tagGroup SexA Night of Firsts

A Night of Firsts


It is Sunday morning I am laying here in bed touching myself, aroused thinking about what had happened. Let me tell you the story. Last Friday evening, I was sitting alone at home wondering what the weekend would bring. It had been incredibly boring lately and I wished for a little excitement to invade my life. The telephone rang in the other room, probably another telemarketer I thought, it was suppertime after all.

I picked up the phone trying not to be rude, “Hello.”

“Hi. What’s your problem?”

“I was expecting another phone solicitation for a free siding estimate. Sorry. What’s going on?”

“I was sitting here reading your story and enjoying it very much.”

“Really, which story is that?”

“The one about your first time.”

“Oh, you like it huh,” I laughed. “What exactly did you like about it?”

“I think the fact that it was about me. Why are you laughing, it was about me wasn’t it?”


“You always told me I was your first,” you whispered in your little girl voice.

“Maybe I lied.”

“You can be such a jerk sometimes. Here I am reading your story, getting all wet and wanting to play with myself and then you tell me you lied.”

I sensed a little anger in her voice and was surprised at what she said. She never talks that way to me. If I even laughingly say I need to get laid she acts like she is pissed. Maybe it really was a good story.

“I just love to tease you, you know that?”

Her tone change noticeably to one of almost pleading, “Want to do something tonight?”

“Sure. What did you have in mind?”

“I was thinking of something special and kind of wanted to surprise you. I can come and pick you up. Can you be ready in a hour?”

“Yeah, that will give me time to take a shower. See you then.”

As I was getting undressed to take a shower I was wondering what she had in mind. She was always a little reserved in public and would get angry with me if I told her I thought she looked good. “You’re drunk,” she’d say, which always pissed me off a little. I don’t have to be drunk to tell her I think she still looks hot. I am not saying it because I think it will get me in her pants, I say it because it’s true. It has been a long time since we have had sex, years as a matter of fact, but I still remember how hot she was in bed and often get hard just thinking about it.

She really was my first and the memory of that time is still fresh in my mind even after almost 32 years. There is a song, “Lady in Red” or something like that, I can never remember the title, which always makes me think of that first time with her. The memory is an amazing thing and I think it is important to relive those memories as often as possible, so they stay fresh in my mind. Besides what better thing to think about anyway then a good fuck? Thinking of it now was making me hard. As I started stroking my cock, remembering the taste of her pussy, I glance at the clock and saw almost a half hour had slipped by. I better get hopping unlike most women she is always early.

A quick dash to the front door to leave it unlock, in case I am not ready when she arrives and I jump in the shower. I like taking a shower. I like the feel of the hot water on my body. Actually I just like the feel of my body. I think it is left over from all those years I worked construction. I really enjoy the outdoors and always liked the feel of the sun on my bare back. I am still in pretty good shape “for an older man,” or so they tell me. I hate that phrase. I noticed I have put on a few pounds over the years, but I still have a 32” waist, which isn’t too bad.

I have always liked to masturbate, I do it quite often, and the shower has always been my favorite place. When I am washing I will soap my bare hands up and pay special attention to my cock, twirling my soapy hand over the head. Being uncircumcised the head of my cock is especially sensitive. This sends shivers all over my body. If I am really horny, I will get my finger well lathered up and stick it up my ass. When I do this I often wish I could suck myself and imagine doing it. This makes my orgasms especially intense. I had my eyes closed and was daydreaming, letting the hot water wash over my back, stroking myself, enjoying the pleasure, when I heard a sigh. I looked up and nearly jumped out of my skin. She was standing there watching me.

“Having fun?” she laughed in a seductive voice.

“You scared the shit out me!”

She laughed again and asked, “Need some help?”

For some reason I was terribly embarrassed, probably because I was so surprised. I turned my back to her and tried to conceal my erection. Smiling, she reached in and patted my ass.

“Hurry up and get out, it’s time to go. And by the way, nice ass.”

