tagBDSMA Night with Ellie Ch. 02

A Night with Ellie Ch. 02


Wearing only black boxer shorts and with a cup of coffee in his hand, Ben was enjoying being alone in Ellie's flat. The coffee was good, there was food to eat and her clothes that were strewn around the room were reminding him of last night. It was Saturday and Ben had no particular plans for the day. He took his time showering and dressing and it was almost 11am when he turned off the lights and walked to the front door.

"You're fucking joking!"

Ben knew his date was kinky, he'd spent the night in chains, but now she'd left him locked inside her small basement flat. The heavy front door was locked with two high security deadlocks and he already knew that every window was protected by security bars. He pulled out his phone and dialled the stunningly beautiful redhead.


Ellie's jeans were perched on a stool behind the counter of her boutique clothing store when the call arrived and she took a deep breath before speaking.

"I hoped you might stay for dinner," she replied seductively.

"Dinner? Ellie, it's not even lunchtime?" Ben cried as his study of the high security grille was interrupted by the sight of Ellie's silk underwear.

"Well... maybe if you had no plans today... and being left locked inside a girl's flat isn't going to be too inconvenient..."


"You can watch a movie and play with my underwear."

Ben dropped the lingerie back on the bed and looked around nervously.

"I'll only be a few hours and then I promise I'll be nice..."

Ben smiled as he dropped down on to the sofa with the TV remote, "Guess I'll see you tonight."

Ellie hung up and exhaled excitedly. She'd done it, another crazy fantasy was about to come true. She had a gorgeous guy locked in her flat, waiting for her to return. That was so cool! She pulled at her jeans and pushed down between her legs. Her underwear wasn't going to last the day.


Ellie was a little apprehensive that night as she pulled her keys from her bag and unlocked her front door. She slipped inside and quickly relocked the door. Her boots clipped on the wooden floor, her slightly damp underwear moved inside her fitted jeans and body was burning up inside her leather jacket. She was breathing quickly as she waited to find out whether Ben was still enjoying 'Ellie' style love.

Ben didn't disappoint as she found him tidying the kitchen, wearing only boxer shorts, with the rest of his athletic physique on display. She strode in, giving him the full power of her piercing green eyes; both strong and dominant, yet hiding almost shyly behind her long red hair that framed her slim face. She used her eyes to hold Ben in a trance as she kissed him.

"My dream come true," she breathed, easing her leather jacket off her shoulders and on to the floor, "...almost."

"Remove the boxers?" Ben asked, his hands already unbuttoning her jeans.

"Hey, you're like a caged animal!"

"What did you expect?" Ben asked, his arms now around her waist, "You left me in a cage."

Ellie ducted out and skipped back to her room only to return with a set of travel restraints. She wrapped the first chain around Ben's bare waist and ratcheted his wrists inside two ominously high security handcuffs hanging from either side of the chain. Seconds later and her slim fingers had also squeezed the foot cuffs closed around his ankles.

"Now you're my dream guy," Ellie panted, whipping her black jumper off over her head, kicking off her shoes and sliding her legs out of her now very warm blue jeans.

"From tough biker chick to lingerie model," Ben breathed, his shackled hands clattering to touch her body, barely covered by pink panties and teddy.

"Don't underestimate me darling, I have all the power," she flicked back her hair, "and the only key to those mean things."

Ellie approached him slowly and provocatively as Ben shuffled back in his chains, her look of uncontrolled arousal only amplifying his feeling of helplessness. He tried to lift his hands to caress her breasts, but could only reach her waist and the silky pink material that curved down between her legs.

"So where's the key?" he asked, a feeling of frustrated lust already engulfing him.

Ellie smiled as she pictured the key that was nestled somewhere deep inside her lingerie drawer, hidden from sight by layers of silk, pink and pastels, all of which had a story to tell, each having each spent many hours deep within the intimate confines of her body. While the key was trapped in there, Ben would be exploring her body, his lips caressing regions that not even her panties had seen. Just thinking about it made her tingle.

"You should know better than to ask me that..." she replied after a slight pause, as she slinked off to her bedroom.


Ellie showered and returned to the kitchen in a short red cocktail dress and bare feet. Her damp hair was hanging loose and her eyes were as intense as ever. Ben was sitting on a bar stool with two empty wine glasses in front of him; the wine itself was out of reach on the high shelf.

