tagNonHumanA Pack of Tales Ch. 07

A Pack of Tales Ch. 07


Copyright © 2013 Naoko Smith

Diolch! to Bramblethorn for your invaluable editing support. And also to many fellow writers for the good tips on condoms.

Please leave comments and feedback for me so I know what works and what doesn't as I write up the rest of this story.

This series has two kinds of chapters: story chapters, called '(story)' in the blurb and sex scenes, called '(scene)' in the blurb. The sex scenes will be diverse. You can choose to read them all or, if e.g. hetero sex isn't your thing, to skip some and only read the story chapters and e.g. lesbian sex scenes. You should be able to identify which scenes have what kind of sex from the tags and sometimes the category the chapter is uploaded into.

All characters in this story are fictional. Any resemblance to persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

I feel I should add that, although I am a self-defined MILF who frequently has to call builders in, no more practical research has gone into this chapter than into my gay sex scenes. It's all out of my imagination, LOL! (Although I do like a nice plumber;))

Chapter 7 Rikki

The MILF and the Cub (scene)

Yet another driveway ran up through a large garden to the house. Rikki stood by the red brick gatepost, his shoulders mournfully hunched and his hands stuck in his jeans pocket. Was there any point? This house looked well-kept. It was a modern brick-built residence. The chances of the occupants needing some building work looked so slim as to be anorexic.

Rikki loathed doing this. Tramp up to someone's door. Ring the bell -- or knock. A woman answers, often with two kids behind her knees, she peers suspiciously out. Smile a wide smile at her. She would often slam the door in his face before he could even speak. It was all very well for Col. With his Irish charm he had them giggling and curvetting on the doorstop. "Ooh, I don't know, Mr. Reilly. Maybe the kitchen does need some work doing to it." When they saw Rikki's golden-brown features, they drew their breaths in with a hiss. They looked him up and down as if he might have TNT hidden in his trainers.

If he tried to talk to Col about it, Col would snarl at him and tell him to foock off. Col's bleak looks would not win them favour on the doorsteps. Rikki must do his best.

He squared his shoulders with a heavy sigh and trudged up the gravel drive. He made as much noise as he could so they could check him through the uncurtained lounge windows and pretend to be out when he rang the bell.

The door opened with unexpected alacrity. Rikki was taken aback to be greeted by an eagerly beaming face. He stuttered and forgot the wide smile Col insisted on.

"Hullo there," she said, tilting her head at him.

She was a fit lady with a curving figure that suggested regular trips to the gym. She had coiffed brown hair and a light make-up on even though her casual t-shirt and jeans suggested she was only tidying up around the house.

She was wearing no bra under her t-shirt. Rikki could see her nipples poking up at him through the soft cotton. He felt his neck bristle against his collar and began panting lightly.

"I um, I ... we're doing some building work in the area," he said huskily.

"Are you?" She said, as if that was so fascinating she could not believe her luck.

"Um, yeah, and um ... wondered if you were wanting anything doing for you," Rikki said.

"Well, I don't know," she said. She held the door open wider. "Why don't you come in and tell me more."

Rikki stared past her at an immaculate hallway with glossy white painted stairs tastefully carpeted in a thick warm red stair runner. He walked slowly into her house.

"Such a cold day," she said. The tones of her voice tinkled about his ears, seeming to say: Oh you poor thing, out in the cold on a day like this. "Won't you have a cup of tea?"

"Oh um, yeah," Rikki mumbled. "Yes please," he said more clearly.

It was not cold in the house where the radiators were wafting the hot air about. She led him through to a gleaming clean kitchen. The sharp click of the switch on the kettle seemed to bounce off the glass and white wood of the kitchen units. "Do you take sugar?" She waved a bowl of sugar lumps under his nose.

"Two," Rikki said huskily.

"I keep it rather hot in the house," she said with her tinkling laugh. "Wouldn't you like to take your jacket off?"

He took his jacket off slowly, leaning back on the kitchen unit, his muscles bulging out of the short sleeves of his t-shirt. He wasn't sure about sitting down in this clean bright kitchen. He wasn't sure what she wanted. There was no way she needed any building work doing.

Rikki wasn't completely unaware of the effect he had on women. He was just an unimaginative cub who had never bothered to think about how women always smiled at him (except when he came knocking on their door looking for work). He had slagged off with a couple of girls at school whose reputations were for that kind of thing but his family's community had strict views on respectful behaviour to women. Rikki had always imagined ladies like this one were a different breed to Sherry Poole and Cristelle Jones.

