tagIncest/TabooA Player's Song Ch. 04

A Player's Song Ch. 04


Janice ran throwing her arms around her son's neck as gitty as a school girl when he walked through the door. "Come in and sit with us," she said pulling on his arm.

Sandra Williams, Nancy Bird, and Marilyn Scott were sitting in the living room with wine glasses in their hands. "Hello ladies," Jamal spoke confidently. He winked at Sandra and sat on the sofa next to Nancy. "What are you ladies talking about, besides men," he joked. He had been having sex with Sandra regularly for about a week, and she told him that the ladies usually talked about sex.

"What else is there to talk about," Nancy said putting her hand on his thigh and laughed looking around to the other ladies. "That's what men talk about, right?"

They all laughed. Jamal noticed Sandra glance at Nancy's hand on his thigh.

"Get the boy a glass," Marilyn said crossing her legs letting her skirt rise to show off her thigh. "You do drink wine, don't you?"

"Yep," Jamal replied.

Janice got a glass for her son and Marilyn filled it with wine. She leaned over the coffee table to hand it to him showing off her ample cleavage. Nancy squeezed Jamal's thigh as her hand moved closer to his growing cock. Janice sat on the love seat next to Sandra and noticed Nancy's hand.

"I bet the girls are fighting over you," Nancy said batting her long false eye lashes at him in an obvious attempt to flirt.

"I'm not in to girls...I'm into women like you Nancy," Jamal joked throwing his arm up on the back of the sofa behind her as he stretched out his legs allowing his hard-on more room to grow.

Janice and Sandra nearly choked on their wine.

"I bet you can handle them just fine," Marilyn laughed.

"I'll let you be the judge that," Jamal replied to her.

"Ut-oh, Marilyn...you better watch out before this young man tare you up," Nancy laughed. "You know you haven't had any in a while."

They all laughed.

"How about you?" Jamal asked causing the ladies to laugh as he put his arm around her shoulder. He could tell that the ladies were wasted and decided to take advantage of the situation. He draped his hand over Nancy's right breast and she put her hand over his.

"Ya, you really need some," Marilyn shot back.

"Marilyn, I think my baby can handle both of you'll," Janice laughed.

"Bring it on then baby," Marilyn said standing up, putting her hands on her hips and thrusting her pelvis forward.

Jamal stood up and the ladies laughed. He stepped over the coffee table, reached around Marilyn grabbing her big butt-cheeks with both hands, and pulled her crotch against his. The other three ladies doubled over in laughter. Jamal massaged Marilyn's ass and grind against her before releasing her.

Marilyn hugged Jamal as she laughed with them.

"Oooo, that's my song," Janice said hearing the music playing on the radio. She turned it up and began to move.

Sandra and Nancy got up and began dancing with Janice. Jamal started dancing with Marilyn moving his hand under her skirt touching her panty covered crotch as she turned away from the other ladies.

Jamal turned to Nancy taking he hips from behind and grind against her ass, before going over to Sandra and grinding pelvis to pelvis with her. He moved over to Janice who took his hips as he took hold of hers and grinded to the ladies' laughter. He went back over to Marilyn and pulled up her skirt from the back and grind against panties as her reached around to her crotch in view of the other ladies to their laughter.

Jamal continued moving from one of the ladies to the other; taking hold of Nancy's tits with both hands, rubbing Sandra's crotch, and grinding against his mother's ass. The ladies moved around awaiting their turns to get felt up to the other ladies' amusement.

When the song ended, Jamal held onto Marilyn from behind holding tits in both his hands. The other ladies stood around giggling and catching their breaths.

"Orgy up in here," Janice said laughing as she took out a CD and put it into the player.

The ladies started moving around again as the music started up. Jamal released Marilyn and moved in the middle of the women as the surround him.

"O'may," Nancy said wide-eyed with laughter as she felt Jamal's hard-on.

Marilyn reached over to feel the big rod as Jamal presented it to her. Sandra giggled as she took her turn, and Janice wasn't shy in copping a feel in front of the ladies with loud laughter.

Marilyn reached and unzipped Jamal's pants, and Nancy opened them wider. Jamal turned to Sandra and nodded with a smile, and she reached inside of pants and pulled the massive tool free. She held it as Jamal pulled her to him rubbing the head of his cock to her crotch.

The ladies went wild with cheer. Marilyn pulled up her skirt and Jamal rubbed the head of his dick to the crotch of her panties. Nancy took told of the steel rod as Jamal lift her top exposing her bra covered big tits.

The ladies laughed hysterically as Jamal pointed his dick to Janice's ass. To their amusement, Janice wiggled her buns as Jamal held it to her.

