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A Perfect Ass


Abbie scratched her ass and then settled deeper into the worn couch. Crumbs from her pretzels irritated her thighs, but she made no move to brush them off. She nursed the dregs of her diet coke and waited for Phyllis to tell Sierra that Phillip was really her half-brother's cousin, not her twin brother. She snapped up another pretzel and grinned evilly. Phyllis's revenge would be short-lived. Sierra would have the last laugh because Sierra carried Phillip's baby.

"I know what you're going to say, Phyllis, so spit it out." Sierra's eyes searched Phyllis's in the heavy, dramatic pause.

"Phillip isn't my twin-brother after all, but you knew that didn't you? He's John's cousin and my fiancé." Phyllis smiled maliciously, obviously relishing the shocked look on Sierra's face.

"Honey? You in here?" Aaron? What the hell was he doing home?

"I'm in here, babe." She dove for the remote, cutting Sierra's protestations off in mid-accusation. She shoved the pretzel crumbs from her pants and picked up the nearest book.

Aaron hid his smile when he came in. "How is old Phillip today, anyway?"

"Phillip? Phillip who?" She smiled brightly, striving for innocence.

"You know, John's cousin? The guy whose marrying the broad who isn't his twin sister after all?" He pecked his wife on the cheek and pulled the TV Guide out of her hands and turned it around. "Today's Friday, babe."

"Well, it's an important episode."

"I don't care if you watch those things, you know that." He threw his windbreaker onto the recliner. "We got the contract for the new high-rise in Bloomington."

She launched herself at him, dropping the tenth diet coke of the day onto the carpet and hugged him. "I'm so proud of you!"

"Hey, now, I didn't have anything to do with it. That's all those damned engineers doing it. I just get to build it."

"You're the best guy for the job, too."

"Are you ready for the Christmas party, babe? Starts at seven and it's formal.

"I couldn't find anyone to watch the kids." No way was she going to that shark infested party.

"I called Mom this afternoon. She's taking them for the weekend. Wasn't that sweet of her?"

"Yeah. Sweet." She thought she succeeded in not looking dejected.

"C'mon, babe. We'll put in an appearance, schmooze with the boss for fifteen minutes and be out of there before you know it. Put on that tight little black dress you wore to the class reunion, I love seeing that on you." He squeezed her generous ass and rubbed against her. "It's sexy as hell."

She pecked him on the cheek. There was no way in hell she would wear that, it was too small for her now anyway. "I'll be ready."

It wasn't the black one he liked, but he hadn't noticed. She had a long red number that made her feel elegant and stunning. He'd come up behind her while she'd been staring in the mirror adjusting things and had whispered dirty things that made her feel like the most gorgeous thing on the planet. It squeezed her waist in and pushed her breasts up. Her waist dipped from her rib cage and smoothed out to her hips with sensuously rounded curves. She had pinned her hair up and left a lock of curls to fall down her shoulder and spill across the bare flesh of her chest and down across the red satin. Beautiful.

"Forget the party, babe. George can blow it out his ear, I wanna stay home and play."

"It's important. We'll go and do what we need to and then come home and play all night. Mom's keeping them for the weekend."

"Dear old, Mom. Remind me to thank her."

She laughed and kissed him. "Let's go before I let you."

Abbie lifted her head proudly, sauntering into the country club's large ball room on the arm of the most gorgeous man there. George immediately left the small knot of men and came to greet them. George kissed her knuckles, lingering over them. "Aaron, the man whose going to build another winner for us. Glad you could make it. Abbie, more ravishing than ever. You don't stop in and see us down at the office often enough."

She laughed, "That's because Aaron works on the job site and I don't have a hard hat."

"Come on Aaron, I want to introduce you to the guys from Baker and Baker. If you'll excuse us for a moment, Abbie? You can have him back in a few minutes." George didn't give them a chance to object and whisked Aaron off. Abbie sighed, watching as George did it again.

"Abbie. So nice to see you." Meredith Brooke, George's new wife. She was the last person Abbie wanted to see. "Come say hi, we were just talking about Aaron. George says that he's the one who clinched the deal for Brooke and Sons."

Meredith hooked her claws into Abbie's arm and towed her reluctantly off to her little circle of barracudas. "How is Aaron doing? We just never see enough of him anymore."

Probably because he hated Meredith. "He's fine. Just," Abbie smiled with all the false charm that usually dripped off of Phyllis, "fine."

