tagLoving WivesA New Way of Life Ch. 10

A New Way of Life Ch. 10


"Ready?" Earl asked Mike as the two of them got ready to board the airliner that would take them to Malaysia.

"Sure, let's go." The twenty five year old, blue eyed, six footer replied. He had been looking forward to this trip ever since his boss had told him about some of his adventures in Malaysia. While it always involved business, there was plenty of fun to be had, and after attending parties where Earl's friends provided the entertainment, he was ready for anything his boss suggested.

The side benefits to his job had included frequent days and nights with Earl's wife, Ting, and those ladies he had met through the parties he had attended. Who, at his age, could want more? Single, foot loose and fancy free, it was a dream job with the possibility of even more interesting times as he began his career as the "human resources manager" for the large company with plants in the Pacific Rim.

Fresh from college with his master's degree, he knew nothing like this had happened to his classmates and he knew the opportunities within the company included much more than steady employment.

He studied his employer who, at fifty, was a self-made millionaire with all the toys he could ever want. Just over his own six foot height, Earl's hair was turning silver at his temples, but his body still had the look of his previous career in the Army. He had to admit that he was handsome, and his wife, Ting, had obviously fallen in love with him years before when he would have been much more in shape for whatever duty was required. He had known families like Earl's from his days as the son of a swinging couple but his studies hadn't given him an inkling of the depth of the polyamory movement until he had been offered a job in this company. Now, on the brink of his first challenge, finding other employees who met with Earl's approval, he was hoping to demonstrate his own capabilities.

Earl had selected Mike as the operations manager on a trial basis for his plant in Kuala Lumpur. Azman would be the overall manager as soon as he returned too Malaysia, further progressing in his own career. Earl felt it was time for Azman to be on his own, running the office in Kuala Lumpur and as a regional officer in charge for Asian countries. As the two prepared for their journey, Earl had explained what he wanted Mike to do – demonstrate his ability to choose employees who would work for the company in both Asia and in the US.

Twelve long hours later, the two were stretching and yawning, the victims of jet lag. First they checked in at a five star hotel and spent the next several hours getting in tune with the cycle of life in Malaysia, but soon both were involved in interviewing the applicants, previously well arranged by Earl's vice-president, Azman. Azman was initially planned for this mission, but due to some urgent business, had not been able to make it.

It had been decided that Mike would interview the applicants first, then select from those the ones who would be considered by Earl. Mike had the harder job because it was he who told the applicants what their duties would require if selected. Many were rejected on the basis that their lifestyle and morals wouldn't allow the on or off duty activities Mike would only hint at what their duties would entail, but among the criteria Earl had given him was that, if the applicant was male, he must be very mature in his thinking and have an open mind. Having a beautiful wife, with the same qualities was a definite plus. If the potential employee was a lady, then she must be able to be independent, irrespective of whether she was single or married. Many were rejected on the basis that their lifestyle and morals wouldn't allow the on and off duty activities Mike could only hint at.

Soon the lengthy list of applicants was winnowed down to less than a dozen women and men. Mike volunteered to check out the ladies, but Earl had only smiled and said it was too soon for that. He planned to put all twelve up in the hotel overnight to see what their interaction might be in the face of all the opportunities present. Two men put themselves out of contention that night when they took advantage of the liberal mini-bar and consumed enough alcohol to make them unable to perform when the blandishments of several local prostitutes hired by Earl to seduce them had shown them to be less capable than what he demanded of his employees. One of the ladies was disqualified when a background check revealed she was a prostitute. Now they were down to nine and Mike scheduled an appointment for each the following day, with Earl.

Four more of the men were disqualified when each admitted during their interview that their wives would not agree to come with them and be willing to join in the lifestyle, which it was necessary for each employee to agree to and their spouse to engage in with them.

