tagLoving WivesA Night in the City Ch. 01

A Night in the City Ch. 01


"Honey, we have dinner plans in the city with the Rosen's this Saturday."

"That's great. We haven't seen them in months," I responded without looking up from the computer I was using to cruise the Internet.

Genie, my wife of 20 years and my best friend, was getting annoyed that I had spent the whole afternoon glued to the computer. She wanted some attention and wrestled her way between me and the computer. "Time for a break," she announced as she sat on my lap.

"You know, we have not had a night away from the kids in quite some time. I bet we could arrange for them to sleep at a friend's house for the night. How about we stay overnight in the city? We could use points to get a free room," she said with a flirtatious grin.

She was right. The kids were both in high school now. They spent many nights sleeping at friend's homes anyway. All we needed was a little planning and we could have a nice romantic night. I could use a little sex. Hell, we both could. Having teenage kids around did not leave much private parent time.

The Rosen's would not be a problem. They were two of our oldest friends and knew how to have a good time. I knew for a fact that both of them cheated on the other regularly. One of the most entertaining aspects of dinner with them is watching them bicker.

"Great idea," I replied. "You work on the sleepovers. I'll get us a suite downtown."

In an hour it was all set. The kids would be busy all day and night. We could leave in the morning and have the whole day to shop and fuck.

I didn't give the weekend another thought until it arrived. It was a typical busy week at the office and I had no time for diversions.

Saturday morning we fed the kids, packed an overnight bag and headed into the city. I had booked a suite at one of the chic hotels around Times Square. We checked in, handed our bags to the bellman and went to the bar for lunch. It was a bit more of a liquid lunch than either of us noticed so we were a little buzzed when headed up to the room. Genie was never one to hold her alcohol well so she was considerably more inebriated than me.

In the elevator Genie was getting a little frisky. At first it was a little kissing which lead to a full make out which lead to minor groping. I knew the elevator had a security camera but figured we were tame compared to other drunken guests who found themselves alone on a relatively long elevator ride.

By the time we got to the room we were really sexually charged and barely made it in with all our clothes on.

I was quite turned on from all the groping and was ready for an afternoon of not so quick sex. As soon as the door closed I told Genie to "Get naked!"

She completely ignored me and fell into my arms for a sloppy kiss. I pushed her away and told her again, "Get naked."

Again she disregarded me and continuing her alcohol fueled attempt at seduction. This time I lost it. I don't know what gave me the urge to be in charge but I wanted her to listen, to submit. I pulled her arms away from me and looked forcefully into her eyes. "I told you to strip out of you clothes and I mean it. Get naked!"

This got her attention but she did not pick up on how seriously I wanted her to follow my command. She did strip but playfully. She did a drunken striptease, first her pants, then her top. She stood in front of me in a matching thong and lacey bra. The fact that they matched told me that she wanted to have a romantic night. Usually she haphazardly put on her underwear without any concern as to how she would look in them. She then danced around me to music only she could hear. She played with my belt buckle trying to engage me but I had no part of it. Finally, I set a stern expression on my face to let her know that I was not pleased with her delay in following my command. With a gasp of frustration, she stepped away and took off her bra and pulled down her thong. She put her hand on her hip and cocked her hip in a gesture that said "are you satisfied now?"

Even after 20 years of marriage she was beautiful when naked. Her short black hair only drew attention to her long neck. She had beautiful B-cup breasts with small areola and nipples that always seemed hard. Her breasts had aged well over the years showing no signs of sagging. Likewise, her ass was tight and firm. She still had a smooth heart shaped buttock that enticed me to play with the rosebud within. Unfortunately, this nether region was always off limits. Her pussy, while trimmed for a bikini, had a relatively full bush. Whenever I asked her to shave she always demurred saying that she was a grown woman and shaving would only make her look more like a child. Still, she looked great and I fought off the urge to come to her.