"He is quite a catch, the girls and I were trying to figure out just how you manage to keep Adorable Aaron in your clutches." Meredith's smiles were as fake as her tits. "We want to keep ours, but the tight leash just isn't my style."

Abbie swallowed the retort.

"That's a beautiful dress, Abbie," Jenny Lipscomb, the wife of one of the sallow VPs at Brooke, looked exactly like an over-dressed poodle. "isn't that the one I saw on the clearance rack at Dillards?"

"It's been nice chatting with you, but I really have to go say hi to someone. Wouldn't want them to think I'm a snob." Abbie pulled away from Meredith, looking for any avenue of escape she could find.

"The buffet table is over there, by the windows." Their laughter followed as she made a break for it.

Abbie didn't care who said it, that gaggle of bitches were all the same to her. Before she could stop herself, she found herself in front of the elegant buffet. Maybe a carrot stick or some celery. Maybe a small piece of chicken. Who was she kidding? She went straight for the dessert table and picked up a white topped chocolate confection. She found herself a comfortable place to sit and sank her fork into the chocolate, by-passing the white stuff entirely.

Meredith laughed, one of those well practiced, joyous sounds that were designed to attract attention, and attracted Abbie's attention. The generous bite of chocolate hovered over the plate while Abbie looked at Meredith and her clique of piranha. She suddenly felt sick. For all she thought of them, they were absolutely stunning. Meredith's sleek body was enhanced by the understated ivory sheath she wore and the silky brown mane that belonged in a shampoo commercial. Jenny's taste ran to the tacky, but there was no denying her gorgeousness. A model by trade, she was the perfect corporate wife. They laughed and chatted like a pair of glamorous friends. Abbie had to face it, they were exactly that. Her best friend was-- she took a bite to check-- tiramisu.

Maybe Aaron would be finished in the next couple of minutes and they could leave. He always made her feel stunning, but only while she was alone with him. No matter what he said in public, she could always feel the eyes wondering what that handsome, gorgeous man was doing with the fat broad.

He'd gotten away from George finally, and was crossing the dance floor to reach her. Meredith snagged him before he'd even gotten halfway across. Moments later they were dancing and Aaron was laughing at something Meredith had said. Abbie demolished the dark part of the tiramisu before they'd taken four steps, then suddenly felt sick to her stomach. Meredith caught her eyes over Aaron's shoulder and pulled herself tight to his body. Abbie thought about the red ribbon she'd slipped into her evening bag, the bow for Aaron's fat, red dressed present, and her gorge rose before she could stop it. She stood up, plastering what she'd hoped was a pleasant expression on her face, and made for the door like a Kentucky Derby winner on the homestretch.

She managed to keep the tiramisu down. After feigning a long restroom break to wait out a woman re-doing her make-up, she went to wash her hands and hopefully make herself look like she hadn't lost lunch. Maybe bulimia would be an effective diet program. She thought about the ravages of the disorder that went with the slimming down. Maybe not. She washed her hands, careful to keep her dress dry, and used the perfumed hand towels. She caught her reflection in the mirror, something she desperately wanted to avoid. A fat, bloated face stared back at her. A thick neck rolled down into a body proportioned exactly like Blubber the Friendly, Fat whale. The red dress should be a hanky compared to her size. She thought about Meredith and the long, willowy lines of her body and wondered why Aaron even bothered coming home to her.

Abbie decided to wait for him in the car.

Flinging the bathroom door open, she charged into the narrow alcove that disguised the bathroom doors from the lobby of the club. She would have kept on charging right into the lobby and through the front door if she hadn't mowed someone down. For a moment, she hoped it was Meredith and that the collision had popped her silicone tits. The masculine grunt, however, told her it wasn't.

"I'm so, sorry, I wasn't looking where I was going, and I just, here let me help you up."

"Mmmph," he said.

Abbie was mortified. His breath warmed her cleavage all the way from the soft flesh above the neckline of the dress to her navel. She was suffocating him in her boobs. She shoved herself up, letting him breathe. "Oh my gawd, I'm so, sorry!"

He didn't seem to be gasping for air, so she hadn't killed him. He was looking at her chest, probably wondering how he hadn't asphyxiated. "It's okay, really. It's okay."

"There she is!" It was Aaron. Could this night get any more humiliating? "Abbie, what are you doing?"

"Thank God you found her. Meredith said she'd just ran out for no reason."

"I'll bet," Aaron said, but George ignored it.

