tagErotic HorrorA Party at an Abandoned Factory

A Party at an Abandoned Factory


It smelled like fall. The air was cool and crisp. A dense fog rolled over the ground, covering their feet as they walked along the gravel path.

Benjamin had parked his car on a residential street near the party, not wanting to get a parking ticket.

"Cold?" he asked, noticing the goosebumps forming on Stephanie's exposed arms.

Stephanie turned to him. The light from the moon bounced off her eyes as she did. She was freezing, but didn't want to complain on their first date. She had been waiting for this day for so long and wanted everything to be perfect.

"I'm okay," she lied.

Benjamin took off his jacket and placed it over her shoulders.

"Now you'll be cold," she said, wrapping his jacket around her as it blew in the wind.

"I'll be fine," he said.

"I like your costume," he said, smiling at her. She was wearing a black and white French maid outfit. She looked good, but for some reason he had expected something more original out of her. He had worked with her for over a year and her being different was what he had liked about her, but now she seemed more like all the other girls he had dated.

"Thanks," she replied, pulling at the skirt self-consciously. It wasn't like her to wear something so revealing, but she had made an exception for Ben. She had met his previous girlfriend at the office party the year before, when she was dressed as a Play Boy Bunny. She wasn't trying to compete with that, but she couldn't exactly show up as a Pilgrim. Although, she couldn't help but notice Ben wasn't wearing a costume. A wave of panic struck her. "It is a costume party, isn't it?" she wondered aloud.

"Obviously," he said. "It's a Halloween party."

"Right," Stephanie said, she contemplated his statement, not wanting to look stupid, but she had to ask, "What are you then?"

"A vampire," he said, flashing a toothy smile.

"You' don't look like a vampire," she said, confused. He was wearing a regular pair of jeans and a gray wind breaker, no vampire teeth or cape to be found.

"I haven't changed yet," he said with a laugh, indicating the bag he was carrying.

Stephanie smiled at him. Of course. She shivered as the wind blew again.

"We're here!" he said, stopping in front of a big abandoned factory.

"This is it?" she asked, looking up at cracked windows and missing bricks. The building was dark and looming. Not at all the lively party she had expected.

"This is it," he said, prying open the front door. Stephanie remained on the sidewalk, looking up at the monstrous, old building. "Come on!"

She followed behind him. The floor creaked loudly as they stepped onto it.

"This is creepy," she said, looking around the dark corridor.

"It's suppose to be," he said, leading her deeper into the building.

Stephanie could see light at the end of a hallway. Shadows flickered around her. It was a path of candles. She held tightly onto Ben's arm.

"Scared?" he asked, noticing her grip tightening.

She smiled at him without speaking. He pulled her closer to him as they followed the pathway. "You smell amazing," he said, pressing his lips against her cheek. She looked up at him, as he was looking down at her. There was a look of feverish intensity in his eyes.

"I can't control it anymore," Ben said, an abrasive tone to his voice. The heat of his breath burned into the side of her face and down her neck. She turned away, but he grabbed her by the neck, pinning her against the wall. She shivered at the cool touch of his hand, sharply contrasting the fire in his eyes.

He hooked a finger over the top button of her shirt.

"Stop..." she protested weakly.

Slowly, he ran his finger down the centre of her body, ripping the thread off each button as he did so.

"I want you," he whispered, his lips brushing against her ear. Shivers flooded over her body. He moved his hand from her neck, and pulled her shirt aside, her breasts bounced as the material was torn from them. His hand moved over her bosom. Sparks of electricity raced over her nerves. Her breasts sprung to life as he tore away her shirt. He moved his hand over her chest, her nipples ached to burst from their shackles.

Her nipples were hard, pushing against the thin material of her bra. Her beating heart echoed in her ears. She pressed her chest into his, warmth radiating over her skin. She took a deep breath, basking in his hypnotic scent.

She could feel the crotch of his trousers swelling against her. Stephanie slid her hand down the front of his bulging trousers. As the tips of her fingers grazed his throbbing erection, he grabbed her hand and pulled it over her head.

His eyes were full of a lustful ferocity. He pushed her harder against the wall. She could hear his breathing, slow and steady. He knelt down before her. She sighed as the soft petals of his lips caressed her thighs. As his made their way up her inner thighs, her body became stiff. It took all her effort to keep from screaming out in pleasure as he kissed the growing wet patch on her panties. His fingers slid under the thin waist band, slowly guiding it down her legs. She could feel the dampness of her loins, swollen with desire.

Her body clenched as his tongue entered her. Her legs began to melt as she gave into his touch. Just as her body began to twitch, he pulled away.

He stood up and pressed his body against her, kissing her mouth passionately. She moved a hand below his shirt, fondling his smooth chest. She could feel his trousers straining as his desire grew. Slowly, she unbuttoned his pants and slid them down his legs. She tore clumsily at his boxers until they fell. As she watched his swelling penis escape from its restraints, she groaned with inexpressible arousal.

She reached for his swollen erection and forced it inside of her. He picked her up and she moved her legs around him so he could enter her completely. Her legs wrapped tightly around his waist, pleading for him to remain. Spasm radiated over her body as he moved deeper inside her. She shamelessly pressed her eager pussy into his penis, begging him to move closer. She jerked her hips forward, trying to thrust into his movement, but his fingers dug into her hips, keeping control of the encounter. The heat of her loins was rising.

At once, a wave of pent up emotion, desire, and sexuality could no longer be contained. Waves of pleasure flooded over her body. In the final pulses of her release he moved her legs under her, so that she was in a standing position, and he pulled away.

"Close your eyes," he ordered. She did as she was told. With one hand, he pushed her down until she was kneeling before him. He pushed his penis deep into her mouth, nearly choking her. She gagged and he pulled it out slightly without removing it from her lips. "Taste," he said.

She ran her tongue over the head of his penis. This was not the first time she had tasted her own essence, but this was different, more metallic, more like ... blood. Her face reddened with embarrassment at the realization.

"I'm on my period," she said, opening her eyes.

He smiled at her silently, exposing two long fangs. She opened her mouth to scream and he lunged at her, knocking her backwards into the wall. Intense pain filled her body as he bit her throat. He threw her to the ground getting on top of her. He ran his tongue down her body, forcing her legs apart with his hands.

She tried to scream, but only blood gurgled from her mouth. She coughed, choking as he moved between her legs.

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