tagNonHumanA Nights Stay

A Nights Stay


Long time member of the site & first time author here. A thank you to shygirlwhore for the edits. I hope you like folks.


It was one of those "middle of nowhere" towns in middle America. Most of its buildings meandered between modern to what she considered "rustic". She'd been in this 'burg before; then as now it was a stopover on a business venture. She had made a mental note of crossing off each motel she stayed at every time she visited, this being the fourth. This one, much as the town itself, had something of a storied history according to the locals. Much as with Las Vegas, this town was built with mob money. Unlike that city, however, the town had never ballooned in popularity or population.

Not one building was over six floors high. This motel was almost fortress-like when compared to the other buildings, taking up an entire block. Walking into the lobby, to her left was a wall full of pictures, a surprising amount of them in black and white, most likely dating back to the towns founding. Rumors were that the motel was haunted, probably stories the locals made up to garner interest. She smirked at the thought, being the ex-wife of a cop had made her something of a cynic.

All she wanted for now was to get clean and then sleep.

Key card in hand, she made her way to her room. While putting her things away for the night she got the odd feeling of not being alone. She got similar feelings while showering, where at times she could almost swear that those times she closed her eyes that it felt as if invisible hands caressed her. As soon as she opened them to look around... nothing though.

She shook her head ash she dried off, "Just nerves", she thought. Those idiotic stories some had told her getting to her. She actually smiled to herself at her naivete. Finishing drying herself off, she put on a nightie, set her cell phones alarm, turned off the table light, and went to sleep.


Darkness, heartbeat, and... cold? Turning on the light, the rooms colors felt muted. It was also certainly cold, not enough that she should be seeing her breath, but there was definitely a chill in the air.

Two men appeared right before her. Both were in getups right out of the gangster era. The one on her the left had slicked black hair, and an almost "5 o'clock" shadow. There was also something about his eyes she couldn't quite place, but couldn't draw away from, having a quality of menace about them. Any urge to scream or yell out was nullified by his gaze. The one on the right was clean-shaven with dirty-blonde hair, he could be described as a "boy toy" type.

Both were slowly removing their clothes, their gazes locked on her all the while. After loosening his tie and removing the suit vest, the one on the left stepped up, giving her a light but sensuous kiss while at the same time removing the bed sheet covering her. As nice as his kiss was, it felt...cold. As he stepped back and continued to take the rest of his outfit off the blonde, now naked, leaned on the bed. Her nightie provided no real protection as he slid it up her legs and to her waist. As with his partner he also felt cold, his hands giving her goose bumps as the lower portion of the nightie was bunched up to her stomach. He smiled as he saw how bare she was "down there".

With her gaze so focused on the blonde ministrations, she didn't notice that the black-haired one had removed all of his garments until she felt his cold hand caress the side of her face. She turned to him, only to see his cock in front of her face. Considering events thus far, she shouldn't have been surprised but was. Whether her mouth opened in shock or capitulation didn't matter to him though, as soon as it opened he shoved it in, beginning to slowly saw in and out. While certainly not the largest dick she'd experienced, he didn't have anything to be ashamed of either. She sucked rhythmically, almost mechanically, their gazes mutually locked on one another. Then she felt something on her nether region.

The blonde spread her legs while she sucked on his partner. His fingers creeping up her inner thighs and to her sex. Those fingers parting her pussy lips he then blew into her pussy, his breath cool, making her gasp around the cock in her mouth. Then she squirmed when the flat of his tongue made contact with those same nether-lips; up, down, and around his tongue went, its now coolness heightening the sensations she'd normally feel at times like this.

His partner now had both hands on the sides of her face, keeping her in place and going at the same pace as she had been over his dick. Her own tongue swirling around it's underside when possible as her lips slid up and down the length of it. Like his blonde partner, he no longer felt as cold as he initially did. His eyes all the while, almost expressionless and fixed on her own.

the blondes tongue now started to slowly move in a counter-clockwise circle along the inner walls of her cunt. As her hips began to match his rhythm, his hands started to creep up; first along her legs, then hips, then going past her stomach to finally encompass her breasts. He cupped them, his cool hands making her gasp again, then started to tweak at them, pinching them between his first finger thumb. His fingers now pulling and pinching at her nipples under the nightie, as he ate her out. His ministrations making her moan, the vibrations going from her mouth to the black-haired guys dick, which in turn made him moan, the first she'd heard from either.

Subconsciously, a part of her grinned at that, being able to give as good as she got.