Instead, I took a seat on the coffee table and asked her to come to me. She playfully sauntered over expecting me to take her into my arms. Instead, I pulled her face down over my lap and smacked her ass. The first hit was light, only a warning of what was to come. I smacked her two more times more forcefully. "When I tell you to strip I expect you to strip...and I mean immediately," I admonished her.

"Lighten up," she protested as she started to rise.

I pulled her back down and smacked her again. "Oh, no you don't. You are going to learn to listen to me. If I have to beat you to the point that you can't sit, so be it." I smacked her again.

Again she protested and again I hit her on the ass. She finally clued into the game and stopped protesting. "OK, ok. I'll do whatever you want. Just stop hitting me."

"I'll hit you as much as I want." I hit again but this time not as hard, just enough to prove my point. With her lying naked on my lap, I let my hands roam her backside. I started with the fine globes of her ass and moved up to her well-toned back. Slowly I let my fingers gently stimulate her skin. Then I drifted down between her legs and played with the folds of her pussy.

She was wet...very wet. I messaged her clit briefly then suddenly smacked her ass 3 more times. "You like, don't you?"

"Yes," she said quietly as she nodded her head.

I hit her again but not enough to be painful. I then let my hands move back down to her clit and gently massaged.

"Very well, it seems like we have an understanding. Today you are going to be my servant. You will do whatever I say or I will beat your ass until it hurts. Understood?"

She hesitated and mulled over her options. I am sure she was wondering what embarrassing and perverted things I could do to her.

I needed her to focus on the good things; the pleasure that a night of servitude could bring her. I began once again massaged her clit. She did not answer me. Her alcohol confused mind got lost in the pleasure that she was feeling.

"I am not asking you. I am telling you that today you will be my servant in any way I ask. My first order is that you acknowledge your servitude to me." I was still rubbing her clit and her pelvis was starting to subconsciously grind against me.

"OK, but need some assurances from you first," she whispered breathily.

"Go ahead."

"No matter what happens, I will not have anal sex with you. And...don't ask me to expose myself in public. I won't do it. In fact, asking me to do either will just get me angry, end the game and ruin our night."

"Fair enough," I replied after a cautious pause. I did not want to seem too eager.

"Fine then, tonight I will be your servant...your sex slave."

"And if you fail to please me you can spank me as you please," I prompted her to repeat.

"If I fail to please you, you can spank me as you see fit."

The deal was done. She was mine. Now I needed a plan. I needed some space to figure out what I was going to do. I pulled my hand from her pussy and rested it on her ass.

"I'm going to the gym," I announced.

"What? You can't stop now," she protested.

"I can and I will," I admonished. "While I am gone I want you to consider your servitude. The first rule of the room is that whenever you are in this room you will be as you are right now - naked breasts and exposed pussy. I will be able to take you whenever it pleases me and you will please me whenever and however I want it."

I gently pushed her from my lap and stood to change. She was not happy with this sudden turn of events but I needed to show her I was in control. She went to the closet and pulled out one of the hotel robes. I pulled her to the bed and placed on her stomach on my lap as I sat. Three quick smacks got her attention. "I just told you that you will be naked whenever you are in this room. I did not give you permission to put on a robe. You will be naked at all times...and that includes whenever you answer the door." She made a move to protest but then thought better of it.

"Good. You are getting the hang of this," I said to give her positive reinforcement.

I wanted to keep her mind on sex while I was gone and had a sudden brilliant thought. I turned on the TV and rented a porn movie. I selected one about a cheating wife in the hope that it would weaken some of her inhibitions.

"When I return, I am going to check the meter on the movie. If I find that you have paused or turned off the movie there will be consequences. "

I went into my suitcase and took out our video camera. Genie became nervous that I was going to video tape her in her naked state, realizing that she had omitted that stipulation from our verbal contract. Instead I put it on the dresser pointed towards the door and turned it on. "Just in case you are thinking about leaving, I have a camera watching the door. This too will tell me if has been paused."

I then pulled out her vibrator from my suitcase. I always pack it when we travel. "If you are still horny, feel free to use this. But I would avoid cumming, we have a long day ahead of us and I would not waste an orgasm so early."

