tagBDSMA Night of New

A Night of New


The girl never took such a risk, he somehow convinced her that nothing would happen without her complete consent. She knew her mother would never approve of what she was about to do, so she told her that she was going camping with her best friend for a few days.

The girl just finished curling the last piece of her chestnut hair as she let the curl bounce right against her shoulder. She stared back at herself, her eyeshadow was a light dust of a nude pink, a painted cats eye made her look slightly more mature, and her glossed lips completed the look. As she slipped on the small tight fitting mauve crop top, black skater skirt, and black strapped pumps with little bows on the back, she glanced up at the clock. Each minute, the clock made its infamous tick, and she grew more nervous. She was ready, grabbing her bags she made her way through the house and out to her little light blue car.

The music blaring through the speakers slightly helped her calm her nerves. She was about 10 minutes away from their meeting place when she realized she forgot to send a message that she had left. She shut off the music and took a deep breath, of course she already earned herself a punishment, she knew she just wasn't good at this sort of thing.

When she pulled into the parking lot and saw the brightly lit sign with the words 'Twisted Ivory' illuminating the entrance door, she knew she was at the right spot. Quickly, she picked up her phone and sent a message to the man she looked forward to meeting that night.

'Sir, I just arrived. I completely forgot to tell you that I had left, forgive me?'

She pressed send and awaited further instruction.

'I see, I've been waiting. I'll be there to collect you from the lobby in five minutes. Do not be rude or I will actually have to punish you tonight.'

The short girl stepped out of her car and smoothed out her dress. Collecting her small wallet and keys, she headed through the dark parking lot to the front entrance. As she approached a man stepped up and blocked her way.

"Might I ask what you're doing here?" The man's voice came out raspy and gruff.

"I'm um meeting someone here tonight. He told me to meet him in the lobby of this place in- well now, actually." She glanced at the time on her phone.

The man squinted at her. The girl looked awfully young to be in a place like this. Her small curvy figure was enticing, and he had wished that maybe he'd get a chance at the little thing in front of him.

"You have I.D.?" The bouncer asked.

"I do." She reached into her small black floral wallet and pulled out her little plastic license.

Handing it over, she cringed. The picture was taken a few days after she fell asleep in the sun on her back deck. She looked as red as a lobster when she passed her driving test. He glanced down and saw an even younger looking girl, red as a beetroot. A smirk cracked on his face when he saw her 18th birthday had only been a month and a half ago.

"You are permitted, but still quite young. Someone is for sure in there waiting for you?" He asked concerned for this little cherries safety.

"Yes, Sir." She replied curtly.

The man stepped aside and opened the door for her. As she stepped through she was surprised to see a very elegant looking hallway.

He was waiting for her near a small closet entrance. The two locked eyes. His sparkling green eyes burned into her amber ones. She had a split second of flight in her veins, once again wondering to herself if this was such a good idea.

The man must have sensed it in her as he pushed off of the wall he was leaning against and began heading towards her. She stopped taking those small steps she was taking and stood in place with a lowered head. She thought maybe this would be less nerve wracking if she could hide her face.

As the man reached her he stopped right in front of her. A small low chuckle was released into the air for her ears only.

"Hello my little minx." The man said.

"Hello, Sir." The girl whispered as she looked up at him through her long lashes.

"Dec, this little thing is yours?" The familiar sound of the bouncers voice echoed from behind them.

"She is." The man beamed and took the girl under his arm.

"She is absolutely delectable." The bouncer replied as he checked the girl out once again head to toe.

The girl shied away slightly behind the man she knew slightly more than the other stranger before them. This only elicited small chuckles from both men.

"She is a bit shy, but believe me once this one is out of her shell she is more raw than I've ever seen from such a young girl." He turned and looked at the girl hiding by his side, "Let's go have some fun." He grabbed her small hand and led her toward the main action.

Declan led her through the crowd and towards the empty booth in the corner. The music was playing, not to loud, not loud enough to drown out the moans and mystery behind the closed doors down a nearby hall. Declan let her slide into the booth and he slid in after her.

