tagLoving WivesA New Way of Life Ch. 11

A New Way of Life Ch. 11


Zaki sat on the staircase overlooking the hall. Azman sat beside him. Both were holding drinks in their hand as they discussed the day's events which included fucking each other's wife and left them unable to perform again – at least for a few minutes. Both remained naked from their last bout with more of the lovely ladies who had joined in the party following the announcement that Zaki and Yati would be returning home, followed soon by Azman and Azizah. Azman would be taking over his new duties as manager of Earl's Asian plant in Kuala Lumpur. Now, sitting together, they were enjoying the sight of their wives being thoroughly fucked by others. It was a bitter sweet time, made more joyous only by this perhaps last time to exchange wives, at least until all or most could be together again. For Zaki, it was really surprising to see his sister in law, Azizah, was so wild. Her cunt was filled by the cock of the stud astride whose hips she was sitting. He would have had an even better view if the man behind her wasn't screwing her tight ass. She was moaning softly as her partners stretched both her pussy and her ass, but they were the sounds of pleasure, not pain.

Much earlier, Zaki and Azman had met in the kitchen, both needing something to drink after having spent the last hour fucking their own playmates. Now, sitting together on the staircase, both were delighted to see their wives being thoroughly fucked by other men and sometimes two or more. Azman smiled. He has seen his wife Azizah many time like this since she had been awakened to the pleasure other men's cocks could give her. Zaki told him this was not Azizah he knew from their homeland, but he knew he liked her new approach to life even better, especially after having spent the last week fucking her. This is a totally different Azizah, one who gives men who want to fuck her as much pleasure as her husband. .The same thought goes through Azman's mind as he watches his brother-in-laws wife, Yati, being double fucked. The Yati he knew from back home. There she had been a naïve and shy, very soft spoken mother of four children. But here he sees that she has another side – that of a fantastically sexy lady who can't get enough sex. He shakes his head, still smiling. What a way to meet their brother and sister-in-law, at a sex party, and what's more, in their own home. He knew that Azizah had enjoyed fucking Zaki at least as much as Azman had enjoyed screwing his sister-in-law during the past week.

On one hand, Zaki had put aside his surprise. He knew his wife loved to fuck, but he had never seen her so openly approach men who were strangers to her for the pure pleasure of feeling their cocks filling her pussy or to have them suck her tits while one of the other ladies eats her cunt. That was an entirely new experience for both of them, although they had been swinging ever since meeting in England and being introduced to swinging by friends there. Azman too had been shocked by how easily Azizah had fallen into the sexual freedom that Earl and Ting enjoyed constantly. He would never have believed that his wife, the mother of his children, would let another man fuck her, but he was glad she had, leaving him free to fuck Ting and her friends as often as he liked. He liked this new side of his wife even more than he had their placid existence before. Watching Azizah now, being handled by the two studs fucking her, he knew he would continue to enjoy that freedom with her regardless of where they were, or who they fucked either together or separately.

Zaki had never dismissed the fact that Azizah is really a beautiful and charming lady. He had told this to Azman when they were in their homeland. Zaki had, ever since first meeting her, thought about how he would have liked to fuck her but at that stage, he feared that trying to have her would have ruined the relationship between him and his brother-in-law. So, he had put it aside. But, while he is slowly putting away his fantasies about Azizah, she had followed Azman overseas. When he had had the opportunity to visit America for two weeks, meeting other internet friends who were swingers, he had planned to visit Azman and Azizah, but it had never crossed his mind that he would meet them under in these circumstances. Fucking Azizah, without either of them knowing who either was, had been one of the most delightful experiences of his life, just as Yati had said about the way Azman had fucked her. .Ever since meeting Azizah at that party, he had fucked his sister-in-law at least daily and often, as their lust for each other grew, several times, often swapping wives for the night in separate beds. Now, admiring what the studs were doing to Azizah, created a little jealousy, but he knew he would have her again soon.

The same thoughts were going through Azman's mind. .Ever since he got hold of Yati that first night, he had never felt satisfied unless he was enjoying the body of his sister-in-law and she seemed to feel the same way when she felt the need to be fucked. The same feelings he has for Azizah, now include her sister. While both could appear quiet and shy, both could wear their partners out in the bedroom or wherever the desire to fuck found them.

