tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Night of Strip Poker

A Night of Strip Poker


A few years back my husband Peter was stationed by his office in Manila, the capital of the Philippines. Like the ever loyal wife that I am (snicker) I accompanied him in his exile. At that time Peter and I were in our mid twenties and looked more to his assignment as an adventure than anything else.

While in Manila Peter befriended two Canadian expatriates who were about the same age as him, whose names were Martin and Robert. Pretty soon all three became close friends and simply inseparable. They would do everything together. They would take their lunches, go drinking, play golf, party and even go on vacations together.

As for me, I would often join them in their escapades and so got to know Martin and Robert and we became close friends as well. Martin and Robert were seeing these two Filipina beauties, Gina and Nicole. Both girls were in their early twenties but had this youthful glow about them that made them look just out of their teens. They were both fun loving and easy to get along with, and would always join their boyfriends whenever they were out with Peter and I. Needless to say, they too became my closest friends.

After spending a number of years abroad, Peter was finally recalled back by his office. He got promoted. Much as we were ecstatic to finally go home, we were a bit saddened having to tell our friends of our imminent departure.

As to be expected, our friends were greatly saddened by the news but were genuinely happy at Peter's promotion and congratulated him profusely. They offered to throw a party for Peter and myself, just the six of us, both as a "despedida" (going away party) and celebration for Peter's upcoming promotion.

On the day of the party, Peter and I dressed to the nines. Peter in a long sleeved shirt and slacks with sports coat and black dress shoes; while I was in a white one piece halter dress, white stiletto heels and matching jewelry. I did not bother wearing stockings because of the tropical heat, nor did I wear a bra since the dress I wore had built in cups for breast support. The only thing I wore under the dress was a white thong which prevented panty lines from appearing in the dress.

We met the guys in the lobby of one of the fancier hotels where we then proceeded to the top floor to have dinner at its fanciest restaurant, which offered a panoramic view of the city. Both Martin and Robert came similarly dressed like Peter in sports coats; while Gina and Nicole came almost similarly attired in long sleeved shirts, vests and skin tight pants which hugged and clearly highlighted their slim figures. The only difference in their attires was that Gina's pants were in black leather while Nicole wore stretch jeans. I found out later that they both were wearing boots, as well.

After a fantastic dinner we went barhopping. Drinking and having fun all throughout the night. As it was getting late and everyone seemed to be getting drunker, I invited everybody to continue celebrating in the house where we could all lay back and mellow out in each other's company. Everyone agreed and so we all headed for our house.

When we got home I directed everyone to make themselves comfortable in our living room while I got the wine. After everyone was given a glass everyone started talking to each other. For some reason, the topic of discussion went to strip poker which caused the exchange to get much more lively and animated, especially between the guys.

For reasons yet unknown to me, it was I who first suggested that we play. Yes, you can probably blame it on the copious amounts of alcohol I imbibed or probably a Freudian desire to see another naked man aside from my husband Pete, but it was I who set everything in motion and planted the seed leading to my own destruction.

Upon hearing my suggestion the guys paused but a moment but heartily agreed to play. At least from their expressions I know Martin and Robert were most enthusiastic at the prospect of getting to see naked female flesh, but Peter seemed to be a bit reserved, probably shocked that it was I who initiated the game and only went along with the idea so as not to disappoint his guests, like the good host he is.

As to be expected both Gina and Nicole were a bit hesitant to play. Being Filipinas they were a lot more modest about having to bare their bodies. It took quite a lot of persuading from Martin and Robert before they finally agreed to play along, albeit most reluctantly. Truth be told, I too joined in trying to convince the girls to play. Ironically, I believe one of my most convincing arguments was that they need not take off anything at all during the game, as someone else could be unluckier than them and get stripped naked naked before they do.

Once decided we would be playing strip poker some rules had to be set.

First, The game will continue even after one player gets nude and end after everyone is stripped naked. Both Gina and Nicole voted for the game stop as soon as one player is stripped naked, but they were outvoted. Second, Only the lowest hand in each game had to strip. Everyone agreed.

