A Proper Young Woman's Guide to Anal Etiquette Ch. 03


"Nonsense, Em'," Cora said, not modifying her tempo in the slightest. "All your pussy juice is just starting to wear off and we're not even half way done. In fact, I'm pretty sure we're might go into overtime tonight!"

"Please, Cora," Emily begged. "Not today. I -- oooohh shit! -- don't think my poor butt can take this pounding -- unnngh! -- much longer." Her request for clemency died in a series of 'ooohs' and 'uunghs' as her next anal orgasm approached her with uncaring determination.

"Just listen to yourself, Emily," Cora panted in between the powerful thrusts of the latex monster plowing into her sister's rectum. "You're laying there begging me to stop while you're next orgasm is almost here, and you're about to twist those nipples off if you're not careful. Do you really want me to stop or are you going to be a good girl and actually listen to what your body is telling you? Just let me give this thankless asshole of yours the workout it obviously needs."

"Please, Cora," Emily moaned softly; no longer in firm protest. "P... l... ease... Oh... God!" was all she got out before her second deep anal cum took control of her body once again. This one lasted longer than the first by a full half minute. By the time it subsided, the thick latex dildo slamming into Emily's nether hole was almost devoid of its original 'Emily Brand' lubricant. It was plowing, with only medium resistance, into the moaning girl's abused back crevice by the sheer force of will of her dominant sister. With the pain and pleasure emanating from her stretched and battered asshole, added to the sensations coming out of her self-abused nipples, Emily was already well onto her way to her next strong orgasm. The most fervent protest she was able to summon to the brutal fucking her sister was giving her were only the pitiful moans of a steadily orgasming teenager. These same pitiful moans of protest were interpreted by Cora as moans of pleasure and encouragement. If anything, the force of the strap-on fucking only intensified as a result.

In the end, Cora and Emily's endorphin-filled body outvoted Emily's brain by a vote of two to one; the fucking would continue unabated!


After almost forty-five minutes of non-stop, brutal anal corn-holing, Cora finally called an end to the buggery; she was worn out and needed to rest. The last ten minutes of the ride featured Cora lying on top of Emily's bent double body; Emily's ankles still secured behind Cora's neck while the two kissed deeply and the fourteen inch latex monster slammed into Emily's unprotected butt with the force of Cora's full weight and energy behind it. In the end, Emily was reduced to a crying, incoherent, orgasming wreck; it was the best and most fulfilling fuck she'd had in recent memory.

Cora stood up slowly, bringing her sister's ankles out from behind her head and gently turned Emily sideways to lay her legs down onto the bed. As softly as she could -- without dislodging the thick rubber fuck-stick from her sister's extremely sore and abused nether hole, of course -- Cora adjusted her position so that she was behind her sister and the two were soon spooning and kissing softly in the afterglow of Emily's near continuous anal orgasming; the three and a half inch wide rectal dilator impaling Emily's butt still continued to move in and out of her tenderized bottom, but now at a slow and loving pace. Several minutes of slow and shallow pumping passed as Cora consoled her sister and Emily gradually regained her composure.

Cora reached up to wipe a tear out of her younger sister's eyes before sliding her hand down to play with Emily's raw nipples. "Now see. You can't tell me you didn't enjoy that," she asked her sister in between the affectionate and reassuring kisses they were sharing.

"No, you were right," Emily croaked through a throat that was dry from too much screaming in ecstasy. "Mother keeps telling me to listen to my body, not my head. I really should start listening to her more," she concluded.

"Yes, you should. And your big sister too!" Cora added.

"Ha! You're less than a year older than I am. And you're in the same grade too. You're hardly in a position to offer me much advice. What makes you think you're qualified," Emily asked playfully.

"Because I actually listened to our mother when she taught me I was an anal slut. You just don't seem to want to accept it; despite all the proof to support her claim," Cora stated. "Would a girl who wasn't a complete anal whore be able to cum -- at all -- from a fucking like that? Let alone cum constantly for almost twenty minutes?"

Emily wanted to argue but she couldn't. She laid there passively for several heartbeats in her sisters protective arms -- thick latex dildo continuing to slide back and forth between two toned teenage butt cheeks -- before finally admitting, "No. I guess I have been denying the obvious."

"Yes you have! Now that you've seen the light, what are you going to do about it?" Cora asked, allowing the leisurely pace her big faux-cock to pick up slightly as it continued to penetrate her sister's overly sore bottom.

"Start masturbating correctly for one," Emily stated. Cora only looked confused. "It's a long story," she added. "I'll tell you later. Just promise me one thing." Cora gestured her sister to continue. "Tomorrow when we play after school, stop being gentle with me and go ahead and use the next size dildo. I don't know if my tight little ass can take a prolonged pounding from a latex cock that size, but I think we both agree that it needs to be less tight anyway!" Emily giggled.

