tagLoving WivesA Pool Boy

A Pool Boy


It was the summer after my freshman year of college.

Rose had arranged for me to do some pool cleaning as a means to justify the cash I was making servicing older women. There was one woman in town whom Rose hoped would fall into line and become pliable.

Mrs. Johnson always thought she was so much better than everyone else. The "airs" she adopted when in Rose's shop for a perm were apparently becoming more than Rose could handle.

Mrs. Johnson was in her late 50s; had come from one of the "First Families" in town; and had married into a wealthy family.

During one of her perm appointments, she mentioned to Rose how difficult it was to find a reliable pool cleaner. As thoughts formed in Rose's mind, she mentioned her neighbor's son was home from college. She expressed her belief the son was at loose ends for the summer and might be available.

Mrs. Johnson readily accepted Rose's offer to check. While Mrs. Johnson was sitting under a dryer, Rose called me. She explained her problem; and indicated she would like me to seduce Mrs. Johnson. I agreed.

When Mrs. Johson was finished, Rose confirmed the Pool Boy would be by that very afternoon at 1:00 PM. Mrs. Johnson was delighted and gave Rose an extra tip.

At 1:00 that afternoon, I arrived at the Johsnon residence. After ringing the bell, Mrs. Johnson answered the door. I introduced myself as the Pool Cleaner and asked her to show me the pool.

She lead me through the house and into the kitchen. She opened the back door to the patio and pool. I was pleased to see a 6 foot high privacy fence which would make my task that much easier.

She showed me where the cleaning supplies and brushes were kept; and then left me to my task.

It was a warm afternoon; and given the task, I stripped off my shirt. My hope was granted when she returned outside and took up a position on one of the lounge chairs.

She was about 58 or 59. Her vanity was so great she had her grey hair bleached white every week to hide the grey. She evidently worked out; her legs were firm and her body trim. She was wearing a flimsy beach cover which barely covered her ass. She was stretched out on the lounge; and I could see her eyes were on me.

Time to get to the next level, I thought. Without looking at her, I stopped for a moment and undid my shorts. I dropped them to the ground and was now wearing a very brief navy blue speedo. It showed off my cock and balls to the max; and was tight across my ass.

I resumed cleaning the pool and was working my way around the perimeter. Pretty soon I would be next to Mrs. Johnson. We would see if Rose's plan would work.

As i approached her, I got a glimpse up her cover and saw instantly she had nothing else on. Her legs were slightly spread; and it was evident she shaved her mound.

I finished up and put the tools away. By this time, I had a hard on and the head of my cock was barely inside the speedo. The bulge was evident; I have no idea how the speedo contained them. Strong material, I suppose.

My balls were creating the base of a large bulge in the front of my suit. My cock, by this time, was pushing at the waist band. If someone stood next to me and looked down, they could see the tip of my cock head.

I approached Mrs. Johnson; announced I was finished; and asked if there was any other service I could provide. She looked at me with an open and wanton lustful stare. She nodded yes.

I was standing next to her head; my cock was no more than 16 to 18 inches from her.

She stood and pretended to stumble against me. She acted as though she had twisted her ankle and asked me to help her inside. I lifted her and carried her into the house. The entire time, her arms were around my neck and her mouth was next to my ear. She was breathing heavily and the affect on me was apparent.

By this time, my cock had popped out of the speedo and was bouncing up and down as I walked. I know it was hitting her ass; the question was whether she realized that fact.

She asked me to carry her upstairs so she could rest her ankle. I obliged; she was light to carry.

She directed me to her room and had me place her on the bed. She tried to act surprised when she saw my cock. She asked if she had been the cause of it being so large and out of the speedo. I nodded yes.

She was not acting shy; and granted me permission to use her bathroom. My bladder was full and I unleashed a long, stream of piss. As I finished, I thought what the hell. I dropped my speedo and walked back into the bedroom with it in my hand.

I asked if I could help her further. She asked me to rub her ankle; she did not however ask me to put the speedo back on. I knelt by the bed and began massaging her ankle. She relaxed and made no commenst as my hands worked up her calf.

I complimented her on her muscle tone and indicated it was a sign she worked out. She admitted most of her muscles worked out; but some did not.

She did not express any desire for me to stop but continued with small moans as I worked up to her knee. Her legs spread and the cover had ridden up so I could see the lips of her pussy.

I leaned forward as though to examine her more closely for sprains; as I did my hand slipped and the cover went higher. Her legs opened more.

As I apologized, I pulled her to the edge of the bed so my face was no more than a few inches from her pussy. I told her how nice and developed her lips were; as I did so my tongue darted to the clit. No more than 3 slaps with my tongue and her legs were wide open and she was groaning.

My face went into her pussy. I took her pussy lips in my lips and began sucking on them. At the same time my tongue was twirling around that clit. It began to swell and before long it was extended over half an inch. It was a fat one.

Her pussy was spasming a mixture of cum and pee all over my face and it was dripping down on the carpet. I flipped her legs over my shoulders and began to really dive into that pussy. She was gyrating all over my chin as my tongue began to drive deep into her hole.

My face was coated with her juices as I stood and stepped between her legs. The bed was the perfect height as I placed my cock at the opening to her pussy. I thrust forward and it went right in to the hilt. She'd taken it all and had a lust crazed look on her face.

I commenced fucking her hard and as deep as I could. She was sure not acting the role of a snotty bitch now. Now she was a whore in heat. She was rubbing her titties and I encouraged her to continue. Her ass was pumping back at me as hard as I was thrusting my cock into her.

My cock was sopping wet; and I could feel a puddle of her juices on the bed when my balls were hitting her ass. I lifted her ass higher and again positioned her heels on my shoulders.

She was cumming so hard she was shaking. I acted surprised when my cock slid out. Then I lowered my hips slightly and it was positioned at her asshole. That asshole was sopping wet.

I thrust forward into her asshole and she screamed lightly then relaxed. Something new for her; and apparently she liked it.

I fucked her for another 20 minutes or so and then tightened my grip on her ass. She knew I was going to cum and squealed for my load. I dumped a big, thick load deep in her asshole; she later admitted that was a first.

I pulled my cock out; her ankles were still on my shoulders. I took my cock and slapped her clit and pussy lips a few times. Her squeal was evidence she enjoyed it all.

I took my speedo and wiped my cock off in the inner crotch lining. Here's something to remember me by, I offered.

As I turned to leave she expressed her hope she would see me again.

"Call Rose" was my response. I knew she would.

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