This gathering at David and Liza's place was planned as a farewell to Zaki and Yati, who would be traveling home tomorrow. The sorrow of being apart after the delights of the past week were made less by knowing that they would be together again soon when Azman and Azizah returned to their homeland to take over the plant Azman would be managing for Earl.

When the party starts, Zaki had Liza as his partner, while Azman had Ting. Along the way each had changed partners several times, stopping only for a little rest as they were now. Looking down from their perch to the scene on the floor of the living room he sees Azizah, still being fucked by Earl and Art, while Yati is being done by David and Park.

After Earl and Art had left their cum in and on Azizah's body, they all collapsed. Azizah too felt exhausted, and stood up to walk to the bathroom where a hot shower both cleansed and revived her. Upon returning, Zaki caught hold of her arm and pulled her into a nearby bedroom. Azizah wasn't reluctant. Even though he's her brother in law, she knows that he also is one of her favorite lovers who fuck her gently and slowly, giving her the ultimate pleasure of many orgasms whether he is eating her swollen clit or cumming deep inside her hot pussy. She shivers with pleasure as she feels his hands closing over her breasts, anticipating more of his delightful cock filling her with cum.

When Azman saw his wife being drawn into that bedroom, he began looking for Yati. He finds her taking the last sperm from David who was holding her head in place as he fucked her mouth. Yati doesn't seem to mind that at all. Her breasts are covered with the cum she hadn't been able to swallow from the other men whose cocks had filled her with their hot seed, and she wipes that protein rich cream into her breasts even as she continues to suck her lover's dick. Yati and David had met on the internet more than two years ago and vowed to fuck each other senseless if they ever had the opportunity to meet. That party that night when Azman had unknowingly fucked her had been the realization of that dream. She loved the way David would take her from one orgasm to the next almost without a break, but it had been Azman who really satisfied her needs that night and she knew she wanted him to fuck her constantly now.

Azman had told her that he and Azizah would be returning home shortly after her husband and herself. They had promised to continue meeting when the four of them were home, as well as searching out others who, in addition to the friends she and Zaki already had, would like to join their little circle of swinging friends

Now, even as she felt David's hot cum filling her throat, she knew she wanted Azman to fuck her again – a final fuck before their departure tomorrow morning. She smiled even as she swallowed David's hot load thinking about how that would probably end up as an all night screwing with more than one of her other partners of the day joining in. While she and her husband were what would be considered experienced swingers, she had never met a man like her brother-in-law who satisfied her so perfectly.

With David out of action for the moment, she was happy to have Azman lift her from her knees and kiss her passionately. She knew he would taste David's sperm, but she also knew that it would make no difference, Azman loved to eat her cum filled pussy almost as much as he did fucking her. Both drove Yati to heights of pleasure she had experienced seldom before.

It was not by accident that Azman and Yati went into the same bedroom where just moments ago Zaki and Azizah had. Azman still considered seeing his wife fucked by another man one of the greatest pleasures of his life and although he had seen it often since that first time he had watched Earl fuck his wife, it never seemed to become boring. That was one of the things he needed to discuss with Zaki, but not now. Not when it was such a pleasure seeing Azizah spread her legs wide, beckoning Zaki to fill her with his throbbing, thick cock.

Azman liked to take his time bringing his partners to the heights of desire and with Yati; it seemed to be something she too enjoyed. Now, in his favorite position where he could enjoy the view as well as entertain Yati, he had one of her breasts in his mouth savoring the swollen orb. They shared their passion in kisses that kept Azman hard, ready to penetrate her and that he knew Yati too enjoyed. She murmured her delight even as her head was turned to watch her husband fuck her sister.

"Oh, yes," she crooned, pulling his head tighter to her breast. "That feels so good. Do you mind the fact that my breasts are covered with cum from other men?"

"Not at all, sweet sister. It only makes me harder, thinking of how other men have been so delighted by having you. Just as I so much like seeing Azizah taking other men in her mouth or her pussy, I think seeing you enjoy yourself with other men utterly delightful."

