tagSci-Fi & FantasyA Night To Remember

A Night To Remember

byMany Feathers©

It hadn't been just one of those days, but it had been one of those months! Brad Peterson had worked as an Advertising Executive for the past two years. He had moved up in the organization rapidly. At thirty-three, six foot one, with what could only be described as boyishly handsome features, he had achieved phenomenal success in a reasonably short period of time.

He had almost single-handedly saved the Evans-Account this past month. But it had required many hours late into the night. Though far from being in the kind of shape he'd been in younger years, Brad was considered quite the catch by a number of women he had known. Certainly the late-night fast-food take-outs hadn't helped. The small little paunch he carried, a constant reminder that he'd best take control of his eating habits.

It was widely known that the firm had an executive cabin situated in the mountains near Mirror Lake. As a reward for special efforts, or as a perk for entertaining clients, the cabin was made available for those who liked to spend a little time away in the ruggedness of the mountains. Mirror Lake was certainly known for it's superb fishing and hiking areas, but as it was an expensive piece of real estate in which to own property, there were few cabins. This gave the additional comfort and enjoyment of real privacy and seclusion.

Brad was already clearing off his desk in anticipation of an elongated weekend retreat. As it was about a two-hour drive, he had some final last minute details to attend to, home to pack, and then with luck, would reach the cabin shortly before nightfall.

He planned on spending two days all by his self. A chance to hike, to fish perhaps, but mostly to simply spend some time reading and relaxing away from the past month's intense pressures. The woman he had been semi-dating, though for pleasure more than anything else, had been invited to join him sometime Sunday.

With a smile on his face, Brad told Alice, his Executive Assistant to knock off early and headed home to finish packing. Brad was really looking forward to the weekend along with the scenic drive up to the lake.

As he left the building, heading towards his car in the parking lot, he noticed that the skies hinted at the possibility of an oncoming storm.

"Oh well," he thought. "I always have enjoyed a good lightning and thunderstorm." Even the darkening skies were welcome, more than what they otherwise might have been.

It had taken a little longer than Brad had anticipated to finish packing. Though he knew the cabin had a well-stocked bar, any other supplies would have to be purchased. Glancing at his new Rolex, he realized that he'd be arriving at the cabin well after dark. But even this didn't hamper his mood. Besides the ample supply of alcohol, he also knew that a rather extensive video library awaited him with a wide variety of some pretty hard-core X-rated videos. It was also rumored that some very private video's existed which remained under lock and key for V.I.P viewing only. He wondered if the set of keys he carried included access to those.

"Guess I'll find out soon enough" he said to himself.

Brad had just reached the mouth of the canyon when the storm finally broke. There was a 'Last Chance' grocery and gasoline store on the corner. And though the cabin was less than thirty miles away at this point, the winding tricky curves would cut down his travel time. He saw no need to stop. He had everything he needed. And with the onset of the storm, he also surmised that the weather conditions might delay him even further.

At first his windshield wipers easily handled the rain as it fell. But as the skies darkened, as the first peels of thunder and lightning began, the rain intensified to the point that Brad was forced to slow down. The wipers were barely allowing him enough time to see clearly up the gradually winding road. It was fortunate that the road was little traveled. Brad had seen only one other vehicle, an old light blue pick-up truck that had passed him a few minutes earlier from the opposite direction.

As he drove, his mind began to wander. He was driving safely enough for existing conditions and with no other traffic on the highway; he could once again indulge himself with fantasies for the weekend. He thought of Amanda, or "Mandy" as he called her. She worked at the same ad agency he did, and had on one or two evenings helped him with the Evan's account. But that had not been the only thing she'd helped him with late at night either. He was in the process of imagining her sweet lips sucking his cock when he was suddenly jerked back to reality by what he thought was a deer crossing the road.

Brad slammed on the car's brakes, barely avoiding the deer. The car fishtailed briefly until he brought it back under control again. For a second, he wondered if he had in fact actually hit the animal as he'd heard, or imagined hearing a slight "thump". As the rain was now more a deluge than a simple downpour, Brad wasn't real excited to have to go outside to have a look. But he felt he didn't have any choice in the matter either. He put his hand on the door release when suddenly the pounding of someone on the passenger side window startled him. He turned, half expecting to see some wild crazed deer trying to gore the side of his car. Instead, Brad sat with disbelief as he starred into the face of a beautiful young woman pounding on the window. Almost immediately he reached over unlocking the door.

