A Nightmare Encounter


Covered in it's disgusting spit and watching bits of skin flake off Scotty is trying so hard to focus on the disgusting side. He tries to jump onto the fear that this is a zombie and all it wants to do is eat his flesh but as her very wet spit massages his dick inside her mouth Scotty can feel his resistance weaken. It is so embarrassing for him when he moans loudly in pleasure feeling the zombie's head buck around milking every bit of pleasure out of his soaking wet dick. The zombie's shaking head is teasing his dick so well Scotty isn't sure how long he is going to last, he is not sure why he would want to last and make this horror movie experience last any longer. Her tongue is like a soft wet cushion for his rock hard dick and Scotty loses his grip no longer able to hold back all his moans and howls clearly enjoying his undead cock sucking. It's almost like being inside a wet pussy with her mouth overflowing with juices and wet spit unlike anything found in nature.

Scotty almost believes this zombie was made to give perfect body shaking blowjobs and even through all her disgusting quality's Scotty can't help staying hard and moaning though every second of it. He cries out in ecstasy feeling the zombie's head somehow move even faster than before using its supernatural powers to pepper his dick with ultra-intense feelings of sexual satisfaction. The slick wet sounds of her sucking and his loud cries of pleasure echo though the dark empty park. Scotty rolls from side to side every nerve in his body groaning with pleasure, every sense tingling and he feels like he will just burst out of his skin if he isn't careful. The zombie doesn't slow down not even needing to take a breath it just keeps rocking and pumping its head over Scotty's hard cock.

Unashamed Scotty writhes around with pleasure his cock feeling so big coated in thick spit like juices that only seem to add to the pleasure making his cock tingle like nothing else in his whole life. It keeps moving at full speed and Scotty knows he can't last much longer, his long horny day and playing up to second base with his smoking hot girlfriend has left him very vulnerable to this unique zombie attack. He doesn't want to cum for a zombie blowjob but he can feel the pressure building up in his balls and knows there is little he can do to stop himself. Scotty's throbbing wet cock head brushes constantly against the zombie's foot long tongue leaving the poor naked blonde unable contain himself any longer. Screaming out loud Scotty's whole body rocks around with his balls erupting hard shooting a massive built up amount of cum right deep into the sucking zombie's mouth.

"UHHHHHHHH SHIT NO I'M NOT CUMMMMING OHHHHHHHH GOD NO," Scotty screams unable to hold back is load any longer feeling his balls bursting inside the zombie's rotting face.

It's a monster load built up for what feels like days Scotty gasps at just how much cum he feels shooting from his balls into the undead cock sucker's mouth. He whine pumping his hips up and down unloading every last drop of his massive orgasm right into that rotting dead face of the female zombie. Scotty isn't sure if the zombie is following but frankly like the other burning questions he has about this he would rather not know the answer. His balls don't stop giving him more than half a minute's worth of ejaculation enough to empty any man's balls for a week. Scotty knows this is one of the biggest loads of his life but it shames him deeply to see it coming at the cold clammy hands of a thing that rose up from the dirt. His balls are sore and his slick cock is very sensitive still trapped in the wide unmoving mouth of his zombie capture/sex worker. His cock is so sore having pumped out a massive load he is shocked it lasted so long.

Scotty moans his hard cock finally shrinking and those long building feelings of pure lust and horniness finally subside. Moaning and taking a deep breath Scotty feels relaxed the zombie got what it wanted and it can now leave him alone. He felt 8 or 9 jerks inside that things rotting mouth making him only wonder how much cum he had saved up and now how much had gone inside this undead creature. The zombie isn't leaving him alone it barely moved when Scotty fired a biblical load into its rotten face. It stays still unmoving before it starts to rock its head again. Her dirty blonde hair flicks around slapping Scotty's soaked mid-section. Scotty whines in shock watching the zombie start to suck him once again right after his huge cum load. He thought it wanted cum he is shocked that it is still doing its decrepit pleasurable cock sucking on him.

"NO! FUCK OFF THAT HURTS OWWWWWW NO STOP IT GET AWAY NO," Scotty screams pushing on the top of the zombie's mud covered head renewing his wriggling and fight to break free.

Once more his struggles are in vain staying naked and pinned down to the muddy grass covered earth trapped underneath a damaged psychotic creature.