As she turned to walk out of the bathroom I noticed she was wearing a short skirt and blouse, which I was not used to seeing her in. She usually wore pants of some sort. She closed the door quietly behind her leaving me wondering what was going on. I finished rinsing off, my erection quickly going down and toweled myself off. I didn’t bring any clothes into the bathroom with me, I never do, living alone and all, what’s the point? I hate a wet towel on the bed, so I hung it up and walked out naked, hoping she wasn’t looking. I could see her there in the living room reading and she never even glanced up as I walked by. I had laid my clothes out before I went in to take a shower and dressed in a hurry. Pulling a sweater over my head and slipping on a pair of tight jeans, I admired my ass in the mirror. Maybe I still do have a nice ass. I was starting to get aroused again and needed to hurry up. No time for that now. I came out of the bedroom adjusting my cock in my pants, thinking she was still reading and there she was smiling at me.

She stared at my crotch, a strange smile on her face, and said, “Are you all adjusted and ready to go?”

“Ready,” I said trying to hide my embarrassment.

I couldn’t help wondering what had come over her this was so unlike her. She stood up and headed for the door, not even waiting for me. As we walked to her car, she didn’t say a word just opened her door and got in. I got in the other side, sat down and looked at her.

“Where are we going? Any place exciting?”

“There is a new place I discovered and wondered if you wanted to go there?”

“Sure. What’s it called?”

“I don’t really remember the name, just where it is,” she said, smiling in a curious way.

What’s with all the mystery? She sure was acting strange this evening. I decided to just go along for the ride and sat back and listened to the music. It was a short drive to the bar and we hardly said anything, just small talk. The bar was not a very impressive place, I didn’t even notice the name, kind of sleazy actually, but if she wanted to go here what could I say. She parked the car and got out waiting for me to join her before we went in. The bouncer stopped us at the door, there was a small cover for some band I had never heard of. As I pulled out some money she strode into the club not even waiting to see if I paid. The club was dimly lit and I struggled to see where she went. She usually had to sit up close to the band but tonight she chose a table in the back.

“This is really not like you, sitting in the back like this.”

“It is better back here easier to talk and not quite so smoky.”

I sat down next to her still wondering what she was up to sitting back here as if she did want to be noticed and asked, “What are you drinking?”

“Whatever you are drinking.”

I couldn’t hide the question in my voice, “You want Jack on the rocks?”

“Sure, why not?”

“Oh, I don’t know, I don’t think I have ever seen you drink straight liquor before.”

She smiled, pursed her lips in a kiss and said, “Tonight’s going to be a night of firsts for both of us.”


I noticed her looking around the bar as if she were looking for someone. I followed her eyes, noticing that there were mostly men in the bar, which is not unusual I guess in a bar like this. To me it seemed like a bunch of guys looking to get laid, but in my mind this was not the type of place I would go to get laid. If I were a woman I would avoid a place like this, unless I was a slut. As a matter of fact there were only two women in the place, my date and a waitress.

Suddenly she was waving and yelling to someone across the bar.

“Who is that?”

“A friend of mine from work, Rob. Do you mind if he joins us?”

Getting more confused by the minute I mumbled, “I guess not.”

As he walked over I noticed he was about forty, quite a bit younger than us, and was pretty good looking. He wore a dress shirt, jeans and I couldn’t help but to notice from the bulge in the front of his pants that he appeared to be quite endowed. As I glanced at my date she was staring right at me watching me look at his cock. She licked her lips with her tongue and smiled at me.

“I think you are going to like my friend.”

He sat down at the table next to her, leaned over, kissed her on the cheek and said, “What a pleasant surprise to see you here.”

She smiled that smile again, leaned her head toward me and said, “Say hello to my friend.”

He offered his hand looking me over and I shook it. He had a strong grip and I could see he worked out regularly. He was rather handsome and had an engaging smile. I am not gay, not even bi-curious, and am not normally attracted to men, but there was something about him that sent a tingle through me. I noticed she seemed to be watching us with a great deal of interest. As I had been thinking all evening, there was something funny going on here, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it.

The waitress brought our drinks and a beer for him. After a little small talk the band began to play and we all settled back to listen. Rob was leaning in close and stroking her back as they talked. I was about to say something about her being my date when she reach over and placed her hand on my thigh, squeezed and winked at me. I could see her other hand was under the table and had to be on his thigh. This whole situation was beginning to make me uncomfortable and I think she must have noticed.

