tagGroup SexA Prank to Remember

A Prank to Remember


Sarah giggled. John's plan was way too preposterous to actually work. "Your plan is way too preposterous to actually work," she giggled.

John liked it when his girlfriend giggled. Her eyes would close tight, giving him a chance to admire her tight body that he desperately wanted to be inside of. He looked at her again. Her eyes still shut, beautiful brown hair spilling over her lovely tan face, her breasts jiggling within the confines of her tight tee. He could never tell what her bra size was, mostly because of his lack of experience with the fairer sex. But they seemed like quite a handful on her 5' 8'' slender frame.

As Sarah finally stopped giggling, John was forced to tear his eyes off of the lovely tits he wanted to suckle on for eternity. His eyes travelled up to meet hers as they opened, revealing the most beautiful shade of brown he had ever seen.

"Trust me. It will," he said, pretending to be offended at being taken so lightly.

They glanced down at the small box in Sarah's hands. It was a common airlock container with a few cookies inside of it.

"As long as you remember that the cookie without any patterns is the normal one, there's no reason for our diabolical scheme to fail," said John, trying to sound like a villain off of a superhero show. Sarah started giggling again as John mentally patted himself on the back and took the opportunity to admire Sarah's long, toned and barely covered legs gifted to her by years of volleyball. He looked up just in time for her eyes to open again.

"So," said Sarah. "Let me get this straight. This is a box of weed cookies, right?"

John nodded solemnly. Sarah went on, "And one cookie that doesn't have marijuana in it. And I can identify that cookie because there are no patterns on it?"

John nodded again.

"So I eat the one cookie that won't get me high, while I offer the box to my roommate."

John nodded vigorously.

"So she's gonna be high as fuck, and I say, 'April Fools'?"

John nodded once more.

"It'll be funny. Trust me."

Sarah giggled again. John smiled an evil smile in his head while he admired her tits again. Of course, there wasn't marijuana in any of the cookies. He had recently purchased some aphrodisiac from a spiritual looking Asian fellow specially for tonight. He had his doubts on whether or not his plan would finally get him laid, but a man could hope. After all, he hadn't gotten laid even after becoming the captain of the basketball team at their university. He had the looks, the height, the muscles. He could see it in the mirror. But he wasn't smooth enough to pull off losing his virginity.

The aphrodisiac would help, surely. It couldn't not, after all. He had laced all the cookies with aphrodisiac, and none with weed. What did he have to lose?

"Try it out, at least," said John, hoping that Sarah would take her advice. And lo, she did. So far, so good. All John had to do now was wait for her to eat the cookie, get really horny, and call him. He crossed his fingers as Sarah kissed him good night -- on his cheek -- and turned around to go back inside the tiny apartment she lived in with Jessie, her friend from college.

John watched Sarah's toned body enter the apartment, wave goodbye once more and shut the door. John turned around and climbed the two flights of stairs that would take him to the fourth floor of the building, where he lived with a couple of other friends from college. Male friends.

Sarah watched her boyfriend leave through the peephole in the door. God, he looked good. All the ladies in college wanted a piece of him, only the gorgeous idiot didn't know it. She smiled as she turned back around to find her flatmate staring at her, looking really amused.

"Miss him already, Sarah?" cooed Jessie, putting her right hand on her heart and pouting for all she was worth.

Sarah blushed and started giggling, trying to brush away the embarrassment. She opened her eyes to find Jessie still pouting, her 34D breasts jutted outward, her blonde hair tied up in a bun atop her head with a few rebellious strands of hair framing her pout perfectly. The bun made her look taller than Sarah, even though they were both roughly the same height.

"If only I was that photogenic," Sarah sighed to herself as Jessie kept pouting, even as Sarah changed into her slippers and walked in, the box of cookies tucked safely in her arms.

"John's mother sent him some cookies today. Want one?" Sarah offered Jessie the box once she had fetched the plainest looking cookie in the box and taken a bite. She trusted John to not lace her cookie with weed, considering how he knew of her sobriety vow. Jessie, however, had no such vows, and freely partook in alcohol and weed. So she wouldn't mind the prank too much, obviously.

"Oh, thanks!" said Jessie happily as she took a cookie from the box offered to her. Jessie turned around and walked to the TV in the living room, taking her first bite of the cookie.

"I haven't forgotten your promise," said Jessie, reminding Sarah of her promise to re-watch the series finale of The Vampire Diaries with her that night. "I hope you haven't forgotten either."