His reaction seemed to be some sort of signal. He pulled his cock out of her mouth, pulling back slightly, never removing his gaze from her. The blonde likewise stopped what he was doing and moved back, allowing her to sit up. The black-haired guy took hold of the bottom of her nightie and slowly pulled it up, and she raised her arms to let him completely take it off. As he did she felt the blondes body at her back. His cool hands sliding along her sides only to then cup her tits again, causing her to sigh, putting her hands over his, as he began to slowly roll them as his tongue now slid up and down the side of her throat.

The black-haired one, moved up and with one hand grabbed the side of her head by the hair, while his other went down to her pussy. His first two fingers slid up and down her nether lips; up and down, up and down, the tempo steadily increasing as he did so. Eventually his fingering and what his partner was doing to her breasts got to be too much, her stomach muscles expanding and contracting as she shuddered in orgasm.

As she came down from her climax, the black-haired one brought those fingers to his mouth and licked them. The smile on his face almost like one of contempt, as if he was saying to her, "I'm in charge here girlie." His hands holding her dead steady he practically mashed his lips on hers, his tongue going into her throat, with her tasting the residue of her climax on it. Again he pulled back, his hands never leaving the sides of her face as he looked almost into her. As earlier, it was as if a signal had passed between the duo. The blonde, slowly, reluctantly, let his hands slip from her breasts, and the black-haired one moved to her back.

The blonde now in front of her, she became proactive and grasped his cock. It pulsed, almost jumped in her hand, though still cool to the touch. She stroked it slowly, as if studying it. Like with the black-haired guys dick, it wasn't a monster either, but it was big enough. She also couldn't help but admire the upward curve it had, her thumb lightly flicking at the underside of the head as she looked at it and his were kept on her.

The black-haired one apparently got a little impatient and pushed her forward, making her go on all fours. He slapped her ass, making it jiggle and her yelp slightly. He then grabbed it, his fingers digging into her bubble-like rear before spreading it apart. The treasure he wanted lay within, her cunt-lips moist and making him practically drool. As with her upper lips earlier, he all but mashed his lips to her nether region, making her gasp and jerk forward. The momentum having her bump into the cock in front of her face. The black haired one had a different technique then his blonde compatriot, rougher.

His tongue shot like a spear into her pussy, only to then dart out. Then his mouth became as a vacuum cleaner, sucking at her pussy lips and the juices contained in her sex making her moan. Then he'd stop, dart his tongue into her pussy as far as it would go, pull it back and suck at her pussy. Over and over he'd do this, her hips now swaying from left to right and her constant moans encouraging him.

When she jerked forward from the black-haired guys ministrations onto the blondes cock, he almost groaned, her hand still was holding him after all. As an apology she opened her mouth and first licked his cock-heads piss slit, while looking into his eyes. She then slowly swirled her tongue along the cock-head while at the same time moving her mouth down along the length, engulfing him almost like the way a snake eats its prey. Her ministrations had some hiccups however, mainly in the form of his cohort doing things to her pussy and making her jerk forward, going faster at swallowing his length then she otherwise would have wanted. When he felt her nose at his pubic hair, it was quite obvious that she'd just about swallowed him whole. She kept her mouth there, not moving her head for the longest time. Her tongue did work with his cock in her mouth though. Like with the black haired one, she rolled her tongue around his dick while it was still sheathed between her lips. This caused him to gasp and alternatively try and pull out of her mouth at some times, and push into it at others. Her right hand now cupped his balls, while her left slowly went up his stomach; all while she moaned as she sucked at him.

The black haired one finally sat up. Slapping her ass again, making her yelp. He held one of her cheeks with one and aimed his prick at her hole with the other. He put the head just on the ouside of her lips, rubbing it up an down while at the same time making her lean back onto it as far as her body would allow, while still keeping her mouth over the blondes cock. When he felt that she had gone back as far as she could go he slammed it in, causing her hips to jiggle and her to almost yell onto the blondes dick. He held it there for a bit, before fucking her with a similar rhythm to when he fucked her face.

Each time he pushed forward, her mouth in turn would go up the length of the blondes curved cock. When the black haired one would pull back, her body like-wise did what it could to keep his dick a prisoner in her pussy, her upper lips going down the length of the dick before her, until they just barely encompassed the blondes cock-head. She now reached around, grabbing both of the blondes but cheeks, the pounding she was getting from the black-haired one making more attempts at even semi gentle and slow paced sucking impossible. The blonde in turn pushed some of her hair past her ears as his dark haired friend kept slamming away. How long she was spit roasted between them she would wonder later on; right now though she felt the pressure building up in her again. Soon enough her body as convulsing as another orgasm took her, her hips swaying from the one behind her and her mouth nearly leaving the one in front.

