tagIncest/TabooA Night with Step Dad Ch. 02

A Night with Step Dad Ch. 02


SMACK. The sharp sting of my mother's slap hit me with force across my right cheek. Leaving it bright red, the force from it made me fall back onto the settee stunned. Both I and James just sat there daunted. Half of us wanted to move, the other half frozen not daring to move.

"YOU DIRTY LITTLE BITCH!" mother screamed at us. Her face flushed red.

"HOW FUCKING DARE YOU JAMES!" she bellowed with anger in her eyes.

"Cathy I'm sorry, I really didn't mean, I mean, I..." James buried his face in his hands trying to hide his shame.

My mother had come home early from work. She had caught us in the living room on the settee scrambling together and trying to hide what had just happened. We had just finished our amazing fuck when we had heard her come back. James was fully naked when she had come around the living room door. He hadn't had time to even grab the towel he had wrapped around him earlier that evening. I know she would have to find out sooner or later, but I was hoping it would have been after she had told James about her affair. She had walked in the room and immediately knew what had just happened. The smell of sex still lingered in the air.

My Mother is a 41 year old version of me. She also had long red hair dark blue eyes the same small nose and soft spongy lips. She was slightly more voluptuous than me. And her breasts although larger were still perky and firm. Another sharp slap hit me across the other side of my face and I just sat there sobbing. Mother was trembling with anger and James sat there not doing anything. Just sitting there, not even sticking up for me. I went to get up and mother just pushed me back down.

"You're not going anywhere you little slut." Cathy's voice was harsh, and trembled like her body.

I just sat still looking at the floor feeling deeply ashamed. James still had his face in his hands trying hard not to look up at either of us. A flood of cold hit my body that made me shiver, like the feeling you when someone steps on your grave well that's the saying my mother always said. My mother lit up one of her menthol cigarettes swirls of smoke floated around her tear soaked face as she paced up and down in front of us. I wanted to move, leave the room, pack a bag, run away. But mother just kept on pacing up and down in front of us. At last James spoke out.

"I'm sorry Cathy, I'm really sorry. It won't happen again, I love you." James pleaded.

"Too late James, you are tainted. You are both tainted." Cathy exclaimed.

"James that's my fucking daughter you have violated." She turned her back on us. I could see she was breathing in deep trying not to cry.

"Cathy I'm sorry, we can sort this out." James cried out.

"No James. We can't, I'm done with you anyway." Mother walked quickly across the other side of the room and sat down to put out her cigarette.

"What do you mean we are done." James voice hardened, he sat up straight beside me looking lost.

Mother sat there laughing, a dark laugh, almost insane, and pulled out her phone ignoring what James had just said to her. She typed quickly on the key pad her fake nails clicking and tapping on the screen. An evil smile appeared across her freckled face lines gathered around her eyes and lips. She looked up at both of us when she had finished it almost looked as though she was looking straight through us.

"Do you like to fuck my daughter James?" The smile had vanished. Now and She just stared at both of us.

"NO! Of course I don't." James shot back, trying not to make it obvious that he did enjoy fucking me.

Mother just looked him up and down in disgust staying statue like in her chair. Her phone buzzed, she picked it up to read it. She laughed that same evil laugh to herself and then began tapping away again ignoring us both like she did before, who the hell was she texting? For someone so angry she kept losing her focus on what was currently happening.

"You will soon see James. You will soon see why we are done." A tone of sarcasm rose in her voice and she shifted her position in the chair.

There was a lengthy silence. You could hear the clock ticking in the back ground, mother's phone going off, and then she would tap away quickly. I could hear James breathing deeply next to me. I tried hard not to look in his direction I really didn't want to speak to him. But I could feel him looking at me as if to get my attention, what possibly could he say to me in front of my mother anyway? We had only fucked twice and on the second time we had gotten caught. He didn't plead for us or tell my mother I was the one he wanted. He had been using me and I felt like such an idiot. The silence broke as mother arose from her chair the sound of her shoes on the floor and her clothes ruffling against her skin as she walked across towards the door.

"A visitor will becoming shortly, DON'T MOVE!" her voice raised as she left the room.

"I'm sorry Clare." James whispered to me. There was true sentimentality in his voice.