With only three ladies and one man left, the necessity for each to prove their interest meant a much more interesting "interview" that night. One lady was eliminated when they found she had no previous business experience. Finally, only two ladies and a man were left. One of the ladies and the man are actually man and wife. The man and his wife almost flunked as soon as the man showed some resentment when Mike plugged his thick cock into her ass while Earl was filling her pussy. But Mike was so impressed by her tight pussy, oversized breasts and her enjoyment of sex, that he asked Earl's permission to hire them for the KL plant. Earl agreed, saying that it was his right to choose those he wished and that this young lady had certainly merited the opportunity to be employed. Her husband was also employed by virtue of his relationship to the lady. It had helped him accept the facts of the duties of his wife, when Earl assured him that he would have the same duties with the ladies already employed.

The final candidate not only passed that test, but was giving Mike's thick rod a full measure of delight in her hot mouth while Earl was buried balls deep in her tight, hot cunt.

"Oh, she's really good," Mike groaned as he felt his balls shooting a heavy load of hot cum into the young Malaysian beauty's mouth and watched her swallow it with obvious delight. His knees almost buckled as he held her breasts in his hands and felt her cleaning his shaft until it was spotless. She was smiling and obviously very satisfied when she finished. He had to push her away when his cock became so sensitive that he couldn't stand that wonderful torture any longer. That only caused her to whirl and face Earl whose hands had been pumping firm buttocks in time with her posting on his own hard cock. Now the young lady leaned forward to force her breast into her potential employer's mouth and increased the speed with which her hips were pumping up and down over the swollen cock deep in her cunt. Soon her efforts had Earl gasping out his own pleasure as the first hard jets of cum filled her tight, hot, channel which gripped his cock even tighter than Ting's thoroughly used and exquisitely tuned pussy had done before he left on this trip.

Earl got the upper hand as he flipped the young lady onto her back and began the strokes which he knew would show how tight her pussy really was, but regardless of how hard he pumped his dick into her, not a drop of his cum was allowed to slip from her ever tightening pussy. When he could no longer fuck her and slid between her thighs to taste the pool of erotic nectar inside lips so tight he had to hold them open, he got his first taste of their mixed juices.

"Yes," Earl agreed as he finally released the beautifully sculpted frame of Janet Khoo and managed to get off the bed on shaky knees. "She will do nicely, I think, but since she will be trained, and temporarily worked in our US plant, I think I should give her a longer test tonight.

Janet smiled, recognizing that the handsome young man would agree. As much as she had enjoyed being fucked by both men, she hoped the young man would fuck her again before she was required to leave with her employer. She didn't have any idea of the pleasures that awaited her in the US. She only hoped that Earl would share her with Mike again before they left.

And, that's what happened. Janet was fucked three times by her employer that night before Mike, the following morning, planted his own seed inside her again. Janet had good reason to be thankful she had her tubes tied and that the copious amounts of sperm that had filled her would not produce a child.

In short order Earl obtained a visa for Janet Khoo to enter the US as a trainee and temporary employee of his company. The flight back to the US proved her talents once again as she sat in the center row of seats in the back row in the first class cabin. When the lights were turned off and the few other passengers appeared to be sleeping, there was no one to notice that Janet appeared to have vanished shortly after the lights had been turned off. Janet's hunger for sex was being fully satisfied by her employer who has promised that even more pleasures awaited her when they were in the US.

Only one person, a very comely stewardess, had noticed anything different on that row and smiled at the man whose own smile caused her to ignore the bobbing blanket that covered his thighs. Only when that had ceased did she interrupt him. She got a much better view of the young lady who accompanied the man. The full breasts barely contained in a thin blouse and smeared lipstick verified what had been happening.

Salmiah, or as her friends called her - Sal, found herself aroused by what she knew had occurred. Sal had been bisexual ever since her days in school, and she recognized, in the cool appraisal by the young lady returning her stare, the desirability of Janet Khoo. Was it possible this woman might be thinking the same thing while daring to consider whether she too might be bisexual? Sal, smiling, decided to find out. She approached the couple in the last seat. Leaning over just enough to show the delectable swell of her breasts in her uniform blouse, in a whisper she asked the young lady if she would like to join her so she could apply fresh makeup. Janet looked at Earl and saw that her efforts had satisfied him enough that he appeared sleepy, then she nodded to the stewardess.

