tagNonHumanA Night To Remember

A Night To Remember


It was another boring summer. I was home from college, with not much to do but sit at home with mom and my younger siblings. The one summer I actually wanted to go out and get a job... no one was hiring. So I was limited to babysitting and trying to find other things to do with my life. All was going according to the mundane ritual until I got an unexpected e-mail.

It was a response to one of those online personals adds... one that I had composed in boredom over a year ago. I had long since ceased getting responses and had mostly forgotten that the thing existed. Yet here was this e-mail...


I came across your add and was most intrigued. Your words were most enchanting and your picture... your smile and your eyes, they engulfed me. Perhaps I am going overboard with my poetic praises but I did so enjoy that brief glimpse of you that I felt compelled to write and hopefully chat with you in the future.

Ever so sincerely,


And with that, the courtship began. I wrote him back and we began to e-mail back and forth, then to chat. His presence seemed to fill something in me that was missing. A few weeks passed and we upgraded to telephone conversations... a few more weeks and we agreed to meet. Oddly enough, he didn't have a picture, but chatting with him made me feel so good I decided I didn't really care what he looked like. I just enjoyed talking to someone who just seemed to enjoy my company and wanted to take me out. I had been so lonely; I just wanted to have some fun.

It was a warm night in July when we met: shortly after sunset. We had a date to go to a jazz concert. I prepared carefully, and with some degree of excitement. This was my first real date in a long time, since my high school prom really. I took a long bubble bath with my favorite body wash, Victoria's Secret – Secret Crush. I put on my black satin bra and panties and put a splash of body spray in a few strategic places. I wanted to make a good first impression, so I put on my best "get im" ensemble... the black dress that showed the cleavage and the leg, and the strappy black heels. I've always been a minimalist when it comes to makeup; a little color on the eyes, a little something on the lips and I was ready to go.

When the doorbell rang, I had two kids underfoot, but that didn't stop my jaw from dropping when I first looked into his eyes. He was beautiful... in the most masculine sense of the word. I'm not saying he was pretty, but handsome doesn't cut it, he was like a work of art. He was tall and handsome, with exotic hazel eyes. His hair was fashioned in long, and well kept dredlocks. He was dressed in a dark suit, looking exquisite. I couldn't believe that this guy was interested in me, but it was no time to ask questions. He produced 15 roses; 1 for each sister, 1 for my mother and a dozen for me. He handled my family with the utmost charm and soon we were out the door, walking toward his black Lexus. He guided me with a hand on my shoulder and I felt a warm jolt of electricity as his hand touched my flesh... I had the instinctive feeling that this was going to be a night to remember...

He was the truest of gentlemen from the roses to the way he opened my car door and escorted me in. It wasn't something I was used to. He drove with his arm draped across the back of my seat and his fingers traced innocent circles on the bare flesh of my shoulder as again I felt the warm current of electricity between us. We reached the jazz club and he again came around to open my door and escort me in. I looked at him, again mentally marveling at the fact that he was here with me. The music was wonderful. We both enjoyed a single glass of wine, him mainly because he was driving, I just because I liked to be cautious with alcohol.

We chatted during the pauses in the music. Nothing too significant, we had covered the essentials online; this was just about feeling the chemistry between us.

I felt extremely drawn to him in ways I couldn't explain. I found myself lost in his eyes for minutes at a time. He took my hand, kissed it, and asked me to dance. We stood, as I found myself drawn into his embrace as we danced. So close to him, so close to his eyes ... I drowned in them as my body came alive in new ways as it melted into him. I was intensely aware of every place in which his hand touched me: my bare shoulder, the small of my back, my hip... he casually grazed my behind and one hand rested there. My head rested on his shoulder and I felt as though we were floating. And then he stroked my hair gently and I looked up at him. He guided my face upward, tilting my chin and his lips caressed mine. The kiss was gentle, magical. So magical in fact, that my inhibitions melted. He kneaded my flesh with his hands and I moaned softly, reeling from the sensations, my body on fire from the inside out.