“It is too smoky in here, lets go some place else.”

Rob never said a word, just stood up and reached for her hand. She took mine and pulled me along as we headed for the door. Outside she placed her mouth next to Rob’s ear and whispered something. He grinned and nodded.

“Rob left his car at home and came here with a friend so we are all going to ride together, if that’s OK with you?”

I tried not to sound irritated, “Sure why not?”

I wondered why I didn’t see Rob say anything to anyone as we were leaving. Where was his friend? This date was not turning out like expected. I had hoped to get her a little drunk and maybe get lucky for a change, but she hardly even touched her drink at the bar. Why was I kidding myself, I hadn’t got lucky with her for years and shouldn’t think tonight would be any different. Anyway all that all seemed to be out of the realm of possibility now that her friend was tagging along, especially since they seemed to be so friendly. I climbed into the back seat, letting him sit in front.

As she drove out of the parking lot, she looked over the seat at me and said, “Do you care if we go to Rob’s?”

“No, anyplace is better than that bar,” I said half laughing, trying not to sound as uncomfortable as I felt.

Rob looked back, but didn’t say anything, just smiled. It was only about twenty minutes to his place and though they seemed to be chatting away, I was quiet lost in my own thoughts. Rob lived in an older neighborhood in a small house. From what I could tell it was well maintained and the yard looked freshly mowed. I thought at least he takes care of his place as she parked in the driveway and we climbed out.

Rob went ahead and opened the front door holding it open for both of us.

“Welcome to my humble abode.”

I was surprised by the decor it was very tastefully decorated and not what I had expected. He had some contemporary artwork on the walls and nice leather furniture. The living room had hard wood floors with a large oriental rug in the center.

“Nice place,” I said sitting down on the couch. “I’m impressed.”

“Thanks, make yourself at home. Want anything to drink?”

“I hate to change in mid stream, do you have any Jack?”

“You drink it on the rocks as I remember. One for each of you?” he said over his shoulder as he headed for the kitchen not really waiting for an answer.

My friend walked down the hall to the restroom as if she had been there before, stopping at the stereo to turn on some music. The sounds of Robert Cray soon filled the room and I was beginning to feel a little more at ease. When she returned she sat next to me on the couch her skirt riding up revealing her thighs. She had great legs and I always enjoyed looking at them as well as feeling them when we used to have sex. She let her leg touch mine and placed her hand on my thigh again giving it another squeeze. I was about to say something when Rob returned from the kitchen setting the drinks down on the glass top coffee table and sat next to her.

“Nice choice of music. Everyone comfortable?”

I only nodded as my friend reached out and placed her hand on Rob’s thigh saying, “I am, but could you dim the lights a little?”

Rob reached over and took a remote off the end table and dimmed the lights.

“Nice touch. You have a great place here,” I said.

He smiled, “I am glad you like it.”

“I love your house it is so romantic. Everything about it turns me on.”

As she said this she slid her hand up both of our thighs at the same time and rested her hand on our cocks.

“I have been thinking about this for a long time and really want to get it on with both of you.”

I was shocked. I never knew she even had thoughts like this. She was always so jealous when we dated and had an absolute fit one time when I said I had fantasized about a threesome with her and another women. I still remember her words very distinctly as she marched out the door, “You’re sick!” It was a long time before she even talked to me again.

“Are you shocked?”

“Yeah, a little. Actually a lot more than a little considering how you reacted when I mentioned a threesome with another woman.”

“Well, I told you this was going to be a night of firsts.”

Rob only looked at me, not saying a word and placed his hand on her breast kissing her neck. She took my hand and slipped it up under her skirt. You can imagine my shock when I touched her pussy, she was not wearing panties and she was already incredibly wet. Her hand was rubbing my cock as she spread her legs to let me access her and her other hand was busy playing with Rob’s cock. I saw her pull his mouth to hers and watched her tongue enter his mouth in a deep French kiss. I was still mystified as to how this was happening but decided not to think about it and to just go with the flow.