Ellie brushed past him and made a show of standing on one leg and elegantly stretching up to reach the wine, her short dress riding up high enough to show her underwear. She then saw Ben's phone on the counter and once more stretched up to put it out of reach, once more showing her silk lingerie riding up between her cheeks.

"Love the panties... perhaps more things need to go on the shelf," Ben smiled.

"Good I'll gag you with them later."

"I'll keep quiet then."

"You'll have to when I shove these inside..." Ellie purred, her eyes twinkling, her libido running like crazy just watching Ben sitting helplessly in his chains.

She blew a stray hair from her eye as she poured the wine and stuck a straw in Ben's glass. She then turned and lifted her dress to show how her panties had already pulled tight and slipped up between her cheeks, "Lucky you," she breathed.

Ellie took Ben by the arm and led him into the lounge, Ben's feets shuffling madly just to keep pace with the excited girl. She pushed him forward and with his speed limited by the six inch chain between his ankles, he fell forward on to the cushions laid out on the floor and within less than a second Ellie sat down astride his body.

"Key or no key, I can still win this," he laughed out loud, thrusting his hips up and knocking Ellie on to the cushions next to him. Ben tensed his abs and sat up just in time to avoid Ellie legs from wrapping around his neck.

"Lucky you, that would have been game over," she exclaimed as she looked up from all fours, her red hair bouncing wildly behind her in a ponytail.

"Do you always wrestling in a cocktail dress?" Ben asked, trying to buy some time.

"I do with you," Ellie was now creeping forward on all fours, "I may need easy access to here." Ellie touched herself between her legs before advancing.

She pushed Ben sideways and he quickly rolled on to his front to avoid being scooped up between her legs. But Ellie changed tactics and simply sat down on his back, threading her legs beneath Ben's arms and crossing her ankles behind his head. She sat on him, waiting with Ben's fit body still tensing and fighting beneath her.

"Relax darling," Ellie said as she caught her breath, "I have you in a lotus lock."

Ellie gently squeezed her knees together, forcing Ben's elbows up behind his back and within a few seconds his shoulders were burning.

"Okay!" he cried, his erect cock crushed beneath their combined weight.

"Good boy."

She held him in place with little effort as she gently massaged his shoulders, enjoying the feel of his strong muscles that were flexing helplessly beneath her. In this position, Ben's arms had no strength and no chance of competing with Ellie's toned legs. She released her grip slightly to give him some respite, but even so he was forced to lay perfectly still moaning quietly on each out breath.

"I can make it so much worse," she breathed, her words almost lost in her own pleasure, "My legs can put you in a living hell."

"I'll do anything!" he moaned.

"Oh darling, what those words do to me..."

Ellie removed her bra and her fingers were exploring her erect nipples that now pressed into the soft fabric of her dress. She eased it down to expose her breasts and then looked down to see if Ben had noticed.

Ben hadn't, he daren't move. His back was being forced into the cushions under her full weight and her legs held his shoulders at the very end of their range. A slight tightening of her overly strong inner thigh muscles and his joints would give way and his shoulders pop out.

"Oh Ellie this is too nice..." his voice trailed off as a wave of stimulants coursed through his helpless body.

She looked down at the whimpering mess beneath her that was trying to move despite the fact that his arms were still immobilised. He craned his head to one side to kiss Ellie's bare feet that were still cross at the ankles holding him in place.

"Please Ellie, I can't move."

"Do you know the penalty of coming without me?"

"No..." Ben tried to wriggle free again, but unlike a chain, her legs immediately tightened on him.

"I'm keeping you down there... lotus locked."

"For how long?" he gasped.

Ellie didn't reply, but casually sipped her wine as if in the cafe with friends.

Ben started to struggle again. He couldn't see her eyes and only had the feel of her legs to tell him what was happening and they unyielding held him in place, tightening up on him each time he tried to escape.

"How long Ellie?"

"Until you're ready to go again of course darling... this time with me!"

Ben relaxed and kissed her feet, pushing his lips between her toes. That appeased her for a while, but slowly she tightened her grip until Ben was again moaning in pain.

