tagGroup SexA Night with Ashley and Friend

A Night with Ashley and Friend


My wife and I have been married for over a year; she's ten years older than I am at 37 and a lovely, voluptuous lady. Even back in high school days, I always seemed drawn to the girls no one else wanted.

After I had begun dating and then married Ashley, most of my friends thought I had lost my mind. Besides, I wasn't looking for a bikini model to drape on my arm, so who cared what they thought.

I think, though, they would have a change of opinion if they knew how hot in bed she was; outside of that, she is the most loving, caring woman I had ever met. Even at her size, she takes cares of herself and carries herself better than most size 6 chicks I know.

I travel a lot as part of a sports entertainment franchise, and have girls throw themselves at me, but I wouldn't think of hurting Ash that way.

Nevertheless, I know she can get pretty horny when I am away, but we usually scratched our itches with some good phone sex every night, so I knew Ash wouldn't screw around on me either.

Or so I thought...

On the night in question, I had come home early from the road and wasn't able to find Ashley anywhere; I presumed she had gone out with one of her girlfriends like she tends to do when I am away.

I went upstairs with the idea of taking a shower, but there was a noise coming from bedroom, and I had gone there after hearing Ash's voice.

The door had been ajar, and did I get a shock! There was my wife, naked on the bed with her legs spread wide open, with a blonde going down on her and Ash's face marked with ecstasy throughout the whole thing.

I couldn't believe my wife was in bed with someone else. But it could have been worse; at least she hadn't been with another guy.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhh.... Yes, Kayla, right there! God, yes! Eat my pussy! Don't stop now!" she was panting and crying out.

I knew a lot of things about Ash--or so I thought--but I never thought she would also be into fucking women, or that I would be so turned on watching her with her best friend!

I felt my own cock growing hard as I saw Ashley push away Kayla's head after she'd cum one last time, then moved herself until both of them were into the 69 position.

Ashley then planted her mouth on Kayla's own pussy, licking and eating away at it while her busty blond friend resumed her attack on Ashley's own cunt.

Their cries of orgasms were now muffled by their faces buried in the pussy of the other; then Kayla slide two fingers into Ash's bald snatch as she nibbled on my wife's clit.

It hadn't taken long either of their bodies to tighten and let go an array of intense orgasms, not missing a stroke of Kayla's fingers fucking both my wife's ass and cunt.

I guess I must have groaned at the sight of the scene unfolding in front of me; both women had frozen before Ashley tossed Kayla off of her and sat up on the bed. Just seeing her beautiful nakedness made me even hornier.

"Hello?" she called out.

I knew I was somewhat busted now; I figured I had better make myself known, and besides, I was at the point that I needed to fuck Ash in the worst way after seeing her getting it on with her girlfriend.

"Having fun, baby?" I peeked in mischievously.

"Oh my God, Paul!" Ashley gasped while Kayla looked embarrassed, "I didn't mean for this..."

I cut her off, grinning and nodding, knowing now the tent in my pants would hardly be unnoticed. "You don't have to say anything, babe."

Her eyes then went to my crotch. "Does this mean you forgive me, then?" she purred teasingly.

"Of course. I know what a horny little minx you can be."

"Well, then, how about showing us how forgiving you are by getting those damn clothes off and joining the party?" Ash teased me further.

It was a miracle I hadn't cum in my pants right at that moment; it was already a turn on that even after the hot lesbian action she'd had with Kayla she was ready for me, but the idea of doing both of them got me going even more.

I stripped within minutes and climbed into bed between both of them. The two ladies looked at my cock size very hungrily.

"Wow! I would of never imagined Paul here having such a big dick!" Kayla said, wide eyed.

"But he certainly does!" Ashley responded. "And he knows what to do with it too."

"Oh, baby!" Kayla purred as she put her finger lightly on my bare chest as she slowly worked it all the way down to my rock hard cock, then both she and Ash began kissing me all over my body.

"How would you like a little taste of that, Kay?" Ashley asked her sexy friend, still eyeing my dick.

"Mmm, I think he needs something," Kayla giggled.

"Go ahead, suck his cock," Ash encouraged her.

Kayla then slid down between my legs, kissing my mammoth cock all over, and then put it into her mouth. Damn! What a fantastic cocksucker!

Even though Ash was great at giving head, Kayla had the corner market on deep throat. It wasn't long before I quickly felt my balls tighten and I flooded her mouth with cum.

Before I could apologize for cumming so soon out of excitement, Ash then leaned over, pulling Kayla up for a deep French kiss, swapping my seed between their beautiful mouths.

Ash then broke the kiss, gently putting Kayla on her back.

"I think you owe Kay a little favor for that great blow job she gave you, Paul," she purred. "And she has a nice hot pussy too."

She didn't have to ask twice; I knelt down between Kayla's sexy legs. She began to gasp, pant and squeal as my talented tongue licked her pussy outside and inside.

"Oh God, Paul!" she cried through very quivering lips as she erupted in multiple orgasms.

