tagErotic HorrorA Night to Remember

A Night to Remember


"This house is totally haunted!" Whitney rubbed her hands up and down her bare arms in an attempt to generate some heat. She looked around the dark, dusty interior and shuddered again.

"Oh stop being such a baby." Her friend gave her a light push on the shoulder, sending her teetering off balance. Rachael glanced around with hopeful eyes. "This is going to be the perfect place for a Halloween party and you know it!"

Whit did know it, but hated to admit it. It was perfect. Spooky and secluded. Just what they needed for their night of fun. A sly smile curved her lush lips as she thought of the small little get-together being planned. Not a huge everyone's-invited-party, but rather a selective group of close friends. And lots of alcohol. It was going to be a blast!

"C'mon. Let's get this over with quickly. I have some last minutes shopping to do for my costume. This will only take a few minutes to clean up. We'll decorate tomorrow after classes are out, before everyone arrives."

The building was still well supplied with furniture, and the two girls cleared both floors quickly, pulling cloth covers from everything and dusting off the surfaces. When they were finished, the house looked slightly better, but more dark as they had lost the last of the daylight hours.

They walked home quickly, a chill in the air that seemed to slide around their bodies and under clothing, bringing another violent shiver to Whitney's small form. "Hurry up. I'm freezing." She muttered, picking up the pace and tugging Rachael along with her.

"Just come to my place for the night. It's so much closer than your house, and you can use the phone to call your parents." Rachael had to jog to catch up. They came to the end of the ridiculously long drive and turned left, following the faint glow of street lights back to civilization.

"That sounds like a great plan." Her teeth chattered as she uttered the words. She cast one last look at the house that was now hidden behind the thicket of pine trees. Tomorrow night was going to be the first of the three-day long celebration of the greatest holiday of the year.

It took nearly another twenty minutes before they got to the paved streets and then another fifteen to get to Rachael's house. Whitney was eternally grateful for the offer to stay there; her house was another twenty minutes away and she was so cold!

"Come on. Jump in the shower and warm up. I'll put the kettle on for some tea." Rachael led her friend up the stairs and down the hall to the bathroom. She set the water to a moderate temperature before turning back to Whit. "Here. Let me help." She reached for the tiny buttons on the front of the blonde's shirt, pushing her shaking hands aside.

Her small fingers were fast and efficient as she slid the buttons through the holes, her fingers brushing bare skin as she worked her way over the swell of the other girls' breasts. She pushed the thin fabric from her shoulders, her green eyes meeting the blue ones steadily. "Turn around." Her voice was husky as she urged Whit to face the counter. Rachael raised her hands to the clasp, her eyes once again meeting Whit's in the mirror. Then her gaze dropped as the clasp fell open and the straps slid from her shoulders. Her hands followed the straps down the other girls' arms until the offensive material was out of the way. Then they came back up to cup the heavy weight, massaging seductively, bringing hard tips to the peaks. She watched Whitney's expression as the pleasurable sensations washed through her. Rachael let her hands trail a path down the flat stomach as she knelt, finding the tiny zipper tab on the back of the short skirt with her teeth. She tugged it down, her hands pushing the garment over lush hips. She urged Whit to turn again, to face her now, as she remained on her knees. A pleased sigh escaped, her warm breath tantalizing on Whitney's chilled body. Whitney tried to push the last item from herself, the scrap of lacy material, but Rachael grabbed her hands, holding them at her sides. Her mouth came to that lacy strip, breath warm, tongue moist. She licked tentatively and was rewarded with Whit's futile struggle as she tried to free her arms. Her hips twisted restlessly and little whimpers rose. Rachael nipped at her in warning, halting all struggles. Then she resumed her slow exploration.

Her tongue made tiny strokes at the lace. She secured a piece between her teeth and tugged, bringing it down half an inch. Then she stopped. And looked back up at Whitney, who's eyes were wide and pleading. Rachael took a long slow lick, her tongue slipping under the edge of the panties, before she took them in her teeth again. Whit bucked her hips and tugged again in another attempt to free her hands. But Rachael was unrelenting as she let go of the fabric again and nipped at that soft mound in reprimand. Her tongue swirled lazily, pushing the thong lower still, exposing more of her friend's lush promising body. She tugged the panties down the rest of the way, sliding them down her thighs before going back to that enticing place. When Whit tried to inch her legs open, she was shocked to find she couldn't. She looked down to see that Rachael had a knee on either side, keeping her from moving. She moaned in frustration, her head rolling back. Rachael's tongue continued to work its magic in teasing little strokes, winding Whitney tighter and tighter. She struggled ferociously now, bucking and twisting.

