tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Nude Hike With A Twist

A Nude Hike With A Twist


I do love nude hiking and whenever possible i go nude. The only thing that stops me is the mosquito season. Last summer was a super summer in the area where I have my mountain cabin. A dry spring reduced the number of mosquitoes in the mountains and I was even able to go naked mid July. This was early July last year, I was hiking, carrying only my fishing rods. The goal was a lake famous for the trout. I arrived after about an hour of hiking and was kind off sweating in the nice and sunny weather. A swim was decided and the cool water was refreshing. Coming out of the water I noticed two young ladies (I am 49 myself and in pretty good shape) watching me.

Back on the shore they asked me if I always hiked around in the mountains naked and if I wasn't afraid of getting caught like now. Yes and No, does it bother you, I replied and they looked at each other, laughed, and responded NO! a beautiful body in natural surrounding was a nice sight. I could only agree to that. Since I didn't bring any clothes I had no options but to chat as naked as I was discussing weather, fishing, where they were heading and so on. They responded politely and said they where heading the same way as I had come from. I told them that after fishing my dinner I could show them the way and if I caught enough, invite them for dinner at my cabin an hour's hike away. Lucky me, this day the trout was hitting my bate willingly and in less than an hour I had 4 nice trout.

All the time the two ladies sat there in the sun watching me fishing. I was getting warm again and said to them that I needed a short swim before returning to my cabin and that my offer for dinner no was valid and that I even could manage a shower and a sauna for them. They looked at each other and said that when their coming host for dinner was swimming and walking nude they should joint me. having said that they stripped and came towards me. What a sight the swim was over pretty fast due to the water temp. They then asked what the chances were to meet anyone on our hike back to the cabin. Almost none I replied. We are out of season and most people believe the mountains are crowded with mosquitoes this time. (Normally they were right). They looked at each other again and said that since they were wet dint bring a towel and felt comfy with me they would hike as me au natural back to my cabin. This is the first time ever I had met anyone that suddenly converted and joined me in my nude hiking. The hiking back to my cabin was eventless but very pleasant together with two nice looking naked ladies.

After a little more than an hour's hike from the lake , we arrived at my cabin. The hike is mostly downhill and light walking resulting in getting cold when temperature isn't too high and you are hiking nude. My two new won and converted nude hikers managed easily and made a very nice and pleasant company all the way back to my cabin. We encountered no one on our hike from the lake. We discussed earlier hikes and experiences non stop all the way. They were especially curious of my nude adventures in the local area and I told them as long as they didn't choose the high-season or the most trafficked routes they could walk naked the whole warm season. (Requiring that the weather stayed warm its far north).

Arriving at the cabin I asked them what they wanted to drink immediately and later with the fish. I normally have red wine and beer. Occasionally some gin. Luckily I had the opportunity to offer gin tonics which where accepted happily. My sauna is wood heated and aI fired up the oven right away and informed the girls that it would take about 30 min to reach the proper temp. I hadn't got a good look at them since we left the lake. The tallest was a blonde girl of more than 6 feet with a pretty face, lovely blue eyes and a perfect body, trimmed pubes and a nice smile. The smaller one, still tall, almost 6 feet was lightly reddish in her hair and a natural blonde. She had greenish eyes and was slightly more serious in her arguments and discussion and had a characteristic laughter. They were both past their bachelor education in healthcare and had moved on for more education after a few years as health workers.

I must admit that my mind was wandering in between our academic discussions and my work with the sauna and preparations for dinner. I do think I managed to be a good host since they were lying about on my terrace on rain skins that I had bought from the local laps (sami people). Not bothering to cover up their beautiful bodies. I was in a state of dream world situation. However, concentrating on my preparations and zipping the GT together with them and the conversation floating along, my mind managed to control my little partner. Within the promised 30 min I had the proper temp in the sauna (85C). Since I don't have electricity at the cabin, I warm water in a tank mounted on the chimney. It gives more than enough warm water to give 4 people a proper shower.

So I announced that the sauna was ready and that I had cold beer for the sauna session. They both jumped to their feet. (OH god. they were so beautiful. Nice firm breast, almost no bouncing, flat stomach and nicely shaped hips and thighs.....) Will I survive the evening/nite? I decided to concentrate on the moment. When we do sauna here we normally take a short cold shower before entering the sauna. (For two reasons: ad humidity to the sauna and the skin.) So we went through the shower with some squeals because of the cold water and entered the sauna. I explained to them that heat was less on the lower bench and we all sat down there since we were in no hurry. The sauna is small so this meant skin contact. I managed to enjoy the company and the sauna. After about 20 min we went out for a short cooling period. I brought sea-salt as a scrub and we scrubbed each other's backs and took care of the front ourselves before reentering the sauna.

After another 15 minutes of heat, conversation and an expressed longing for our three cold beers we left the sauna to cool of in the early evening air. I prepared the shower and brought large white towles and cotton rocks. I excused myself after cooling down and drinking the beer and took a quick shower and instructed them to use the water and enjoy the shower while I prepared the dinner. I called for them after about 40 min and they appeared newly showered and very comfortable in their white cotton rocks.

