A Night Of Toilet Service And More


As soon as my Mistress said "Go!" my mouth and ass were immediately filled with two hard cocks. It was obvious that both the Doms and the subs wanted to win this race by the fury they both showed. After spending all evening as the "toilet" for the guests I was still exhausted, but the prize at stake of being able to finally insert my cock into the pussy of my Mistress rejuvenated me to win this thing. I immediately began sucking the first sub like a $1000 whore. I was using my tongue and lips to stimulate his cock as he pushed in and out. The dom in my ass must have been at least 7" and thick as I felt him push in deep. The thought that this was the smallest made me quiver. Before this night my bi-sexual experience had been limited to a couple of blow jobs. My Mistress regularly used me with a strap-on, but nothing like this. Mistress Jenn was grabbing my hair hard and pulling back my head as I sucked. Mistress Sarah was beating both cheeks of my ass with her crop as I was fucked. It only took a few minutes before the cock in my mouth exploded.

That sub was immediately replaced by the second sub. This sub was wearing crotchless panties and he had a pierced cock head and pierced nipples. The thought that this could be me soon spurred me forward. Just as the second sub began using my mouth, the Dom in my ass shot his load. For the first time I felt hot cum in my ass. In a matter of a few moments my ass was filled with the next cock. This Dom was a large man wearing leather from head to toe. His cock was larger than any strap-on I had ever had and his savage fucking of my ass had me immediately moaning into the cock I was sucking. The sub in front of me had his hands cuffed behind his back as required by the rules. This made it even tougher for him to surge in and out. With Mistress Jenn tugging at my hair, I was not able to work as fast as I wanted to. However within a few more minutes sub number two exploded and the subs took the lead. I already felt sub number three leaking pre-cum on my tongue as the second Dom shot his cum inside me.

The third sub was trying to give his side a big lead and getting close to cumming when Mistress Jenn twisted his nipples and caused him to scream in pain. When that happened he pulled out of my mouth for just a moment. This caused him to come off the edge and slowed down his orgasm by about a minute. By that time Dom number 3, a tall black man was fucking my ass with a purpose. My Mistress whispered in my ear that he was almost 10" and the three biggest cocks were still to go. Shortly after that they came at almost the same time. Halfway there and the race could go either way.

The next two subs and the next two Doms kept the race nearly even. As the cocks became gradually bigger, the strain on my mouth and ass increased. Cock number 5 in my ass was just over 11" long. It caused me to lose concentration on the sub I was sucking for a short time as my ass adjusted to this huge invader. Before long the 4th and 5th sub and Dom had filled me with their cum. I swallowed each load from the sub as quickly as possible to ready for the next cock in my mouth. As each Dom pulled out I felt Mistress Sarah push her fingers into my opening to keep the cum inside me.

By the time sub number six and Dom number 6 were moving into place, the crowd was really getting excited. Sub number 6 was a short man with a long cock. His cock had been pierced many times. He had what I later learned was a "frenum ladder." It was a row of piercings that ran from the base of his cock to just below the head. The effect as he fucked my mouth was bizarre. As he went in the barbells ran over my teeth and along my tongue. This was repeated each time he pulled back out. They made it harder to create suction on the cock and get him to cum. The Dom in my ass had a massive cock. To freak me out my Mistress had him stand briefly in front of me with his semi hard cock hanging down before he moved behind me. It was already easily 10" and it wasn't erect. "I bet you can't wait to feel this one slut," she said. As the last Dom pushed into my ass I yelled in agony. I felt my ass stretch wider than ever before and just when I thought he was in all the way it would slide in further. Within moments he was pumping fast in my ass. The subs were so close to a win that I concentrated on licking and sucking the head of the cock. Finally, I felt the sub's cock tense as he blasted a week's worth of cum in my mouth and down my throat. Just a few seconds later the Dom in my ass exploded. It was over. The crowd cheered.

My Mistress again took center stage right after she told Mistress Sarah to slide a large plug in my ass to keep the cum in there. "What a great race! Give a big round of applause for all the contestants and a special round of applause for my "slut cum catcher." The crowd hollered with approval. I could see the big smiles on the subs that had cum in my mouth. Mistress continued, "I would like to congratulate the winners...the Doms!" The smiles from the subs were suddenly gone and I was stunned. "You see the rules of this contest were simple. ALL the subs on the sub team had to cum before the Doms. And my little slut may have swallowed lots of cum, and taken 6 loads up his ass, but he didn't cum himself. So the Doms finished first and are the winners." I started to protest but my Mistress simply gave me that familiar look that told me that this was not an argument I would win.

Mistress smiled at me and told Nicole to bring in her piercing equipment. It was time for me to pay the price for finishing second.

The subs had lost and I was about to get a series of piercings as a consequence. My Mistress positioned me on a reclining chair as Nicole went to the car to get her piercing equipment. While she was setting up, Mistress had another sub remove the plug from my ass and allow the accumulated cum from the six Doms to ooze out into a plastic cup. I heard Mistress chatting with Nicole as she looked over the various stainless steel rings and barbells she had with her. During that conversation I heard Nicole point out that these were the rings she had shown her in the shop last week. When I heard that I suddenly realized that this conclusion to my night was likely no accident. Mistress had planned this contest well in advance and it was probably no coincidence that Mistress Jenn brought her sub Nicole with her tonight. Mistress expected the subs to lose....correct that...she knew the subs would lose and I would be getting pierced.