Third, First one stripped naked will lose all right to wear clothes for the rest of the party. Everyone else gets to put what they lost back on.As to be expected, Gina and Nicole, insisted that all clothing be returned after the game; while the guys Martin and Robert insisted otherwise claiming that this would be a good incentive for everyone to play well.

Peter abstained. As a host he didn't want any of his guests to feel uncomfortable in his home, by having them party on nude as a consequence of losing. But if the others decide that would be the rule, then he would abide by it.

For my part, rather than take the same road as my husband being the hostess of the affair, I openly sided with the guys and voted for total nudity for the loser for the rest of the party. I really must have a mean streak in me and must confess secretly looked forward to having one of our guests as the loser, especially either Gina and Nicole, who looked at me pensively as I cast the deciding vote.

After agreeing to the rules an inventory was made of each players clothing. It was decided that each player is allowed to remove seven articles of clothing before they get stripped.

The guys:

1.Sports Jacket 2.Shoes 3.Socks 4.Long sleeved shirt 5.Pants 6.Undershirt 7.Boxers or briefs

For the girls (i.e. Gina and Nicole):

1.Vest 2.Boots 3.Stocking or socks 4.Long sleeved shirt 5.Pants 6.Bra 7.Panties

My case was different. Since I was only in a one piece dress and had no stockings, nor a bra on, I was allowed to remove pieces of jewelry to make up for lack of clothing. Since jewelry were not considered items of clothing which had to be stripped off, at least for the others, they can still wear them for the rest of the party even if they do lose; unlike me who would be literally naked as the day she was born, in case of a loss.

In my case then, the stripping will be as follows: 1.Watch 2.Earrings 3.Necklace 4.Rings/wedding band 5.Shoes 6.Dress 7.Panties

After having taken care of the rules, we arranged ourselves around our glass topped coffee table ready to play. We girls were seated side by side on the sofa, with me in the middle; while Martin and Robert sat facing us on the side chairs found at either end of the sofa, while Peter took his position directly in front of us girls, on the ottoman.

Since there was six of us playing, it was agreed that though we would each be given five cards to start, only a maximum of three could be changed per hand. You could easily tell that all the guys were excited and raring to go, even Peter; while the other two girls were obviously nervous and you could say even scared. As for me, I was calm and cool as ice and surely exuded an aura of invincibility, never believing for a second that I could lose.

When the first round got under way, I was pleasantly surprised that I was immediately dealt a full house, making any change of cards unnecessary. I just sat there with a smug and superior look in my face as the other players scrambled to discard cards hoping to get a better combination. Stealing glances towards the two girls beside me I could not help but notice that they both had worried looks on their faces as they looked over their cards. Hmmp. Talk about poker faces, there sure was a lack of that here, at least as far as Gina and Nicole were concerned.

It goes without saying, that when everyone showed their cards, I had the highest hand of all six players. Martin had the lowest with only an Ace high.

To the hoots and catcalls of the other men, Martin quickly doffed his sports coat but paused a while, unsure of whether he should hand me the jacket or merely set it aside. After a quick discussion it was decided that the loser of a hand must hand over the lost article to the winner, who in turn may use the same in case he or she loses. It was also agreed, at the insistence of I think Gina, that while the lost item was in the possession of the winner, he or she may put it on. That was the only concession any of the girls got that night.

As a result of the new rule, I stood up and ceremoniously donned Martin's jacket which I am sure made me look comical due to our disparity in size. Martin was a hulking 6 footer while I was a slender woman with a svelte figure ( I stand around 5'6"). Despite the feeling that I was wearing a tent on my shoulders I gamely modeled my new fashion outfit for the others before sitting down for the next round.

The second round did not start of well for me as I was immediately dealt garbage. Fortunately, I was able to draw a pair of Jacks after changing the maximum number of three cards. Although not high at all, I was nevertheless satisfied with my hand, thinking that it would surely not be the lowest for the round. I surreptitiously looked over at the other players and noticed that Nicole had a somewhat panicked look on her face. This reinforced my confidence which led me in all bravado to call for everyone to lay their cards down.

