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Hotel with a View


Author's Preamble: This story has a strong girl-on-girl theme with a first-time aspect, but it's primarily about unintended voyeurism. Happy reading!


Corinne let out a sigh as she pulled her bag into the hotel room. It hadn't been a particularly long travel day, but for some reason the people, the noise, the crowding, had been unusually bothersome to her. She kicked off her heels as she walked and shed her business jacket. Abandoning the bag at the halfway point, she flopped onto the bed and luxuriated in the coolness of the bedspread.

For several minutes she lay there with her eyes closed, and may have even catnapped. She wasn't sure, but when she opened her eyes again she had built back some of her energy reserve. Lying in the quiet of the room, her fingers moved into her hips, began to touch. No husband, no kids ... maybe she'd have a quiet evening in the hotel room enjoying herself. She smiled slyly.

Not quite yet, though. She had things to do. She rose from the bed, rosy with her plans, and retrieved the bag from where it stoically waited. She would be here all week in business meetings, so it required unpacking and hanging everything up. No living out of a suitcase this week.

The first thing she did, though, was to find her lounging shorts and t-shirt. She set aside her jewelry, then pulled off her skirt and blouse. The bra was next, leaving her only in panties. Glancing in the room's full-length mirror, she stopped for a moment and inspected herself. While she could certainly nitpick, she liked what she saw. She worked hard at keeping in shape, and a woman of 37 with two kids rarely had such a flat stomach and toned legs. She playfully danced for a moment with her reflection, elated that she would have a quiet week to herself.

She donned the t-shirt and shorts, remaining barefoot and braless. After the cacophony of the day, it was going to be a room service night.

She hung up her various business outfits, put her underwear and other small items in the drawer, and found places for her shoes, her business papers, and other sundries. Her work for the night done, she walked over to the window and opened the curtains to survey her temporary empire.

It wasn't a fancy high-rise hotel, but rather was a nondescript chain hotel in a nondescript suburb. She didn't expect much from the view, and she was right. To her left, she was looking over the hotel parking lot. Beyond the parking area was a vacant field that would undoubtedly someday hold an Applebee's or a Verizon store.

To her right was, at an oblique angle, a large wall of windows. The hotel was an L shape, and her room was on the inside of the L, close to the central elevator. She could see the windows of the other wing, and nearly all were dark on a Sunday evening. It was going to be a quiet week in the suburbs.

Movement caught her eye. Glancing down, she saw a light below and on the right. She was on the fourth floor, so the rooms on the other wing's third floor were somewhat exposed to her. Most were dark, but the closest room to hers, one floor down and only 30 feet or so away, was lit and the curtains were open. The angle was such that she could see much of the room, and a woman was inside.

Like herself, the woman was near the window, but she was facing into the room. She was built somewhat like Corinne, but a brunette version, perhaps a little taller and more lean. She had a sleek mane of long hair and nice curves, with narrower hips and probably more of a C cup figure compared to Corinne's full D's.

Also like Corinne, the woman appeared to be ready to relax for the night. She was unbuttoning a nice blouse that was tucked into a very tight and flattering pencil skirt. Propriety said that Corinne should look away, but since she was at the woman's back, she gave in to temptation and watched. The woman shrugged the blouse from her shoulders, and revealed a gorgeous royal blue bra, lacy and expensive. It looked more like lingerie than a support garment.

A separate movement now caught Corinne's eye. There was someone else in the room, further inside. A man was moving into view now. He was older, probably in his forties, whereas the woman looked to be in her early thirties. He too was admiring the woman's bra.

She slid off her skirt with a shimmy of the hips to reveal matching royal blue panties, very small and very fancy. It suddenly occurred to Corinne that this woman wasn't just changing clothes, but rather was removing them. Her eyes widened. She stepped back just a bit in case the man looked up.

The woman did a pirouette for the man, and unknowingly for Corinne as well. She was a stunner, beautiful bone structure and facial features with a perfect body. The man must have money to have a wife like that, 15 years younger and gorgeous. He was good looking himself, but not in her league at all. He began removing his clothes as well.

Corinne's breath caught as she realized what was about to happen. Glancing over, she could see the couple's bed easily.