"Rachael, please!" She was panting now, twisting her wrists back and forth. "Please, oh please!"

Rachael rocked back on her heels, licking her lips. "Please, what baby?" She murmured, her voice low and sexy, her eyes glazed with lust. She licked her lips again, tasting the moisture there. Whitney's exotic taste. She let go of the other girl and began to undress herself slowly. Whitney watched with hungry eyes, her hands sliding over her own body.

"Come on." Rachael grabbed one of her roaming hands and tugged her into the shower. The warm water washed over them in trickling cascades. Whitney twisted her captive wrist, grabbing Rachael's, and quickly snagging the other one, pulling both behind the other girls' back and holding them there with one hand, while leaning Rach back onto them for good measure. She leaned in and took Rachael's mouth with hers, kissing her brutally. She brought her free hand up to caress Rachael's breasts roughly, tugging and twisting her nipples into hard peaks before lowering her mouth to them. Rach arched into the assault, moaning. She pulled her hands free easily, and raised them to the tangle of blonde hair, guiding that wondrous mouth lower...

Whitney grabbed her thighs and pulled them apart, kneeling on the bottom of the tub, she licked her lips in anticipation before burying her face in Rachael's snatch. Her tongue lashed out, tasting the cream that gathered so readily. Her teeth pulled at the labia, suckling and licking, while holding the writhing hips as still as possible under the assault. Her tongue lapped up more cream before moving to that now engorged nub. Rachael's swollen clit was the key to her first orgasm as Whit sucked greedily, her fingers delving deep into the ever ready cunt.

"Oh! Ooh Yes! Fuck me! Yes!" Her hips bucked uncontrollably and Whitney forced a third finger into Rachael's cunt sending her into another orgasm. Her own snatch was aching for attention, throbbing in need.

As if sensing it, Rachael suddenly pushed Whitney down and was on top of her in seconds. Her teeth scraping at the hardened nipples and her fingers sliding between Whit's wet labia. She plunged two fingers deep, her mouth clamping down on her breast simultaneously, causing Whit to thrash and buck. Rachael kissed her way down hurriedly, all their motions were rushed now, and licked eagerly, lapping up that sweet honey before the water could wash any of it away. Her tongue joined her two fingers, licking as far into that snatch as she could get to draw out more cream. Her tongue bathed the edges of her own buried fingers before flicking at the engorged clit. Whit screamed, her hips coming off the bottom of the tub, pushing herself more securely into Rachael's mouth. Rach took advantage, suckling at her clit until she was crying out for more...

"Oh, Rachael, Gods, let me cum! Please, let me cum! I need... I want..." The words became incoherent and Rachael obliged, shoving another finger into her already stretched cunt and lapping at her clit in rhythm to her thrusts. Her free hand moved from its restraining hold on her hip to her bouncing breasts, teasing her hard nipples even more. The force of the orgasm had Whitney screaming out, her fingers tangled in Rach's hair to push her harder against that aching pleasure, before pulling roughly, her hips twisting out of reach.

"No more. Oh Gods, you're going to kill me." She was panting, pulling in gasping breaths as she slid down to Rachael to kiss her passionately, tasting herself on those lush lips. "Save some for the weekend." She added with a sly wink.

A day at the local college had never felt as long as this one as the minutes dragged by. Whitney's eyes barely left the clock as she sat in her last class of the day, counting down the seconds. The moment the instructor indicated class was over, she was out of her seat so fast she almost knocked the chair over.

"In a hurry?" A husky voice asked from behind her, catching her chair before it clattered to the floor. A strong hand snaked around her waist to rest on her ribs seductively, his thumb stroking the underside of her breast teasingly.

She leaned back against Dominic's sturdy chest, sighing as his touch sent tingles of pleasure coursing through her. "You know I am." She murmured after several seconds in answer to his question. She pulled regretfully out of his grasp and grabbed her books up to her chest, blocking any more advances. "I've got stuff to do. I'll see you later." She gave a shy grin as she whirled away and exited the room.

The hallways were packed with people, all excited for the weekend of costumes and partying. Some had dressed up for the day, for the contest that had been held for best costume, some for the sheer fun of it. Whitney had put on a simple bunny outfit, with floppy white ears, and a fluffy tail attached to the back of her short skirt.

A short ways down the hall Rachael came bounding up to her, looking eager and impatient. "What took you so long?" She fell into step and began to backtrack to Whit's locker.

"Dom stopped me, predictably." Whit dropped her books on the bottom of the locker, and grabbed her purse and shawl from the last remaining hook. She slammed the door shut and spun the lock. "Let's get out of here."