She brought him a mug of tea and stood only an inch away from him. His shoulders and neck started bristling. His nostrils were full of her smell: velvety warm under some expensive soap and shampoo. He felt to his intense embarrassment his cock harden up and form an uncomfortable lump in the tight crotch of his jeans.

"Well um, Mrs ... Mrs," he said, attempting to unobtrusively wriggle his cock down his jeans leg. He stared desperately into her sparkly brown eyes, trying to hold her gaze away from his crotch.

"Robinson," she said. She smiled into his eyes then looked straight down at the ridged lump at his groin. "Can I help you with that?" She murmured breathily.

Now Rikki was panting loud and hard. His fingers were trembling. He put his mug of tea carefully down on the counter. Mrs. Robinson laid her free hand lightly on his cock in the denim of his jeans. Rikki started whining softly.

"Let's go upstairs," she said.

He followed her up the stairs, panting and unable to think. Her bum was seriously heart-shaped. He couldn't believe anyone would have such a beautiful shaped bum. It was wiggling from side to side at his eye level as she went up the stairs ahead of him.

He grabbed at her as soon as they got into the front bedroom. He gripped her torso in his eager hands and stuck one hand straight up her t-shirt onto the nipple of her tit poking into the soft cotton.
She gave a delighted gasp: "Ooh, dear! You are in need of a bit of help!" He was sniffing under her ear. She had no perfume on, just the smell of her shampoo and soap, and her own velvet warm odour with a strong dash of saltiness. He curled his tongue at her neck, his eyes went half-closed, his fingers were teasing at her breast, his groin was pressed to her.

Like Sherry Poole and Cristelle Jones, Mrs. Robinson was surprised by his licking her neck but showed every sign of enjoying it. She pulled at his t-shirt, he lifted his head so she could pull it off. She started feeling up his golden-brown muscular chest. She murmured appreciative remarks that his brain could no longer process. He carried on curling his tongue over her neck and chin, pushing against her with a swollen cock in jeans that were now dangerously constrictive.

"What's this?" His brain snapped into gear as her fingers went to the collar.

"No! Don't take that off," he growled huskily at her, lifting his head away.

"Oh OK!" she said with that tinkling laugh. "But let's get these off, big boy." She went to unbuckle the belt in his jeans.

Since his brain was making a brief feeble come-back, Rikki was able to realise that he would get on a lot better if Mrs. Robinson also shed her clothes. He started tugging fiercely at her t-shirt. He dragged it roughly over her head and threw it behind him, then his lust overcame his feebly protesting brain again at the sight of her boobs.

She had, like, melons. They were big on her well-honed fit body, globular in his hands with the nipples sticking up at him ready to go. He whimpered. He stooped to lick at the satin-soft skin of her breast, the nub of her nipple. He ran his flexible tongue eagerly about it.

She liked that. She started groaning and saying, "Oh God, oh God! Yes, yes!" Her fingers gripped in his hair and then clawed at the muscles of his back. He coiled his tongue around her nipple. He started moving it down her flat trim stomach, leaving a wide wet trail as he went.

"Oh Jesus!" she moaned in ecstasy as she realised where he was going. Falling back on the big double bed, she grabbed her jeans and some wispy thing whose alluring bare covering of her bum had become completely redundant. They were off her as fast as she could drag them down; she flung her legs open wide.
Rikki fell to his knees and put his hands to her lean thighs to shove her hips wider open. He put his tongue straight to the wiry bush of her hair, put his fingers to part the lips of her cunt and started lapping up the juice that was already surging in her sex.

"Oh my God, oh my God!" she shrieked. "Oh yes, God, yes!"

He was mesmerised by the pleasures of her cunt: the taste of her juice, the texture of her smooth muscles, the dips and hollows of her holes and spurs of flesh. He coiled his tongue in the wet warm smooth flesh. He ran the tip of his tongue up and down the bump of her clitoris, making her shout wildly to him. He went stroking down to her vulva, she began to grunt deep and hoarse profanities in desperate encouragement. He pushed his tongue into her sticky tasty cunt and she said, "Oh God. Oh God, oh God, oh God." Her hips threw wide and her pelvis tilted up to give him better access. He came back out and started firmly caressing her clit again with his tongue.

"For fuck's sake!" she cried, in an anguish of ecstasy. Her hand came snaking across to grab his hand and push it from her thigh at her sex. He was dimly puzzled, but then he realised what he could do and pushed one finger tentatively at her soft warm vulva. "Oh give me more!" she screamed. Two of his big fingers were in her, he was licking eagerly at her clit, tasting her velvety salty nectar, thrusting his fingers in and out, she lifted her pelvis convulsively up into his face, going rigid with a scream of delight.

She fell back in the bed, gasping out, "For God's sake!" in shocked pleasure.