"My cock is too sensitive stop it please, please it really hurts stop fucking licking," Scotty screams trying to reason with something that clearly has no heart, soul or reason.

Scotty is wailing like a baby with this crazy undead being sucks on his small and ultra-sensitive dick. Inside her wet mouth he can feel his small dick being teased and used like before only it's more like torture now with his private parts so sore from just seconds ago firing off a huge orgasm. She just won't stop slobbering and licking on his limp cock like his first massive load just wasn't enough. Scotty moans feeling his cock being pressured and attacked after his huge cum load in a way it never has before. Her huge tongue is pressed right into his cock covering every inch of it in its dirty zombie drool. The zombie's mouth is somehow able to stretch wider allowing it to move forward and add Scotty's balls into its mouth. Scotty grunts feeling his balls and his cock now rolling around being sucked on inside this zombie's sick horny face.

She is sucking on them hard and all over his aching drained balls is her soaking dirty spit making Scotty groan in pain. He is nearly crying now with his cock so sore and his sticky balls pressed into the evil zombie's mouth. Scotty is begging her to stop but the zombie just won't listen to him. She carries on sucking hard slobbering all over his cock and balls now deep in her mouth bobbing her head around wildly. His eyes are almost popping out of his head feeling his cock and balls being sucked on making this a new sensation which is starting to really affect him. The poor teen's soaking spit coated cock slides around inside the zombie's huge mouth. Her thick tongue keeps slapping against Scotty's cum drained balls making him wail shaking from the sensitive contact. With his whole cock and balls trapped inside the zombie's wet mouth even though he just shot off a massive load he can't help but get hard again.

His teenage dick defies him slowly beginning to stiffen once again trapped deep against the zombie's huge goo soaked tongue. Growing hard his cock is still sore but it's starting to throb again and he is just powerless to stop himself getting turned on. Scotty is starting to feel so weak his cock being sucked so hard it's almost like the life is being sucked out of him. He wonders if his hurting cock and balls are able to take the abuse on an instant second blowjob. Watching the zombie's head bobbing down licking across his aching penis Scotty wonders if this is how the zombie kills people pleasuring them until they cannot take anymore and burst. The poor guy's body is already straining under the pressure long beads of sweat mixing in with the licked over gooey mess that his body is in. Scotty doesn't think he has any cum left in his balls no matter how much of an oral attack the rotting zombie tries.

His first load was so huge it almost gave him a headache, Scotty's body has never gone through such pleasure while trying to fight it though tremendous fear. The sick minded zombie is trying her hardest with his full set of sexual organs packed into her massive wet mouth. She is clearly sucking him trying hard to bring him off again and Scotty doesn't know why trapped listening to the undead creature suck on his cock. Scotty groans and howls his aching balls trailing up and down the female zombie's huge ungodly tongue sending painfully sore chills shooting up his spine. His hands are clawing at the ground around him trying to push himself free or at least do something to distract him from having an undead creature of the night sucking on him like a cheap back alley hooker. His poor body is too tired from all the effort of running, fighting and then cumming to enable him to perform any kind of escape attempt.

He just lies flat out in the mud and grass groaning hard feeling a huge tongued zombie suck and slurp on his hardening cock. Scotty wishes he could cry and scream for help or at least buck this pyscho zombie away from anything to make it stop. The zombie is relentless rocking its head around sucking on Scotty's throbbing cock from every angle. Its massive drool soaked tongue a perfect weapon to cushion, tease and arouse sexual feelings from a terrified Scotty. The zombie just keeps pumping away; its rotten lips are half gone but still are pushing all the way down against the base of his crotch showing him how easy it is for the thing to swallow both his 6 inch cock and his balls. Scotty's poor overwhelmed head spins confused between feeling, pain, fear and pleasure leaving him to only groan with his entire body being overworked. His cock is now fully hard once again subjected to being sucked and spat on by a slobbering cock sucking member of the undead.

