tagIncest/TabooA Pleasant Fright

A Pleasant Fright


Please note: This is my submission to the Halloween contest. That said I would like to make a disclaimer. There is incest, but being a Halloween story I've also got some supernatural stuff and what some people might consider non-consent. The incest is the main part of the story so if you don't like it feel free to refrain from reading. I'm not going to go on and on I want you to get to the story. I would like to say one thing. I had a lot of fun writing this. I hoped you enjoy reading it. Happy Halloween, Samhain, All Hallows Eve or whatever you follow!

* * * *

Think it, but not say it. This was the stupidest idea I'd ever had.

Fine, Joe and Janie were sweet, they were cute, but taking them out for Halloween had been insane. Not so much the idea of walking with them, before dark had fully set, to get a bunch of candy. No, actually it was the fact that I'd agreed to let them pick my costume.

Silly, really, that I'd actually thought I'd been prepared for anything. Barbie, GI Joe, kitty cats and unicorns. All had flitted through my mind when I'd agreed. Hell, it might be embarrassing, but I could deal. What was the worst thing a five year old and an eight year old could come up with?

Damn my sister for letting them watch Legend.

The black hair was my own, which was a plus...barely. But the gown, which had cost me a fortune, and the Goth makeup, was plain ridiculous. I looked like a whore, and all I could think was, 'Yeah sis, I guess I do spoil them a bit too much.'

Regrets were futile, they would do nothing but make my face more red. So instead I held my head high, took hold of the angel in white and the zombie plastered in blood and set out to face my neighbors. I knew I'd never live it down. Little miss prissy accepted to Harvard was going to be scorned for the next five years.

Did I mention Joe and Janie were sweet?

The first house was fine. Mrs. Robinson gave me a little smirk and handed out the candy. I caught the glisten of Mr. Robinson's drool. Not too bad, guys drooled when I went to clubs with my friends, dressed perfectly respectable. I have nice tits. So sue me.

The second and third houses were the ones that made me want to run home. They were the ones where my childhood friends resided. Naturally they wouldn't let the opportunity pass. My last year of high school, trying to impress the teachers by actually following the dress code was a sore spot for them all.

"Well, well. Little miss purity. Seems you had a body under the starched shirts after all." Mark had said.

My chin had lifted as I'd given him a look meant to chill him to his bones. "Oh fuck off jock strap. If you couldn't throw a ball you'd be going local."

The disparaging remark had made him smirk. "Ya, well I got in without playing the prude. What kinda fun did you have last summer Claudia?"

Damn him for leaving me speechless. He was right. In my attempt to exhibit exemplarity behavior, so as not to call question to my choice to become a lawyer, much lest a criminal one, I'd passed over most of the summer gatherings. But so what? Was it so wrong to have ambitions? Without the scholarship I'd be stuck going local myself.

One of my closest friends, before my obsession with living straight and narrow that is, hadn't been much kinder when we'd reached the second house.

"Oh my gawd Claudia! Are you serious? You bailed on my beach party but you'll walk around in that?"

There was nothing I could say to make things okay with her. I knew what Mandy's parties were like. I hadn't wanted to chance getting caught drinking under twenty one, never mind doing so while guys were ogling me in a skeezy two piece. My idea of Harvard material had made the excuses for me. No doubt they seemed rather lame now.

A dozen houses more and I was cursing my sister, wishing she'd dropped the overtime in her perfect surgeon of the year job to take her own kids out. Her job wouldn't be compromised with this outfit. My reputation would. Then again she wouldn't have given in to the puppy dog eyes.

My pathetic submission made me hope that I was infertile. If I was going through with this for my niece and nephew, what would I do if the brats were mine?

Thought coagulating in my head I decided I'd had enough. I told the mini cherubs as much. With some sympathy they finally agreed. As long as I'd bring them to Brad's house first.

Brad was my cousin, my mom's sister's son and my best fried before I'd gone straight and narrow. He'd taken me on my first motor bike ride at thirteen and beaten up my first boyfriend for breaking my heart a year later. He'd done much worse to my next boyfriend for daring to try and take advantage of me. I hadn't seen him except for family functions in two years. Which he alone, among my big Italian family, hadn't bitched about.