I told them that the menu would be marinated salmon I had brought with me and the newly fished trout followed by wild strawberries I had found on my way to the lake this morning. They were impressed since they had expected just the trout. I had beer and aquavit to drink and we sat down by the table. Conversation were flowing easily and the warmth of the cabin made us loosen the rocks and within an hour we were sitting naked again. I continued to keep the comfortable heat up and said that there was no need for them to set up their tent or using their sleeping bags tonite since I had plenty of sleeping space and rooms in my cabin. Instead I offered them to dry and even wash some of their equipment and stay for a couple of more days. I had a few places I would like to show them in the area.

After our sauna and dinner, they were very comfortable with their nudity and moved around without any caution. I accepted the offer of washing the dishes after finishing our meal and just sat enjoying the sight of the two of them. Two amazing beauties naked in my cabin . My neighbors should have known. Luckily they only used their cabins during Easter and hunting season.

Lisa and Ann happily agreed to stay a few days enjoying the fantastic weather. They had no one waiting for them at home and their autumn term was still weeks ahead. After doing the dishes it was closing in on midnite. I suggested a small nitecap before turning in to be in good shape for a nice long nude hike tomorrow. They agreed and soon after I showed them to their sleeping room and told them goodnight.

I had a hard nite with wet dreams and woke up at 0700 with a raging hardon. I just rose and went outside for a pee. Reentering the cabin I met Ann, the tallest as naked as me, in the door telling her good morning and asking if Lisa was awake to. She looked at me smiled said good morning (noting my now half erect member) and said no and told me Lisa normally slept longer than her in the morning. However she would soon be up too, enjoying this fantastic morning. Is it possible to go for a quick dip in the stream she asked me. I confirmed that it was possible about 50m upstream where I had made a small pond or dam between some large boulders. She said thanks and went out.

I started making some coffee and preparing some breakfast for the three of us right away. A few minutes later, Ann returned refreshed from the quick dip in the cold stream looking fabulous with her erect nipples and slightly blushing skin. What luck! I have two such beautiful ladies spending time with me naked here at my cabin. A few minutes later, a sleepdrunken Lisa came out of her room telling us it that it still was very early in the morning. We just commented that the weather is super and that breakfast will be ready in 10 min. Ok then, she said. She left for a pee and returned after a few min telling us that she had used the last drops of the water from yesterday's sauna to take a quick morning shower and that she felt so much better and where ready for coffee and breakfast.

I really admired the two ladies fast adaption to a naked lifestyle and asked them if they where up to a long nude hike with some nice scenery, fishing and some swimming in a lake or a stream. They both totally agreed to be ready and as soon as we finished our breakfast. We packed one daysack and some fishing equipment and where off. Not locking the door? They asked when we left the cabin. Why should I there is no one else around but us and there has never been any attempts of breaking in. Its to far from the road for any thief to bother.

We started out retracking my trail from yesterday before turning south into a valley where i knew both reindeer and moose used to grass and drink in the streams. We were chatting away about daily stuff and how fantastic it was to just leave all your clothes behind together with all everyday chores and just enjoy complete freedom in nature. The sun was baking on our bodies and we decided that it was time for a break and some oil with sunscreen to protect their newly freed body parts. We had a laugh at this. I myself didn't need any since I had been outside all summer without a stitch. We stopped at a small stream for a drink of water and they decide that I should oil their backs while they took their fronts in order to save time and continue as fast as we could. I had told them that we were up for a long hike. I took a good handful of oil and oiled their backs simultanously noting a small white line where the bikini tops had been and nice white bottoms, delicious... I didn't really think about it but my member grew thicker and got a 45 angle fwd. Finishing their backs, they turned noting my now swollen member and commenting what a nice compliment that was. I just said I couldn't help with two such beauties around. They smiled and asked how far it was to our day camp. I told them that it was about an hour's walk. They OKed and we moved on. After a few minutes we encountered a small group of reindeer. They where amazed of how near we had managed to get. My experience is that when I walk naked I can get much closer than when I'm dressed. I told them this and we agreed that it probably is because we are more "inside" the nature when naked. However, the reindeer moved slightly away keeping their 25 m distance and we continued. In less than an hour we reached our day camp and it wasn't even 1100 yet.

The place is beautiful with two streams coming down from each side of the valley forming two small waterfalls dropping into a pond with a white sandy beach on one side and some boulders on the other. From the pond a stream runs about 15 m entering a small lake. It was time for a dip. The water was nice not very cold because the water of the streams run over stones that are heated by the sun. We splashed about for some minutes before wading back to shore, lying down on the soft grass by the pond to dry in the sun. I started putting our fishing rods together and the girls just spread out in an x licking up every sun ray coming their way. Doing this they opened up their pussies, looking nice and wet after the swim and I couldn't help myself looking. Looking at them i noticed their pussies opening up, the lips getting filled with blood, the clitotis at he top coming more visible and almost erect.

Hey there! Are you enjoying the view, Lisa said! I was snapped out of my trance sitting there with a raging hardon, stroking it without thinking. Hey Ann, we may have caused a situation here that our host has been forced to take in hand. May be we should give him a helping hand. Both of then came towards me on all four. I just sat there kind of paralyzed. They pushed me down on my back, taking my raging hardon in their hands. I'm not circumcised so they pushed back the foreskin and cleared the head and I just had to release a moan feeling two hands or was it four massaging my cock and balls. A finger entering my anus and I was lost! I climaxed like I did as a teenager, shot a load right there seconds after the first touch. Wow!!! Seems like we have a lot of built up sexual tension and pressure here. What do u say Lisa? This thing needs some professional nursing. Both of them laughing. However, first we need something to eat and drink

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