The thing is killing Scotty giving him such an amazing blowjob a fact that scares him on so many different levels. She just doesn't stop sucking her mouth must be so big and wide to fit his balls in her mouth and still be so easily able to suck and slobber all over Scotty's stiff cock. Scotty groans loudly feeling so weak and helpless like a little play toy to this powerful disgusting zombie. Huffing and panting trying to keep hold of his unsteady breathing Scotty wriggles round on the ground trying to deal with all the hot steamy pleasure forced to flow though him. His cock is vibrating inside the blonde zombie's mouth throbbing so hard Scotty is worried his whole cock will just burst from enjoyment. He just can't believe his cock is rock hard again and Scotty is even more amazed when his balls stiffen too and he can feel another load building up.

The poor blonde just rocks around dirtying his back against the ground wailing out in perfect blissful mix of pain and pleasure. Scotty just wonders if he will survive this massive sucking from this bizarre sexual zombie that just won't stop teasing his dick. The evil zombie's head keeps up its super-fast rocking around against Scotty's cock. Her thick tongue bouncing around inside its wide mouth slapping against Scotty's twitching hard dick making him squeal in a loud uncontrollable high pitched tone. She keeps sucking on him making his balls throb so close on the edge to cumming for this sick zombified creature once again. The teen shrieks in pleasure unable to hold back any longer his balls aching with fresh cum. He can only moan out embarrassed to be unable to control his sexual urges. Scotty just screams feeling his aching balls somehow producing another load of spunk.

His cock twitches heavily inside the rotting zombie's mouth before shooting several watery messy loads of teenage spunk into her. Scotty moans as it feels like he is shooting every last drop of cum he has left into the zombie's mouth. His weaker load stains the already soaking wet tongue while Scotty's body is stretched to its limit hanging on to deliver one last droplet of cum before collapsing in exhaustion. Once again he can't tell if the zombie has swallowed his cum but he is so tired eyes closing feeling like a freshly milked animal so tired and drained of his own juices. Scotty coos moaning softly his cock and balls are now really throbbing and sore. They feel so weak burning with pain as the rest of his body begs for a break to recover. He is hurting badly feeling so tired his body still humming from yet another intense forced orgasm.

His balls are aching and the poor teen is still covered in the zombie's sick spit like substance. The zombie has spat him out staring at his tiny limp cock once again. Scotty moans slowly moving a hand up cupping his sore drained balls trying to massage some life back into them after shooting two huge loads back to back. He is really sore all over feeling drained and weak breathing hard staring up into the night sky hoping that the worst is now over. The worst isn't over as the zombie's hand shoots out again grabbing the wet and over worked shaft of Scotty's limp penis. She squeezes hard bringing tears to Scotty's eyes and a loud whine from his throat. The zombie is still not satisfied and won't leave him and his aching cock alone. Her cold rotting hand touches his wet cock teasing over his very sore overworked organ.

The poor teen's cock only seems to shrink even more when the flacking zombie hand touches it seemingly trying to make it hard again. The zombie doesn't seem bothered either by Scotty's loud painful cries or the lack of erection coming from his dick. Using its very ugly looking hand the sex mad female zombie starts stroking Scotty once more trying to get the spunked out teenager sexually aroused again. The grey decayed zombie rubs hard trying to tease life into Scotty's limp tired cock. The rubbing is doing nothing but making Scotty moan uncomfortably feeling like his sore dick is being attacked by dry sandpaper. The zombie will not be denied again leaning over sliding open it's massively wide mouth letting its spit and drool just dribble out covering Scotty's lap. Poor Scotty's cock is really paining him now aching so worn out being covered in the zombie's weird supernatural spit.

His poor cock has been jerked off and sucked to within an inch of its life and doesn't look like it will get hard anytime soon. Like a popped balloon Scotty's erection has deflated and now he lies naked in the dirt worn out and even more helpless to this cum demanding zombie. Grabbing his dick again the undead girl tries a hand job using its unnatural strength to really pump away hard making its rotten wrist almost bend pumping on every inch of Scotty's small shaft. It is trying to breathe some energy and horniness back into his worn out cum drained dick. All it is doing however is making Scotty's moan and groan like his crotch has cramp hurting him each time it's touched. The zombie keeps pumping its hand at super human strength squeezing down on Scotty's cock trying to make him horny.

"CUM," The evil cum stealing zombie moans with its massive tongue hanging out again continuing to play with Scotty's drained sexual organ.