I just looked at him. I couldn't even reply back to him. he had hurt me for not sticking up for us, plus I had really hurt my mother, this forced me to realise the big mistake I had made fucking James, when I had heard mother on the phone about her affair I didn't think she would care if I ended up being with James, after all I would be taking him off her hands.

"Right James your bags are in the hall." Mother shot James a dirty look. He looked up at her astonished.

"Cathy we can sort this, it doesn't have to end this way, I made a big mistake I realise that now." James pleaded with my mother, I thought begging was beneath James, I guess I was wrong.

"But before you go." mother just ignored his plea.

"You have one last task. You get to fuck us both one last time." She just started to giggle to herself, not the girly giggle but the take that you twat kind of giggle.

My heart jumped in my mouth as I froze. Did I just hear my mother correctly? She wanted James to fuck us both; surely not I must have heard her wrong. I looked at mother and then at James he wore the same expression as me. Both of us stunned. How could mother say this? She had hit me, she was angry and she had packed his bags. Now she wanted to fuck him with me there? My mother had lost her marbles. The next thing I knew my mother had pulled out some handcuffs and some bondage tape. And she was walking over towards James.

"Put your hands in front of you." James looking bemused looked at me and then my mother.

She began to hand cuff James's hands tight. As she clicked the hand cuffs tight around his wrist I saw James's face scrunch up from his skin pinching together as the cuffs gripped his thick wrists.

"Get on the floor, you disgust me." Cathy said firmly. And James just carried on doing as she demanded.

My mother wrapped the bondage tape around James's ankles. James now lay there restricted. He could only move his arms up and down. The rest of his body lay there cemented to the floor.

"Come here you little tart." Mother pulled me hard by my hair, it really hurt I felt some break free from my scalp; this made me yelp out in pain.

"Shhh bitch, and get down on your knee's." mothers voice was hard. She had walked back over to her chair to watch me.

I knelt down on the floor next to James, trembling. Waiting to hear what would be asked of me next. My head spun, I could feel my temples pumping, my face still hurt from the slaps my head hurt from my hair being yanked and my heart ached.

"You like fucking my husband do you? Well what are you waiting for? Suck his cock." She had lit up another cigarette and was waiting for me to react.

I did as I was told. I licked and sucked gently on James's limp cock. Sucking with a slight firmness, I hoped he would start to enjoy it. But his cock was reluctant to do so. Maybe he was feeling the way I felt? Humiliated? I really didn't want to be doing this.

"Cathy I can't do this. Can't you just let me go?" James spoke out from the floor. Meanwhile I was still trying to get him hard without any success.

"NO!" my mother shouted from her chair. She rose up and walked over to him and began to whisper into his ear.

I couldn't really hear what she was saying to my step father, but whatever it was he began to firm up. Feeling him growing in my warm mouth I kept him wet like he had taught me to do so. My hand and mouth slid in rhythm with each other, I could only imagine what it must have felt like for the blood to start pumping into James's cock. My mother was still talking words into his ear that I could not make out. But James was now breathing heavy as I began to pick up the pace. I sucked harder every now and then I gently used my teeth down his shaft, which made him groan louder as my mother spoke to him in soft words.

Strangely enough I could feel myself getting moist. The whole situation had nerved me. But I still found myself beginning to enjoy it too. I started to get carried away with his blowjob, sucking harder and taking him deep into my throat. I felt the urge to sit on his cock and ride him hard. But mother was still talking to him and although I hated her right now I had to wait for her to instruct me. After all I may get another slap if I didn't.

"Get over here and straddle his face." Mother shot at me through angry eyes.

I did as I was instructed and got up and walked over to James his eyes not meeting mine he looked the other way. Was he now ashamed of me? This hurt me very deeply. Putting my feet either side of his head I squatted down over his face. He could feel I was already moist from sucking his big cock and his tongue automatically went for my clit. He licked me hard, franticly in any direction, in no particular rhythm he lapped and drank in my juices that were covering his lips and chin.