"It's not what it looks like, I just tripped and knocked him over and I think he's okay."

"I'm okay. Really. I'm, just fine." The guy wasn't moving, so Abbie wasn't convinced.

"Come on, babe, get up, you can kill a guy with those."

"She can kill me with them anytime," the guy under her said. The man was still staring at her breasts.

"How about in one of the offices in twenty minutes? George can get a key." Aaron helped her up.

"Aaron...?" Abbie was a little nervous. Was he joking? He had to be joking.

George looked like he'd been pole-axed. "Hell, I can get the course manager's key."

"He's got a couch, right? Meet us there." Aaron took her hand and tugged her along behind. He headed into the darkened depths of the club's offices until he found the door he wanted. He stopped and kissed her.

"Aaron, you can't be serious!"

"Serious as a heart attack, babe. You're the sexiest woman here and you think you're the ugliest. That's going to change. Tonight."

"But they think they're going to see me naked! George and I don't even know who that other guy is!"

"He's Matt. He's one of the lawyers. He's a nice guy, a little shy, but he's nice."

"I can't let them see me naked, what'll they think about me?"

"That you're the sexiest woman on the planet. You think you're fat and ugly, Abbie. When I tell you that you're beautiful, you don't believe me."

"You're biased."

"They're not. George is married to Meredith, isn't he?"


"If George thinks you're the sexiest woman here then you'll have to believe me when I tell you that you're beautiful."

"I believe you."

"No you don't, Abbie."

"Okay, they can see my breasts, but that's it."

"All of you."


"Please, Abbie. For me?"

She frowned, feeling completely out of her depth. It was shocking beyond belief that Aaron actually wanted another man to see her naked, let alone two. She could never resist that tone, or those eyes. "Okay, Aaron."

He kissed her forehead, then her lips. His tongue delved inside, enjoying the inside of her mouth.

"Aaron? Are you sure about this?" It was George with the key, Matt was behind him.

Aaron took the key and opened the door. "Very. You can go back to the party if you want, though."

"Not on your life."

Aaron locked the door behind them while George flicked on the lamp on the desk. Abbie felt like a horse at auction all of the sudden. She wrapped her arms around herself, about to tell Aaron the deal was off, but the look on his face, soft and proud, made her change her mind. He took his tie off slowly, then wound it around her head and tied it firmly over her eyes. He borrowed Matt's darker one and gently slipped the folded material over her eyes. The rush of darkness was a relief. Trust Aaron to see her fear and help her through it.

"Better, baby?"

"Yes." She lifted her hands to the top of the dress, but his stopped her. At least she thought it was Aaron.

"I'll do it. Like unwrapping my favorite present."

She nodded, suddenly aware of the warm, calloused fingers on her shoulders. They had to be Aaron's. She would pretend they were no matter what. The zipper in the back of the dress made its way down her spine and a moment later it pooled at her feet. She felt both excited and embarrassed to stand still in nothing but her underwear in front of three dressed men.

"Son of a bitch," someone whispered, probably George. It wasn't a curse, it was a compliment, an exhalation of awe.

Aaron's fingers worked the fastenings of the strapless bra that hugged her chest and covered her breasts. It, too, loosened then dropped to her feet. Her breasts sprang free, jutting out proudly. The cool air combined with the intense stares that she could almost feel brought her nipples to attention.

"Can I?" Matt asked.

"Yes," Aaron said. A moment later two sets of hands covered her breasts, sliding over the flesh and teasing the nipples. Abbie let her head fall back, expecting to lean against Aaron, but he wasn't there.

Another set of hands gripped her waist, then curled over the satin covering her bottom. "You're beautiful, Abbie." George was behind her. He tugged her panties down, sliding his hands over her hot skin. George gently bit the point of her shoulder, then nibbled along her neck. Matt paused in his exploration of her tits long enough to kiss her lips. He licked them, tracing each lip before rubbing the crease between them, asking entrance. She opened her mouth, tangling her tongue with his. He tugged on her nipples, then smoothed them with gentle pets and caresses.

She felt like moaning when George's fingers trailed between the cleft in her asscheeks and slid farther forward. He paused, just shy of the wet heat between her legs. "Can I touch you, Abbie?"

His hot breath washed over her neck, exciting her. She was more aware of his finger hovering near her pussy lips than she was of Matt's tongue licking the roof of her mouth. She almost needed him touch her, to feel her. It astonished her that he even wanted to. There was no way to say yes with Matt in her mouth, so she reached around behind her and grabbed his wrist. She could feel him stiffen behind her, his arm pulling back. She pushed his hand forward, until his fingers tangled in her wet pubic hair.