Sarah feigned a playful groan as she sat down on the couch opposite the TV.

"Sure," she mumbled, grinning. "I haven't forgotten."

From her seat on the couch, Sarah had a perfect view of Jessie's beautiful bubble butt fighting against the yoga pants that restrained them as she bent over to pick up the TV remote. Jessie worked out a lot, and it showed in her ridiculously huge bubble butt, her toned abdomen and tight legs. Of course, she did it merely to attract boys and sleep with the hot ones.

Sarah was still a virgin, having only mustered up the courage to go second base a couple of times with her boyfriend. She wasn't sure if losing her virginity before her marriage was actually something she wanted. But these were all thoughts for another time. Right now, the gorgeous cast of The Vampire Diaries awaited their admiration.

With the remote in her hand, Jessie came and sat next to Sarah, who was munching happily on her cookie. Jessie put on the rerun of the finale, and prepared to cry her heart out as she snuggled inside the thin blanket she had kept on the couch just for the occasion.

"No fair," said Sarah. "Make room in there for me."

Jessie, being the kind person she was, immediately made room, smiling broadly as Sarah got in there with her.

"Shhh," she said, "It's about to begin."

Sarah smiled inwardly, hoping the effects of the marijuana in the cookies would manifest themselves soon. A couple minutes into the episode, Jessie asked Sarah to pass her another cookie from the box on the table beside the couch on Sarah's side, a request she was only too happy to oblige. They continued watching the episode in silence, snuggled against each other inside the blanket, both women slowly feeling the effects of the aphrodisiac.

"Damn girl," breathed out Jessie, almost in a trance, after around half an hour. "That Damon is sooo hot. I am sooo wet right now."

And she wasn't lying. She was hornier than she could recall ever being. Her nipples had hardened to diamond tips, threatening to cut through the tight black top she had on. She should have worn a bra. And panties. She was sure the crotch of her yoga pants was soaked. Her breathing was really shallow, and her eyes had a difficult time moving away from the hot guys on screen.

"I know, right," breathed out Sarah, in a very similar state. She had noticed how hypnotized Jessie's voice had sounded, and would have been glad to see her prank going successfully if she wasn't getting hornier with each passing second. Her panties must have been soaked by now.

The sound of Sarah speaking jolted Jessie out of her reverie. Sarah's voice had sounded really far off right now. Her breathing seemed just as shallow as hers. She smiled to herself as she realized how horny Sarah was getting. Maybe this night could get a whole lot more interesting.

Jessie touched Sarah's arm lightly, causing an immediate moan of pleasure to escape from her lips. Jessie smiled again to herself, letting her finger run circles on Sarah's arm. Sarah's breathing got shallower and shallower, but her eyes refused to leave the television screen. She could feel Jessie's finger on her arm, going around in circles.

Each circle that Jessie's finger drew felt better than the last, sending waves of pleasure down her torso and into her vagina. Sarah chalked Jessie's odd behaviour down to the weed in her system, and chose to enjoy the sensations rather than question their purpose.

Jessie's pussy was the wettest it had been in years. Her thighs seemed to grind of their own volition, looking for any sort of contact with her vagina to try and relieve the pressure that was building up in her groin. Her nipples were even harder than before now, if that was even possible.

Each passing moment saw the women get hornier, and by the time the end credits rolled, there was a distinct, musty smell of arousal in the room.

"Such an amazing episode," said Jessie, still trapped in her aroused trance, still idly circling her finger on Sarah's arm. Still dripping wet.

"Such an amazing episode," echoed Sarah, too aroused to stop staring at the television screen.

Jessie shifted her head a little and stared intently at the pretty woman next to her. Her cheeks were flushed, her nostrils flared, and there was a faraway look of arousal in her eyes. Jessie thought back to her high school days of the sleepovers she used to have. Jessie had started experimenting with her body pretty early on, having had her cherry popped in high school by the star quarterback of the school football team. She had quickly moved on to explore her bisexuality as well, spending more than one sleepover locked in a 69 with her best friend at the time.

Of course, that was around three years ago. She had not desired a female partner in bed for quite a while. And for some reason, she did right now. She craved Sarah's hot, toned and tanned body desperately.

But would Sarah feel the same way? Probably not, considering how she had never had a sip of alcohol, never smoked a joint, never stayed out too late at a party, nor got too wild. She was way too conservative. But Jessie had never been one to shy away from a challenge.