"Fuck Ellie that hurts!"

"Then you must be hard," she smiled pleasantly.

"Yeah, fuck yeah!"

With tears forming in Ben's eyes, Ellie released him, slid back and uncurled her legs like a gymnast. She rolled him on to his back and ripped off his wet boxers. Ben's eyes were still closed as she dropped down on to his quivering muscular body and pushed him inside. She didn't have to move, Ben's shaking body was already taking her to another level. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed his trembling lips that immediately kissed her back. He was inside her, still pulsing and thrusting wildly.

It was several minutes later when Ellie's head stopped whirling and she finally felt she could release her grip around Ben's neck. Ben was smiling up at her through dazed damp eyes. Their smiles turned into laughed and she hugged him again.

"More wine?" she offered, clambering up on bare feet and accidentally standing on Ben's chest as she leaned against the nearest wall for balance. The infatuated redhead tried again, almost tripping over Ben's prone body as she giggled into the kitchen.


Ellie walked back to where Ben was sitting on the cushions, letting Ben kiss her thighs as she passed.

"I need to make peace with your legs before they kill me," Ben smiled.

"They won't kill you darling, just torment you..."

With Ellie standing above him, Ben's lips ventured up inside Ellie's dress, across her thigh and pushed aside her panties.

"That's not my legs darling," she giggled.


"No!" she shrieked, the pleasure building up quicker than Ellie had intended.

She lifted one leg over Ben's shoulder and squeezed to lock him into head scissors. With Ben still misbehaving inside her dress, she rolled down on to the cushions, bringing Ben's head with her. Once on the floor, her legs tightened instantly and Ben's eyes looked up from between her hard, toned thighs. She propped herself up on some cushions and watched.

Without his hands, Ben had no way to free himself from her legs and was starting to gasp for breath. He stopped fighting her and instead looking up at her with hopeful, pleading eyes.

"You think your gorgeous eyes will get you out of there?" Ellie asked, straightening the hem on her cocktail dress so that it partially covered Ben's face, "You know I could kill you," she breathed, her ankles crossed, the muscles on her toned legs not yielding for a moment.

Ben was aroused as hell, but also gasping for breath and barely able to speak. He focused on the neat stitching on the woman's cocktail dress. The soft fabric and warm scented air inside her dress at odds with the inescapable hold she had around his neck.

"I love seeing the effect I have on you darling," Ellie breathed, her lips pursed with concentration as she squeezed, "What an erection!"

"... Make love..." Ben croaked before she tightened and forced his head back further. The aroused scent that swirled inside her dress was making Ben even more desperate to make love to the big green eyes. The eyes were momentarily distracted with picking a hair out of her glass of wine, but her legs stayed locked, holding him on the edge.

Ellie ran her fingertips around his chest, sending shivers through his body. Again, he had to stay as still as possible to avoid Ellie's legs from choking him. Her fingertips were now tickling his stomach and then disappeared down between his legs.

Ben tried to bring his legs up to stop her, but Ellie brought one ankle up behind the other knee to lock him in a figure of four hold, "Do I have to execute you darling?" Ellie whispered to the brown eyes peering out from her lap.

Suddenly she let go, spun around and slowly eased on to his over erect cock. It was quick and intense and once again left Ellie lying on his shackled body, holding on tight as the room spun.


"Now I'm serious, let me out of these chains so I can cook you dinner."

Ellie slid off his naked body, tensed her abs and swung around so that Ben's head was once again between her legs, his lips touching her very used underwear.

"You know that pink and red clash," Ben observed from close quarters.

Ellie stretched her cocktail dress down to cover his head and then wrapped one leg behind the other knee. Ben was now moaning inside her dress as Ellie eased his head closer into her body. He turned his head to kiss her soft inner thighs which once again could strangle him on a whim.

"If I'm really nice to you, can I leave you in those chains until the morning?" Ellie asked hopefully.

Ben's lips were now kissing her vagina and she returned the favour by kissing his balls. As the sexual pleasure built once more, so did Ben's desire to be kept chained, "Sure," he mumbled between kisses, breathing in her scent one more time.

"Thank you darling," the redhead exclaimed, as she unwrapped her legs and stretched out on the cushions, 'Guess that means I'm making dinner..."

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