tagLoving WivesA Night Out of Town

A Night Out of Town


The rush I get from teasing cocks is something that I discovered many years ago. I was blessed with great legs, a tight, voluptuous body, blonde hair, and green eyes that can usually make any guy do what I want him to. I have used these gifts to get out of trouble and to torture countless victims ranging from boys at school to a few male teachers and to even my dad. Wearing short, tight skirts. "Accidentally" flashing my panties or stocking tops. Applying my lipstick in a way that makes a man turn to jelly. Bending over at the waist to give the best view of my tight little ass or a glance at my breasts. I had mastered all these skills long before meeting my husband.

I am now 35-years old and try to keep in shape. I am told that I look like I'm still in my 20s. My husband is 54. We met when I worked for him. It was an instant attraction for both us, but we flirted and teased a long time before anything happened. Then on day I found myself bent over his desk with my skirt hiked up, my panties pulled down, and my future husband fucking me from behind, all the while telling me how my high heels made him too crazy to resist. We were married a month later. That was 11-years ago.

Since then, our mutual sexual attraction has never wavered. I still dress sexy for him and he still treats me like the delicious slut he married. The only difference is that now he knows I love to flirt and tease other men and he loves to watch it. We both get so hot from this that it ends in an amazing sex every time.

A few months ago, my hubby and I took a long weekend to get away in order to go to a club where I good flirt and tease another man while my husband watched. That night I dressed in a very tight black velvet dress, nude thigh high stockings, black pumps, and a matching black satin thong and bra set from Victoria's Secret. The man I found to tease was a 20-something cutie who happened to be a great dancer with a sexy body. If I wasn't married I might even have given him a blowjob in the parking lot. But I am married.

Luckily, my toy boy was content to play with my ass through my dress, occasionally going under the skirt to caress my nylon covered legs, while I ground myself against his hard-on. Unfortunately I made the poor boy cum in his pants. He looked embarrassed. I told him I thought is was cute and was flattered, kissing him sweetly. He seemed relieved and apologized. He then gave me some cocaine to enjoy later and left.

I told my hubby about my friend's dilemma and it made him very hard and horny. I also told him that me little friend gave me a little gift of some coke, something neither of us had used in years. We went back to our hotel, barely making it there without fucking in the cab. We were making out like two high school kids. It was so hard and furious we fogged up the windows and scared the cab driver.

We finally got to the hotel and to our room, where my hubby started to undress me. We kissed intensely as his hands unzipped my dress, sliding it off my body. His fingers explored under the strap of my thong as his other hand removed my bra. As he got me down to my thong, stockings and heels, he sucked my hard, pink nipples.

I pushed him back onto the bed, got on my knees between his legs, and undid his pants. I reached inside his boxers and pulled out his beautiful cock. I have sucked that cock so many times over the years and never bored of it. As I started sucking him, he described how hot it was to watch me tease the young man at the bar. He told me how hot he got watching the boy fondle my ass. As he talked, I felt him growing in my mouth, thinking how my hubby was harder than I can remember.

I then recalled the coke that my friend gave me at the bar. I stood up and told my husband to get his clothes off. As he did so I went to my purse and got the coke. My hubby was laying back in all his glory - his cock so purple and angry. I climbed on the bed and put some of coke on his cock-head before resuming my blowjob. The coke made the sensations for both of us more intense. The feel of his cock head in my mouth was so different, so exotic it made me more eager and aroused. My tongue explored the head, the underside of the shaft, the crown - every ridge and vein was a new exploration.

Suddenly, I felt my husband's hands on my head, holding me while his hips began thrusting. He was fucking my mouth! Then his cock and balls tensed as the first jets of hot cum hot the back of my throat. I relaxed and swallowed more and more of my husband's hot, sticky cum as it shot in my mouth. When he was done, I sat up and licked my lips, catching a few stray amounts with my finger and licking it clean. We were both on fire.

Unusually, he didn't get soft. He was still semi-erect and, with a little love, capable of sustaining a hard-on for a good long fuck session. So I put some more coke on his cock-head, sucked him back to full power, and climbed aboard. I pulled my thong aside and slipped him inside my soaked pussy. I began with a slow, steady ride and built up speed. I knew I wasn't far off. Between the night's events, the coke, and my husband's harder than steel cock, I was hornier than I had been in a while.

I fucked my husband long, hard and steady. I played with my tits with one hand and my clit with the other. My husband watched in awe as his hands stroked my nylon covered legs. I thought he would go insane. After what seemed like a half-hour of hard, solid fucking, I had two orgasms right in a row. Finally, my husband rolled me onto my back, threw my legs over his shoulders, and fucked me to his second and my third orgasm.

We were so tired we passed out shortly afterwards, me lying there in my lingerie and he wearing nothing but a smile. The next morning I woke him with a sweet "good morning" blowjob and saw he was red from the night before. But he was still up to the job and I sucked him off while fingering my equally sore pussy.

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