"Oh thank God!" the drenched mystery woman stated as she climbed onto the seat beside him. "I didn't think anyone would be coming up this road with the storm and all".

"Are you O.K?" Brad finally managed to ask her. " I almost hit you back there!"

"Oh no. I'm fine really. Just soaked."

Brad noticed her for the first time. She was beautiful! Even with long dark stringy-wet hair, and mascara running all over her face, she was still beautiful. He saw her shiver, noticing that her blouse was clinging to her skin. Two very hard pointed nipples testified to the fact that she wasn't wearing much of anything to guard against the weather. He handed her his parka from behind the seat.

"Here, wear this," he offered. "What in the world are you doing out here dressed like that anyway?

She was already in the process of removing her wet blouse as Brad handed her the jacket. But as dark as it was, he could hardly see much anyway, figuring she knew that too.

"I was on my way up to my family's cabin," she began. "And then suddenly, out of nowhere, this deer suddenly appeared in the headlights. I hit the brakes, but hit the deer and spun out of control. My car went off the road down that embankment back there."

Once again Brad asked her. "Like I said before, are you alright?"

"Oh, I'm fine. Really. Just a little shaken up is all. And wet."

Brad couldn't see her smiling, but he heard it in the sound of her voice. In it, he could tell how truly grateful she was for his having stopped.

"Maybe I should go back and have a look at your car."

"Not necessary, it's a wreck. That's for sure. But I can get a tow-truck up here in the morning. Right now, I just need a lift up to our cabin, and a little more heat if you wouldn't mind."

Brad obliged her, turning on the interior heat full blast.

"There are some fresh towels in that bag there in the corner," he said pointing over his shoulder at the back seat. "Your welcome to use one of those to dry off with."

"Oh thank you. That really would be nice. I really am soaked!" She half turned to reach over the seat when a bright flash of lightening lit up the inside of the car. Though she was wearing the jacket, she had not zipped it up. Brad caught a glimpse of one of her very full rounded breasts as she leaned over retrieving the towels. He couldn't believe his good fortune at running into her like this, realizing he didn't know her name.

"By the way. My name's Brad Peterson."

"Vicky. Vicky Ellis," she replied. "And once again, thank you so much for stopping!"

Brad put the car back onto the road, and they began the drive even more slowly up the canyon. "Why on earth are you out here by yourself anyway?" he finally questioned.

"Well, for starters, it's my birthday. I just turned twenty one."


"Thank you. Secondly, I've invited several of my friends up to my parent's cabin for the weekend, you know, sort of a celebration. Anyway, I wanted to come up before hand so as to open the place up and air it out, you know, clean it up a little before they arrive."

Brad nodded his head in understanding. "And then the storm hit."

"Exactly. And then I hit the deer."

"And then I nearly hit you."

"Exactly!" she laughed saying.

Brad couldn't help but notice that even with the heat going full blast, and her having at least removed her soaked blouse that she was still shivering. "How far away is your cabin?"

"Oh...it's about five or six miles further up from here."

Once again she began to dry her wet hair with the towel she had taken from the backseat. With the little bit of illumination from the dashboard lighting, Brad looked briefly in her direction. She still hadn't zipped up the jacket she was wearing, and her breasts were clearly seen as she sat leaning forward drying her hair. He wondered briefly if she knew he could see her. Wondered if she was in some strange sort of way, thanking him for his having stopped for her. He quickly put that notion out of his mind however. After all, she'd just turned twenty-one, and her generation was even more open-minded about nudity and things like that than his had been. Brad had to force himself to keep from looking at her, keeping his eyes on the road. The rain may have let up a little from its earlier deluge, but it was still raining pretty hard.

"We should be there pretty soon," he offered. "Then we can get you out of those wet clothes." Brad realized how what he'd just said might have sounded to her. "Oh, I'm sorry...I didn't mean...."

