tagGroup SexA Political Education Ch. 03

A Political Education Ch. 03


This was all so exciting.

The tremendous series of orgasms she had felt while fucking the professor had been a great introduction to politics, but she certainly needed to learn more. After a second or so, she took a big breath and followed Victor to the elevator. Neither of them said anything as they entered the elevator. He pushed the button for the penthouse and the elevator began to rise. Carla was a bit relieved because this time Victor didn't attempt to get too close to her and he even avoided saying anything. Finally, the elevator stopped and they got out. Victor pushed the door button and then, suddenly, he was gone, disappeared as before.

Carla stood in front of the door. She took a deep breath and waited. She stood up straight. After a few seconds she heard a click and the door opened.

It wasn't the governor who stood there. Instead it was the governor's wife. "You must be Carla," said the governor's wife. "We have been waiting to meet you. Please come in." She waved her hand to usher Carla into the hotel room. It was a very large room with a big chandelier, a large couch, and several plush chairs. The governor was

sitting on one of the plush chairs and was smiling. His wife led Carla to the couch opposite to where the governor was sitting and sat down next to Carla.

The governor spoke: "You are every bit as fine looking as we were told," he said to Carla. His voice was powerful, and Carla felt a tremor of excitement. She was really here, face to face, alone with the governor and his wife in this hotel room? It was all happening so fast!

"Oh, thank you, Governor, Sir," Carla stammered.

"Please, Please," the governor chuckled. "Let's not be so formal. You need not address me as 'sir.' Please, just call me Walker. That is my first name, you know, Governor Walker G. Chub, but I would prefer if you just called me Walker. My wife, of course as you know, is Barbara; please call her Babs."

"Oh, yes. Thank you Governor, I mean Walker. It is such a great honor to be meeting you and your wife, I mean Babs, like this."

The governor sat there. He was staring straight at Carla. Carla was nervous and very excited.

She felt a friendly pat high on her thigh. It was the governor's wife. The tap was meant to be reassuring to Carla, but it was more than that because the governor's wife didn't remove her hand from Carla's thigh. Instead, she patted it again, each time more slowly and finally just letting her hand rest high up on Carla's thigh. Her hand moved slightly upwards and around to the inside of Carla's leg. Carla felt just a little dizzy with anticipation. The governor's wife moved her hand once again, this time brushing the top of Carla's leg, lingering for a second in the vicinity of Carla's cunt. Carla's pussy juice was flowing wildly again. Maybe she should have put her panties on although they would have been soaked by her madly flowing cunt juice by now. Her clit was swollen and

Carla felt it pushing out from its covering sheath. Bab's hand, still pressing against Carla's thigh began moving closer to her cunt.

"I think our guest would like a drink," Babs said to the governor.

"I do think you are right," the governor said and stood up to move to the sideboard to get the drink. Carla couldn't help but notice that he had a huge erection. Meanwhile, Babs ostentatiously moved her hand from Carla's cunt and brought her finger to her nose, inhaling deeply. She smiled first at her husband and then at Carla. Carla blushed.

Obviously, there was going to be some kind of sex soon. Sex with the governor....and his wife? Carla couldn't have wished for anything more. That was politics at its highest level. Carla wondered what form the sex would take? He watching while Carla and his wife did each other? Babs watching while she was fucked by the governor, or sucked his cock? Or would it be a three way? Well, whatever. Carla would find out soon enough. This was a lot sooner than she had thought it would happen, but she was ready.

"Professor Needling told us all about you," said the governor, as he brought the drink and gave it to Carla. "He told us that you were one of his very best political science students. He praised your virtues, telling us about your grades, your research, how hard you studied and how much you loved politics."

The governor's wife, joined in, "Needling told us that you were fine looking, but he neglected to add just how fine looking, And sexy," Babs once again put her hand under Carla's skirt and against her cunt.

Carla blushed again.

Carla took a sip of the drink. Although it was a large couch with plenty of room, Babs sat right next to Carla. She was looking at Carla and smiling while her hand stayed at Carla's cunt, rubbing in a slow, sexy motion. Carla took another sip of the drink. She opened her legs a bit to give Babs better access to the now swollen outer lips of her pussy.

The governor, sitting opposite, leaned over the better to watch what was happening at Carla's crotch, where, by now Babs had inserted two fingers. Babs parted her knees just a bit more to give the governor a better look.

The governor smiled and put his hands on Carla's knees, spreading them just a bit wider again.

. Babs said, "Drink up, my dear," and, without any attempt to hide what she was doing, slipped her hand under the couch's cushion and pulled out a large black dildo. It was big and fat, maybe a foot long, as wide as a man's fist. She held it up for all to see.

Carla was breathing hard. This was exciting. Her pussy was gushing juice.

Babs moved the dildo down. Carla moved her knees even more apart. The governor watched intently. Babs shoved the dildo up to Carla's cunt.