Sandra playfully turned her ass to Jamal and he took the elastic waist band of her shorts and pulled them down along with panties. Marilyn leaned against Janice as she laughed even louder. Jamal pulled Sandra to him and grind against her naked buns, before Sandra pulled her shorts back up.

Nancy seemed bound to top that. She took hold of Jamal's cock, leaned over and kissed the head. Marilyn took his cock and rubbed against her crotch as Jamal unbuttoned her top and then the front snap of her bra and freed her tits to his hands.

Marilyn laughed releasing his cock as Jamal pulled her top and bra off her shoulders. Nancy came up behind Jamal and pulled off his shirt. Janice assisted by Sandra pulled down Jamal's pants with his shoes. Jamal unzipped Marilyn's skirt and she helped him get her panties off. He turned to Nancy who helped him get her clothes off while Sandra stripped herself. They all looked at Janice who was the only one left with clothes on.

Janice looked at her son wide-eyed as he reached for her shorts. The other ladies burst out into laughter as Jamal unzipped his mother's shorts and pulled them off. Janice saw that the ladies were cheering him on and took off her top and bra.

Marilyn, Nancy, and Sandra grasped at Jamal large tool passing it between themselves as he groped at their tits. Janice stood behind Jamal as he reached back and fingered her cunt.

Jamal guided Marilyn down on the floor and pulled her knees up to her shoulder. The forty-five year-old's wet pussy spread to accommodate the young man's large cock. The ladies laughed and cheered as Marilyn moaned. Jamal drove his cock with long broad strokes. Marilyn put her hands over her face as her orgasm erupted to the other ladies' excitement.

Jamal turned to Nancy as she lay down on the floor and spread her legs wide. Nancy took hold of Jamal's tight buns and pulled him down on her and humped up on his cock as fast as she could. She cried out as she came and then pushed against his chest laughing and indicating that she had enough.

Jamal grabbed Sandra's arm and pulled her down to the floor. She pulled her knees up to her shoulders and then rest them on his as he entered her. She felt almost jealous has she had watched him screw the other two ladies. She wanted his cock all to herself.

Jamal stroked Sandra's pussy slow and steady just the way she liked it. She signed hard as she came. She blushed as he winked his eye at her.

They all looked a Janice laughing.

"O'no," Janice said reaching for her clothes only to have them snatched away by Marilyn.

"Com'on girl, you better get you some of that," Marilyn said.

"What are you worried about," Nancy chimed in. "Ain't nobody going to tell anyone. We did it."

"He's my son," Janice said like she really cared.

"He's a young man," Nancy said.

"Ya girl, when will you ever get a chance with a young man with equipment like that," Marilyn said.

Janice looked at Sandra who just laughed and nodded. "Ok," Janice said getting down on the floor.

"There you go girl," Marilyn said.

"Fuck her good," Nancy whispered in Jamal's ear to his chuckle.

Jamal played along with his mother's deception. He had fucked her early that morning, and knew she was ready to fuck him again. He slid the head of his dick half way into her and repositioned himself to get ready for some hard thrusting.

Janice braced herself with her knees bent and her feet flat on the floor. As soon as he drove his cock down, she thrust up to meet his cock. She met each of his strong thrusts with her own.

The ladies cheered them own as the put on a fucking expedition. Marilyn and Nancy watched closely as Sandra went off to the bathroom.

Janice had almost forgot that she was committing incest for the amusement of her friends instead of for her own pleasure. She quickly put her hands against Jamal's chest to stop him. "There," she said. "I didn't it. Satisfied now."

"Ah...Com'on girl. You know you liked it," Marilyn said.

"Ya girl, I wished that I could get it as well as you did," Nancy said. "He is still ready to go." She took Jamal's cock and began stroking it.

"Big it over here baby," Marilyn said positioning herself on her hands and knees.

Jamal chuckled and he got in behind Marilyn and slid his monster cock into her pussy again. He slammed his cock into her making her butt-cheeks shake upon contact. He continued fucking her until she couldn't take it no more.

Nancy took another go at him, but quickly came again for the second time. When Jamal got back with Sandra, they all saw that they had definite chemistry. Even Janice had to admit that Sandra and her son looked good together.

Jamal and Sandra ignore the comments that the ladies made as they continued screwing in the middle of the living floor.

Nancy left first stating that she had to make diner for her husband. Marilyn left a little while later laughing and joking that Sandra was going to fuck Jamal to death.

Janice didn't say anything else after Marilyn left as Sandra and her son continued fucking on the floor. She cleaned up around them and then went to her bedroom.

Janice got up from her bed in the middle of the night to use the bathroom and found Sandra asleep with her son in his bed. It was strange, but she approved.

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