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A Pretty House Maid


A Pretty House Maid. My wife and I loved our maid and enjoyed sex with her.

A few years ago I was working for an American company in England. My wife, Betty, and our two small children were living with me in a large rental house in the outskirts of London. Shortly after we arrived in England, we went to an employment agency to hire a person to help with the house work.

We interviewed a Polish girl, named Mary, about our age who recently came to England to find a job. She looked neat and trim and could speak enough English for us to easily communicate. She was a petite brunette who told us she may be small but she could keep house and was a good cook. We took her home with us and gave her the spare bedroom. She seemed so appreciative to be in her new surroundings. Later she told us she came from a very poor family where the large family lived crowded together in a small house. She had been married, but was now divorced. She had a child about two years old and her mother was keeping the child while she was working in England. She sent most of her salary home to her mother.

As the weeks went by, Mary became one of the family. We all got along well together. At night after the children were in bed, we three would often sit on the couch in front of the fire place. It was a small coal burning fireplace since wood was not available in England for fireplaces..

Usually, Mary would prepare for bed and come downstairs dressed in a nighty to sit with us. Sometimes, Betty and I were in our night clothing too. Mary would often talk about her dreary life in Poland and how she liked England. She asked many questions about life in America. She hoped she could go to American someday.

When ready to say goodnight and leave for the bedrooms, she would hug and kiss Betty and me. Mary seemed to be a very loving person. Usually my lips met hers in a light kiss. Sometimes, we would have a glass of wine before going up to bed. On occasion especially after she had just finished a glass of wine, our goodnight kiss turned out to be more than a light kiss causing me to get an erection. After a kiss like that, I noticed Mary’s breath became a little more irregular. After Mary left the room, Betty would tease me about getting an erection. Then I would take Betty upstairs for an evening of sex.

As time went by, Mary became less modest around us. She would be in her room in an undress condition, walk through our living room where we were sitting sometimes wearing only a bra and panties. She had mention that she and her baby slept in one bed with her sister while other family members were sleeping in the same room. She had very little privacy. Guess she was used to nudity around other family members and now considered us family.

About once a week at night when the children were in bed and asleep, I would take Betty and Mary down to the local pub for a short time. The pub was less than a five minute walk from our house. We had a couple of drinks before walking home. The drinks would loosen Mary up and she became the life of the party. By the time we got home she wanted to hug and kiss and tell us how happy she was. Her kisses with me were rather sexy causing me to get an erection. I don’t know if Mary ever knew I was getting an erection, but Betty would tease me later.

Since Mary had been sending most of her salary to her mother, she had not purchased any new clothing. Betty and I talked about buying some for her. One day Betty took Mary shopping. I was already home from work when they came home.

Mary was highly excited with her new clothing and wanted to model them for us. Without any embarrassment, she started undressing in front of us. One new item she had was a bra. In her excitement she removed her old bra leaving her standing in just her panties. She quickly put on the new bra and admired herself in the mirror. Betty looked at me with a grin. I knew what she was thinking. She would probably tease me and ask if that glimpse of Mary’s pretty breasts gave me an erection. Then Mary put on the blouse and skirt. After that, she removed the blouse and skirt to model a dress.

Betty and I both told her she looked nice in her new clothes. She removed the dress and tried on the new jeans. She was wearing the jeans and her bra when she came over to Betty to hug and kiss her on the cheek. When she came to hug me, she gave me a short open mouth kiss with tongues touching. She thanked us for the clothing and took them to her room. I knew Betty would start teasing me again.

That night Betty and I were up in our room in bed preparing to have sex. She started teasing me about getting an erection when I’m around Mary. Betty took hold of my cock, put the head in her mouth, then backed off. She asked me if my hard erection was caused by seeing Mary nearly nude and the kiss she gave me. I teased her back by saying it did help.

She asked if I ever thought of having sex with Mary. I avoided giving a direct answer and said I didn’t think my wife would approve. Betty laughed and commented that Mary would probably be a lot happier if she could have sex in her life. I wasn’t sure what she meant by that. Would my wife let me have sex with Mary or is she just teasing me? No doubt, Mary has a beautiful body and is a bundle of joy to be around. It was very tempting for me to seduce her.