I could feel his groans vibrate deep in my pussy and his hot breath made me gasp. I had to rest my buttocks on his broad muscular chest so I could widen my legs and take some pressure off as they burned. James's tongue slipped deep into my pussy, I threw my head back and gasped. My sweet juices ran over his tongue. I looked around so see if mother had any other instructions for me. But she was busy sucking and deep throating James's cock. Her groans muffled as she pushed as far as she could take him.

I leant back on my arms to take some of the weight from James. He lapped, sucked and licked my hot pussy. My shaved labia was now swollen and red, I could feel inside tighten as I felt the familiar rush deep inside. I could feel an orgasm about to consume me. I tried to hold it off, not sure if this is what mother wanted. She was in charge; I had to do what she said.

I looked back and she was now jerking James's cock vigorously taking it in turns to lick and suck on his balls. It was too late, watching my mother spun me into a wild frenzy; I pushed down and rid James's face hard as wave after wave shot through my womb every contraction, every spasm James felt as my juices ran over his lips and into his throat. He struggled to swallow and lick clean every drop that poured from my pussy. I felt myself still vibrating from my orgasm. As he lapped up what remained. I need hard cock, I thought.

I sat there breathless waiting for instructions. My mother had let James cum and his load had shot over his stomach. He breathed hard below my buttocks, so I got up and squatted back over his face leaving room for him to breathe.

"Come and clean step daddy up with your mouth, little slut." Mother spoke out. Some of her hardened tone was disappearing.

I did as I was told to do, and knelt down over James's cock which was now twitching and softening. I licked at the tip; the bitter salty taste of his cum struck my tongue. It made me wince and I gagged a little. I had never tasted spunk before and it wasn't what I'd expected either. I carried on doing what I'd been ordered licking and sucked the tip clean. I gradually started to get used to the taste. And started to enjoy the sensation in my mouth, I ran my tongue up over James's muscular stomach gathering what I could of his juices before I swallowed.

"Good girl. Now help me get James up off the floor."

I helped my mother get James up, so she could lead him back over to the chair she had been sitting in. Where she sat him down, she removed the tape from his ankles, but did not undo his hands. She taped one ankle at a time to each foot of the chair. So his legs were now apart. She then undid the cuffs and moved his hands around the back and relocked them together. She hitched up her skirt and straddled him; she sat down on his open lap. Her round buttocks rested between his legs. She unbuttoned her blouse taking her time, her eyes meeting James's as she threw it to the floor beside his feet. Her cleavage protruded over the top of her red laced bra, she was more than a handful.

I stood there watching my mother strip off her clothes. It felt strange but I couldn't take my eyes away from her either. She had now taken off her bra and her heavy breasts were hanging just below James's chin. She now leant forward and teased his lips with her nipples. Every time he went to suck and lick she pulled away from him. Making James feel frustrated. I could hear James grunting as my mother gyrated her pelvis just above his groin. Every now and then, she let her nipples and soft skin brush his face.

I began to feel that familiar rush in my pussy, that tingling as I watched my mother give James a lap dance. She had now stood up and turned around and was rotating her large buttocks over James's cock. He sat there with his eyes closed taking in deep breathes as her hair brushed his muscular chest. She turned to face him once more. I could see he had a huge erection. Why had mother changed all over a sudden, one minuet she was vexed the next she was calm and acting as though I wasn't there. I watched with anticipation to see what she would do next.

My mother stood in front of him and pulled down her skirt. Kicking it behind her, it landed across the other side of the room. She straddled him again and this time lowered herself onto his big cock. She was still wearing her red panties that matched her bra. She had pulled them to one side to allow access for James's cock. James let out a long sign as mother pushed him deep inside her. James began to breathe heavier as my mother grinded slowly on his lap. She hardly made a sound; mother was very quiet. But James started to get louder.

I could feel my pussy getting wetter the louder he got. I stood there watching, wishing it was me on his cock. My mother sat forward and to let him suck on her right breast. She moaned as she pushed her huge breasts a little further into James's face to muffle the sounds. This sent James over the edge and I saw his hips convulse as my mother joined in, she threw her head back and screamed as she came. Gripping James's hair, as he released a last grunt and hot cum shooting inside her, their bodies collapsed, I stood there dumbstruck.

"That's the last fuck you will get from me, you fucking asshole." Cathy snorted at James. Mothers hate had returned.

