tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Night at the NSA Pt. 01

A Night at the NSA Pt. 01


Persephone had solved it. As the National Security Agency's youngest intelligence analyst, her mission was to break into the secret communications of drug lords around the world. This assignment, to find the location of an Afghan warlord in control of much of the world's heroin supply, had succeeded.

"It's over," Persephone called to her colleague Matthew, "order a SEAL team to bring him in."

Matthew sent Persephone's decrypted comms to the top for approval. Then he was off. "It's past eleven," he said wearily. "I'm sleeping in tomorrow."

Persephone was alone in the Afghan analytics room. After long hours of focus, her mind was still racing with what had led to her discovery. She sat back in her chair to clear her thoughts and relax.

But her body was still unsatisfied. Her work had taken over all her time for a month. She had missed seeing her friends, and now demanded companionship and balance. Her loins started to burn: she rubbed her outer labia, and knew she must find sex.

"I need a man," she said under her breath. "I need a man in me now."

Only the fluorescent night lights were on in the NSA at this time. But Persephone was on the hunt. She got up, left her analytics room, and went searching for male flesh.

She saw brighter lights in the server maintenance room down the hall. She went in and found an administrator still staring intently at a screen.

"This is who it will be," she thought.

She got to him and spun his swivel chair around.

"I want you. Get inside me."

"Er, I - I."

Persephone pulled the administrator onto the floor. His was a small, thin build. Hers was larger, and had accumulated a belly from the many donuts she'd consumed during the weeks of intense analytics work. Her weight was her advantage.

"I need you," Persephone said firmly, pulling the administrator's shirt apart.

"Stop. I'm, I'm not ready."

Slap! Persephone smacked him on his right cheek.

"Don't fight. I have to fuck you."

She briefly kissed his lips then pulled his pants and underwear down. Pressing her arms with all her might on his shoulders, pressing her thighs upon his knees, she rested her pussy on his dick.

"Get him hard and get him in me," she ordered.

He froze, shocked at being overpowered by a woman. She pressed her weight down onto him, and he hardened - his penis finding her easily.

She throbbed inside as it entered, her juices lubricating the way to her womb.

"A little smaller than I'm used to," she thought, "but he's enough."

She pulled his shoulders up, placed her hands on his back, and dug her nails in hard. Wincing, but trying to suppress any sign of pain, he submitted to her tight embrace. Her belly pressed into his chest; her extra weight making him gasp for breath.

Persephone now desired that he would reach her womb. Overcome by a longing that quite overruled her usual detached, analytical self, she considered that this man was intelligent, conscientious, agreeable. Genes that her child could do well to have. Forgetting all else she craved a baby now, with this administrator, immediately.

Her whole body thrusted on his dick so rapidly that he stayed hard and on the edge of release. A deep and overwhelming pleasure rose in her and she cried out with fierce joy.

He still had a fear holding him at the edge. She had taken him, slapped him, and forced herself on him. He had never been wanted like this in his life, yet still was scared.

Sweating from her thrusts, Persephone pulled her shirt off and plunged her belly into his. A sense of safety and closeness came over him - that she would keep his sperm, his future descendants, safely inside her womb. He desired her now. This woman, so brilliant by day, so passionate by night: what more perfect woman could there be to make love to?

"I want to be hers always," he thought, releasing his semen throughout her pussy. Persephone briefly chuckled as she felt it go in. The heat of his load warmed her whole vagina with intense bliss.

When he was spent she lay down, and pulled his head onto her right breast. Gently she kissed his forehead and stroked his hair.

"That was beautiful. Thank you," she cooed. He was silent, taking in what had happened and struggling to believe it could have really been.

Persephone got up, and helped him put his clothes back on. They were silent as they dressed again, absorbing their moment together. Neither could vocalize all that they had felt.

Persephone went to leave.

"Thanks for maintaining the networks" was all that she could bring herself to say. The moment of passion was over. Both started to ponder what might be next.

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