Few people know that the long range version of the 747 has a portion of the flight deck portioned off with some bunks for the crew, allowing them to rest when not on duty. Sal had used these often in the past, providing much more than a 'rest' for some of the more handsome members, and it was to this area Sal led Janet. She wasn't concerned about Janet's makeup, it was the load of cum Sal expected to find in her hot pussy that was of more interest to her. Janet only smiled at her as Sal's hands found their way onto Janet's breasts and then into the thin blouse. She unfastened Janet's bra and kissed the nipples of her breasts until they stood firm and hard, waiting to see what other delights awaited them.

Sal could taste the traces of cum that were still in Janet's mouth and she made certain she got a good bit of it as she kissed and fondled the cool young beauty before pressing her back on the bunk. It was necessary to lie on their sides before Sal could pull the curtain tightly closed. Janet, enjoying the proximity of Sal's warm body, began stripping her of her clothing before she was finished with that task. What she found was very much to her liking.

Sal was an experienced bi-sexual who found the comfort of either male or female to her liking and now, with Janet's hands exploring her body, she was more aroused then at any time during the long flight.

"I want to taste you," she whispered to Janet. For a moment Janet assumed she wanted another kiss, but the tugging at the hem of her skirt told her otherwise and she rolled onto her back pulling Sal's already bare body with her. It took a good deal of time before the position Sal wanted was achieved, but she knew it would be worth it as her eyes took in the glistening pearls of cum that still were not dried in Janet's generous pussy pelt.

Janet was not novice to bi-sexuality either, and she recognized Sal's more dominant personality. Spreading her legs as widely as she could, she felt Sal's mouth close over her pussy until it was almost totally covered. Then came that glorious moment when Sal's lips closed over her clitoris. Janet's hips bucked as she showed Sal how enjoyable that was. Sal's fingers were equally busy, working themselves in and out of Janet's hot pussy. Janet showed her appreciation by tasting the stewardess' equally hot box, letting her tongue dwell inside and circling the inner core as she felt Sal pushing her closer and closer to the explosive orgasm that always left Janet limp with satiated lust – but only until her lovers could once again find that magic trigger.

Sal was delighted at Janet's response. She loved having her pussy eaten by someone as skilled as she even more than having it filled with a hard, thick cock. In that regard, some might consider her a lesbian, but Sal didn't consider herself in that way, enjoying the almost equally thrilling moments when she allowed a handsome partner to slide his dick deep inside her cunt and fill her with his cream. Feeling those hot blasts of thick, rich cum never failed to give her an orgasm. Thinking about this as she continued eating Janet's pussy, she wondered how Janet's seat companion would feel inside her cunt and vowed to find out.

The two girls climaxed almost simultaneously and, for a few minutes, the confines of that dark bunk were filled with the sounds of two women gasping out their satisfaction as well as the sounds of tongues lapping at the juices each had poured out into the crotches and mouths of the other.

Sal reluctantly crawled off Janet and into the small aisle way. She smiled at Janet who was still laying in the bunk, legs spread, as though hoping for more.

"I would love to continue this, but I must get back before others recognize my absence. Perhaps we can meet again after we land?"

"It would be my pleasure," Janet said softly as she finished licking her fingers which had been inside her pussy long enough to be coated with her juices, "but my employer and I will be catching a flight to Texas as soon as we arrive in Los Angeles."

Sal couldn't have been more delighted. The pace of the long overseas flights had drained her to the point that she had applied for a position home based in Texas for domestic flights. This had been her last flight on that transcontinental route, and she too would be catching a flight to her new home base in Texas as soon as they landed and she finished her duties on this final leg.

She told Janet what she had just realized. That little bit of information was as exciting to Janet as the realization that the two of them could see more of each other had been to Sal.

"We must see each other again then, as soon as you are settled." Janet said with a smile. She liked the way the comely stewardess had eaten her so well that she knew she wanted it to happen again – soon.