Rikki still had his jeans on, although they were unbuttoned and his belt was unbuckled. His cock was like a rod and his balls were throbbing. He grappled at Mrs. Robinson's hips, pulling her about.

"You like it doggy style?" she panted. "OK, OK!" Still trembling with the terrific orgasm he had set off in her loins, she turned herself willingly on the bed, lifting her heart-shaped naked bum to him.

Rikki gave a muffled howl. He couldn't spare the time to take his jeans off now, he just tugged them and his underpants down enough to get his cock out.

"Condoms are in the drawer," Mrs. Robinson said in a panting post-orgasmic voice.

Rikki was surprised that a hot lady like her wasn't on the pill but then he remembered that he had only just met her. If she was in the habit of greeting men like this, he was well-advised to wear a condom with her. Anyway, he was so up for it that he would have worn a dancing squid on his penis if she'd suggested it.

He had to turn his eyes from the distraction of her heart-shaped bum, waggling up in the air waiting for his entry, in order to concentrate on ripping the package open. His hands were clumsy, they were trembling. He started growling anxiously, he was bristling so hard against his collar that he was worried he was going to burst out into fur in some strange lady's bedroom in spite of the collar's protection.

She turned suddenly on the bed and took the condom from him, looking into his face with her sparkling brown eyes. "It's OK, honey," she said soothingly. "Here, let me. You won't feel much difference, it's lubricated. On the inside."

He had no idea what this meant but he was intensely grateful for her considerate assistance. She pinched the tip of the condom and put it to his thrusting rod of a cock, murmuring more appreciative remarks as she rolled the thin latex down his length. Rikki quivered and whined with lust at the caress of her fingers but the kind attention which she showed towards him calmed him sufficiently to get a grip on himself.

She lifted her face to him and her forehead creased in a light frown. "What bright eyes you've got," she said in a mildly puzzled tone.

He knew they must have gone yellow. He grinned savagely, showing his teeth. She gave a titillated snigger.

She turned over and lifted that heart-shaped bum to him with a wiggle. Rikki crouched his hips to get on a level with her and positioned the head of his cock through her hairy lips against her cunt before thrusting in.

She was so soft after the finger-fucking he had given her that he slid easily all the way in. She gave a sudden cry, spreading her legs. He realised dimly that she had not expected any more pleasure. She had offered this to him out of gratitude for the tonguing and fingering he had given her. This made him feel a gentler warmth about her that tempered the hot lust surging in his thighs. He thrust his long thick rod into her softness slowly, holding onto her hips and making sure he got her wherever it was that made her cry out and spread herself to him. He panted faster as he thrust, looking down on the nape of her neck exposed by her carefully coiffed hair falling either side of it, the length of her spine running down her back to the heart-shaped bum which his cock thrust into and pulled out of.

Now her cries and the spread of her naked legs were becoming more thrilling, whipping him up. He whined as he pressed hard and deep into her, thrusting his rod in every time until his balls were pressing onto her cunt. She was shouting again: "Oh God, oh God, oh Jesus!" Her hips were bucking under him. He felt her vaginal muscles clench about his cock, he thrust up into the grip of her cunt and she gave that scream of delight, her hips quivering in his hands. This was intensely pleasurable. He clutched his hands hard on her hips, curling the fingers into claws. Suddenly she was all loose and he knew he must get off soon. He shoved in harder, quicker, he felt his buttocks clenching up, his cock was thrusting, he felt the energy spurting out and threw his head back in the howl.

He drew himself out carefully. She had flopped onto the bed and turned over onto her back. He took the condom off with trembling big fingers and looked round, unsure where to chuck it. She was just lying on the bed with her eyes shut and a huge grin on her face so he chucked it on the floor. He lay down and pressed his head into her shoulder and neck. She put her arms around him. He licked her neck softly and lay, spent, in the circle of her arms, smelling the velvet salty scent of her.

She lifted her head and suddenly she said, "Oh fuck! Shit! Get up, get dressed!" She started scrambling off the bed and pulling her clothes on. He hurried to do as she said, looking nervously at her. "Quickly now," she said but she smiled as she said it. "The kids'll be back from school any minute."

She hurried him down the stairs and ran for his jacket from the kitchen. She pushed him out of her warm nice house into the cold.

"Thank you so much," she said, as if he'd only been telling her about some possible building work he might do for her. Her brown eyes were shining.

"Wouldn't you like to know my name?" Rikki asked, bewildered.

She laughed. "Better not," she said firmly. "But," she said. "You tell your girlfriend she's a very lucky girl." Her eyes sparkled and danced in her tinkling laugh and she winked as she shut the door on him.

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