tagErotic CouplingsA Night Out

A Night Out


This is a re write of an older story of mine. Enjoy!


I leaned against a wood paneled wall of the up scale bar, waiting for the band to start playing. At 41, I felt out of place here but a good friend of mine played drums for the group featured tonight and I had agreed to see them on their opening night. I was standing on a raised foot rail, about 6" off the ground, and along with my 6'-1" height, I had a good view of the stage area. As I scanned the crowd of twenty-somethings I was saddened to see so many young ladies in short skirts and tiny dresses yet not one was wearing hose. I shook my head and took a sip of my Morgan's and coke, that's when I saw her.

Like me she was older than most of the people in here, probably in her mid forties. She looked to be about 5'-8", not including her heels, with nice curves all around. Her outfit is what caught my eye though. She wore a tight black spandex top that was straining to contain her nice round C cup breasts however I could tell she wasn't wearing a seeing how her nipples threatened to pierce the clingy material. Her red cotton and black lace trimmed skirt fell a few inches above her knees. Then there were those magnificent legs, nice and shapely incased in semi-sheer black nylon. My eyes followed those lovely curves down to her red four inch open toed pumps. When I managed to tear my eyes from her legs I could see her looking right at me.

Busted! I stepped off my perch and watched as she seemed to glide toward me, her moves were hypnotizing. If I didn't have a woody before, I did now! The lights suddenly dimmed and the crowd erupted as the band hit the stage. She said something just before she got to me but the crowd drowned her out.

"What was that?" I said leaning toward her.

"Do you like my outfit?"

"Absolutely!" Was she kidding? She's the hottest lady I have seen here so far!

"What do you like best?" She asked with a seductive smile.

"I'd say it's all good but I'm a leg man at heart so I'll go with the hose and heels."

She placed her left foot up on a chair in front of me, running her hands up her sexy leg, from ankle to thigh.

She smiled and said, "I love wearing hose to get reactions like this from guys."

With that said she ran a hand across the front of my jeans and squeezed the prominent bulge there. Her heels put us almost eye to eye and she leaned in to whisper in my ear.

I looked around but no one was paying any attention to us, they were transfixed on the stage.

"I have a secret," she purred, "I'm not wearing any panties and these hose are crotchless."

She then nipped my ear and pressed her lips to mine stabbing her tongue into my mouth. I kissed back as our tongues wrestled. Her right hand kneaded my hard cock through my jeans with more enthusiasm as her left leg wrapped around my hip. I was in heaven.

"This must be uncomfortable," she said squeezing my rigid member again.

She unzipped my pants and freed my cock from its restrictive confinement. I just moaned. My right hand slide along her left leg feeling those incredibly soft nylons. As my hand reached her pussy, she let out a gasp and kissed me again. She wasn't kidding, there was nothing between my hand and her smooth warm sex. Her hand moved up and down my cock with long slow gentle strokes. My index finger found her swollen clit and lightly circled it. Her hips began to rock to my motions. I let my finger slide down her moist cleft, feeling her lips part as it went farther. I withdrew it back to her clit and continued circling her throbbing love bud.

"You're making me so fucking wet!" she growled.

I kissed her cheek, her neck, and her shoulder then ran my tongue back up to her ear lobe and nibbled it.

"Turn around," I whispered.

She did as I asked, flipping her skirt up then pressing her beautiful hosed ass against me. Trapping my cock in a nylon hammock between her ass cheeks, she rocked her hips back and forth in time with the music. It felt amazing. I moved my right hand up her thigh to her wet pussy. My fingers went to work on her moist folds. My left hand cupped one of her firm breasts and I rolled the erect nipple between my thumb and fore finger. Her hip movements increased with more urgency. I slide down the wall a few inches, allowing my cock to move under her dripping lips. She clamped her thighs around my hard on and it glided along her slit. The juices flowing from her coated the shaft as the head brushed the nub of her clit. She ground her hips back and forth against me, grunting each time the crown of my cock scrapped her throbbing clit. I moved down the wall again and felt my cock moving back along her drooling pussy. When the head reached he wet opening I thrust upward almost lifting her out of her shoes.

"OH Fuck!" she screamed but her voice was lost in the din of the crowd.