Rob’s hands were busy unbuttoning her blouse as he explored her mouth with his tongue. She took my hand and pressed it against her pussy and pushed my finger in along with her own. I could hear her moaning and bent down to suck her now exposed breast teasing her nipple as I continued to finger her. Rob released her mouth and started sucking her other breast. At first I was uncomfortable with him being so close especially when our cheeks rubbed together as we each enjoyed her breasts, but was soon lost in the moment and never gave it another thought.

“I want to see both your cocks. Take off your pants.”

I reluctantly left her pussy and nipple to undue my pants. I slid them down and off of my legs leaving me only in my underwear. She slipped out of her blouse and removed her bra arching her ass off of the couch to remove her skirt. Rob stood up to take off his pants and removed them and his underwear in one quick movement freeing his now erect cock. I couldn’t help but to stare at his penis. It was larger than mine and appeared to be at least eight inches. The head was engorged and almost a purple color and I could see the veins running down his shaft. I had seen a lot of cocks in my day from being in the school locker room as a teenager and now at the gym but never this close or this erect. I had to admit it was quite a specimen.

“Aren’t you going to take off your underwear?” she said reaching for Rob’s cock, which she eagerly put in her mouth.

As she began to suck him I could feel myself getting harder and watched in fascination. I had never been in a situation where I watched a woman suck another guy’s cock. As she was busy sucking his swollen member deep in her mouth, I stood and took my underwear off. I could not take my eyes off Rob’s cock as it went in and out of her mouth. I must have been in a trance because before I knew it she had pulled me over to her and was trying to put both our cocks in her mouth at the same time. My naked body was touching Rob’s and much to my surprise I never felt at all self-conscious. As she licked and sucked us both Rob moved his hand behind me to make it easier for her to take us both between her lips. I moved over felt his hand on my back and felt my cock pressed against his. Maybe it was the excitement of the moment or just a sub-conscious desire I never knew existed, but I kind of liked the feel of him against me.

“I need one of you in my pussy,” she moaned into our cocks, “but first somebody please eat me.”

Rob patted me on the ass and said, “You go first.”

I pulled my cock from her mouth feeling it rub along Rob’s length and knelt between her legs. Her pussy was dripping wet and I eagerly began to eat her. What a sensation to be eating her pussy while she was sucking Rob. I spread her legs and began to run my tongue up her pussy lips letting it dip inside of her. I have always loved the taste of her and was quickly lapping her juices and teasing her clit with my tongue. I could hear her moaning as she continued to slurp on Rob’s cock.

“Fuck me!”

I worked my way up her body with my mouth and pushed my cock into her wet pussy. As I did so I was face to face with her mouth and Rob’s cock which she continued to suck with earnest. I had never been so close to another man’s penis and I could smell it, finding this new sensation adding to my already heightened arousal. As I started to pump into her she grabbed my hair and pulled me to her mouth. Her lips were still around Rob’s cock as she tried to push them against mine. Without even thinking my lips were touching his cock as it slid in and out of her mouth. I felt the hardness, the veins under the skin and let my tongue trail along it. She pulled back releasing Rob’s cock from her mouth and he slid it into mine.

The taste and feel was incredible and before I knew it I was sucking him with a desire from deep inside of me. I tried to match my thrusts in her pussy with his thrusts in my mouth. I could not believe I was doing this. I had never even had the thought of sucking another man before but found I was enjoying it very much. It was far more pleasurable than I had ever imagined. His cock was so hard and yet so soft in my mouth. I let my lips slide down his shaft caressing the large vein on the underside with my tongue and then pulled back slowly letting it slip out of my mouth until my lips locked around his head. I twirled my tongue around the head feeling his opening and then back down again.

“Oh God, watching you suck him is driving me absolutely wild. I have dreamed about this moment for years. Suck him! Fuck me! I want you to cum inside of me while Rob cums in your mouth.”

Her words pushed me over the edge and I could feel my balls begin to contract pushing my cum to the surface. I began to suck Rob long and hard wanting nothing more than to taste his cum in my mouth. I could feel his cock pulsating in my mouth as her pussy clenched down on my cock.

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