"I'm not planning on ordering any heavy liquor. I haven't exactly decided what I'm going to do with you tonight and I don't want my mind clouded with alcohol, nor do I want that for you." He stated as he waved over a waitress.

The waitress hurried over and flirtatiously addressed Declan and his needs. The girl had a slight pang of something unfamiliar as she watched this other woman lean a little too close to the man she was with that night.

"Get me a regular beer in the bottle and a strawberry-rose spritzer." Declan said with a dismissive look.

"So, how are you?" He looked at her.

The girl smiled slightly and laughed a little nervously. She looked down at her lap as she watched her fingers twiddle over each other.

"I'm fine, thank you. How long were you waiting here?" The girl asked meekly.

"A half hour at most. I expected you had already been on your way but that doesn't mean you'll be getting away with not messaging me." Declan said sternly with a mischievous smile raising on his face.

The waitress appeared with their drinks and the pair sat talking about their lives like any normal couple. After a few sips from her fruity little drink the girl began loosening up. Declan watched as she became more comfortable with her surroundings when looking around and sneaking more peaks at the more interesting things in the club.

He followed her gaze to the stage far across the room and found that there was a bondage session going on. The girl on stage was tied up against a wooden pole. Her head was upside down and against the pole along with her shoulders, her hands and arms were stretched up forcing her to bend down against the pole even more and intricately bound to it. The man on stage continued and went onto binding her thighs and ankles together. In the end the girl on stage was bent over and bound to the pole, able to stare straight at her own pussy as the man started finger fucking her infront of the crowd.

When Declan's gaze fell back onto the girl in front of him he found that she was twiddling her thumbs again and getting squirmy, she was turned on and couldn't hide it. Declan decided with that, they were done with simply just sitting there and talking, he wanted to test her.

"Did you like that?" Declan asked as he placed his hand gently just below the seam of her skirt.

The girl jumped at the contact and lowered her gaze.

"Wha-What do you mean?" She whispered, knowing exactly what he was talking about.

"You know what I'm talking about Cora, don't be coy." He whispered in her ear as he ever so slightly began grazing his hand higher on her thigh.

Cora shifted slightly and squirmed a bit more as she became more turned on. She lifted her gaze and meet his dark green eyes.

"That position looked painful, but... she is obviously much too turned on to care. I like it a lot, Sir." Cora dropped her gaze again and stared at her lap once more. "The thought of being bound, helpless, and roughly finger fucked on stage in front of a crowd makes me really wet." She whispered.

"Good girl." Declan said as he leaned in and kissed her temple.

Declan's hand continued to travel up her thigh and lifted her skirt up until her black lace panties showed.

"Spread your thighs." He demanded.

Cora spread her legs slightly and placed her hands at her side, not knowing what to do with them anymore. Declan began rubbing her through her panties. Watching her face the entire time, Declan was surprised with the sudden emotion in her eyes as her gaze snapped up to lock with his. Her passion was emerging and he was there to witness it first hand. He was only lightly teasing her but she had already soaked the little lace piece with her arousal.

"Take off your panties and hand them to me." He said in a huskier voice.

Cora frowned and he watched her little lip quiver, knowing she had never done something like this before.

"Now, Cora." He stated, reminding her who was in charge.

Cora shifted slightly and gripped the sides of her panties. As she slowly slid them down her smooth tan legs, he began slowly running his hand up her side and towards her large breasts. When Cora got her panties off she discreetly handed them over to him and he chuckled as he watched a pink color flush her cheeks, he could smell her pussy now.

"That's my good little one. Now hush and just feel." Declan said as his hand slid back under her short little skirt.

Declan parted her lips and coated his finger in her juices. Two of his larger fingers began slowly making circles around her engorged clit. Cora bit her lip as she tried to contain herself. She didn't know what to do with her hands or where to look so she simply put her hands at her side and closed her eyes, letting the intense pleasure wash over her.

Normally, Declan would not allow his girl to close her eyes as he finger fucked her, but he knew she had never been in this kind of situation before. He let his hand travel down and slowly pushed two off his fingers into her tight pussy.