As she calmed down, they pulled their organs from her respective orifices allowing her sit back. The black haired ones cool hands reached around her waist again, this time to pull her back in order to allow his compatriot to slide further onto the bed. He lay on his back, the curved hard-on she admired half pointing to his face and half to the ceiling. Straddling him, her hot inner thighs brushing up against his cool outer ones. Grasping his hardness she lined it up with her sex and slowly descended on it as his dark haired partner looked at their coupling. First she just sat there feeling it inside her, the blondes hands grasping her legs and moving to her rear. As they did so she began to move up and down, the inner walls of her pussy pulling at its length. As she increased her tempo his hands slid up from her ass and again cupped her breasts. As before he teased her nipples, pinching and pulling at them, making her lean forward as she rode him. Bringing his face to those nipples, his tongue swirled around one bud. His head went to the other doing the same as his cock went in and out. He then stopped his pumping below causing her to groan in disappointment. She was about to urge him to continue when he started moving his hips in a semi-circular motion, causing his dick to likewise move in a semi-circular pattern along the inner walls of her cunt. All the while his lips went from one teat to the other, nipping and sucking.

His partner had apparently had enough of merely looking at their coupling. Moving up he felt at her right but-cheek as she rode his partner. She didn't even really sense him (considering the distraction in question, who could blame her) until she felt her ass being spread and one of his fingers go into her asshole. It sawed in and out, in tune with what his partners cock was doing to her pussy, opening her up to what was certain to come next.

As the dark-haired one moved his finger in and out of her rear, she leaned forward onto the blonde, causing him to stop sucking on her teats, with his cocks only movement inside her being the occasional jump/spasm. She ground her head into his neck as the blondes partner pushed more and more of his finger into her ass. The blonde in turn moved his hands from her breasts to around her back, holding her to him.

Withdrawing his finger the black-haired one lined his dick with her sphincter and pushed his way in. He heard her groan as he worked more and more of his cock into her. Soon enough he was all the way in, not only feeling her ass entrapping his prick, but also the thin membrane that separated his cock from his partners. His fingers once more dug into her ass, spreading apart her cheeks as he withdrew to where only the head of his dick was in, before slamming it in again. His partner not moving at first, seemingly content to just lay there with her pussy engulfing his dick. This didn't last though, he too started to move under her. His dick sliding in and out in tune with the black-haired one behind her.

Her head shot back as the dark-haired one slammed his cock into her ass, her hair almost as a whip. The sensation was incredible, and she was glad that neither of them had a cock the "size of a parking meter". As it was she could barely take them both, she'd never felt so full. Like with the other times this night they immediately found a rhythm, making her alternatively moan and groan as they pushed in and pulled out of her holes. She didn't know or care how long they pumped at her holes, it just felt so good.

Once more she shook, her most powerful cum of the evening, almost screaming in ecstacy; so much so that she almost saw spots before her eyes. Her energy spent her eyes began to droop. She barely felt it as they lifted her off them and onto the bed, less so when the bedsheet was draped over her naked form. She certainly didn't see them leave either... almost as if they were never there in the first place.


She awoke to the sound of her cell phones alarm, the rays of morning light already coming through the window blinds. The events of the night had indeed happened, her nakedness and her nightie on the floor were proof of that. Her legs felt a little wobbly as she got up to take her shower. While in it she again felt as if she wasn't alone, but it was almost underwhelming this time around by comparison.

After dressing she headed to the lobby dining area ordering breakfast. As she paid the bill, that same wall of photos from the day before caught her eyes. Walking over to it she realized that the town did have quite a bit of history to it. There were all kinds of photos, dating from a few years ago all the way back to the towns founding in the 1920s. One photo was of particular interest; it was in black and white, depicting two men. The lighter haired one was in front in front, in dress pants from that era held up by suspenders, the white dress shirt opened slightly. The one behind him and standing is the one that made her shiver. She couldn't see the face, not fully, as the hat had covered it in such a way that one could only see from the bottom of his nose and downward. The zoot suit he wore as clean as if he had just gotten it from a dry cleaner, with his tommy guns butt one the ground. The smile though, with the aura of menace behind it was what she couldn't tear her eyes from. The one in the suit was smiling at her, she didn't know how she knew, but he was. Those were the two with her last night, she was sure of that.

Asking one of the workers about it, she found that the duo was among the handful of mobsters who first settled the town. She also learned that the one in the zoot suit had something of a nasty streak, and made it something of a routine to "bag" the wives of cops. He also apparently met his end that way too. He and his partner in crime and the more infamous Bonnie and Clyde had some things in common: their cars were equally bullet riddled with them in it by law-enforcement. All the cops in question had backed up the other, stating the duo didn't really leave them much choice. However, as she'd find out later, many of those same cops were unwittingly cuckolded by that duo.

She'd come back, that was for sure; next time though she'd be the one smiling that menacing smile.

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