"No need to apologize," she said laughing. "I need to get me out of these wet clothes too. There!" She suddenly pointed through the windshield of the car. " It should be just around this next bend, there's a turn-off, then a bridge over the river up the drive to our property."

Brad saw the turn-off shortly after that. But as they started up the slight incline to where the bridge should have been, he was forced to once again slam on the brakes.

"Holy shit!" he exclaimed as they came to a jarring halt. He quickly rolled down his window to look outside just ahead of where the car had come to a stop. The bridge was gone!

"Oh wow! We were lucky. It looks like the river's washed out the bridge." Instead of peering out her own window, Vicky leaned over across him to have a look. He felt her more than saw anything of course, but knew that her breasts had grazed his arm as she leaned over him.

"Damn. Now what am I going to do?" she stated. "We obviously can't get across the river with the bridge out, and I don't know if I can even find a safe place to cross in the dark!"

"Well. I guess you'll just have to spend the night with me." This time he laughed before offering up another unintended innuendo by way of explanation. But she had already caught his implied tease and sincere offer of help.

"Well, I guess I'll just have to do that!" she finally responded back. "My friends aren't due until the afternoon anyway. And hopefully by that time, this storm will have let up, and I can find another way to cross the river."

Brad told her how he'd first help her to get her car towed back in the morning, and then secondly, how they'd find a way to get her up to her cabin.

"What I really want to do more than anything else is get into something warm and dry. And then, if you don't mind, I'll help you fix us something to eat! Oh...and since I AM twenty-one, I could really use a drink too!" she added.

"So could I," Brad thought to himself. "So could I!"

By the directions he'd been given, he knew there was no chance the river had washed away the bridge to the Agency's cabin. It was on the opposite side of the road. Immediately ahead was the turn off, and Brad electrically opened the gate as he'd also been instructed to do as they turned up the long drive.

"We're here," he announced unnecessarily. "I'll get us as close as I can to the door, then we'll rush inside. I think I've got something you can slip into, and then we'll see about those drinks and something to eat."

He was able to maneuver the car just a short distance away from the cabin. Unfortunately, it was still far enough away that both of them would be soaked before either of them reached it.

"Run?" Vicky questioned. And then suddenly bolted out her side of the car.

Brad grabbed what he could easily carry, racing behind her, only reaching the door seconds after she did. Until he could figure out how to get the generator going, all they had for light was the flashlight he had thought to bring along.

"Here. Use this," he said handing it to her. "See if you can find a lantern or something."

Vicky spotted a pair of lanterns sitting on the counter. "I think this has already been anticipated," she announced. "There are two of them over here. And a box of matches too!"

Brad quickly joined her, and in seconds had both lanterns lit. "Here, take this bag and go upstairs, see if you can find something warm and comfortable to wear. I'll see about getting a fire going, and then we'll hunt down those drinks and eats."

He watched her ascend the stairs to the upper level of the cabin carrying one of the lanterns. The soft glowing light from it cast an eerie aura about her as she climbed. It was like watching an apparition floating in the air. Vicky soon disappeared from view to where the bedrooms were, and Brad finally took a few moments to acquaint himself with the interior of the cabin.

Along one entire wall stood an enormous fireplace. A neatly stacked pile of freshly cut wood waited to be used. It was a large 'A' frame structure. He'd managed to see on the short run up, that a balcony ran all along the outside of the unit. Inside, the layout was spacious and rustic. Just in front of the massive stone fireplace was a conversation pit, filled with oversized pillows and even a real bear rug covering the floor. The kitchen was behind them as was the bar which Brad had already taken stock of as being fully supplied with everything imaginable. A spiral staircase led upstairs to the bedrooms. Two were adjoining if needed, and could be opened into one large bedroom area. Brad could only imagine what that might have been used for. A separate bedroom was situated nearer the back, but had the open bonus of being half in and half outside of the cabin, enclosed only by a screened mesh to keep out the bugs from otherwise spoiling the whole affect. During the winter months the room could be completely sealed off against the elements by a concealed panel that expanded from within the wall and ran around a track so as to wall off the opening. Brad hoped the weather would certainly improve, as it would definitely be a lot more fun if they were able to enjoy that particular feature of this place. It was then that he caught himself in his thinking. "By they," had he been thinking about his girlfriend, or about Vicky sharing it with him? Though he had caught the thought, he wasn't sure which one he'd honestly meant. At that moment he heard Vicky coming back down the stairs.