"I'm so glad, Azman. Now, please tuck your cock into my pussy. I want to feel your cum filling me again. I never dreamed that the four of us would be together like this, but I am so happy that we now know each other. Had I known you were such a good lover, I would have asked Azizah to let you fuck me when we were still in our homeland."

Azizah had obviously been listening to our conversation, and said essentially the same thing about wanting to share Azman with her. I worked my throbbing boner deep into Yati as she responded, marveling again at the tightness of that sweet channel that could milk a man's cock of his cum in minutes.

"And if I had known you wanted to fuck him, I would have let you," she giggled. "But I think I needed the experience we've had since coming to America to set my needs on fire. I was so frightened that Azman would be angry when I let Earl fuck me the first time that I almost couldn't enjoy it as I should have. Now I love the thrill of a new partner and the difference of his cock as he fucks me. We have met so many nice couples this way, and when we come back home, I hope we can find more in KL who enjoy this as much as we do."

"Oh, we already know many couples who would be happy to join the four of us in bed. The situation has changed so much since you left. Now we even have a club where all of us who think alike can meet. We'll take you there when you come home. There are so many handsome young men that I've met who would love to fuck you, you'll be amazed – and very happy" she grunted as she felt the head of my cock touch her cervix. "Poor Zaki has a hard time doing his part to keep the other ladies amused and satisfied, but he tries his best."

"He certainly has shown me how good his cock feels inside me," my wife said as I began slowly pumping my dick in and out of her sister's pussy. "M-m-m, right there" she gasped as Zaki hit the end of her tight sheath and began pumping her harder. She was cumming hard, while my brother-in-law was driving himself to the point I knew he would be filling her cunt soon.

"Are you going to eat Zaki's cum out of me like you did last night," she managed to ask softly when her body began to slow the spastic motions her orgasm always stirred inside her. I had noticed that those moments came easier and even more frequently now that she was getting fucked often. Even the fingers of a skilled lover could reduce her to a gasping, clutching woman wrapped tightly around a man's torso.

"Of course my darling, just as soon as I eat my own out of Yati. Of course Zaki has priority over that delightful event if he wants."

"He will want," Yati giggled as she grasped my thighs, trying to pull me deeper into her tunnel of love. "He had never eaten pussy until we were married, but once he found out how much I love oral sex, he can't get enough."

"It makes me extremely horny," Yati gasped. He had shot an enormous load of hot cum into my wife which I could see now was overflowing from her perfectly formed and thoroughly fucked pussy. "I never knew that something that sounds so revolting could taste so good when it comes from a woman still shaking from the delights of being thoroughly fucked."

What followed is best left to the reader's imagination as both brothers-in-law settled between their wife's thighs to the sound of appreciative sighs.

When the couple returned home with their sister and her husband in tow, they met Rina and her husband in the entrance hallway. Her husband hastily dropped his hands from his wife's breasts, blushing with embarrassment at being caught in such an erotic posture. Rina was smiling when her husband hastily left the home when his taxi honked his horn. She explained that he had to return to his hostel because he had work that must be done before tomorrow. She told Azizah that the kids were all sleeping. Azizah asked her to make some drinks, and then she continued talking to Zaki and Yati, while Azman followed the young nanny into the kitchen.

Azman, Azizah, Zaki and Yati continue chatting over a cup of coffee on the settee. Zaki and Yati would be leaving for home tomorrow, and both Yati and Azizah were so tired after being fucked by all the men, that they decided to go to bed 'to sleep' they emphasized, leaving Rina to talk to Azman and Zaki

While talking, Azman asked Rina if she had had a good time with her husband while they were gone. .She told him that they had, but his visit had been too short. .Zaki just smile at Rina. Azman had told him about the nubile young lady's talents in bed. Then Azman asked Rina, if she wanted to hang around with them, Rina just smiled and sat down between them. She gave Azman a shy smile, wondering about what his reaction might be, when Zaki put his arm over her shoulder and curled his fingers around her breast. It wasn't a real surprise to her when Azman copied Zaki's move. His arm went over her shoulders, just as Zaki's had done, and cupped her other breast. Her smile got wider when she realized both these men wanted to fuck her. Putting her hands on both men's thighs, she curled her own fingers over two very hard cocks that showed just as much interest in her as her own husband had done.

