sigh. She knew that Earl and Ting fucked every night and she smiled to herself as she assumed they were enjoying themselves as she had. She had started back down the hallway, but then stopped, realizing that the door to their bedroom was open and a soft light was coming from near where their bed was located. Then, she did something very unnatural for her. She stopped and peered into the semi-dark room just as she heard the sound of a voice almost whispering. Standing in the darkness at the edge of the door, she realized she couldn't be seen and she looked closer. Ting was sitting upright in the bed, astride a man Azizah had assumed was Earl. Then the man pulled the pillows higher beneath his head and Azizah realized with a shock when it was HER husband, and he was fucking Ting!

Azizah was shocked at first, then angry. Her husband, the man she had always believed was faithful to her, was fucking his employer's wife. At first she wanted to go inside the bedroom and drag her off of him, but then she realized that Ting was obviously enjoying his attentions and that creating a scene could mean the loss of her husband's job and an end to their marriage. Instead, she backed away from the door opening, seething with rage, and bumped into a hard form behind her.

I was just returning from the kitchen where I had tried to cool down by drinking a tall glass of water. I saw the shape in the almost pitch black hallway and assumed that it must be Ting, judging from the small frame. But if it was Ting, what was she watching so avidly in the soft light coming from the bedroom? I edged closer. Then, the faint scent of perfume reached my nostrils and I realized that it was Azizah standing there, peering into the bedroom where Azman was fucking my wife. She was almost trembling, whether from anger or the coolness of the air conditioning through the filmy robe I now could see she wore. I moved closer still, admiring the shape of her body. Then she took a step back from the doorway and ran into me. She jumped with surprise. I knew that if I didn't do something, she would scream and ruin Ting's pleasure. So, without thinking of the possible consequences, I put one of my hands over her mouth and my arm around her waist from behind. Taking advantage of my closeness, I pressed my cheek into the fragrance of her long hair and whispered to her.

"Shhh, no noise, please! He isn't forcing her as you can tell." I pulled her further back into the dark hallway, still leaving enough space for her to see what Azman was doing to my wife, and she to him. As we moved, my hand around her waist slipped lower, until it was over her public mound. Azizah might have been angry, frightened, or just surprised, but there was no doubt that something had aroused her about what she had been seeing. I could feel her wetness through the thin fabric and knew that this might be my chance. "Ting loves to be fucked," I whispered in her ear, "She made him fuck her the first time, and now she just takes him whenever she wants. Azman loves you, but he also enjoys sex with other women, didn't you know that?"

I could tell that she wanted to say something, but I still was concerned that she might say something loud enough that it would disturb my wife's enjoyment of her lover. Keeping my hand over her mouth, I pulled her slightly down the hallway. "Let's go in here," I whispered, pushing her toward the doorway into our playpen. I closed the door behind us and turned on the very soft lighting we used when we were partying with our friends. I was still behind Azizah and holding her closely. I released the hand I had over her mouth and let it fall to her rapidly rising and falling breasts, somewhat surprised to find her nipples taut, hard to the touch. Regardless of what she had seen and was now thinking, I realized Azizah had been intensely aroused by the scene that had been playing out in our bedroom. I held her that way long enough to speak softly to her.

"Azizah, please don't feel harshly toward your husband. He had to do without sex for so long while you were still in Malaysia. Men have needs which only sex can satisfy and Azman just couldn't help himself."

Azizah turned in my arms and stood facing me, my arms still around her waist. I could see her anger, but there was something else there too. "I have needs too, but I didn't satisfy them with other men as he is doing with your wife. I am so angry with him. I don't know what to think about Ting. Surely she must get enough of your love. She has been a good friend, but now I don't know what to think..." Her soft voice died slowly as she tried to summons reason back into what shocked eyes had shown her. Her head sank into my chest and I could feel warm tears flowing. I put a curled finger beneath her chin and lifted her head until I could touch her lips with my own. She didn't respond at first, but then slowly let her mouth open and I tasted the sweetness of her breath. One of my hands crept upward to cup her breast once more. The tight, hard nipple pressed against my palm as she breathed slightly more rapidly. Azizah didn't deny her arousal, instead she closed the very slight distance between us and I felt her tight, firm body pressing against my own.

"How dare he do this to me," she said so softly I almost didn't hear her. Knowing her anger might still cause a scene, I held her close. My hand was slowly, almost unconsciously, stroking her tight little nipple. I kissed her again, pressing my tongue between her lips and feeling them open slightly as my passion increased. I dropped my hand from her breast and pulled her closer to me passionately, letting my other hand drop to her mound. Its fragrance betrayed her anger. I could feel the wetness increase as I pushed the facings of her gown apart and cupped that lovely warmth. My head dropped lower, and my lips kissed their way down her neck to the softness of her breast. I knew I was taking advantage of her, but she was no longer struggling. I could feel her body slowly going limp as I fondled her. It was as though the anger was slowly draining from her and she was succumbing to my kisses and touches of her delightful frame. I continued letting my hands and my mouth explore her as I held her close.

I whispered, "Since the first day you arrived I have realized just how delightful you are. Ting knows I want you, and she also knows that sooner or later I will have you. When I did to my wife the other day, my mind was doing to you. You were so lovely, and seeing the two of you together was just fantastic. If you can let Ting do it to you and enjoy it, you can still enjoy much more of it with me."

It was the chance I feared would never come. But I had to take the risk. I slipped my hand into the fold of her nightwear and felt the warmth of her bare breast in my hand. Her body tightened as though she wanted to run away, but my strength is greater than hers. She gave a little gasp as I pressed her backward and let her down gently onto the soft pad that covered the floor of the room. I lay beside her, kissing that sweet mouth and those hard nipples. Sliding one hand beneath the hem of her negligee I moved it slowly upward feeling the warmth of her thighs beneath my searching hand. She began to respond and I felt her relax in my arms. She met my searching tongue with her own until my head moved lower. Her arms held my head tightly to her chest as my lips closed over her small but perfectly formed breast and I began sucking at it hard while my hand between those warm thighs moved higher. It closed over her vulva and I kept it there as I kissed and suckled her. Soon her thighs began to open wider. I took the opportunity to slide my fingers through the lips of her sex that I felt slowly opening. Soon I was able to fit my finger into that tight warm channel and into her hot core. My thumb stroked her clit which came out from beneath it's hood as though searching for what was bringing it to arousal. Azizah seemed to be carried away and moaned softly as I pulled my own robe aside and used my swollen cock to search for the same opening my fingers had found.

Azizah spread her legs wide, her body giving her away as I stroked those warm pussy lips with my cock head, using its pre-cum to ease the way between them. Azizah's mind no longer resisted my intrusion. Instead she welcomed my bulging cock head as I gently pressed it into her. Both of her breasts were filling my hands now and the nipples made an impression I will long remember. My mouth was locked to hers, and I felt her exhale each time I pressed deeper into her. Halfway into her tight pussy, I felt the shudder of her orgasm. It was too soon for me, but I held her close and let the miracle of lust send her to the apex of sensations. She shook beneath me, even as she drove her hips upward, seeking more of the hard flesh that now was pressed tightly into her pussy, slowly grinding its pleasure into her welcoming tunnel of love. Her eyes were closed tightly at first, and then they slowly opened as her body began to relax.

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