She internally argued. She should leave them to their peace, step back inside and mind her own business. But she was minding her own business, right? She was just looking out her window. There was nothing wrong with a woman looking out her window. And she had never seen two live people having sex before.

The man was now completely naked, and he was ready for sex. Corinne could easily see his erect penis pointing at the woman. The woman, still clad in her lingerie underwear, approached him and they had a long kiss. His hands initially wrapped around her lower back, then moved down to her ass. She diplomatically pulled them back up, making Corinne giggle.

Then the woman separated slightly, putting a finger to the man's chest. Pushing him backward with a finger's worth of force, she guided him to the bed and had him sit down. Kneeling down between his legs, she smiled seductively at him, then lowered her head.

Corinne gasped. She had never seen live sex, and certainly had never seen live oral sex. The beautiful brunette slowly took the man's cock head into her mouth, and his eyes rolled back. She took more of him into her mouth, then backed off and began kissing it, licking it, pushing his knees apart to lean in even further.

He was loving it, and so was Corinne. She could feel her nipples hardening, and looked down to see them clearly poking through her thin t-shirt.

For several minutes the woman worked orally, then broke off. Standing up, still wedged between the man's knees, she unsnapped the royal blue bra and slid it off. Her breasts were magnificent, and clearly didn't need the support of a bra. They stood proud on her chest, topped with dark pink areolas that were large and succulent and perfectly tilted upward. Even at her distance, Corinne could see the woman's long, erect nipples, and the man was enraptured with them. He immediately brought his hands up, then his mouth, to pinch them and play with them and suck on them, and the woman stopped her activities momentarily to allow him to play. Corinne was mesmerized by the interplay between his active play and her stoic stance, as she allowed him unfettered access to her treasures.

He seemed quite content to play with them forever, so eventually she gently forced him off. She bent over and removed her panties, and her ass was perfect. Slim yet curvy, perfect symmetric globes that were simultaneously soft looking and firm, they held up well to the man's groping. Corinne desperately hoped that the woman would turn just a bit so she could see the front, but the man was not allowing that, his hands clamped in her hips and ass.

Corinne's hand dipped into her shorts.

The brunette slowly pushed the man backwards until he got the hint. He moved up on the bed and lay on his back, his erect penis standing at attention, and the woman climbed on top of him. Positioning herself, she slowly lowered her body as the man's penis disappeared from view within her hips. Corinne's mouth gaped as the woman began slowly rising and lowering herself, clearly riding the man's cock. She had never before witnessed such a thing.

Corinne's hand inside her shorts began strumming her clit. She couldn't believe this. She wondered if anyone else could see the amorous couple, but given the angle she decided that she was the only one. Hers was the only room that likely had the proper height and angle to see this scene.

The woman rode him for several minutes, her breasts bobbing as he played with them. Then suddenly he was moving her, twisting, and she rolled off of him. Down on her back she went, and her legs rose and spread. Corinne got a distant but perfect view of the woman's vulva, shaved but for a narrow dark landing strip. She was too far away to see detail, but could see a wide swath of light pink within dark pink, indicating that the woman must have thick outer lips.

The man was now on top of her, entering her, thrusting. The two of them melded into one spastic mass, moving, thrusting, shaking. Corinne concentrated her gaze at their meeting spot, and could vaguely see a shiny penis appearing and disappearing with regularity.

She moved her gaze up to watch the woman's breasts oscillate with the rhythm, and -

Oh, god!

The woman was looking directly at her! Corinne leapt backwards, out of view. No, no, no, that did not happen. She got caught! Would the woman complain? Would the police get called? Would...

Or did she get caught?

Maybe the woman had merely turned her head for a moment. Maybe her eyes had been closed. Common sense said that it would be hard for her to notice a woman in another window while she had a man thrusting inside of her. Maybe it was just a coincidence of angles.

She should check. Were they still having sex? Was the woman on the phone to the police? Corinne envisioned herself being handcuffed, being taken to jail, being labeled as a sex offender. She had to know what was happening so she could know whether she needed to concoct a cover story.