Most of us would think that Azman and Zaki had used so much energy in the preceding several hours that fucking another very willing lady should have been too much, but that wasn't the case. Both men had found that their experiences had only made them want more and Rina was obviously receptive to that idea. All three rose and began to lead Rina, between them, to the closest empty bedroom.

Rina sighed with pleasure as they slowly began taking off her clothing, Zaki was on his knees as soon as her pants were off, kissing the still cum matted pussy of this hot lady, while Azman was doing the same thing to her breasts. Together they pushed her until the bed behind her buckled her knees and she found herself watching the two men disrobe. She smiled when thy displayed rigid, swollen cocks that bobbed up and down at the prospect of sinking deep into Rina's hot pussy. Azman finished first and lifted Rina's legs, turning her so she was now parallel to the long axis of the bed. He lay down beside her so that his crotch was even with her head and told her to suck him.

Rina loved sucking cocks and had shown a real talent for it ever since that first time when Jake had filled her mouth with his cum. While her husband had asked her to suck his dick often, she had never learned to do it well until she had become part of the group, providing her pussy, her ass and her mouth for their enjoyment, whether male or female. Truthfully, she had become bisexual as she realized how much Azizah enjoyed her oral talents, and provided Rina with some of the same pleasures. Now it was understood that Rina could ask her employers for sex as often as she wanted and it would never be refused. That was when Rina learned the delights of having her pussy eaten by other ladies, something that her husband had never done before.

Azman groaned as he felt Rina's hot mouth close over the head of his dick and her lips widen as she pressed them further down his swollen shaft. She had his balls in one hand while the other tried to unsuccessfully to close around the throbbing male muscle. It was her turn to groan when she felt Zaki's thick cock head press through the tight muscle at her entrance and begin the slide deep into her aided by the cum her husband had left inside her hot core. She had discovered almost as soon as she and her husband had met the delights of being fucked through a load of hot cum, and it felt even better now that it was happening at least daily.

Zaki was obviously enjoying it too, judging from the smile on his face and the slow in and out movement of his dick inside her. That was true too. Zaki had never forgotten the pleasure of fucking his wife through a load of cum ever since he had done her the second time in one night, and it seemed the more often his wife was screwed the better it became for both of them. This last week had been heavenly as he watched her take one man after another and then come to him for more of the same. He wondered if he would ever find it less delightful than it had become since they had become swingers.

But at the moment all three had only one thought in mind – an almost endless celebration of the erotic sensations men and women could give each other and the pleasure of feeling their juices mixing. Rina was bucking hard as she neared that pinnacle of delight stirred by Zaki's hard cock. True, he had fucked her before in the week that he had stayed with Azman, but it seemed to get better each time and drive her to orgasm almost as soon as he was plugged into her tight quim. Then she felt it, just as Zaki hit her cervix with his load of hot cum. Her controlled pumping upward of her hips went spasmodic as her own delight was triggered by the hard driving cock filling her cunt with its cream. She was still jerking and shuddering with passion as Azman delivered his jets of thick seed into the back of her throat where it was swallowed easily by a woman who had come to worship the feeling of a cock in every one of her orifices.

"Time to switch," Azman heard his brother-in-law suggest. "I want to feel her cleaning my dick with that sweet mouth of hers."

Azman was only too willing to comply. Still semi-rigid, he got off the bed and circled until he was between Rina's thighs. Her cunt was fully open already oozing the fountain of cum that had filled her when Zaki sent his load into depths already full from Rina's husband. He went into her cunt easily on the bed of cum her two previous lovers had left inside her. He was buried all the way to his balls when he felt her cock hungry cunt begin squeezing his dick as capably as her hands had been. He was instantly fully hard again. Regardless of how many times he had fucked her before, it always made him even more horny to think of how many times this lovely young lady had been fucked by he, his friends, and even her husband. He remembered how, on those nights when her husband had visited her, she would join he and Azizah in their bed to receive what she felt had become her right – to be eaten and fucked by her employers and their friends.

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