"And don't you move, little slut. It's your turn next." Mother scolded at me as she left the room.

I stood there not daring to move. I was flushed, with shock to what I had just witnessed. She returned moments later with warm soapy water, she knelt down and cleaned off James. She undid James's restraints. Drying him off she looked up at me I could see the betrayal she felt in her eyes. Not the betrayal of James but the betrayal from me. In all my 18 years I'd crossed the line and now I was going to reap my punishment.

"Come here you little bitch." Mother scolded at me, and I did as I was told.

"Get over my lap." She growled at me, I lay over my mother's lap, she pulled up my chemise and she slapped me on the right buttocks, it came as a shock but it didn't hurt me.

"That's for being a naughty girl." she exclaimed.

Smoothing her hand over again, giving me another slap, in the same place. This time it was sharp and made a loud sound, it really stung my skin. I could feel it stinging once she had removed her hand away.

"That's for crossing the line." my mother said to me in a higher pitched voice. It sounded as though she was going to cry.

Again my mother smoothed her hand over my right buttocks and this time I felt it, it came down hard hitting me with such force and it burned my skin, which was now glowing red.

"AND THAT'S FOR FUCKING MY HUSBAND!" she shouted at me.

She let me get up and I examined my buttock. It was bright red and swollen where I could see my mother's hand print. Rubbing it I sat down beside her. Put she pulled me back over her knee's so I was now facing in the opposite direction. Again she pulled up my chemise, but this time James had knelt down beside me too.

"Now James, punish your little tart. Spank her for being a naughty girl with this." Mother ordered James as she handed him her wooden hair brush.

James scrawled at my mother as he slapped me with the hair brush on my left side. The right side still stung and burned, like before I didn't feel it.

"Harder." Mother spoke in a hard voice.

James smoothed his hand over my left cheek and hit me again. I felt the hard sting of the brush; it came a lot sharper than a hand. I felt myself shoot forwarded on mother's lap as I grunted and closed my eyes.

"HARDER!" Mother shouted at James now.

He brought one final blow down on my left buttocks as I cried out with the pain and my eyes had begun to water.

"Cathy there was no need for that." James said calmly to my mother as he helped me up.

"Naughty girls get punished James you know that." Mother replied as she got up and walked to her phone. She tapped away before she spoke again.

"Our visitor will be here in 15 minutes. She laughed as she walked back to the chair she had earlier given James a lap dance in.

"Well James are you going to kiss her ass better?" she grinned at him widely. He just cut her a dirty look.

He lay me down on my stomach on the settee and sat on the floor beside me. And gently began to kiss my bright red cheeks. They still stung and my skin tingled as his light lips caressed over my skin. It felt nice and soothing as he blew out cold air from his mouth. I felt chilled; I almost forgot my mother was there, until I heard her cough as she lit up another cigarette. James pulled my cheeks apart and began sliding his tongue between them. I felt him brush my anus with the tip of his tongue. Feeling a sudden rush of coldness go through my body. He pulled them apart wider so his tongue could go in deeper. My arms and legs tingled; I could feel my pussy aching.

I heard James rip open a foil packet. And then a few seconds later he had lay on top of me pulling me upwards so he could enter my pussy. It felt really tight as he gradually pushed his way into me. Nestling down next to my ear, he started to kiss and nibble my neck. I groaned loudly as shivers shot through my spine. I squeezed my pelvic muscles hard as James used short thrusts so his helmet rubbed against my G spot, lightly banging against my cervix. He wrapped one of my pigtails around his hand so he could pull back my head.

"I'm sorry, I'm so, so sorry. I didn't want to hurt you, I really did like you." James whispered in my ear.

I felt like crying, but I held back the tears, and blocked out the fact my mother was there to punish me. And closed my eyes, soaking up every memory of every stroke of James's cock as, he fucked me slowly and deeply. He pulled me up so I was kneeling so he could quicken up the pace. He now thrust in harder and faster I had to use my hands to grip the cushion to steady myself, my breathing deepened, and with every hard stroke, I groaned at the same time as James. I had completely forgotten mother was there now every sharp pain that surged through my stomach the more I wanted James to fuck me harder.

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