With his own ambitions of taking over the family business of customizing cars, which one of my brothers had joined year ago, he, more then anyone else, understood my drive for perfection. He wouldn't let a car leave the shop with orange peel, an imperfection most dealerships didn't sweat over. My excuses to not attending his eighteenth and nineteenth birthday parties had been well received. He lived in the fast lane. I didn't. He got it.

Which was why I was so nervous about seeing him like this.

I loved Brad. Despite the tough assed exterior he was the only one I could say really got me. We were worlds apart and yet, sitting alone with the family converging at the last summer get together he'd said all the right things.

"There'll be a lot of competition to get into the best firm." He'd said shrewdly.

I'd smiled and given him a quick nod. "Exactly. I gotta make sure nothing I say or do can be used against me."

Still, even with the reassurance his last words had haunted me. "Discretion Claudia, it works wonders. You've still got to live."

The logic couldn't be argued. He was right, and yet I hadn't ever tried to heed his advice. I was too busy trying to be perfect. Until now that is.

With Joe pouting at me when I hesitated, and Janie tugging at me I'd finally succumbed. Really, how bad could it be? Brad was cool. He wouldn't ride me about the outfit. Only my own hypocrisy would rile me.

So we made our way to the last house of the block.

Almost as though he'd sensed us coming Brad opened the door while we were still on the cobblestone path. Leaning against the doorframe he smiled at me. "Stuck with the kiddies Claudia?"

I nodded and smiled. "Hey, it's the last year I'll have time to spend Halloween with them. Why not have a bit of fun?"

His lip quirked. "Glad to hear it. I take it this is your last stop?"

I had the strangest feeling he'd caught the conversation we'd had half way here. I dismissed it. There was no way he could have heard. I'd kept the conversation to a firm whisper. "Ya, I've got some volunteer work tomorrow. Looks good on my résumé. Can't stay up too late."

Brad nodded with complete understanding. "Well then why don't you guys come in." He looked at the kids, bending down to eye level. "Your mom ever let you watch a real horror?"

Both shook their heads. I wasn't surprised. My sis had read every parenting book from back to front.

"You want to?"

Joe took his sister's hand and met Brad's eyes. "We won't tell mom."

Brad straightened, then reached out and ruffled Joe's hair. "I know you won't buddy. Come on in. Me and Claudia will check your candy. I'll give you some safe stuff so you can snack while you watch the movie."

He took their bags and led the way in. I stopped him in the hall when he gestured the kids into the living room. "Brad if it's too scary Chrissie will figure it out. They won't sleep."

The look Brad gave me was nothing short of patronizing. "I get that Claudia. It's not a slasher flick. Just a ghost story. G-Rated."

If his words didn't reach me the G-rating certainly did. Nothing could pass official scrutiny and get that rating...could it?

I watched Brad bring the kids candy and popcorn, settle them both on the couch and put the movie on. The Lady in White. I'd seen it. It was mild but I was fairly certain it wasn't G-rated. Brad caught my raised brow when he met me at the arch to the living room.

"Okay so I was wrong. It's PG13."

I frowned at him. "Janie's five."

He gave me a wicked grin. "Afraid Chrissie will have a cow?"

I crossed my arms, frown growing deeper. "No. I don't want my niece damaged for life."

He rolled his eyes. "Oh get over it. How old were you when you watched it?"

I flushed. "About her age."

He nodded in satisfaction. "Me too. And we both turned out fine." He took my hand. "Come on, they'll be fine. My dad's in his office. He'll hear them if they scream."

Digging in my heels I stared at him. "What do you mean, 'He'll hear them?' I'm right here."

Brad kept tugging until he had me at the door to the room at the end of the hall. "You won't hear shit from here. Trust me."

I watched him open the door and shrugged, I guess it was ok. We were all family. My sister couldn't bitch about me leaving her kids under their uncle's supervision. Except for the fact he didn't know about it. Worried I said so.

Brad scoffed. "Dad's not stupid, he's into the game but I'm sure he knows the kids are here."

Shrugging off his leather jacket even as he opened the door Brad led the way past the door, which actually went into the attached garage. Lips pursed I walked down the steps, letting the door glide shut behind me.

Rolling his eyes Brad pulled me to his side. "Will you relax. When did you turn into such a tight ass?"

Inhaling deep I eyed him cannily. "When did you turn into such a grease monkey?"

Giving me a crooked grin Brad lifted one arm, bending it so his black t-shirt stretched around his large bicep. "It's got some perks."