Cora gasped at the feeling, not used to any other fingers than her own. Her own fingers were short, slim, and elegant. Declan's fingers were manly, long, and large compared to hers. She couldn't help but feel the electricity build in her gut.

"Shh, we wouldn't want to draw attention to ourselves now would we?" Declan suggested.

At that, Cora threw her head back against the booth seat and sighed. Declan began to push his fingers in and out of her as his thumb paid attention to her clit. As Declan slowly began to pick up the pace he could tell she was starting to get close. Cora began ever so slightly rocking her hips back and forth, occasionally accidently letting out a squeak or two.

Cora felt like she couldn't breathe, like he was stealing all of her oxygen. She felt like she was on fire, like there was a heat building that couldn't be controlled. Cora had never felt like this before, never been pushed this far. Declan picked up the speed even more and she no longer could hold back.

Cora looked like a wanton slut lightly gasping for the air she couldn't get into her lungs, gyrating her hips against the seat. Just when Cora was about to fall over the edge, Declan felt her canal clench hard and he removed his fingers quickly. Cora cried out in disappointment, but before she could protest further Declan pushed his fingers between her pouty lips.

"Suck." He said simply.

Cora frowned but slowly began sucking her own juices off of his fingers. She began lightly licking and when Declan removed his fingers, she rolled the taste of herself around in her mouth realizing she hadn't disliked it as much as she originally thought she would. She tasted like a sweet musk, strawberry mixed with sex.

"Are you ready to receive your punishment yet, my little slut?" He asked taking one more swig of his drink.

Cora's eyes widened, realizing she still was not off the hook.

"Yes, Sir." She whispered, nerves slipping back into her voice.

Declan simply grasped her fragile like hand and slid out of the booth. They both stood and he led her slightly away from the action and crowd. When they reached a closet like coat room, he led her in. Nobody remained but a few hung coats. Declan decided this was where she would receive her first few experiences.

"Get on your knees, girl. Kneel for me like a proper slave, like I've taught you." Declan said sternly, drifting into his more dominant self.

Cora slowly and nervously dropped to her knees, but did not dare question him. Cora was more nervous that they were in a coat room that had no door, only a doorway. Anyone who would pass by would see what was happening, what if someone would come to get their coats?

Cora pushed the thoughts out of her mind forcing herself to trust him and focus. She spread her thighs as wide as she could and sat back on her heels, lowered her head, and placed her palms on her thighs.

"That's my good girl, but you forgot something. Can you fix it?" He asked, giving her time to possibly redeem herself.

Cora thought hard, going through a mental checklist of the proper position he had her practice a few times before.

'Spread wide. Check. Sit back on heels. Check. Lower head. Check. Palms on thighs. Check. Chest out. Oh!'

Cora pushed her chest out and Declan smiled as she meet his expectations without scolding.

"Good girl." He simply stated as he brushed her shoulders pulling her hair behind her.

Declan circled her and found that he was even more pleased by her body in person. Pictures did not do this beauty justice. Her plump ass sat back on her little feet, slightly peeking out under the seam of her skirt as it rose due to her position. Her curvaceous figure turned his dick hard itself, let alone the fact she had worked to get a toned stomach for him also. Her large breasts pushed out, inviting him to play with as her heart shaped face was tilted towards the ground in perfect submission. The best part was that she was completely his.

Declan came back to her front to face her. His dick was making a sizeable tent in his pants and he knew he couldn't hold back any longer. He bent down and grasped her chin, raising her gaze to meet his once more.

"You're going to suck me off right now. I know that is an odd punishment to you, but this will make up to me having to wait here an extra half hour because I had not known when you left or when to expect you." Declan explained. "I also am very aware that you are my little virgin and that you have been nervous about this moment due to your lack of experience but I expect it and I am going to guide you." He finished.

Declan let go of Cora and straightened himself back out.

"Undo my belt and pants, Cora." He started.

Cora slowly reached up and began unbuckling his black leather belt. She fumbled with the buttons on his pants as her hands shook slightly with nerves and anticipation. When she was done undoing his pants she slowly pulled them down his thighs. When she reached up and grasped the seams of his boxers she looked up into Declan's eyes for approval. Declan simply nodded and smiled at his girl moving on her own.