I held her there for a few moments as we both enjoyed our union. Her pussy clamped down on my shaft and we moaned in unison. I then thrust into her in time with the music. Her hips met my thrusts with increasing force. The velvety grip of her pussy was incredible. Squeezing and releasing, clenching and relaxing with every movement I made. My hands continued to stimulate her breast and clit as I increased the speed that I pumped my cock into her.

Her movements became erratic then she began to shudder. The muscles of her pussy clamped down on my rod as her orgasm crashed over her. I could feel the heat increasing inside her as the juices flowed out. I couldn't take any more and I shot my cum deep inside her. Her pussy milked my cock for every last drop. But even after my orgasm subsided, she continued to clamp her vaginal muscles around my cock. I was drained.

Suddenly she pulled off me, leaving my drenched cock swinging in the breeze. I fumbled trying to cover myself and stuff it back into my pants before someone noticed. She kissed me on the lips and put something in my shirt pocket. I was stunned for a moment then went back to wrestling my semi hard cock back into my jeans. When I finally succeeded I looked up and she was gone.

"Shit!" I exclaimed.

I looked around for her but she was lost in the sea of bodies. I hung my head thinking to myself I missed a great opportunity for an amazing night. I put my hand in my pocket and retrieved the napkin she put there. I pulled it from my pocket and it read: S1001 signed with a "C" and a heart. 'When did she have time to write a note,' I wondered. It was then I noticed that the napkin wasn't from this bar. It was from the five star hotel across the street. I smiled and thought, 'It looks like it's going to be a great night after all. She must have wrote it before coming here in search of a playmate.'

I headed toward the bar to pay my tab. It took a few minutes to wade through the crowd and several more to settle up before exiting the building. Crossing the busy street, I entered the hotel lobby. It was lavish with plush furnishings and elaborate decorations throughout. The first elevator I entered didn't go to the tenth floor, neither did the one next to it. I was beginning to feel I'd been had by a beautiful woman so I asked a bell man how to get to Suite 1001. He directed me to a set of ornate glass doors that led to another elevator that went up to the Suite levels. The elevator ride to the tenth floor seemed to take forever. I stepped off into a short hall way branching right and left. The bell man said go right to find the suite I was looking for. At the end of the hall I stood in front of a large set of double doors. 'Suite 1001, this was the place,' I thought knocking firmly. In moments the door opened and there she was wrapped in a soft cotton robe, drying her hair with a towel.

"I was beginning to think you weren't coming," she said with a devilish smile.

"Sorry, I made a wrong turn in the elevator."

"Get in here," she laughed.

I walked into a room larger than many peoples houses. It too had an extravagant décor with fine antique furniture, lush area rugs, expensive paintings and other pieces of art.

"Wow, nice place. You come here often?" I asked as I walked around the spacious room.

"I'm indulging myself for a weekend. Is that ok with you?"

"Hey, it's great. I think people should indulge in whatever makes them happy."

When I looked back at her she was staring at my pants, grinning. "What?"

"I think you might want to take a shower," she said nodding at my crotch. Looking down I noticed the large wet spot.

I nodded and headed to the bathroom. It to was impressive, Jacuzzi tub for at least four, a shower equally roomy and mirrors from floor to ceiling. I showered in record time, anticipating what was to come next. As I toweled off I re-entered the bed room. I hadn't paid much attention on my way to get cleaned up but I stopped now to take in the view. Like every other part of this suite, it was breathtaking. The bed was enormous with large twisting columns at its corners, a thick comforter partially turned back, revealing the ridiculously high thread count Egyptian cotton sheets as well as a small mountain of pillows in different shapes and sizes stacked against a carved teak wood head board. One could imagine being able to play a good game of rugby on this bed.

"Make yourself comfortable," hearing her voice coming from the living room.

I lay down on the bed feeling the coolness of the expensive linens on my skin. I closed my eyes and relaxed.

I heard the clicking of her heels on the marble floor and the unmistakable swish of nylon as she walked into the room. My eyes opened to a lovely sight. She had her red heels back on but that was the only part of her 'bar outfit' she was wearing other than her nylons and now a sheer black nighty. She looked amazing.

She handed me a glass of Champaign then touched her glass to mine and said, "Cheers!"

We lay facing each other, sipping Champaign and tentatively kissing for a few moments.