Moving very slowly forward, Corinne stood directly at the curtain, then peeked as little of her head as possible past it, just enough for one eye to get a view.

The woman was still on the bed, still being fucked.

Sighing with relief, Corinne knew that she should take that win and step away, but she couldn't. Now more stealthy, she continued to watch with one eye. It was over within minutes. The man eventually collapsed onto the woman and she stroked his head as he rested, her long legs still splayed wide around him. Had the woman cum, too, Corinne wondered?

There was little afterplay. The man rose and stepped away, and the couple began dressing. Corinne waited until they were both in their underwear again before she stepped away from the window.

By the time Corinne made it to her bed, her shorts and t-shirt and panties were still floating to the ground. She lay down, spread her legs, and thought about what she had just seen. She fantasized about being the woman in that situation, about the fancy lingerie, about kneeling between a man's legs and enveloping his cock with her mouth. And against her will, she also thought about the woman, such a classic beauty. What must it feel like to be seduced by a woman like that? Corinne's fingers explored her lips, her clit, and pinched her nipples as she had thoughts that she would never share with anyone, thoughts that were improper for a 37 year-old married mother of two.

Her fingers became more urgent as her fantasies progressed, and within moments she was arching her back, her knees quivering as the final buildup came.

"Unnnnnngh! Ohhhhhh!" Her orgasm was louder than she expected, and she hoped that no one was in the adjacent room. Her body froze, her pelvis arched skyward, her brain synapses exploded with pleasure, and she ascended for an eternal moment before dropping back to earth, her breath heavy and irregular.

It was going to be a good week.


There was a knock on the door.

"Room service, ma'am!" a voice called out.

Oh, that was faster than expected. "Just a moment!" Naked as she dried from her post-work shower, Corinne hustled to throw on her shorts and t-shirt again. "Hang on, I'm getting dressed!"

Barefoot, with her hair still dripping, she opened the door. The room service girl was a petite African American woman, perhaps a college student or a little older. She had striking green eyes and long artificially straightened hair. "Good evening, ma'am," she said, seemingly unperturbed by the wait. She held an oversized tray in both hands that likely contained Corinne's salad and French fries. "Happy Monday! May I come in?"

"Certainly." Corinne stepped aside and let her enter.

"Where would you like it?"

Corinne scanned the room. "The table at the window is fine," she said. Following the girl, her eyes scanned up and down the young woman. She was petite, maybe 5-4, and well built. If she was a cheerleader, she'd be the one that gets thrown in the air, her figure curvy but light. She was wearing a green tartan vest of the hotel's choosing, with complementary gold slacks that hugged her rear end. Her skin was light for a black woman, implying that black was only the most dominant of her genes.

"Thank you," Corinne said when the girl set down the tray. "I'm famished." There was no reason to explain that, but she felt that she should make some sort of non-transactional conversation. The girl turned and smiled at her, and Corinne noticed a name tag that said, "Natalie". She had a five and a ten in her hand, depending on a number of factors, and she gave the girl a ten. In return she got a delighted smile and a heartfelt, "Thank you, ma'am!"

They walked back to the door together, and the girl folded the ten dollar bill and put it into her pocket. Pausing, she turned. "A little trick next time, ma'am. If you order the lunch-sized version of the salad, it's almost the same size and you get the fries for free." She winked as she shared the secret.

Corinne smiled at the girl. "Thank you. I'll remember that."

Closing the door, Corinne walked back to the table. Catching her reflection in the mirror, she was horrified to see how her t-shirt clung to her still wet breasts, and how noticeable her nipples were as a result. Shaking her head, she was glad that the room service person was female.

She sat down to have dinner, and by chance or subconscious, she sat at the chair that faced the hotel's other wing. Again, the rooms were mostly dark, with only an occasional sign of habitation. She had been dining for 20 minutes when the light on the third floor came on. She didn't want to admit that she had been hoping for this.

Shadows moved in the room, and Corinne watched. She was not a peeping tom, she told herself. She was just a woman eating a salad and French fries at her windowside table. She was doing nothing wrong.