With that, I left for the gym. As I left, she was sitting on the edge of the bed looking at me dumbfounded.

The gym was on the second floor overlooking Time Square. I found a treadmill by the window and started running. My mind was firing in all directions, confused and excited at the same time. Genie and I did not have the kind of relationship where one dominated the other. Our sex life was unusually consistent; weekly sex with little in the way of variation. This turn of events was unexpected and unplanned.

I began to realize that this all could be temporary due to her intoxication. By the time I got back to the room, she probably would have sobered up enough to stop the game. Just in case I needed a plan. You can't be in control if you personally are out of control.

The exercise was good for me. As the rhythm of the run took over I started to think more clearly.

After 45 minutes I was ready to return to Genie. I had sweated the anxiety out of me and was ready for whatever came next. Either I will be in control or I will be fodder to her jokes for the rest of the weekend.

I took the elevator back to the room. As I rode I thought back to my initial ride up earlier today. I looked around and found the security camera and again wondered how often the guards jerked off to the show that probably happened in this car nightly.

As I reached the door, I reached in the pocket for my key but then thought of the orders I had given before I left. "You are to be completely naked while in the room, even if you have to answer the door." I knocked instead of using the key. After a brief wait I saw a shadow through the security viewfinder and knew Genie was on the other side of the door. The door opened just enough to unlock it but not enough for me to see the inside.

As I opened the door I knew immediately that the game was on and I was in control. Genie was kneeling naked on the floor by the door, her head bowed and hands behind her back. Now it was my turn to be dumbfounded. What had given her the idea to behave this way? I had watched enough porn to know the slave position of respect to the master but did not think Genie would know anything about submission.

I quickly regained my composure and stole a glance both ways down the hall before I entered the room. Seeing no one coming, I walked past my slave but left the door wide open. She knew she was exposed to anyone who walked past, but only I knew the coast was clear. I left her there for several minutes while I took off my sweaty clothes, the whole time listening carefully for a sound that could indicate someone was approaching. Genie did not change her position or make any attempt to speak.

"Come," was all I said and she turned to crawl towards me. She made no attempt to close the door or stand.

"You may close the door and stand," I said.

She gracefully stood up, closed the door and moved to kneel in the slave position in front of me. She did not speak but instead waited for me to start the conversation.

Naked but still sweaty, I circled her admiring her beauty, her poise and her vulnerability. She never looked up at me. Her breath was rapid. She was either excited or scared.

My eyes moved to the TV and the camera that I had placed next to it. A porn movie was still playing showing a woman fucking two men. My eyes narrowed as I focused on the camera which had been moved since I had placed it facing the door.

"You have violated my commands," I admonished. "Please explain."

"I am sorry Master...but I hoped that you would not mind if changed the movie." Master? Her lips were trembling. Clearly she was fearful that I would be angry. My god this power was intoxicating. My dick stirred to life simply because of this new found power.

"After you left I decided that I wanted to be your obedient sex slave as you had commanded. But I don't know anything about being a sex slave. I looked through the list of movies to see if I could find one that would teach me how to be a good slave."

"Hmm," I said in a tone that would indicate displeasure even though I was ready dance around the room.

She continued. "I found a movie about a young girl that was forced to be the sex slave to a married couple. I watched that one instead. I hope you will not be angry with me." As she said this, her lips started to quiver and body showed a slight tremor.

"I appreciate that you were trying to be a good slave, but slaves do not make their own decisions. They let their masters make their decisions so that they do not go astray. You should have waited until I returned." I was trying to impart as much discipline as I could while trying to hold back a smile. It was like a parent disciplining a toddler.

"And what about the video camera? I gave you explicit orders not to touch it."

"The movie got me all turned on. I started to please myself as you had ordered. I felt guilty about having pleasure without you present so I decided to video tape myself for your pleasure. I merely turned the camera towards the bed and adjusted the zoom. Please don't be angry. I was only trying to please you."