One day I was at home in my study doing some paperwork. The children were in school, and Betty decided to go shopping leaving me alone with Mary. Mary brought a cup of tea to me. She sat facing me as we talked. She was wearing a dress she often wore around the house while working. I could see her shapely legs all the way to the thin panties covering her crotch. I thought of those good kisses we sometimes share.

I could feel a stirring in my pants as I was starting to get an erection. I said to myself, this can’t happen. I decided to get up and go into the other room. As I was getting up, I knocked over some of my papers on the floor. We both bent over to gather them up. Our hands touched, and then my body rubbed against hers. The first thing I knew I was kissing her. She was responding with our tongues meshed in a long kiss. I felt her breasts, then moved my hand up under her dress to feel between her legs. Our kisses became even more sexy. Her breathing became uneven and labored. We laid down on the floor in each other’s arms as we continued to kiss while I was feeling between her legs. Together, we removed her panties. I said to wait a minute, I didn’t want to get her pregnant. I got up to remove my clothing and put on a condom. I laid back down on the floor with her, then rolled over on top as she spread her legs and pulled them up.

She reached down to aim my very hard erection. She was so wet that I had no trouble plunging all the way in with the dry condom. She was multi-orgasmic and had three or four orgasms before I finished. When we sat up, she said she really had been missing sex in her life. I could believe that because she seemed to enjoy it so much.

A couple of nights later, we three were sitting on the couch in front of the fireplace. We all had changed into our bedtime clothes. Betty suggested we have a glass of wine before going to bed. I was sitting between the girls as usual. After my wine glass was empty, I put my left arm around Betty and the other around Mary. I let my hands drop down on both sides to feel a breast. There was no objections from either girl.

I turned to Betty to give her a short sexy kiss, then I turned to Mary to kiss her too. Both girls seemed to snuggle closer to me. I repeated the kissing again. Now I was getting an erection that was beginning to push up my pajamas. I didn’t know if anyone could see it because the light had been dimmed. The fireplace was burning brightly and I assumed my bulge could be seen if they looked.

I took my arm from around Betty and placed it on her leg to slowly pull up the hem of her short nighty. Out of the corner of my eye, I thought I could see Mary watching. Betty then whispered in my ear that she thought Mary would like to have some sexual excitement, too. She said for me to go ahead and feel her out.

I then pulled Mary to me for a very sexy kiss. I still had my right arm around her, then used my left hand to pull up the hem of her nighty so I could feel her crotch. She spread her legs a little to give me access.

Betty was feeling my erection while I was feeling between Mary’s legs. Betty managed to reach in my pajamas to get my hard one out in the open air. Under these circumstances, it was very hard and, no doubt, ready for action. I continued to kiss Mary and was able to feel her clit and wetness.

Betty was slowly moving her hand up and down on my erection, then she positioned herself to take it in her mouth. After a short time, she got up to suggest we go to the bedroom. Once in the bedroom, we had a party and I mean a very sexy party. I had sex first with Mary. Of course, I used a condom with her. She went wild with her two or three orgasms before I filled the condom.

We three had another glass of wine giving me time for another erection. Mary took my cock in her mouth to rejuvenate me. She was doing wonders on it and didn’t take long to be ready for sex with Betty. After Betty and I finished, we all had kisses for each other. Mary wanted to know if she could stay in bed with us for the rest of the night and be hugged while she slept. She didn’t want to sleep in her lonely bed. Evidently, she wanted love and attention, too.

The next morning when we all got up, Mary thanked us for letting her sleep with us. I rushed through breakfast because I had to leave for work. During the day at the office, I kept thinking about last night. Is this going to change our relationship with Mary? I think between Betty and myself, everything will be alright since Betty had encouraged me to have sex with Mary. But now, how is Mary going to feel.

