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A Night Out


It was a cool winter's evening, about 2 weeks before Christmas. Sir and I had decided to go out to a production in Lancaster, PA, where they held the Ren Faire in the summer time. The same place was doing a production of Christmas stories, written by Charles Dickens. And we had planned to go to dinner beforehand, at the pub that was open on the faire grounds. I remember wanting to dress nicely, even though I knew I would probably freeze my ass off. But I still went out in a short, chocolate brown sweater dress, that had a low cut neckline, and the sleeves flared out just a bit. I wore matching colored booties, and tights as well. I have my hair straightened, but pulled back in a pony-tail, and my lips have a red gloss to them--Sir likes red lipstick on me.

When I went to pick-up Sir, He was dressed in His typical cargo pants, but with a button down shirt on top. He looked commanding in His woolen trench coat, like He belonged on an expedition to some northern land. His build is not quite muscular, and while He is a bit robust, it is a very healthy looking robustness, something that does not diminish how commanding He looks as I pick Him up for our night out.

It is after dinner, and we have quite some time to spare. I had made our reservations early, to be on the safe side. Sir has put away His leftover dessert in the car--a chocolate slice of cake that I am jealous I cannot have--and there is a look in His clear blue eyes. It's the evil little glint I often see when He has something up His sleeve, and I can feel a shiver run down my spine that has nothing to do with the cold. He suggests a walk in the deserted park, with a small quirk at the corner of His lips. I am nervous about walking in the park, scared we might get caught. I lag a little behind, my eyes glancing every which way. But at the same time, I cannot help but admire how the park looks in the almost full moon. It feels eerie, and very much like some sort of scene from 'The Corpse Bride., the moon distorting shadows in a way that would have Tim Burton trying to come up with his next movie. As we walk, Sir looks back at me, and holds out His hand, pulling me towards Him. He pulls me off to a little porch area that is in front of one of the little buildings, and pushes me up against the small wall that reaches up to my mid-back. He leans down, pushing into my body and kisses me. We kiss under the moonlight, the cold of the night becoming slightly faded in the heat of the moment. It feels like something out of an erotic romance novel. He kisses me hard, and runs His hand up my leg, His fingers trying to find the edge of my tights under my sweater dress. A finger and a slight rush of cold air hit my sensitive skin. Sir starts to play with my clit. I hold back the urge to moan aloud, for fear there might be someone nearby.

Sir stops playing with me, and pulls His hand out of my tights. No words need to be spoken, as He takes my hand and leads me around to the side of the building, where the shadows are very dark. We practically disappear in the darkness that envelopes us like a blanket. There are picnic tables stacked up that I had not noticed before. Sir pushes me against the wall in the darkness. I barely know what to do with myself. I want to touch Him, but I hear Him growl, and usually, when Sir growls, He likes me to be restrained. He bites my neck a bit, growling into my ear, sending my body into shivers, as I can feel my pussy get wet. His hand goes again for my tights, and fingers me again, smearing the moisture from my cunt all over my lips. He undoes the zipper of His pants and growls for me to get on my knees. There is still nervousness and terror inside of me, but it's such a thrill. I know better than to disobey my Sir. I kneel in the dirt, my stockings getting stained, as I bring my mouth to His cock. I suck on Him, my tongue wrapping around my Sir's cock, trying to please Him. My tongue runs up and down His length, before I take His entire length into my mouth, holding Him there. After a few seconds, I suck hard, creating a sort of vacuum effect in my mouth, like I am trying to pull Sir further into my mouth. I let my mouth run up and down His cock, making it glisten even without any light. I hear Him growl at me, telling me how badly He wants to fuck me, bend me over one of the tables and just take me.

And Sir does just that. He orders me up off my knees, and tells me to push down my tights. I push my tights to my knees, along with my red lace panties that I wore underneath to entice Sir. I suck Sir's cock once more, before He places my hands on one of the tables and spreads my legs as far apart as they will go. He pushes Himself into me, and starts to fuck me. Slow, steady strokes as He saws in and out of my wet, warm cunt. It's probably the only warm thing nearby right now. Even the night air does little to cool the heat I feel in my pussy as Sir pounds into me. I feel His cock fill me, and His balls slap against my cunt lips as He picks up His rhythm. The night air doesn't seem to bother me at this point, as Sir fucks me in the shadows of the moonlight. Sir fucks me until He cums, not letting me cum at that moment--I have been ordered that I am never allowed to cum until He lets me. Sir cums, pulling out of me right before He does, and rather than get me dirty, His cum splashes down onto the ground. After Sir cums, He starts to play with my clit and my pussy, making my body convulse. I was already close to cumming when Sir came, but I didn't, and I want to badly. My body shakes uncontrollably. Sir growls in my ear if I am going to cum. I tell Him I am close, and I begin to beg Him to let me cum. My pussy is drenched, I can feel the juices run down my thighs, even as I try in vain to prevent myself from cumming hard. Sir lets me cum. I cum, my pussy soaking wet, keeping my moan as quiet as possible, the fear of discovery still in the back of my mind.

We adjust ourselves, and head back up the moonlit path to go see our show.

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