Jessie's blood was rushing too fast right now to think of the possible ramifications of her failing to seduce Sarah, if she did so. All she could think of was shoving Sarah's head down between her thighs and have her eat her out to multiple orgasms. She wanted to motorboat Sarah's C cups. She wanted to suck on her nipples, to kiss her everywhere on her body, leave hickeys all around her pussy. She wanted to grind against Sarah's pussy, both of them scissoring to a mutual orgasm.

The credits were almost over. Any moment now, Sarah would get up to go to her room and masturbate. Jessie most certainly didn't want her to do that. She had to act now. She leaned close to Sarah's ear, still continuing to move her fingers in circles.

"Don't you wish those vampires were fucking us right now?" she whispered as seductively as possible, which was a lot. Seduction had been a major part of Jessie's arsenal ever since she had grown her magnificent pair of tits. Tits which craved Sarah's mouth over them.

"Yes." Sarah said and giggled softly. Her giggles were different this time, clearly affected by her arousal. The slight motion of her body as she giggled felt exquisite in her pussy. Jessie's finger was still on her arm, moving slowly, sending electric currents straight to her cunt. She had never felt this way with anyone before, let alone a member of her own sex.

Jessie's mouth was really close to Sarah's ear. Sarah could hear the sound of Jessie's breathing, and she could swear on her life that it was the most erotic breathing she had ever heard.

Jessie whispered again, "Do you want to dance?"

Sarah giggled. She turned her head to look at her flatmate, but because the two of them were so close, their noses bumped, sending mini-orgasmic sparks to their pussies. Sarah found herself staring into the icy blue depths of Jessie's eyes. For some reason, she imagined those eyes looking up at her from her pussy, Jessie's mouth fixed on her clit. She shook the thoughts from her mind.

"Ow. Dance? Why?"

"Because I feel like it, silly."

Jessie rubbed her nose, removing her hand from Sarah's arm. It felt strangely good to rub the skin which had just bumped against Sarah.

Jessie got up, picked up the remote from the small table on her side of the couch and switched off the TV. She walked over to the music system on the other side of the room, and bent down, pretending to look for a particular track to play. This motion did not go unnoticed by Sarah, who could not tear her eyes away from Jessie's shapely ass bent over, inviting her to come over and spank it.

Allowing her eyes to wander, Sarah noticed the wet spot on Jessie's yoga pants. Her pussy lips were clearly visible through the thin, wet fabric, oozing succulent juices. She could tell that her pussy was clean shaven.

Jessie looked out of the corner of her eyes at Sarah. Seeing her in a trance just staring at her ass turned her on even further. She finally hit the play button on the music system and turned down the lights as she got up. She walked back up to Sarah, who was now just sitting on the couch, staring at Jessie's heaving bosoms. Her hard nipples were poking holes in the top she had on. Jessie could see hunger and lust in Sarah's eyes.

Jessie offered her hand to Sarah as Marvin Gaye played in the background. Sarah shed off the blanket hiding her beautiful body from Jessie and took Jessie's hand as she got up. Jessie put Sarah's hands around her neck as she put her own around Sarah's toned waist. She could feel her hard nipples press against Sarah's equally hard ones. Sarah's hands around her neck felt amazing, their slow chafing heavenly. They moved slowly together, with no regard for the beat.

Jessie's hands drew tighter around Sarah, forcing Sarah into Jessie's arms even further. Their eyes were locked, their noses almost touching. They could feel each other's boobs heave as they breathed. Jessie's hands continued to tighten around Sarah. Jessie had to tilt her face ever so slightly to make sure their noses didn't bump like before. Marvin Gaye kept playing in the background, with the women too aroused to care about the song.

The ladies kept drawing closer to each other. There was barely a whisper between their lips, the distance between them too small to even allow for eye contact. Sarah closed her eyes. Her lips parted almost reflexively. Her tits heaved. Her nipples were as hard as they were ever going to get. Her pussy was as wet as it was ever going to be. Jessie leaned in to Sarah's beckoning mouth.

Their lips touched. Exploring cautiously the other set of lips. Their tits were pressed against each other, and Jessie's hands followed the curve of Sarah's back and found her juicy ass cheeks. Sarah moaned in pleasure as she felt Jessie grab her ass through her shorts and part her cheeks. The parting sent an electrifying tingle up her pussy, and Sarah almost orgasmed right there, moaning softly with pleasure.