Janet had returned to her seat next to Earl and taken a short nap before the lights had come back on and the crew announced breakfast would be served before their scheduled landing in two hours. In the interval between the meal and the announcement they would be landing soon, Janet told Earl of her meeting with Sal.

"H-m-m," Earl murmured with a smile as he regarded his latest employee. "I knew I had made a good choice when we picked you, but I'm even happier that we did now that I know just how good you are. Maybe your new friend would like to work for me too." That consideration had made Janet smile. She knew that her duties with Earl's company would entail a great deal of sex. She had already thought that to be a plus, and the idea that it could possibly include Salmiah made it even more appealing. She gave her boss' arm a hug as she continued those thoughts, then a kiss when he told her he would approach Sal with the idea.

Janet slept well that night at Earl's side. She had found out immediately that her opportunities with him would also be subject to the whim of his wife, Ting. But Ting seemed to know instantly that Janet would be more an ally to her than competition. She learned this as she was on her knees in bed with her boss and his wife. Janet loved to suck cocks, and Earl's was one of those that seemed in perpetual need, but she hadn't expected an added bonus. With her head bobbing over seven inches of thick cock, she hadn't objected when Ting had gotten between her thighs and spread her legs wide enough to get her head between them. Earl had obviously enjoyed this kind of sex before, his legs were spread wide enough to encompass both the lovely ladies between them.

Janet hadn't been sure what Ting's intentions were until she realized that Ting had placed a pillow beneath her and her warm breath was bathing her crotch from beneath. She cooperated when Ting pulled her hips down slightly and Janet felt the first tentative touch of a warm tongue on her pussy lips. With her knees spread as widely as they had been to allow Ting to wriggle her way between them and beneath her, Janet's lips were spread almost as wide as those she was using with such skill on Earl's cock. Earl felt the cooling draught drawn across his cock as Janet felt Ting's tongue bury itself into her cunt.

Ting knew, somehow, that this latest young lady who would be working with her husband went both ways and she had been looking forward to trying her out as well. She wasn't surprised then when, with a long intake of her breath, Janet submitted to having Ting's arms wrap around her hips and draw her pussy to her mouth. Not since yesterday had Janet felt that loving touch from Sal had she enjoyed not only a thick, hard cock in her mouth, but also the loving touch of another woman and Ting obviously was as skilled at eating pussy as she had shown herself to be when she had fucked her husband shortly after he and Janet had arrived.

Janet hadn't been too sure of what was expected of her when Ting, jumping into her husband's arms had complained about a lack of sex.

"Everyone's on vacation," she said with a pout. "But I knew that you would be home soon, and I knew I could depend on you to help me out."

Earl had, right then and there on the couch of the living room. He could do without sex no longer than his wife, and needed it from one of these two ladies immediately. Ting just happened to be the closest at that moment. Janet was more than a little surprised, having fucked Earl during the flight home, and also because of the setting. Neither he nor Ting seemed to be reluctant to shed their clothes and fuck each other regardless of whom or what was around them. She watched as the two of them reached orgasm almost simultaneously and then began dressing again as though nothing had occurred.

When Ting was fully dressed again, she smiled at Janet.

"Is this our new employee?" she asked as she took Janet's hand in her own. At Earl's acknowledgement of the fact and introduction of Janet, Ting announced her opinion. "She's lovely. I assume that you've told her all about what her duties will entail now that she's part of our little 'family.' She said, looking Janet over closely. Earl told her that he had and had given her the usual treatment as soon as it appeared she would be a good acquisition. He stood between the two ladies and drew them down onto the couch with him, his arms over their shoulders. "And Janet goes both ways too," he told his wife. "We met a stewardess on the plane and she and Janet had some time together. Judging from the smile on their faces when they came back down the aisle together, I would say both were quite happy with how that turned out. Janet also told me that the stewardess would be moving to Houston and that she hoped there would be time when she and the other lady could get together."

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