"I never did get your name," I stated, breaking the silence between us.

"Christine but please call me Chris," she replied almost shyly.

"Ok Chris I'm..." she put a finger to my lips, cutting me off.

"Names aren't important," she said then pressed her soft lips to mine.

I couldn't help taking in her lovely form and found myself staring at her curvaceous legs. She slid them against themselves running her hand from her ankle to her knee.

"See something you like?"

"Where do I start? You look incredible!"

My cock was throbbing and the tip oozed a steady stream of pre-cum. I finished my drink and set the glass on the night stand. I had to roll on my back to accomplish this and when I did she moved to her knees next to me facing my feet. Her warm hand closed around my cock. She squeezed it gently encouraging another glistening pearl of liquid from the tip. Her lips engulfed the head then slowly slid down the shaft until her nose touched my balls.

"Aaaaahhhhhhhh" I moaned, enjoying her silken touch. Her tongue moved across my shaft as she withdrew from my cock. Chris turned, licking her ruby lips and smiled at me.

"Tasty...very sweet," and without another word, she swallowed me again.

My mind was swimming with pleasure as she sucked and licked and fondled me. I was in heaven. I snaked my right hand between her silky thighs seeking her womanly charms. My middle finger found her moist folds gliding along the enflamed lips to her swollen clit.

"Mmmmmmmmmm" Chris moaned on my cock.

I pressed in and moved back down her wet valley until I found the dripping entrance to her love canal. I ran my finger around the opening then plunged it in. She groaned again. I put in a second finger and placed my thumb against her throbbing clit. Making slow circles on the sensitive bud, I hooked my fingers to massage her g-spot.

Her head came up and off my cock and she screamed, "Fuck ya...that's amazing...aaaaahhhhhh.".

Chris' body shook uncontrollably as a powerful orgasm tore through her. Her body trembled and quaked as her vaginal walls contracted rhythmically on my fingers. When she recovered she shifted her position to between my legs, out of reach of my probing fingers.

"What's the matter?" I asked, "Did I do something wrong?"

"No, I just can't enjoy sucking your cock when I'm being distracted like that."

She went back to work on my cock. Licking, sucking, squeezing and swallowing, driving me absolutely nuts. She would bring me to the brink of orgasm then back off letting me recover, repeating the process again and again. When she stopped for a moment to take a breather before returning to tormenting me, I pulled her to me to kiss her. Chris was smiling with the knowledge she had me at her mercy. My cock was now trapped between us. She moved her legs to the outside of mine, rubbing them along my thighs and calves while grinding her stiff clit against the back side of my throbbing cock. I had to turn the tables before I went insane. I grabbed her sexy, nylon encased ass and pulled it up, allowing my cock, thoroughly coated in her slippery nectar, to spring free. I eased her butt back down and impaled her on my steely shaft.

"Oh god! Oh god!" Chris cried, throwing her head back.

I rocked my hips forward a bit making the head of my cock press against her g-spot. She moved her hips back and forth with increasing speed bringing herself to ecstasy again and again.


Feeling her cum so many times was great but I wasn't getting enough friction to get off myself. She collapsed on my chest breathing heavy and still being wracked with tremors of pleasure. Her breast molded to my chest with her erect nipples like two pebbles against my bare skin. I rolled her off me and slid to the foot of the bed.

"Where are you going, lover?" Chris asked smiling with her eyes half closed.

I grabbed her ankles and pulled her toward me. Dropping to one knee while spreading her legs wide, I buried my face in her steamy wet pussy. I ran my tongue up the slippery cleft, spreading the delicate petals of her feminine flower as I sought her clit. She gasped with the sudden attack on her sensitive pussy. Circling the raised mound of highly stimulated flesh but not actually touching it, drove Chris crazy. I returned to her drooling opening and stabbed my tongue in as far as it would go. I repeated this ritual several times before she exploded in ecstasy once again. Before her orgasm had finished running its coarse, I stood, rolling Chris over onto her stomach then raised her sexy ass off the bed. She rose up onto her hands and knees, knowing what I wanted. I wasted no time stabbing my cock into her dripping hole.

"Uhhh" she grunted as I slammed my hips against her hosed ass.