Hopefully, everything will remain the same and maybe we can continue with a threesome now and then. I decided to call Betty. She told me that she had talked to Mary about the situation. Mary didn’t want to make any trouble for us and was happy about what happened last night. Betty said she was alright with what happened, too. She thought it was a very good turn on for both of us. She said we could talk more about it when I came home.

I gave both Betty and Mary a light kiss when I came home. Mary was preparing dinner when I arrived. This gave me a chance to talk with Betty in private. We both agreed we enjoyed last night’s activities. Betty’s discussion with Mary during the day led her to believe our relationship with Mary as housemaid would continue without change. Mary had such a very loving personality, we thought she was seeking love and attention. We loved her too and were willing to give her the love and attention she needed. I mentioned that Mary should go on the pill so that I would not need to use a condom. She agreed.

That night when the children were in bed and the three of us were sitting in front of the fireplace with a glass of wine, we started talking. Betty suggested she could take Mary to a doctor to get a prescription for birth control pills. She could enjoy sex better without the use of a condom.

Mary said she had forgotten how good sex was, but she needed to find a man of her own. Having sex with us was good, but could I find a nice, handsome American for her to date and give her a chance for marriage? We couldn’t blame her for wanting that.

I told Mary I would look around for someone. I knew a couple of single guys, but they weren’t good enough to date her. They were boozers and woman chasers. She was too good a person to be treated badly. Someday, someone will come along that would be worthy of her. In the meantime while talking, I had been kissing both girls and feeling their breasts.

Last night had been wonderful, so why not have a repeat of last night. Betty was on the pill and I had a limited supply of condoms. I should buy some more tomorrow to use until Mary is on the pill.

I took the Mary and Betty by the hands and led them upstairs to the master bedroom. Another night of sex with the two girls was wonderful. When it was time to sleep, Mary wanted to stay in bed with us. It was a good thing we had a large bed because Mary continued to sleep with us ever night.

Sometimes I would sleep in the middle and sometimes Betty would. Mary never slept in the middle because Betty and I always wanted to sleep side by side. Mary always hugged the person in the middle as we slept. She needed to feel loved and close to us.

A few weeks went by. Mary was now on the pill and everything was rosy. Mary seemed to be happy, but would often ask if I had found an American for her to date. Betty was pleased to share me with Mary. When the three of us were in bed, Betty seemed to be turned on more than when just the two of us were having sex.

The children loved Mary and she often played games with them. I was enjoying sex with both girls. We had sex nearly every night. Often, I would have it with one girl until she had an orgasm, then I would switch to the other one for me to finish. For me to cum twice a night every night was a little too much. The girls understood that and wanted me to have an erection as long as possible. We three seemed to get along just fine.

We experimented with different positions, but certain ones were more enjoyable than others. Mary’s favorite position was for her to sit on my erection. This way she was fully penetrated and had control of the movements.

Occasionally, the girls were slightly involved in girl to girl activities. Usually in my foreplay with Mary, I would take my time kissing her mouth and nipples while Betty would finger her clit and enter a finger in her wetness. Before Mary would get on top of me, Betty usually took my erection in her mouth. Then when Mary mounted me, Betty would lightly massage her back and bottom while Mary was going through her orgasms.

Betty’s favorite position which I had known since we were married was to let me get on top, and pull her legs up over my shoulders. During my foreplay with Betty, Mary would finger Betty’s clit while I kissed her mouth and breasts. Also, Mary seemed to love taking my erection in her mouth for a short time just before I penetrated Betty. Evidently, this was the way the girls felt they were being included in the threesome.

Then one day a new single employee, named Jim, reported for duty. I observed him for a couple of weeks and had lunch with him a few times. He was divorced and seemed very likeable. He was well educated and would probable progress in his career. He said he had a nice apartment but hadn’t made any friends as yet. I asked him if he would like to have dinner with us one evening. He accepted. I then told Mary and Betty about him.

Betty took Mary shopping to buy a pretty dress for her. That night she modeled it for us. She was beautiful. I didn’t like the thought of losing her to another man. We all loved her as she had become solidly entrenched in our family. We loved her so much, we were willing to give her up for her own happiness. However, we didn’t know if she and the new American would like each other. Maybe she wouldn’t leave us and I could still have sex with her for a long time. I rather liked having two girls living with me.