"I forgot to tell you that his mouth is as talented as his cock, didn't I?" Ashley laughed as she watched Kayla cum in many earth-shattering orgasms from my attack on her snatch.

"And how! And he looks like he just found my sweet spot!" Kayla gasped breathlessly as she then rammed my whole head into her pussy with both of her hands, tossing her head back and closed her eyes, so she could really get a thorough licking.

After Kayla came one last time, I'd gotten another healthy erection and it was my wife's turn to suck me.

Before I could cum, though, she'd gotten up and Kayla straddling me replaced Ash's warm mouth. Ash then whispered sexily in my ear to fuck her best friend while she watched us.

"Oh my God, Paul, I just love this cock of yours. I can never get enough!" Kayla cried as she bounced vigorously up and down on my excited fuck tool.

Wow! I was having the time of my life both seeing my wife get herself off while her best friend was giving my cock the workout of a lifetime. Kayla then gasped, throwing her arms and legs tighter around me, moaning with overwhelming passion.

Seeing this gorgeous, hot blond going up and down on my cock like this caused me to explode so mightily my knees buckled, but I managed to still hold her up in my arms as I was fucking her before shooting a large load into her cunt.

"OH YES!!!" she then cried in ecstasy as she exploded in multiple orgasms that rocked her whole body greatly. It was almost if she and Ash were cumming in unison.

I then put Kayla gently down on the bed again after we fucked and, amazingly enough, my cock was still as hard as can be.

Ashley then quickly got doggy style as she shimmied her fantastic ass sexily at me.

"Come on, husband, it's my turn for some of that cock!" she giggled in lust as I quickly mounted her.

"That's it, lover boy, fuck your wifey good!" Ash said aloud as I kept on thrusting away inside of her.

I was banging my voluptuous, sexy wife like a bucking bronco holding on for dear life as I heard her erotic moans of pleasure.

I knew I was not going to last too much longer before I exploded a second load of cum right inside of her. Ash could not hold out much longer either as she moaned and exploded in one mighty orgasm after another.

The ladies finally let me rest for a while before Ash began playing with my cock again.

"Did I tell you that Kayla here also likes anal?" she grinned slyly at me. "And I know how you like to fuck a nice ass."

"Shit, Ash, are you asking me to..."

"Mmm, hmm. Show my girl how good you can give it in the back door as well as you do in the front one."

Kayla then had taken the cue and quickly got doggy style.

"Fuck me in the ass, Paul. I just love it!" she cooed as I quickly did what was said of me as I started banging her.

"Harder, Paul! Harder!" Kayla cried as I started to pump faster and faster.

"Wow! Ashley wasn't kidding when she said you know how to fuck a woman!" she cried happily as she then exploded wildly over and over and over again in earth shattering orgasms.

"I guess I do!" I answered back, laughing as I enjoyed watching her cumming wildly through my attack on her beautiful ass.

I then felt the swelling of my cock that guys get when they are just about ready to cum as I exploded mightily inside of her.

My filling her ass with jism triggered off another great orgasm for Kayla. Who knew a chick would have so many anal orgasms?

"Damn, Paul! You are one great lover!" Kayla praised as I slowly pulled out of her.

Ashley then turned around and faced me as she quickly began to clean off and then suck my cock to still another fabulous erection.

I knew what she wanted the minute I was hard as a rock again, and she quickly got doggy style too. I happily pushed into and banged her own full, sexy ass.

"Oh, Paul! Harder! Fuck me harder! I want you to make me cum even more than Kayla!" my wife purred as she closed her eyes and braced herself as her body then stiffened as I gave her orgasm after orgasm of her own.

"Oh baby, you are really giving me what I want. Keep it coming!" Ash gushed as she kept on exploding in ecstasy.

"Yes, baby! Yessss! Fuck your wifey, Paul. That's' it. Yes! Baby! Yes! Cum in my ass!" she cried in great lust as we both exploded mightily into orgasm.

We must have dozed off for a while because it was almost ten when I woke up with a start. My cock was as hard as granite again and got even harder when Ash grabbed it and began to stroke me off with those lovely hands of hers.

I could feel the great amount of cum building up inside of me as my wife and Kayla taking turns jerking me off and quickly rising to the top; I knew I was quickly going to shoot off to a most tremendous orgasm, and soon.

"Cum on our tits, Paul," Ashley said sexily as I quickly grabbed my cock and began to pump away.

Standing up quickly, I then did a long moan of pleasure as I hit tremendous orgasm, spewing huge gobs of thick, hot cum on both sets of tits.

"Wow, honey, that was so fantastic," both of them praised once I have given each of their breasts plenty of sperm to lick off and rub into each other's skin.

Sometime that night, we all went to sleep together and the next thing I knew, it was daylight when we all woke up again. The three of us proceeded to have some sexy fun in the shower before Kayla had to get dressed and leave.

I think next time my wife gets horny while I am on the road, she is certainly welcome to invite Kayla over for some fun play.

And of course, I know Ash will reward me for it by letting me play with her best friend too, whether on the phone or in bed with us. What guy could have it any better?

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