Holding her against me, I made figure eight's with my hips, allowing my cock swirl around in her tight pussy. I withdrew slowly until the head of my cock was all that was left in her, then drove it back in with another loud slap from the collision of our bodies. I repeated this for several strokes, keeping my motions constant.

"Fuck me you son of a bitch...quit dicking around!" Chris shouted in frustration.

I start pounding her pussy hard and fast. Chris was driven down onto her chest with her firm butt still in the air. I increased my aggressive pace when she suddenly pushed herself back up, arching her back.

"Yes...yes...fuck me...yes ahhh yessss!"

I could feel her cumming again. I was getting close myself and it wouldn't be much longer before I would blow my load deep insider her.

"I'm going to cum for you baby!" I said feeling the urge rushing up on me.

"Not yet! I want you to cum in my mouth!" Chris pulled forward and spun around.

She lay on her back with her head hanging over the edge of the bed, guiding my cock to her mouth. Her hands grabbed my ass and pulled me closer. My cock sank into her throat and she controlled the pace of my strokes with her hands on my hips. I fondled her gorgeous breast as she swallowed me up to my nuts. With in seconds I was going to cum. She could feel me tense up and drove my cock down her throat again.

"Aaaaahhhhhhhhhh," was all I said as I erupted.

My body shook and convulsed when my orgasm began to subside. As I pulled my softening cock from her mouth my knees gave out and I collapsed to the floor. After catching my breath for a few moments, I managed to climb back onto the bed and lay panting on my back. 'Wow what will the morning bring after this night,' I thought staring at the ceiling. The last thing I remembered was her arm across my chest and one of her legs laying over mine before we drifted off to sleep.

The gentle breathing coming from the warm body lying against me stirred me to consciousness. It was still early with the light coming through the windows just beginning to glow from the sun on the horizon. My right hand rested against her stomach and my semi hard cock was nestled between the round globes of her ass as we both spooned in the luxurious bed. Moving my hand up her body to the curve of her right breast, I could tell Chris was still wearing her silky nylons but the transparent nighty was gone. My cock stirred. She let out a soft moan as my hand cupped her firm breast. Her legs were drawn up toward her chest in a tight fetal position, she must be dreaming. I slowly moved my hips away from her to keep my cock from becoming trapped between us as it grew harder. It glided down and came to rest against her warm, damp pussy lips. I moved my hips forward again until they contacted her spectacular round butt. This positioned the head of my stiffening cock near the opening of her love canal. The increasing pressure my stiffening cock was putting on her slippery lips, was spreading them steadily with each beat of my heart.

"Mmmmmmmmm," Chris moaned again then mumbled something unintelligible.

Her hips started moving side to side ever so slightly. I could feel her folds parting for my growing member until the head made contact with the clenching entrance of her pussy. The ring of muscle guarding that opening was contracting and relaxing as if it was trying to devour my cock. It was still growing and soon the tightness of her sex could not resist the constant force of my hardening member and the head slipped inside her. She mumbled again and now her hips rocked forward and back steadily impaling herself on my dick. I was hard as a rock by this time and a couple inches deep in her. I pressed my hips tighter to her ass moving them forward as far as possible. I only gained another inch or so but it placed the head against her special spot. My fingers circled her nipple until it became firm under my touch. She continued to mumble and moan then her breathing started coming in short gasps until her body stiffened. Her eyes suddenly opened.

"Oh god I'm gonna cum!" she said half whispering and half moaning.

Her hips bucked violently against me as her orgasm exploded inside her. I pinched her nipple and squeezed her breast tightly. Her pussy was grasping my cock with rhythmic contractions, trying to get more of me in her. She began to relax as her orgasm subsided and although it wasn't as powerful as some of the ones previously, it left Chris purring in my arms.

"This is your 'Wake-up' cock," I said chuckling in her ear.

"Mmmmmmmmm...I could wake up to that every morning," she said and stretched her arms and legs out like a cat.

I rolled onto my back to give her more room to get the knots out. My cock was standing tall as I hadn't yet cum. She turned over to face me.

"What do you think you're doing? I'm not done being woken up yet!" and with that she was on top of me. She laid her head on my shoulder and wiggled her sexy body against me.

"Is that so?" I said and Chris raised her head, looking me in the eye.

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