After a time the music faded and it was time to leave. This time as he drove his hand rested not on my shoulder but on my thigh. Without much thought my legs parted a bit and his fingers toyed with the hem of my dress and danced higher and higher on my flesh. I had grown most definitely wet, and though part of me screamed in disapproval the larger part of me wantonly wished for him to discover this moistest of flesh. Then, at a red light, for the briefest of moments he did just that and a moan escaped my lips.

"Don't take me home, not yet. Take me with you"

He was silent, and withdrew his hand from my thigh. I let out a disappointed sigh until he changed direction.

"Don't look so disappointed Sweetness" he said, "you are so intoxicating that you steal my attention from the road. If I keep looking at my hand and its travels, there's no telling where this car will end up."

I laughed, for even through my haze of passion, I could see the humor. That haze however, was hard to shake. I squeezed my thighs together. I cracked my window, hoping that the air would cool me, but realized as my nipples responded to the cool breeze that this too was a mistake.

"It's too quiet, why don't we listen to a little music" I said, reaching for the radio controls.

He grabbed my hand, preventing me, and I felt the same electricity as before this time heightened by my arousal. "Music" he whispered as we stopped at another red light, "Is a wonderful idea. Why don't you make some for me?" With that, he guided my hand into my lap and placed it where his had left off, firmly against the thin layer of black satin. I gasped in shock and passion.

"Just the music I want to hear ... please do continue."

Absently, I stroked the satin strip, feeling it grow increasingly moist. I moaned softly the whole while. He did not look at me, but kept his eyes glued firmly on the road as we reached yet another red light.

"Stop" he said firmly, and I did. "A question my dear; have you ever felt leather against your bare flesh?" I shook my head no. "Well then, now you will learn what you have been missing. Pull up your dress,let it gather at your waist, then pull down your panties. Let the leather caress your skin"

I did as he instructed, and no sooner than my panties had fallen to my ankles, I found myself grinding against the leather, breathing heavily.

"Music to my ears" he said as he glanced at me briefly, "And a feast to my eyes, although I would say your nipples might protest your neglect." Indeed my nipples were standing at attention, so much so that they were obvious through my dress. No sooner than he had stopped speaking, my breasts were cupped in my hands.

I had never done anything like this before, but here I was in this man's car, fondling my breasts with my bare ass against the leather seats and my panties around my ankles, eyes closed as the car filled with the music of my moans and the smell of my sex. Yet at this moment, I could find no protest. Everything seemed completely natural as I submitted to his will.

I was drawn out of my thoughts as the car rolled to a stop. But this time, it wasn't a red light, we had pulled into a garage, and the automatic door was closing behind us.

"Welcome to my little corner of the world" he said as he stepped out of the car and came around to my door.

He opened my door and I instinctively began to step out. He stopped me before I could, wordlessly reminding me that my ankles were hindered. He helped me to stand and then knelt down and slid the panties back up from my ankles, past my calves, over my thighs, and back into place.

Then he stood, pulling me into another of those magical kisses. This one was less chaste than the first, now that we were in private. As he kissed me, he slid the zipper of my dress down my back and caressed the bare flesh he had exposed. He broke the kiss long enough to slide the dress off completely and tossing it into the car, then pushing me against the car he kissed my lips a while longer and then moved down to my neck kissing with a fierce passion ... but then he hesitated. I looked at him with an eyeful of questions and he turned away.

"I can't." He whispered.

"Can't what?" I asked, my voice faltering.

"I must take you home, before this goes too far."

"Davinci: look at me? I'm standing in your garage in black lingerie. I think it was perfectly clear where this was going. If you didn't want this then why did you bring me here?" I demanded.

"I am not a man ... not like any man you've ever known and I..." He grew silent and still.

I was utterly confused and crushed at the sudden rejection. I approached him and embraced him, though his back was still turned. "I don't understand" I whispered, "If you want to stop; to take me home, that's fine but I'm not going anywhere until you tell me why"

He turned to me, and he looked different, but I couldn't place what it was. His eyes had a fire within that wasn't there before. It wasn't so much a visible difference, but they were more piercing ... haunting. He took my hand in his and I noticed his nails, they were pointed and sharp as blades. They hadn't been that way before. Then he spoke revealing fangs and repeating what he had said before.