And they did.

Unfortunately, all the other players had higher cards than me with Nicole winning the hand with a trio of fours. Gina had a pair of kings. I gave Gina Martin's jacket happy at least to finally get its weight of my shoulders. As she was even slimmer than me, Gina didn't bother to put the jacket on but instead draped it over the back of the sofa.

Feeling a bit piqued at having lost the second round, I ferociously attacked my cards just as soon as they were dealt. Alas, to my ever increasing horror that second round was the start of my worst losing streak ever, that I lost five hands in a row. Piece by piece I had to remove all my jewelry and hand them over to the other players. I think my watch ended up with Robert, my earrings and necklace with Peter and my rings with Nicole. Nicole had a mischievous look on her face as she put my rings and wedding band on her fingers and began modeling them for the others to admire.

I had a queasy feeling in my stomach seeing my wedding band in another woman's hand, but was quickly made to snap out of it when told I had lost again. Left with no other choice, I slowly removed both my shoes and timidly handed them over to Martin, who had finally won a round.

Play halted when a short powder room break was requested by the girls. As we made our way to the bathrooms to freshen up, I could not help but notice the sharp contrast the clip clopping of their boots made on the hardwood floor as compared to the slip slapping of my bare feet. It really made me feel already naked somewhat.

Back from the break, I immediately took stock of my situation. I was just two steps away from total nudity, while all the other players were still fully clothed. Some even more dressed than when they started. Remember Nicole and my rings?

Anyway, fortunately for me, my losing streak finally ended and it was Gina who lost to Martin. She simply handed over the jacket back to Martin who, in turn, immediately put it back on, no doubt feeling quite happy being fully dressed once more.

I didn't lose any of the next few hands, but my clothing sure made the rounds of the other players. Eventually all my jewelry ended up with either Gina or Nicole, both of whom took great pleasure in wearing them in front of me. In addition to my rings, Nicole got my necklace which she even had the cheek to ask me to put on her. Gina on the other hand ended up with my watch, which she immediately put on her wrist even if she was already wearing a watch herself (lucky for her she had on a long sleeved shirt which hid the fact she had two watches on her arm, otherwise she would have looked like those soldiers out looking for booty in those old war documentaries). She also won my earrings which she too put on, but that was ok since she wasn't wearing any in the first place.

My shoes made the rounds too, but none of the guys seemed to want to put them on.

After a few rounds had passed, I received a potential straight flush in eight to four diamonds, except that I was missing the seven and instead had another five as my fifth card. So I had a low pair of fives. Stupidly, I went for broke and discarded the five and ended up with a two of clubs, leaving me only with an eight high hand. Peter won that round with only a pair of threes.

(Lesson to all, never ever take chances in strip poker. Its really not worth throwing away an admittedly low hand for a chance to get a higher one. Chances are you will never get it and wind up with nothing. To paraphrase a line I recall from the Mel Gibson film "The Patriot". . . Aim small, lose small.)

I had lost. I couldn't help blaming myself for that faux pas, especially considering that I now had to take off my dress as a consequence. (n.b. Of course, technically, I could have removed my thong instead of my dress but to tell you the truth, my mind was in a flux and I could not really think straight at that time.)

The room took on a deathly silence as the other players waited in anticipation of my impending disrobement. Like a zombie, I stood up to peel my clinging dress from my body, shyly avoiding every ones eyes which I felt were concentrated on me. As my hands hesitated at the hem of my dress both Gina and Nicole both stood up on either side and mercifully pulled off my dress for me

They did it very slow and sensuously though, allowing my audience to feast upon and savor each and every body part of mine revealed to them.

First my shapely calves . . . then my luscious thighs. . . then moving up to my rounded hips which was only encased by my wispy thong. . .then my flat abdomen with my cute belly button in the center. . . then pausing before they uncovered my heaving breasts with my now rock hard nipples poking out. . . and finally whisking the dress off my arms overhead to reveal my flushed and embarrassed face. . . before they, in all pomp and ceremony, handed over my dress to Peter.