George groaned deep in his chest, an animal sound that startled and pleased her. He began a thorough exploration of her cunt; one that made her buck back against him. He pressed himself tightly against her, forcing her against Matt's chest. Her eyes widened behind the blindfold. George's dick was not only rock hard but shoved right up to her butt.

She pushed Matt off of her mouth. He went right back to sucking her nipples. "Aa-Aaron...?"

"Do you want them to fuck you, babe?"

The thought made her weak in the knees. She wanted them to, she was burning with the idea. Two men, two hard cocks, enjoying, loving, sating themselves with her body. She didn't want them to touch her either. The fear was still there. The image of the beached whale that she carried around never left and it whispered viciously that they only wanted the novelty of fucking a fatty.

"But I'm fat!" She never intended for that to come out. She never wanted to admit to it out loud. She wished she could take it back. She tried to figure out the best way to extricate herself from the two men and bolt down the hallway.

Matt's mouth left her left tit. "Fat?" He sounded confused. "You're not fat, you're gorgeous."

"Oh, Abbie, is that what you think?" Aaron's voice was suddenly right next to her. He tugged the blindfold off and threw it on the desk.


"Meredith? That bony bitch?" That came, surprisingly enough, from George. "I wish she had your body. Don't tell Aaron, but I've fantasized about fucking your for years. You have the perfect ass."


"It's perfect." He dropped to his knees behind her, kneading the ass in question with both hands, one dry, one wet. "It's round, soft, and perfect for a man's hands. Nothing like a beautiful, wide ass to get me hard." He pulled the cheeks apart and blew between them. She shivered. "Ever been fucked in the ass, Abbie? Your ass was designed for fucking."

"Yes." She looked sidelong at Aaron, hoping he hadn't noticed how incredibly turned on she was. He had. He had that little half grin on his face, the intense look in his eyes, and his cock was out.

"Are you going to let them fuck you, baby?" Aaron licked his lips and squeezed his cock. The head turned red and precum dribbled out. She stared at it for a heartbeat of time, the met his eyes.


"Thank God," George muttered from between her butt. A second later something warm and wet touched her asshole.

"George? What are you doing?"

"Loving your ass, Abbie." He took a nibble on the curve of one rounded cheek, then spread them wider and put his face between them.

Matt didn't say anything, his fingers had replaced George's in her pussy. Abbie closed her eyes and swallowed. A tongue on her ass and fingers sensuously roaming around her clit felt better than she'd ever thought they would. Not even the sounds coming from the desk were enough to bother her. Matt's lips touched hers again and she had her tongue in his mouth before he could completely kiss her.

Suddenly she felt free. She had two studs servicing her, one was worshiping her ass and one was paying homage to her breasts. They wanted her, not any of those women out there who thought she was a cow because she wore a size nine. It was a heady sensation only rivaled by the blast of sexual arousal that tore through her.

She lifted her head and met Aaron's eyes from across the desk. She felt like the sexiest creature on the planet and the look in his baby-blues confirmed it. "C'mon, babe, up on the desk."

He'd cleared it, she noticed. When had that happened? She broke away from her two lovers and crossed to the desk, conscious of her swaying hips and the eyes staring at her. He lifted her, sitting her on the short edge. George pressed his way between her legs, all but shoving Aaron out of his way. For a moment she thought he was just going to start fucking, he didn't, he dropped to his knees again. Matt was back at her breasts again, licking and sucking on one then the other.

George's tongue slid into her pussy, slithering between the lips. She moaned, arching her back. It felt so different, yet the same, with George's tongue instead of Aaron's. Matt shifted on his feet, never letting go of her nipple while he took off his clothes. George nibbled on one of her thighs, then pushed them farther open, licking as deeply into her cunt as his tongue could reach. Aaron settled back in the big, leather chair, slowly stroking his cock. She smiled at him, watching the steady motion of his hand.

The desk creaked under Matt's weight. He straddled her chest, startling her. For a moment she couldn't figure out why on earth he'd want to do such a ridiculous thing, then the heavy weight of his cock slapped between them. She smiled up at him as sexily as she could manage and pushed her tits together. He groaned, dribbling pre-cum on her. That ego-stroking sensation of sex goddess flooded through her again. If she wasn't careful, she'd get addicted to it.

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