The woman came to the window and surveyed her temporary empire. She was wearing a gorgeous dress, deep red in color and snug around her nice curves. It complemented her dark hair very nicely, and she looked like she could be a movie star, or perhaps a senator's second wife. Corinne got a good look at her face, and admired the woman's beauty: high cheekbones, nice jawline, light-colored eyes over a slim, straight nose. And those lips, those lips that Corinne had seen wrapped around her husband's penis the previous night, were gorgeous, full and perfectly plump.

The woman looked up at Corinne and smiled.

Oh, god.

Corinne averted her eyes to her food, lifting her fork and taking an obvious bite to illustrate that, yes, she had a purpose in this window. She was eating dinner just like any woman had the right to do. She gazed out over the parking lot and the vacant land beyond, enjoying the view and proving to any observers that she was merely a person who enjoyed looking at a parking lot and darkened wall of windows while dining.

When she glanced back, the woman was unzipping her dress from the back. She let the sleeves fall forward, and the dress fell to the floor.

Surely she had seen Corinne, right? She had looked straight at her and smiled. Perhaps the reflections of sunlight were different and she was just smiling in general? Is it possible that Corinne could see her, but not vice versa?

It had to be true. The woman wouldn't smile at her and then undress in full view of the window.


It didn't matter. Either the woman couldn't see her, or the woman didn't care. Those were the only two answers, and both gave Corinne security in staying in her spot.

The brunette was wearing a lacy white underwear ensemble tonight, perfectly matching. She must spend a fortune on underwear, Corinne found herself thinking prosaically. The brunette almost looked like a bride getting ready for her wedding, wearing a white, nearly sheer lace bra, matching panties, cut very low on her hips and stomach, and thigh-high white stockings that Corinne hadn't noticed under the dress. Corinne made a note that she should wear thigh-highs more often, as they were quite sexy.

The woman turned, and it was obvious that the husband must be further back in the room. Swiveling her hips suggestively atop the high heels she still wore, she walked out of Corinne's sight for a moment. She almost wondered if they were newly married, which would explain the frequent sexiness. But the woman seemed too classy to be having her honeymoon out here in the suburbs.

She was out of sight for several minutes, testing Corinne's patience. When she returned, she was nude, and Corinne feasted on seeing the woman's large areolas and dark stripe of pubic hair. She had a man by the hand.

And it wasn't the same man.

This one was younger, maybe mid-thirties. He had a shaved head and was notably more muscular. Corinne's jaw dropped.

The brunette lay on the bed, and the man lay down between her legs. As she lolled her head back, he began lustily performing cunnilingus on her. A smile appeared on the woman's face, and she closed her eyes in pleasure.

What was going on here? Corinne's mind raced. Was she cheating on her husband? Was she highly sexualized and good at picking up men? Of course she would be good at picking up men. Look at her. She could pick up men in a monastery.

Or...Corinne was hit with a wave of realization. Was this woman a prostitute? Or given her obvious class and beauty, perhaps 'escort' was a better term. That would make a lot more sense. Someone like her would make great money in that line of work, and a mid-class suburban hotel near the airport might be a good low-key place to ply her trade. Corinne realized suddenly how little she knew about the business of selling sex.

Corinne watched as the brunette shifted positions. She was on her knees now, and the man was behind her, getting ready to penetrate her. He had a long and slender penis, and inserted it to the hilt in one smooth motion. As he began his rhythm, the brunette braced herself, resting on her elbows. Her breasts undulated with each thrust, but in a limited arc. They were clearly quite firm. Corinne lost her view of them when the man reached around and gripped them, using them to help gain leverage and power in his thrusts.

Corinne found herself yet again sliding a hand into her shorts.

The man lasted a while in that position, then it was on to missionary. The brunette was on her back, and he was positioned atop her, thrusting energetically. She seemed to take it in stride, wrapping her legs around him and allowing him to kiss her neck and throat.

She looked out the window, and unbeknownst to her partner, she offered a knowing smile and wave.

Corinne again ducked out of the window in horror. And she again masturbated vigorously that night.


"Room service!"

Corinne was ready this time, making sure that she was properly dressed. Natalie appeared to be her assigned girl, because she was once again making the delivery.

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