I must have stood there a minute all topless and clad only in a thong, while my fully clothed guests sat mesmerized and openly ogling my all but naked state. In due time, I was able to break out of my trance and took my seat between Gina and Nicole, who seemed to be seated much closer to me now, actually hemming me in on both sides. I could actually feel the material of their clothing brushing against my naked skin, which made me feel even more naked and exposed. Well, I was only in a thong and they were in long sleeved shirts and pants weren't they.

Instead of resuming the game, Peter asked if anyone wanted fresh drinks, saying that things seemed to be getting a bit too intense. Upon getting what everybody wanted Peter surprised me by having me prepare the drinks and serve it to our guests, in my present state.

Well, being the obedient wife that I am, I stood up and padded towards the bar located across the room, fully aware and thrilled that every one's eyes were concentrated at my undulating thong encased ass, as I sashayed away from them.

When I got to the bar I immediately downed a stiff drink to stable my nerves. I then proceeded to prepare what the others had ordered. Just as I was done I was joined by Gina and Nicole who told me they would help me carry the drinks back. As we stood beside each other finishing preparing the drinks, I caught our reflection in the bar's mirror. I could not help but notice how inappropriate my state of dress was compared to the other two girls, and how aroused I was getting.

When all the drinks were finally prepared, we each took two glasses in hand and headed back to the boys. It suddenly dawned on me as I was walking back that my naked breasts were now fully exposed to the guy's viewing pleasure, being unable to cover up at all with drinks in both my hands. Well, seeing as it could not be avoided, I just grinned and bared it so to speak. With a little smile on my face, I held my head high and sauntered back to my place and handed Peter his drink, unmindful of all the appreciative attention I was getting from the guys.

Once we were settled with fresh drinks, we resumed playing.

I don't know whether I am really a bad poker player or it was just bad karma for my smug and cocky attitude earlier, but I immediately lost the next hand to Gina despite having two pairs. As it turned out, Gina had a full house ten and everyone else had a higher two pair and more. To add insult to injury, both Nicole and I had identical two pairs, Queens and fours, except that she had a higher kicker card than me. Hers was an ace while mine was a three. As the realization of my loss started to seep in I noticed Gina sitting close beside me with this Cheshire cat grin on her face with her upturned palm raised. I guess she wanted my thong now.

I don't know how I got the courage, but having been made to spend the better part of the night in various stages of undress, made my taking my thong off simply routine. I simply stood up and peeled my thong down and off, revealing for the first time the whole of my ass and my shaven crotch.

After I handed Gina my thong, which she proceeded to wind along her wrist, I made a little pirouette to enable everyone to get a full view of all my naked glory. To be honest, it felt surreal finding myself completely and utterly nude in a room full of clothed people, all of whom are my closest and dearest friends. In fact, I think the situation was made even more embarrassing by the fact that I was the only one who did all the stripping and that nobody else got close to being stripped at all. Well, Martin did lose his jacket early on but he had since recovered it.

There was a telling silence in the air as I sat down. Probably thinking that I was upset at having lost so badly, both Gina and Nicole hugged me tightly against them and tried to commiserate with my misfortune. The feel of their clothing against my bare skin greatly highlighted my feeling of nakedness which made me feel even more embarrassed, but aroused as well.

Despite my having lost everything already, the game was supposed to continue until everyone else got naked as well. However, before game could resume, Gina suggested in a most sympathetic voice while holding me tight and combing my hair with her fingers, that perhaps we should take a break first to allow my luck to change after. Although I was against the idea, everyone else took it up and a half hour break was called. I know I should have made my objections known more forcefully, Well being the only one butt naked while everyone else was fully dressed has a way of taking all the fight out of me and made me feel inferior and subservient to them. I just silently went along.

As the break started I was told by my lord and master to prepare a little snack for all of us. Gina and Nicole were told by their boyfriends to go help out, which they promised to do after they freshen up. With that, all three of us girls left the living room to the boys, with me going to the kitchen while the two other girls headed for the bathroom.

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