Now the governor leaned over closer and he slipped his hand under Carla's dress and under her thighs, sliding his hands forward all the way until they were directly holding on to Carla's hard, round ass. "Carla," asked the governor, "do you know why we invited you to our suite?"

Carla was crazy with anticipation. She couldn't wait to be getting it on with these two. Her nipples were hard, her cunt sopping around the invading black dildo, plus, Babs had infiltrated a couple of fingers alongside the dildo in Carla's cunt.

Carla was as horny and excited as she had ever been in her life. She let out a soft moan of pleasure. She was so horny that she didn't care exactly what they wanted, she just wanted to get on with it, her moans of pleasure now constant, her mouth open, her eyes heavy with passion and silently pleading for more from the governor and his wife.

"Stand up," the governor ordered.

Carla stood up. The governor's and Bab's hands remained in her ass and cunt and she looked at each of them, waiting for their next order. She had the moaning under control now, but her pussy was on fire. Her tits were tender, their nipples hard. She was ready alright.

"Take off your dress," Babs ordered this time.

Carla pulled her dress up and over her head and threw it aside. She was completely naked and open. Her legs were spread in a firm stance.

"I want you to suck my cock," said Walker.

Carla dropped to her knees, opened the governor's pants and pulled out his long prick. It was big, thick, and engorged, and Carla circled it with her lips, sucking hard, filling her mouth with the long tool. She savored the taste as she sucked and flipped her tongue around his prick, sucking and chewing with her lips until the governor suddenly pulled his prick out. She lunged forward to pull it back into her mouth. She wanted the big reward, the taste of his sweet cum, but he stopped her.

The governor looked at Carla. His face radiated a grave sincerity. "Loyalty is what this is all about," he said.

Carla, still on her knees, looked up at the governor. Oh, she wanted his cum to splash into her mouth.

"We need to know that you are completely loyal to us, that you will do what we say without question."

Carla again nodded her head yes.

The governor, Walker, smiled at Carla. "Yes, I do think you understand what we mean when we talk about loyalty. He stuck his prick back into her mouth, and, as she sucked mightily, shot his wad into the back of her throat.

The next thing Carla knew, she was laying face down on the couch. The governor's dick was back in her mouth. He really was a powerful politician. His prick was getting hard again. Babs continued to push her fingers into Carla's cunt and Carla felt that huge dildo being pushed into her ass by Babs. Carla moaned and began to cum over and over again. Then, suddenly it was Bab's cunt that she was sucking and the dildo was in her cunt and the governor's dick was in her ass.

Then the arrangement of dick, cunt and dildo changed again. One second Carla was sucking something madly and the next moment someone was sucking her. For a while, she was being fucked and then she was fucking, the dildo strapped on and she was drilling away, first at Babs and later at Walker until things changed again and then again.

For a long time this continued from one combination to another. All three people, the governor, his wife, and Carla were moving and shouting, were moaning and breathing, were coming over and over and over again. Carla had never, never, never come even close to having so many orgasms at one time as she was having now. She never wanted this to stop. She felt the governor once again begin to cum and as he shot his wad she opened her mouth and swallowed every drop. Babs pulled her face from Carla's cunt and began kissing her. Carla, crazy with wanting more, picked up the giant black dildo and began to push it in and out of her in a mad frenzy, faster and deeper, all the time moaning and crying for "more.....more.....I want MORE....please......"

Babs took the dildo from Carla's hands, thrust it into Carla's ass, and left it there.

The governor sat Carla down. The dildo was pressed deep into her ass and Carla sighed a sigh a deep satisfaction. "I do think that you have what it takes to do well in politics," the governor said.

"Very Well," Babs added with a big smile.

Carla tried to think about what she had learned in one of her political science course, who had said that "Power was the greatest aphrodisiac." It was H. Kissinger.Carla looked at the two of them and began to smile. Boy, was Kissinger right! For some reason, the dildo stuck in her ass was making her horny. "Do you two want a little more fucking, just for fun this time?" she asked.

"We certainly would," the governor said, "but I'm afraid there is much political work to be done. The convention still has some time to run." He stopped for a moment and looked at Carla, "and I know that we can use your talents to further our political ends." As he said that, Babs pulled the dildo out from Carla's behind.

Carla clapped her hands. "Oh thank you Walker, and you too Babs, thank you both. I never realized that politics could be so, so, exciting. I'm ready to help in anyway I can. I know that you need people to stuff envelopes and put out yard signs.....I'll be glad to do anything."

The governor began to laugh. "My dear young lady," he said, "you can be much more valuable than just being an envelope stuffer."

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"Yes, anything," she said.

"We need to check on a few things, but we'll be getting in touch with you very soon. Right now, just get dressed."

No sooner then that Carla had slipped on her dress, the door to the suite opened and Victor was there. "Victor will take you to your room," the governor said.

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