Sarah's arms drew closer around Jessie's neck as their kisses grew wilder and less chaste. Their tongues were wrapped in a dance in each other's mouths. Suddenly Sarah felt Jessie push her away, and she moaned at the momentary loss of her luscious lips. Jessie's hands travelled upwards with the bottom of Sarah's T shirt. Sarah removed her arms from around Jessie's face and lifted them high above her head.

This was just the signal Jessie needed. With a swift, fluid and practised motion, she took off Sarah's shirt to reveal a black bra. Sarah immediately unhooked her bra and wrapped her hands around Jessie's neck again, their lips finding each other again while Jessie's arms roamed on Sarah's back, playing with her soft skin. Her hands roamed up to her shoulders, where they met her bra straps and proceeded to take them off both arms simultaneously.

Sarah shivered involuntarily as her nipples touched the open air. Her nipples felt amazing, rubbing against Jessie's top. Noting that Jessie was still clothed, Sarah smiled as she pushed her away. Jessie took the hint and put her arms up high above her head as Sarah took off her top, revealing Jessie's bare abdomen and her perky breasts. Sarah giggled as she noticed that Jessie wasn't wearing a bra.

The women resumed making out, warm flesh rubbing on warm flesh. Nipples rubbing against nipples, breast pressed against breast, their hands roaming freely all over each other's backs as they both took in as much of each other as they possibly could.

"We should take this to the bedroom," moaned Sarah, holding Jessie tight, not willing to let go of her body, not willing to stop kissing her.

"Mine?" smiled Jessie, as she let go of Sarah's lovely lips and took her hand instead, dragging Sarah to her bedroom, using her other hand to untie the bun on top of her head, letting her blond hair fall over her shoulders. The couple marched through the open door, Sarah in just her shorts and the panties that she had underneath, the rest of her delightful toned body visible in all its glory. Jessie was left only in her yoga pants that left nothing to the imagination now that they were soaking wet and practically see-through at her crotch.

Jessie and Sarah stood at the edge of the bed, and their tongues resumed their hunt for pleasure in each other's mouths. Jessie's pussy was on fire, and she desperately needed some relief. With Sarah still in her arms, Jessie allowed herself to fall on the bed. Sarah fell on top of her without skipping a beat. Marvin Gaye kept on playing through the open door.

Sarah giggled as her nose bumped against Jessie's yet again, and moaned in arousal when she felt Jessie's teeth nibbling at the edges of her upper lip. Jessie shifted Sarah on to her back and moved the attentive kisses and nibbling downwards along Sarah's neck, her hands exploring her waist. Each kiss sent a shiver down Sarah's spine and she shook uncontrollably on the bed, her pussy getting sloppier each second.

Jessie's kisses moved further down Sarah's neck. Sarah responded by arching her lower back and pushing her tits higher up, making them more accessible to Jessie's probing lips. Jessie kept kissing her way up Sarah's gorgeous mountains, while Sarah moaned uncontrollably under her, taking in a pleasure she had never felt before.

As Jessie's lips reached her pink areola, Sarah's moans turned into a single continuous humming sound. Jessie started sucking on Sarah's right nipple and with her right hand, she started flicking Sarah's free nipple. Sarah had never thought that having her tits played with could feel this good.

Her humming was steadily increasing in pitch and ferocity. Jessie sensed how close Sarah was to orgasm and renewed her efforts on Sarah's nipples, her lips sucking on the right one and her finger flicking the left one. Sarah's body was getting hotter. She was sweating like a geyser, poised elegantly on the brink of orgasm. Jessie increased the ferocity of her attack on Sarah's nipples, and Sarah exploded.

Sarah almost blacked out from the force of her orgasm once it hit her. She had never orgasmed before in her entire life, and was totally unprepared for the huge wave of pleasure pulsing in the velvety walls of her vagina. Her tits felt like they would explode with Jessie sucking on them. Her whole body quivered from the pleasure her tits were receiving. Her fists clenched around the fabric of the bedsheet as she tried to survive the orgasm without passing out.

Sarah's moans gradually became distinguishable from one another as her humming died out along with her orgasm. Her entire body was covered in sweat right now, and all she could think about was how hot her pussy felt. Jessie was still at her nipples, hard at work. Now finally able to think again, Sarah brought Jessie's face up to her own, and kissed her like only a lover can kiss another.

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