The bits of last minute shopping they had to finish took nearly forty minutes and then they were ready to begin the long walk back to their chosen destination. At the secluded house the decorating began. Pre-carved pumpkins were placed sporadically up the drive to mark the way, and into the depths of the house itself.

Being empty for years, the power was disconnected, although when the bank foreclosed they still upheld the minimum amount of maintenance. Rachael set about placing candles in niches throughout the rooms while Whit set up a temporary bar, displaying the variety of alcohol they had accumulated.

By the time night arrived, the house was finished for the party, and they changed into different costumes. Whitney had chosen a tiny tight white nurses outfit, the skirt barely covering enough to be called a skirt. And a top that twisted around her torso, bounding her breasts in revealing confinement.

Soft music played from a battery powered system, flowing through the house in spooky strains. When the knock on the door came, Whit watched the black cat that was Rachael go to answer it. Her outfit was a short black dress, a tail attached to the ties lacing down her slender back with matching ears atop her head.

Standing on the front porch was Dominic and Max, escorting Paige and Ellen. Ellen skipped into the house, hugging Rachael enthusiastically before going in search of Whitney. She gave Whit a hug and a peck on the cheek before admiring the costume her friend was wearing. Whit stepped back, taking in the artistic homemade costume of Ellen's barbarism. It was a fur clad mini skirt and matching halter. Her knee high boots were also covered in fur, laced up the sides.

Dom entered the room next, horns protruding from his head, his skin painted a deep red. The suit he wore added to the sophistication of being the devil incarnate. Behind him was Max dressed as the wolfman in torn clothes with patches of fur showing through. Paige entered on Rachael's arm, her grey mouse ears contrasting with the cat girl at her side.

"Let's get this party started!" Dominic dropped a quick kiss on Whitney's cheek before heading to the makeshift bar to mix a few drinks.

Several rounds later, and with the added effect of shots the party really started. It was still early in the night as Whitney crawled across the floor to Rachael's tempting form. She knelt with one leg between Rach's, her hand skimming up to the full breasts and caressing as she leaned in, teasing Rachael's lush lips with grazing kisses. Behind her she felt the sensations of fingers over her rounded bottom, sliding up her back to the knot that kept her top in place. The material was loosened and slowly released, allowing her breasts to fall free. She arched her head back, giving Dominic access to slip the material from around her neck, leaving her unencumbered. The movement left her breasts jutting invitingly into Rachael's face. The other girl didn't need any second invitation, and flicked her tongue across the erect nipples. A moan rose in Whit's throat, urging Rach on, tempting her further.

Ellen watched in rapt attention as Rachael suckled teasingly, her hand rising to grasp the girls' other breast, massaging and caressing, bringing two completely different sensations to Whit's writhing body. Ellen could feel her blood flowing hotly, her heart pounding in excitement.

Max came to her side as she fidgeted restlessly, twisting her hands together in her lap. He took both her hands, twisting them behind her back and holding them in one of his, as he raised his other hand to grasp her throat. Her eyes met his, glazed with lust as she gasped for air. Ever so slowly he lowered his head to hers, his lips brushing hers in gentle torment before clamping down brutally, forcing her head farther back.

Rachael pushed Whitney from her, rolling to land on top. She showered kisses across the other girls' face and down her neck, nipping playfully before carrying on down to the lush breasts begging for attention. Whit squealed as Rachael bit roughly, her body arching into the assault. Then Rach carried on, kissing across her flat stomach down to the low riding skirt. She caught the bottom of the vinyl skirt and tugged it up, revealing her treasure. The tiny white g-string did nothing, as was Whit's plan. Rachael's tongue smoothed across the material in tantalizing strokes, wringing moan after moan from Whit's ever thrashing body. Dominic watched the display, his hand stroking his rigid member until he couldn't take it anymore. He knelt beside Whit, turning her face toward him. Her eyes went wide with a mix of shock and pleasure as he thrust his cock into her protesting mouth as Rachael stabbed her tongue deep. Her moans, muffled by her full mouth, reverberated through Dom, heightening his pleasure as he began to set the pace, thrusting into that hot cavern while Whit lathered him with her tongue.