"So, what do you think?" she asked.

She stood above him about half way down. She'd obviously removed her soaked jeans, borrowed parka, and now stood in nothing more than one of Brad's long sleeved flannel shirts. Dropping her arms, they both had a good laugh as the sleeves fell well beyond her fingertips.

"It's a bit big for me. But it was also about the warmest, most comfy thing I could find to wear."

"You look great!" Brad complimented. And he noticed that though her hair was still slightly damp, she had managed to dry it sufficiently so that it hung more naturally, accentuating her perfectly molded face. Likewise, she had repaired the mascara, and though she had a more natural look, he confirmed to himself just how beautiful she really was. He watched as she finished coming down the last few remaining steps. He noticed how her long legs looked, just ending beneath the tail of the flannel shirt. He caught himself wondering how little else she was wearing...if anything. Brad reached her side just as she got to the bottom of the stairs, handing her a drink.

"Not sure what you might prefer, but thought this would at least warm you up for starters."

Taking the wineglass he'd offered, she clinked it against his.

"Thank you. It's perfect. But I really think that you need to be getting out of your wet clothes too," she stated.

Not wanting her to misconstrue any more remarks, Brad simply smiled, excusing himself to slip past her. Surprisingly, she didn't move out of the way as he'd expected. Instead, she moved towards him and before he realized what was even happening, she kissed him. He felt her immediately press herself against him. Her wonderfully firm full breasts now rested comfortably against his chest. Their kiss lingered, he actually felt a little light-headed and dizzy by it. It was Vicky who finally broke the kiss. Brad was not sure he would have been able to if she hadn't.

As he had managed to get a pretty good fire going by the time she had returned, she led him over and down into the conversation pit. Once there, she quickly unbuttoned his shirt, helping him to remove it, tossing it off to one side.

"I thought you said you were hungry?" Brad managed to haltingly ask her.

"I am. But not for food at the moment," she smiled saying.

Even Brad had to admit given the circumstances; he normally would have tried to take advantage of the situation. But there was something about her that was intoxicating. If he'd barely had a sip or two of wine, he might have tried to blame it on that. But simply in kissing her as he had, he had become drunk with desire for her, unexplainably so. She was after all twenty-one. As such, he was content to allow her to lead him along in whatever direction she had in mind.

Having pulled him down onto the floor, she sat astride him, saddling herself near his knees. With the backdrop of the fire burning warmly and brightly behind her, she began to deftly unbutton the buttons of the flannel shirt she had borrowed. For Brad, it seemed like an eternity of time passed as each was opened, revealing more and more of her charms. At last, as the final barrier was breached, she shrugged off the garment with a simple gesture. He was tempted to stare directly at her fully exposed breasts. But he gazed into her eyes instead.

Whether it was from the flickering light of the fire, or the dancing shadows around the room, coupled with the intense excitement of the moment, he didn't know, or fully understand. But as he gazed into her eyes, he saw twin pools of tiny flittering lights, almost like stars in the sky and felt his self drawn to her unlike any other woman he had ever known or been with before. Only then did he finally dare to look at her. Almost as if he had to double check to make sure she was really there. He could not believe this was really happening to him. Here he was...alone with a beautiful woman that he had only just met. The softness of the fire's light the only source except for the occasional erotically added light of the lightening just outside. Even the peel and rolling waves of thunder seemed to add to the atmosphere that had been created.

This time, he pulled her to him. Once again losing his self in their kiss.

"It's strange," Brad thought briefly. "I don't remember feeling this way kissing someone." He kissed her more deeply, content to simply do this. But she escalated the situation by placing one of his hands against her breast. Even this sensation was overpowering. As he cupped her firm rounded tit, he caressed flesh that seemed to have a life of its own. His hand felt tingly as he touched her, his fingertips seemed super sensitive against the softness of her skin.

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