Once things were all set up, Mistress told Nicole to start with my nipples. My Mistress put an arm softly around my neck as I felt Nicole clean my chest and rub a cleaning solution all around the nipples. She then pulled out a long sterilized needle out of her kit and some forceps. She pinched the left nipple to lift it up and then quickly slid the needle through. It took a second for the pain to register then I just let out a scream. My Mistress whispered in my ear: "Come on, breathe for me. This is just the first one. You need to relax." I closed my eyes for about a minute. When I finally opened them I saw that Nicole that slipped a ring through the hole and was closing it off so it was one continuous loop. I was no longer a piercing virgin. That same process was then repeated to the right nipple. That one actually hurt more since I was now anticipating the pain so I could no longer fool myself that I could take it. In a matter of minutes she had completed the ring in my right nipple. My Mistress commented, "Very nice!" Then she giggled as she gave both rings a slight tug causing me to cry out in pain. "Oh, I'm so sorry. Still a little tender huh?"

As Mistress repositioned me in a reclined position in the chair, she re-attached the spreader bar to my ankle cuffs. This caused my legs to be spread out wide and left my erect cock and balls unprotected. "What a slut!" My Mistress said. "He is still hard even after what happened." Mistress had a couple of guests lift the spreader bar up several feet as Nicole began cleaning my cock and balls with the solution. The next piercing was at the back of my scrotum where it connected between the legs. Nicole took another sterilized needle and pushed it through and followed with a larger ring than was placed in my nipples. The fourth piercing was near the front part of the scrotum at the point that hung down the lowest. Again a long needle followed by a stainless steel ring was inserted. My Mistress explained that ring would be perfect to hang weights from my balls and watch as they are stretched. As I finally felt the pain go from serious to only throbbing Mistress said, "One more to go my slut and you know where that one will be. It will be in MY cock. But since this piercing is going to help me make your orgasms much less frequent from this night on, I think you have earned "one for the road.""

For the first time in a long time my Mistress kneeled down and slipped my erect cock in her mouth. She sucked it slowly looking up at me as she did. She massaged my thighs as she worked it in and out of her warm mouth. After about 5 minutes of this "torment" she asked, "Are you ready to cum, slut?"

"Yes Mistress."

She commented, "Come on slut, you can do better than that!"

I said, "Please Mistress, please let your pathetic sub slut toilet cum!"

"That's better," she said. She then began jerking my cock hard and ordered me to "Cum NOW slut!" With those words I closed my eyes, tilted my head backwards, arched my back and my cock exploded cum. Only after I had finished and had caught my breath I noticed that my Mistress had aimed my cum into the plastic cup used to collect all the cum from my ass. She walked up to my head and simply said "Open wide," and she poured the now half full cup of cum down my throat. She followed that with a warm kiss. "Time for the big finale, slut. I want you to watch this one."

She tilted my head up so I could see Nicole again clean my cock head. Nicole grabbed a special needle that was inside a tube which was inserted into the urethra and then she pierced downward through the shaft. I gritted my teeth and tried to breathe rapidly to avoid screaming out in pain. Nicole immediately inserted another steel ring which was looped and closed off to make a solid circle at the end of my cock. Nicole said, "Ma'am the cock piercing should be healed enough in about 2 weeks to attach the chastity device you ordered. Bring him down to my shop when it arrives and I will check the piercing and help you get everything locked in place."

My Mistress looked at me and said, "Don't worry slut. If you do a good job I am sure I will unlock it every now and then. Now thank Nicole for piercing you."

"Thank you Ms. Nicole, for piercing me."

My Mistress responded, "Well slut, you need to do much better than that. You have a "play date" with Nicole and Mistress Jenn next month to show them your gratitude. By then your piercings should be healed enough for a little torture. And I am sure they are very experienced in taking advantage of your piercings for their pleasure, and your pain."

As Nicole packed up her equipment I said, "Mistress, may I ask you a question about tonight?" She nodded. "In the contest I was very close to cumming a bunch of times while the Doms were fucking my ass. If I had cum, would the subs have won?"

She laughed, "No slut, I'm afraid not. Remember Mistress Sarah? That was her sub that you were sucking off last. He has incredible orgasm control. Not only can he hold back from cumming, he can cum on command. Mistress Sarah was not only positioned on your back to crop your butt, but also to repeatedly check if you had cum. If you did, she would simply have signaled her sub not to cum until after the last Dom finished. When she confirmed that you had not cum and she saw the last Dom was getting close to cumming in your ass, she simply gave a signal to her sub and he shot his load down your throat."

My Mistress continued, "You see I knew you had been interested in getting pierced for more than a year. But I didn't want to just drag you down to the piercing shop and make you get it done. I wanted to make the whole experience unforgettable for both of us." She smiled at me and I could not help smiling back. For my Mistress to go to this level of preparation for me, made it crystal clear that we had formed the relationship that I had only once dreamed of.

"I love you Mistress."

"I love you too." She kissed me tenderly on the lips and held me close as the last of the guests wandered out.

The End

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