"I am not a man, not like any man you've ever known. Now do you understand?"

I was speechless for a moment. Part of it was fear, part of it intrigue. My mind said to run, but I couldn't, I didn't want to.

"So you're a ... a vampire? And all that time online and on the phone; it was just an excuse to... " I said, finally starting to back away.

"Yes I am a vampire. But you are something special. My life is a lonely one indeed. When I told you I was drawn to you, this was true. I just wanted to not be a monster for a night... but I am what I am. That is why this can't go further. The hunger when I kissed you there, the hunger was so strong."

As he spoke, he seemed to return to normal or to what I thought was normal. The voice inside, telling me to run, was still present but was growing faint, as the urge to stay increased. I was still drawn to him, and even without that magnetism, I had so many questions. Vampires had always been in the same mental category as the monster under a child's bed, not real: but there was no denying the reality of the transformation I had just seen. I had so many questions. Mentally and physically unfulfilled, I couldn't bring myself to leave, not yet.

"May I come in? Just for a while. I have questions... I think I deserve answers."

Wordlessly he escorted me inside. The air-conditioned house was cool, making me suddenly aware of my clothing or lack thereof. He disappeared and returned with a robe for me to wear. I wrapped it around me and sat down on the black leather sofa.

"Why do you trust me?" He asked, "When I don't even trust myself."

"If you were going to hurt me, you would have done it already. We are drawn to each other, there must be a reason... and besides it's not every day one gets to sit down and chat with a vampire" I smiled, and he smiled back. He kissed my forehead in a way that was midway between brotherly and romantic. I felt at ease and not in the least bit afraid that I was spending an evening with a vampire.

I had many questions swimming through my mind and wanted to ask them all at once, but I couldn't quite hold on to one full thought for long enough to ask it.

"I know you have many questions. Ask me what you will, I will answer."

I began hesitantly, with what seemed to be my most pressing question, "If you had bitten me out there, would I be a vampire now?"

"No," he laughed softly, "much of what you've heard about vampires is myth. It takes more than a simple bite to become a vampire. I'll tell you now also that I quite enjoy a good piece of garlic bread, I won't burst in flame at the sight of a crucifix, and I'm not afraid of fire."

That had actually knocked out a few questions at once, so I went with the next most pressing question, "Do you kill people?"

He sighed before he spoke, "I have done some things that I am not proud of, and yes sometimes murder... but I do not have to kill in order to feed, and I try my best not to. I'll answer your next question... Most nights when I feed, I find a woman at a bar or some such place, or let women find me. We flirt, I buy her a few drinks, and we flirt some more until she wants me back at her place. Depending upon my mood, and how many drinks she's had... sometimes we," he paused for a moment and looked at me, "I can't call it making love; sometimes we have sex and sometimes we don't. Either way, once I feed I leave her there sleeping and she never suspects anything more than a one-night stand. Such things are common now, years ago it was more difficult... but I do not enjoy hurting people, and I try to be as harmless as possible"

"So then why, am I different?" I asked.

"Because you are here, not in a hotel room or your home: Because you aren't drunk and because, you... I can't explain the rest"

We continued with question and answer for a while. I learned that he was about 170 years old. He had been a slave and was in his 20's when he became a vampire. I asked him how it had happened and he told me of how the mistress of his plantation was a vampire and how she had deceived him into becoming the same.

"I never knew how she became what she was. Her family thought she was on her deathbed, which is what caused her to demand darkness and sleep all day, only moving about at night. I was her attendant each night because all of the slave women were afraid of her. She was a wanton creature, and made demands of me each night that I was afraid to refuse. Each night after she had filled her blood lust, she forced me to fulfill her carnal ones. Sometimes she would be angry if she hadn't fed well, and would whip me with more force than any man ever had. Otherwise she was fond of me... so fond that she made me into what she was, so that she would have an eternal slave."

"But how," I asked, "did she do it? How do you make a vampire? And you say she deceived you?"