I sat down in front of my slave and watched her silently pondering my next move. While I was pleased that she had acted only to please me, I needed to reinforce that I was in charge and that she cannot act independently.

"Slave," I addressed her. "This is not a democracy. When you agreed to be my slave you seeded all authority over your sexual activity to me. You will need to be punished for your actions so that you may learn for the next time. Come lay across my lap in the ready position," I commanded.

Without hesitation she stood and laid face down on my lap. Ten times I spanked her. I hit her hard enough to turn her ass red. When I was finished I felt her pussy out of curiosity. As I had expected, she was wetter than I have ever seen her.

I pushed her off of me and announced that I was going to take a shower.

"May I speak?" she asked with her head bowed.


"I took the liberty of drawing a bath for my master. The room has a very large bath with whirlpool jets and a heater." She still avoided my eyes. "The bath is ready for you now. Would you like me to wash you?" The last question she asked with a hopefulness that I would be pleased.

I looked up towards the bathroom and for the first time noticed that it was not the typical hotel bathroom. It was a wide open space with a large bath and shower. You could see both clearly from any point in the room. The shower was large enough for two, had a bench and was made completely of clear glass and actually projected into the living space of the room. The only private part of the bathroom was the toilet which was in its own closet. It was clearly designed to be sexy. I wondered if the double bed rooms in the hotel had the same layout. I could imagine some awkward moments with business travelers who shared a room.

"I can get used to this," I thought to myself. I walked into the bathroom and settled into the tub. Genie got out a wash cloth but before she could start washing me down I noticed a TV in the bathroom.

"I forgot what you said. Did you cum while watching the porn movie?" I asked.

"No, I wanted to save my orgasm for while you were here."

"Would you like to cum now."

"Oh, yes. Please. It took all of my will power to pull out the vibrator."

"Very well. I am sure this TV will show the movie you have already purchased. Bring up your favorite seen and get your vibrator." She did as she was told and brought up a scene from the movie. The scene showed a beautiful blonde slave girl having sex with couple who I assumed were her masters.

Genie sat on the deck of the tub watching the movie. She started massaging her clit with her fingers. As she got more turned on, she needed oral stimulation so she put the vibrator in her mouth. The slave in the movie was putting on a show for the couple and Genie emulated her. Genie had two fingers in her vagina while sucking on the vibe. She was literally fucking herself in the face and vagina.

The movie progressed and the slave found herself fucked missionary by the husband. Genie moved the vibe to her vagina to mimic the show. She was fucking herself feverishly with gyrations of her hips matching the vibe. At the same time, her other hand massaged her clit.

The wife in the movie then straddled the slave's face and then got a good tongue lashing. I was a little surprised that Genie selected this scene since to my knowledge she had never been with another woman. Genie hesitated, confused at how she was going to mimic the movie.

"Put your wet fingers in your mouth," I suggested. She hesitated again because she was briefly uncomfortable about sucking her own juices but then conceded to her inner struggle and sucked her juices off her fingers. This seemed to turn her on even more. I tucked this fact away in my brain for later recall.

By this time I was hard as a rock and stroked myself under the water.

This continued for another few minutes with Genie occasionally returning her fingers to her vagina to pick up some more secretions. She really reached a quandary when the husband started fucking the slave in the ass.

"I don't think you thought this all the way through when you chose this scene," I joked.

"I know, but there were not many scenes in this movie that did not involve some anal sex," she returned.

"I guess that goes with being a sex slave," I quipped. She shot me a give-me-break look. Again she hesitated and again I gave her a suggestion. "Rub the vibe on the outside of your butt hole. Kind of like anal sex light."

She did as I asked but now fucked herself with her fingers. Her moaning was soon accompanied by sloshing in her quim. Her fingers moved at a furious pace while the vibe stimulated her asshole. She was nearing climax when I reminded her that she needed to ask me permission before she came.

"Please master, may I cum now? I can't take this anymore."

I did not respond immediately. I wanted her to feel my control. I could see agony on her face as she struggled to control herself.

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