My mouth went dry. God, I knew Brad kept in good shape, but I hadn't known to what extent. The leather jacket had become a permanent part of him. I hadn't seen his body since the family BBQ two summers back. And his arms certainly hadn't been that big.

I was staring. At my cousin. And worse, by the grin he flashed me when I finally looked up he knew it.

Pressing my lips together I crossed my arms tight against my chest. It was okay. I was fine. There was nothing wrong with observing that my cousin had grown into his body. Nothing wrong with acknowledging that he had lost the awkward look of having hands and feet a little too big for his body.

Nothing wrong with admitting there was nothing the least bit awkward about him anymore.

"You wanna see?" Brad's eyes twinkled when I gave him a horrified look.

I shook my head vehemently when he hooked his thumbs to his belt.

He laughed at me and held out his arm, palm up, towards the form of a car behind him, covered by a sheet. "You used to be interested in my projects. Do you remember me talking about getting my hands on a Bandit?"

I nodded. We'd talked about it last Christmas. After seeing the pictures of the finished product I'd demanded that he take me for a ride as soon as he got it running. It made me flush to think back on how impressed Brad had been. The pictures of the car he'd hoped to buy had shown it was in pretty bad shape.

My eyes had glowed at the thought of it being restored. I could just imagine the metal, sleek again, glossed in black and gold. The vision of power, growling down the street, whipping around corners. Brad had informed me that I was the only girl he knew whose mouth would water at just the idea of riding in a restored muscle car.

The worst thing was, I didn't even have my license. I had no interest in driving the car myself. Part of the thrill had been knowing I would experience the wild joy with Brad, confident and carefree with him behind the wheel.

Without realizing I was doing so, I spoke in a reverent whisper. "Is it finished?"

Brad smiled, pleased. "Almost. This is just the first time since I got it that you aren't too busy to check it out. Last time we talked I really thought you wanted to see the entire progress...but you don't return my calls..." He held up his hand when I moved to protest. "It's okay Claudia. I understand."

I knew that wasn't his intent, but his understanding made me feel worse. I really should be making more time for my family. Recalling something I hugged myself tight. "I tried to arrange something last month. When I called your dad said you were indisposed."

Something dark passed through Brad's eyes. "Ya. I almost forgot about that. Last month was...well things changed and it took some getting used to."

Concerned with the stiffening of his bearing I put my hand on his arm. "What happened? Is everything okay?"

Nodding quickly Brad forced a smile. "Yeah. It was...unexpected, but I've adapted."

I made a face. "Cryptic much?"

With an offhand shrug he turned away. "So you want to see the car or what?"

Nodding I watched him pull off the cover. It was gorgeous, but I was too distracted to take in much more then the fact the car had no seats.

Brad noticed what had caught my eye. "I'm having them shipped in special."

"Cool." I circled the car, my fingers drifting over the immaculate, sleek side panel.

I felt Brad come up behind me and stopped, eyes on his hand as it drifted down my arm and covered my hand. His chest pressed against my back, every single ripple of muscle clearly felt even through the thick material of my dress. The warmth of him, close to feverish, enveloped me. It felt nice. I hadn't been touched in so long my body craved any kind of contact. I found myself leaning back against him.

"You work too hard Claudia. You need to make time for fun." Brad's hot breath stirred the tiny hairs on the back of my neck.

Letting out a tiny sigh I nodded. "I know. It's just I don't want to be less then the rest of them. Everyone in my family is so successful. My parents do their best, but after putting Chrissie and Eddie through medical school they didn't have the money left to pay for more then a few years either in the local college or trade school. They were so proud when I got the scholarship they finally noticed..."

I clamped my lips shut. I refused to come off as an attention seeking whine ass. My parents loved me. They'd raised me well and given me everything I needed. So what if Mandy had always been their sweetheart, and Eddie their pride and joy. Being part of a big family it was natural that the time and attention be thinned out, and since mom and dad were both workaholics the children that followed in their footsteps would obviously be granted more of their notice.

Brad wrapped his arms around me. "Sucks that you were the surprise baby after your parents both got promotions, and your brothers and sister were fully grown."

I shrugged. "Not a big deal. I'm old enough to make my own life now."

Shaking his head Brad turned me in his arms and sat me on the hood of the car. "Obsessing over being perfect, doing all the right things, going to the right school...that isn't living your own life Claudia. That's living for your parents approval."