Mary was wearing the pretty new dress when Jim arrived. She came out of the kitchen to meet him. We asked Mary to have a glass of wine with us before dinner. She sat facing Jim and looked her prettiest. I noticed he kept looking at her.

Both Mary and Betty served the dinner and we all sat down. Mary had cooked a very good dinner and we complemented her on being such a good cook. I was hoping that would make an impression on Jim. While the two girls cleared the table and did the dishes, Jim and I sat and talked. I told him about Mary and that if he wanted to take her out, I thought I could convince Mary to go out with him.

After the children were in bed asleep, I suggested we all walk down to the corner pub for a drink. After we had been there for one drink, I told Jim and Mary that Betty and I should return home to be with the children. We left Jim and Mary in the pub hoping they would get acquainted.

An hour later, Jim bought Mary back home and left. Betty and I were already in bed. Mary came in to see us and said she was so happy to meet Jim. She liked him a lot and hoped he liked her. She went to her room to change into her nighty. She came back to see us for hugs and kisses and get in bed. We snuggled together in bed as our kisses became more sexy. She kept thanking me for bringing Jim home to meet her.

Mary kept giving me sexy kisses and, of course, she could feel my erection punching her body. She reached down to hold it. I then rolled her up on top of me so she could impale herself. This seemed so normal since this was her favorite position and we had been doing this for the past several weeks. She rode me as she moaned. Even Betty thought she was extra sexy tonight. She was so happy and excited. She had at least three orgasms and maybe more from the way she was moaning. I thought, if Jim has sex with her someday, he will thoroughly enjoy it.

Jim had a standing invitation to have dinner at our house every Friday night. Mary always cooked a delicious dinner on that night. After dinner they went to a pub or out to a movie. During the week he would take her out once or twice more. They never stayed out late.

When Mary came home she was always so happy. She got in bed with us as usual. Then the kisses and hugs would start. Soon she was feeling my erection and would roll over on top of me for sexual satisfaction. Betty joined us by hugging and lightly rubbing Mary’s back and bottom. I wondered if Jim realized Mary was having sex with us. I wasn’t about to tell him and I doubt Mary would say anything.

After they had been dating over a month, she started coming home later. She got in bed with us, but was ready to snuggle and go to sleep. Betty and I assumed she was now having sex with Jim. That was alright with us, because now Betty and I could leisurely enjoy sex with each other. However, on the evenings she was not out with Jim, Mary would be ready for sex with me when we got in bed. One night when she came home late and went to sleep, I woke up to feel her wetness. When I put my finger in her, she was very wet. I’m sure that was Jim’s cum still residing in her.

I often saw Jim at the office. He told me he was getting rather serious with our pretty little Polish maid. He enjoyed her company and admitted sex with her was very good. I told him we thought she was a wonderful person and wanted to see her happy. Was he interested in marriage again? He thought she would be an excellent wife for him, but his last marriage was so unhappy and the divorce was so upsetting. He said Mary had told him of her previous marriage and her child in Poland. He would have to think about it.

That night I told Betty we may be losing our lovely girl. It would change our lives quite a bit if she left us. We decided to not tell Mary what Jim told me. We didn’t want to get her hopes up for marriage in the event Jim would not ask her. Jim began to date her more often. He then told me at the office he wanted her for his wife so he could live with her all the time. He wanted to give her the engagement ring at our house on Friday night when he came to dinner. He said I could tell Betty, but he wanted to surprise Mary with the ring.

Friday evening after dinner we were in the living room. Jim was holding Mary’s hand while sitting on the couch with her. He showed her the ring and asked if she would marry him. She was emotionally overcome with joy and hugged and kissed him. Then she jumped up to hug and kiss us and said that she loved all of us. She said she wanted to be Jim’s wife and make him happy. Then she started crying. That caused Betty to cry too, and I had a tear or two in my eyes.

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