Paige's fingers were busy as she stared at the scene unfolding before her. Unlike Ellen, she didn't have the discipline to withhold from giving herself pleasure. She sank her fingers deep into her wet snatch, her head back, eyes closed as she savoured the sensations. She was only slightly surprised when she felt the first tentative lap at her spread labia. Opening her eyes she saw Ellen kneeling in front of her, a sexy grin on her face as she dipped her head down again. Paige's wet fingers tangled in the mass of blonde hair, guiding her. Max came up on his knees behind Ellen, pushing her skirt up to reveal the bare expanse of skin beneath. His breath came out in a small rush of anticipation to see that there was nothing between him and her glistening core. He slipped one finger into her, causing her muscles to clamp around him. Withdrawing it, he raised his hand to his lips, tasting her sweet honey, his eyes meeting Paige's as she watched hungrily. He plunged two fingers back in, a small stretch in comparison to what was to come. Unfastening his pants' he pulled his rigid cock out while still fingering Ellen with the other hand, her body pushing back and riding his hand. She made a small whimper of dismay as he pulled his hand away, leaving her feeling bereft. But to make up for it, he rested the engorged head of his dick against her oh-so-welcoming entrance, slipping in a mere half an inch. Her gasp of pleasure had Paige tightening her fingers in Ellen's hair, excitement coursing through her. As Max surged hotly into Ellen's cunt, the girl clamped down on Paige's swollen clit, eliciting a scream of sheer pleasure.

Whitney struggled futilely, her body aflame in need as Rachael continued her ministrations, using fingers, tongue, and teeth alike. While Dominic surged down her throat, one hand holding her still for his invasion while the other caressed her aching breasts, twisting and pinching her nipples into hard peaks. The second Rachael raised her head, her eyes gleaming mischievously as she licked the moisture from her lips, Whit pulled out of Dom's grasp and shoved Rach backwards, sending her sprawling to the floor. Wasting no time Whit got to her knees and leaned over Rach, grinning evilly before tugging the straps of the small dress from her. She stripped her quickly and sat back for a second, admiring the beauty of the body before her. Rachael writhed against the hard floor, her body craving what Whit's lusty look was promising. Whitney bypassed the slow buildup, seeing that Rach was already glistening in her need, and buried her face between those wide spread thighs. She lapped up the honey greedily, her tongue sliding in to draw out more. Behind her Dom was impatient, prodding at her entrance insistently. He plunged deep into her snatch, pounding into her as she suckled at Rachael's labia before he withdrew. He raised his aim a little bit and began pushing against her back door, forcing her to accept his wide girth as he grabbed her hips and held her still.

Her scream of surprise brought the attention of the other three, and they stopped what they were doing to crawl over. Max pulled Rachael out of the way, pushing her into the welcoming arms of the other two waiting girls'. He grabbed Whit roughly by the hair and hauled her away from Dom, who growled his displeasure. And then he saw what Max was up to. Max pulled his clothes off hastily and seated himself on the couch, pulling Whit into his lap, positioning her wet cunt over his throbbing cock and pulled her down onto him in slow torment. As she began her sensuous ride, Dom resumed his position, forcing his way once more into her back door. She writhed against the two sensations, trying desperately to get away from the pain/pleasure. But neither male would release her, forcing their will on her to stay as directed while they derived their pleasure from her over stretched body. Dominic grabbed a handful of her hair, pulling her head back as he thrust into her. Whitney struggled against the restraints, causing more pain as they continued. Despite the pain being inflicted, a rush of excitement went through her, building in her core until she felt like she was going to explode...

On the floor, the remaining three girls were in a tangled mass of arms, legs and breasts. The remains of their costumes lay in a heap a few feet away, leaving the writhing bodies bare. Rachael lay on her back, legs spread wide to accommodate Ellen, while Paige knelt over her face. As Ellen lapped at Rachael's snatch, her fingers delved deep into her own cunt making her moan in building ecstasy. Paige leaned back, her knees sliding slightly farther apart, bringing her throbbing clit more securely to Rach's swirling tongue, her breathing becoming heavier with each and every stroke. The orgasm started with Rachael, her body tightening with intense pleasure as the sensations coursed through her. She latched onto Paige's engorged clit, suckling ferociously and simultaneously inserting two fingers into her wet twat bringing forth the beginnings of her orgasm. As the tremors subsided, the two of them pinned Ellen down. Rachael held her arms, her kisses tasting of Paige's juices while Paige spread those luscious thighs. She started with a few teasing licks, making Ellen moan and writhe before stopping, leaving Ellen feeling bereft. But then she felt the pressure of something else pushing against her, and as she tried to twist to look, Rachael tightened her hold, ensuring she couldn't get away. Paige took the half full two-six and with the help of her fingers to spread the labia, began to push the bottle inside her friend. Ellen gasped as she felt her body being spread far wider than anything she had even encountered. Paige inserted it slowly, tantalizingly before lowering her mouth back to lap at the edges. Ellen's orgasm came quickly, her body clamping down around the vodka bottle painfully making her struggle to get away and get the item out of her.

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