"There are 3 steps to making a new vampire: First, blood must intermingle between the vampire and its subject, and then the subject must drink from the vampire's blood. Finally, the vampire drinks from the subject until they die as a human and are reborn as a vampire. The night of my transformation... I don't know when our blood mingled exactly. She whipped me that night... more fiercely than she ever had; she must have dripped her blood upon my open wounds. Later she gave me a cup to drink from; saying it would give me strength. I drank from the cup, fearing to disobey her, and the next thing I remember was her setting upon me with her fangs. Thus, I became a vampire. I never wished to be what I am," he said sadly.

The tale saddened me. I saw the conflict in his eyes, and imagined him living with it for more than a century. I reached out and put my arm around him and he submitted to my embrace. I held him there for a while. He sat up and looked into my eyes saying, "It's been ages since a woman held me like that." He looked me in the eyes with that piercing gaze until we were both entranced.

Slowly, I slipped the robe from my shoulders, letting it fall. I continued to gaze into his eyes, silently offering myself to him. Without breaking the gaze, I leaned in closer to him. It was not so much an embrace as it was the sheer magnetism of our proximity. A sharp contrast to the fierce passion we had experienced in the garage, this moment was pregnant with passion, but was delicate and soft. His hand caressed my face like fine silk in a soft, warm breeze. Our gaze was never broken and became the window between our souls. We floated into each other and our lips met in a gossamer kiss. Stroking his hair, I offered him my shoulder to cry on, or drink from whatever pleased him, but he did neither. He simply rested there for a few moments, accepting my comfort.

"You are what you are Davinci, you don't have to be ashamed. You don't have to think of yourself as a monster" I whispered.

"It has been years, decades since a woman held me like this. I thank you for your tenderness and sympathy. It means more to me than you know," he said as he leaned in to kiss me again. My gesture however, was far from over. I feathered him with kisses, from his lips down to his neck as I began to undress him. Unbuttoning his shirt, my tongue explored each new patch of exposed flesh. When the shirt was undone, I lavished special attention on each nipple. I rested my head against his chest and listened to his beating heart as my hands sought his pants. He assisted me in this liberation and soon his manhood was free and standing upright in all its glory. It was a beautiful as he was, standing there like a noble monument to his manhood. I took his cock in my hand and for a time there was no thought in my mind of vampires or blood, only passion. I took him in my mouth, my tongue swirling around the tip. I sucked only on the tip for a while continuing to stroke his prick. Then I gradually began taking more and more of his mass into my mouth. My pace was slow and deliberate, until finally I was taking it all in as my fingers massaged his balls. My free hand reached between my own legs, blindly providing myself stimulation. I moaned onto his dick and began to pick up speed, wanting only to pleasure him. I was so focused on his pleasure that I removed my fingers from my wetness and offered them to him. He drew them into his mouth sucking gently as my head bobbed over him, faster and faster, up and down. He reached down to stroke my hair and as the intensity increased his fingers grasped the hair and he took control of my motion, turning me completely into an instrument of his pleasure.

His breath came in gasps, and I felt him twitching inside my mouth. I knew he was approaching the edge. As he did so, he tried to push me away. I looked up at him and saw the same transformation in his eyes as I had seen before, but I didn't care. I continued my oral ministrations until he exploded and as he did so he bit into the finger he had been sucking on. I had been expecting this, but was surprised not at the bite itself but the fact that the pain was only momentary, like a needle shot, and was followed by a small flood of pleasure. I swallowed every drop of his seed and then rose from his lap, offering my throat to him. This time the combination of fleshly lust and bloodlust combined were powerful enough to stop him from hesitating and he sank his fangs into my throat. Again I felt the pinprick followed by a wave of pleasure, then another and another. I clung to him as the room began to spin and my body trembled as though we had just made love for hours. The room slowly faded to black as I continued to float on these waves of intense pleasure.

I awoke no longer on the couch but in a bed. It was a huge four poster bed with satin sheets. I found myself there beneath a blanket. He was beside me stroking my hair, and as soon as I opened my eyes, he was looking into them with concern. He kissed me on my forehead again and sat up.

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