Scotty isn't getting horny but is really starting to panic wondering what this undead thing will do once it finds out she just can't get him erect again. The zombie finally moves its rotten disgusting hand away only to spread out Scotty's legs leaving them wide open. The blonde teen freaks out still scared the zombie will eat his brains but also now very worried that it has drained him dry of cum for life. The disgusting face of the zombie slowly begins to lower between Scotty's legs making him watch her cold lifeless eyes disappearing between his legs. He can see a big hole in the back of her head where a skull should be making him shiver in fear. Scotty panics wondering what the hell it is doing between his legs feeling more exposed now than at any time before. Suddenly he feels her big tongue lapping up against the underside of his balls making him groan in frustration. The sex crazed zombie just won't quit still licking away trying to get him hard and producing more cum.

Scotty is just so scared and confused every time he keeps thinking the zombie will rip him apart it does something unexpectedly sexy. He can feel her thick tongue tip moving over every inch of his balls licking every bit of sweat and spit that covers his skin. She just keeps licking all over his balls and Scotty is moaning softly unable to deny for all her gross features her tongue is wonderfully wet and soft. Scotty just can't believe a zombie is licking his private parts trying to make him horny. He also can't believe this disgusting rotten creature has already made him cum twice and is trying hard for a third time. Amazingly the zombie won't stop licking him even moving its massive tongue up licking across his cock trying to get him hard once more. Nothing is happening even with Scotty's cock and balls soaked in so much spit like goo there is still nothing happening. His body is clearly tapped out and doesn't want to get turned on again.

Scotty is getting sleepy thankful his body is shutting down thinking two blowjobs from a creature of the undead is enough for several lifetimes. The tongue doesn't stop continuing to slobber and trail around Scotty's crotch licking his skin looking for anything it can to make Scotty's tired cock grow again. Scotty can only whimper now his arms and legs like lead and all he wants to do is sleep giving his over worked cock a long rest. The decaying zombie won't let up though her long thick grey tongue slides away from Scotty's balls and down further between his spread legs. Scotty feels uneasy with the zombie's tongue trailing down towards the bottom of his ass cheeks. That throbbing sense of fear comes back when he feels the zombie easily grabbing on his hips pulling his body up bending him so the teen's slightly pale ass is fully open to her.

Now Scotty is really freaked out feeling a slick wet thing probing against his ass cheeks with his back arched and legs spread he can't see any detail of what the zombie is doing to him. He can feel its tongue circling around licking its ugly drool over his round toned ass cheeks. Scotty is scared again wishing the zombie would do anything else but poke around near a part of his body he has never even fantasized about using during sex. That sick horrible tongue is slowly trailing down his ass crack making Scotty shiver in impending doom feeling very helpless and exposed. The zombie has him placed on the ground almost in the same pose a woman would be giving birth with his hips up and his legs arched. The position makes him feel very humiliated knowing that while he is naked the zombie's cold dead eyes can look over his entire body. That big drool soaked foot tongue now has free access to his teen ass and he can feel it sliding all over his bare crack.

Scotty whines so helpless knowing his ass much like the rest of him is now coated in that gooey dirty zombie spit. His moans get louder when the zombie openly starts to lick around his ass cheeks soaking them in more drool. Scotty hates this unsettling strange feeling having this mutant tongue licking all over his toned ass cheeks. Having a zombie lick his ass is probably more degrading than having one suck his cock till he is cumming. He grinds against the earth beneath him uncomfortable at being so on display and having the cold wet tongue brushing across his cheeks. Scotty feels the tongue dart up and down his crack inching between his cheeks making his tired body react with a little jolt. The tongue moves faster leaving a trail of saliva right down his asscrack and Scotty feels his head pulse just trying to work out what is happening to him.

It keeps sliding along until the zombie pushes in deeper making the tip of her huge tongue poke against the tight entrance to his asshole. Scotty squeaks when his little asshole is touched and it scares him badly trying to understand or even imagine what would happen if the tongue went into him. He doesn't have to guess for long as the zombie pushes its tongue forward driving itself right into Scotty's ass. The blonde teen screams with his ass cheeks pushed apart and the foreign tongue invades his ultra-tight hole. It's the first thing that has ever been pushed into his ass and the shock, pain and humiliation of the whole event has Scotty screaming worse than when the zombie started teasing his cock. The tip of its huge tongue is inside him slowly moving around freaking Scotty out feeling it move and twist around inside his anus.

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