Resting my hands behind me I arched my neck so I could look at him. "So I shouldn't have ambitions?"

Setting his hands down on either side of my hips Brad moved in a little closer. "Have ambitions. Hell, I think you'll make an awesome lawyer. But you took a year off before leaving for Harvard for what? I'd really hoped after graduation you would take it easy for a bit, but you blew the whole summer, and it doesn't seem like you have any intention of making any use of the rest of your time either."

Comfortable as I was with Brad it occurred to me suddenly how bad it would look if anyone saw me here, sitting on the hood of a car, my cousin standing between my legs. Not wanting him to feel rebuffed, considering how supportive he'd been, I tried to slid back without making it obvious.

Brad shifted his hands. They were now braced right behind me. I couldn't move. Now I'd have to ask him to move, and try to do it without making us both feel awkward.

I cleared my throat.

Though it hardly seemed possible, Brad moved closer. Bending his head he rested his brow on my shoulder. "When's the last time you had a boyfriend Claudia?"

The question surprised me enough that I forgot about trying to move. "What? A boyfriend." My brow creased. "Not since Todd." I grinned. "His jaw healed well, in case you were wondering."

Lifting his head Brad met my eyes. "That was over a year ago Claudia."

I shook my head. "Over two."

The little smile that had teased at my lips fell away as Brad traced his lips with his tongue. Turning his hands behind me he curved them around my hips, thumbs brushing along the sharp curve of bone through my dress. "He can't count. You dated him for a week and he tried to rape you at your birthday party. It took months before you confided in me."

I ducked my head, embarrassed. "I was drunk Brad. Saying no at the last second was pretty nasty of me."

Brad scowled. "No. His trying anything when you were too drunk to stop him was nasty. You were a sixteen year old virgin."

My lips parted. I flushed.

He chuckled. "My god. So no one since then. I take it you haven't made time for so much as a one night stand."

Wrinkling my nose I shook my head. "Not my thing. Sorry."

"Don't be sorry." His hands glided up my back. My eyes widened as he buried them in my hair and leaned down. His lips covered mine, just a gentle press, nothing intrusive, but still more then any kiss I'd ever gotten from a family member.

I could still feel the warmth of him on my lips. It occurred to me I should say something, though for some reason I was too stunned to speak. It was just a little kiss, no big deal.

The big deal was that part of me, one I'd taken to ignoring for a long time, hadn't wanted him to stop. In fact, it had wanted more. Just knowing, however abstractly, that I'd been wanting my cousin in such an inappropriate way made my cheeks burn.

Brad put two fingers under my chin and tilted me up to look at him. "Are you okay?"

Eyes still wide as a frightened little animal's I gazed up at him. I still couldn't speak. All I could do was nod. I was okay. I was perfectly fine. I just had to make my brain work again.

Fingers sliding along my jaw, then back, brushing over my lips, Brad smiled. "You look really hot tonight Claudia. Even the black lipstick suits you, strangely enough." He passed his thumb over my bottom lip and looked at it. "Strange that it doesn't come off."

I cleared my throat. It was a straightforward remark. Answering it should be easy. "Won't come off without the right liquid..." I inhaled sharply, shifting, refusing to acknowledged what had put that word on my lips. "I mean cream...I mean..." I groaned and closed my eyes.

Chuckling Brad hovered close to my lips. "So it takes a special cream to get it off?" His words sounded intentionally lewd. It made me want to smack him. That is until he sucked my bottom lip into his mouth.

Hands pressed against his chest I tried to reign in the control that was always so faultless, that had abandoned me now. Where it had gone I didn't know. I knew there was something in me screaming for me to make him stop, reminding me this was Brad, my cousin, my blood.

My hands had moved to his shoulders and I was clinging to him as he teased my lips with his tongue. I opened my mouth to say something, I couldn't remember what. He took it as an invitation and dipped his tongue into my mouth.

I moaned, a frenzy of pleasure burning through my blood. He played the tip of his tongue against mine, gently sucking on it. I writhed against him as moisture dampened the crouch of my panties, a need within taking me, overcoming any thought of protest.

The scent of him filled me, woodsy cologne and a trace of car grease. Whimpers passed from me through our close pressed lips, the agony of desire I'd never before been plagued with almost painful. Shifting my hips I pulled away, bowing my head, fighting to catch my breath.

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