As his boxers slid down his legs, his dick sprung out and bobbed up and down in front of her. Declan watched as Cora unconsciously licked her lips a little as she stared at the huge member before her eyes.

"Start by licking me. Use your hand to play with my balls. Then..."

Declan was cut off as Cora lunged forward eagerly and started lapping at his sensitive skin like an overly excited puppy. Cora reached up and began gently fondling his balls as she slowly and lightly licked from the base to the tip. When she reached his head she licked around and found his sweet spot and paid more attention to it. She lapped and licked and suckled here and there. Cora pulled back slightly and wrapped her little lips around the head of his dick glancing back up into his eyes through her lashes once again discreetly asking if what she was doing was ok.

As Cora began sucking lightly on his dick, she swirled her tongue around and lapped at his dick hole, exploring what got him more excited. Declan groaned, wondering how no one ever snatched this little minx up before. Declan reached forward and grasped some of her hair, wanting to be able to pace her as he knew she would go too fast for what he had planned.

"Start bobbing your head up and down. Suck me and use your tongue to stimulate me even more."

Cora slowly started taking in more of his shaft and was forced to widen her jaw a bit more. Her tongue swirled around as much as possible and she began sucking lightly. As she came back up slowly she found she had more use of her tongue then. Declan let her slowly explore and find out what works for her. Once he found that she fell into her own rhythm of sucking and lapping, he began using her hair to set her pace.

He pulled and pushed her and she became more animated, sucking harder and slightly tugging on his balls more. Declan was basking in the glory of this young girls inexperienced hot mouth engulfing his dick. He watched as half of his dick disappeared in her mouth and came back out. Declan slowed her pace down and slowly pushed his dick back into her mouth, watching every inch slowly disappear. He groaned as she sucked harder than she had before when she got back to the tip of his dick.

Declan couldn't hold back anymore and began to make the pace faster than she had expected. Declan began fucking her face and she struggled to keep up somewhat. Quickly though, Cora matched up and added more stimulation to please him. Declan pushed further and watched as Cora fought her gag reflex, he reveled in the tears that formed in her eyes.

"Swallow, Cora." Declan demanded as he knew he would cum soon.

Cora prepared herself and sucked harder and harder hoping to get him to cum hard. All of a sudden he grunted out loud and slammed his dick into her mouth as far as she would take it, gaggin her. A hot stream of cum shot into her mouth and throat. Cora worked hard to swallow all of it.

Declan shot a large load, knowing he would because he was pent up from not cumming for a week and a half. He expected a bit to fall out of her mouth and he was right. Cora let a few drops slip out of her mouth and dribble down her chin. When Declan pulled out of her mouth he grabbed the base of his dick and held it back up to her lips.

"Clean me. Lick up and down like you had when you started and get all the cum off of me."

Cora licked and lapped gently and soon sat back on her heels once more, awaiting her next command. Declan put his dick back into his pants and allowed her to think a bit. When he reached over and scooped up the remaining cum on her chin, Cora jumped slightly. Cora thought she might be in trouble for letting some slip, but hoped he would be easy on her.

Declan placed his fingers in front of her lips and she opened and sucked. Cora sucked the cum off of Declan's fingers looking up into his passion filled eyes.

"You did well, my little one. I'm proud of you. You are as I expected, inexperienced but my eager little slut." Declan said, and with that he bent down and placed his first passionate kiss onto her lips.

Declan pulled back and watched as Cora was out stretched, her pouty lips begging for more.

"Are you horny, little minx?" Declan asked.

Cora nodded in response not trusting herself to speak.

"What should we do about that? Should I take you back out onto that stage and tie you up, then fuck you?" Declan suggested on an empty promise, knowing she was not ready for that.

Cora groaned in response, Declan knew she was on fire.

"Get on your back and spread your legs wide for me."

Cora quickly moved into position and once again slightly began fidgeting with the lack of knowing what to do with her hands.

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