"You can count on me, 'Em," Cora reassured her sibling as she kissed Emily's puffy red eyes. "So. What would you like to do now that all the mushy stuff is out of the way?" she asked as her hand rested lightly on Emily's hip, drawing the younger woman just a little bit closer to allow the thick latex prick to sink into its moist hole deeper still. "We could grab that three and three quarters inch dildo you just mentioned and you could take another turn on the 'Cora Fuck Express', or you could see to my needs. I seem to recall that only one of us has had a chance to get fucked to 'Cum Heaven' this afternoon."

"Oh I definitely think it's my turn to be the top for awhile," Emily confirmed, but still making no move to disengage herself from the rubber ass reamer still doing its work inside her intestines.

"And unlike me, you should feel no need to be gentle," Cora said. "I'm fully in tune with my body and I know what it needs. I'm pretty sure my ass can take the next size up for just as long as you took that silly little three and a half incher."

"If it can't, it's about to anyway," Emily confirmed with her sister. The two teenagers locked in a passionate kiss that lasted for a few minutes. All the while, Cora continued to slowly stroke the thick veined dildo lovingly in and out of her sister's back hole.

Despite the rawness of her asshole, Emily didn't complain one bit. She was actually enjoying herself.


Almost an hour later and the two sisters were still at it; although Emily was quickly approaching her stamina limit. It was unquestionably more physically exhausting to be a top than it was to be a bottom. For a comparable forty-five minutes, Emily had been remorselessly pounding the massive four and a half inch thick, sixteen inch long rectal destroyer in and out of her favorite sister's spasming butt hole. The copious amount of slick girl juice that Emily had scooped out of Cora's cum filled pussy had long since worn off leaving only unyielding latex to bottom out, again and again, deep inside a defenseless female rectum. To her credit, Cora didn't ask Emily to stop or slow down even once -- she even managed to encourage her younger sister to go harder and faster throughout most of the buggering -- but she had been teary eyed and orgasm ridden before her pussy juice lubricant had finished wearing off.

The two teenagers were in the missionary position on Cora's bed. Initially, Cora's legs had been wrapped around her sister's waist, pulling Emily in tight with every thrust of the huge latex prick. But midway through the brutal fucking, Cora just couldn't keep her legs up anymore, despite her desire to see the buggering out till the sore and gaping end. Wanting to ensure Cora received just as thorough and fulfilling a reaming out as she'd received, Emily graciously helped her sister out by pulling Cora's feet up and placing them on top of her shoulders. This allowed Cora to totally relax and enjoy the sensation of the drying four and a half inch monstrosity pounding her poor back door harder than ever. It also lifted her hips upward at the perfect angle for Emily to throw her full strength into her vicious downward thrusting. Cora had gone into continuous multiple orgasm mode soon thereafter.

The two siblings had even managed to continue their sloppy kissing and necking all throughout most of the brutal ass fucking. The passionate making out was only interrupted when Emily had to pant for breath or Cora had to scream in orgasm. Although, for the last ten or fifteen minutes, there was a lot more time spent on the various interruptions from both young women than the actual kissing.

Finally, with an epic thrust, Emily bottomed out in her incoherent sister's abused nether hole one last time. Cora screamed out loud in one final mind blowing orgasm to match before returning to her state of mindless, endorphin driven euphoria. While kissing her sister's pleasure and pain contorted face, Emily unbuckled the dildo harness from around her waist and rolled off of Cora to lie side by side with her out-of-it sister. Without Emily's support, Cora's legs simply fell heavily back to the mattress. Emily was also considerate enough to leave the massive faux-cock buried to the hilt up Cora's backside. Both young women were so preoccupied with trying to catch their breaths that they were completely oblivious to their surroundings.

"Now that's what a mother likes to see when she gets home!" Laura exclaimed from the open doorway to the teenagers' bedroom. "Her daughters playing nicely with each other and getting along so swimmingly!" Her smile was beaming with approval as she walked into the room. The 46 year old mom wore a beautiful deep blue dress that offset her dark red hair perfectly as it spilled across her shoulders and down her back. The dress was made with a conservative hemline that ended just past her knees; albeit with an equally not conservative neckline that plunged down so far that just a hint of bottom cleavage peaked out from where the fabric finally joined back together. Her ample bosoms were otherwise pressed firmly together and upwards to amplify every glorious square inch of her substantial assets. Obviously, the dress was not meant to be worn with a bra and was designed with all the necessary support for her massive 34FF rack built right into the stitching. The article of clothing was a masterpiece of the tailor's art and the amount of cleavage that was displayed as a result was simply mouthwatering.

Cora and Emily were too startled and out of breath to reply, as the realization that their daily anal shenanigans had been observed for an unknown length of time. Neither was embarrassed, of course; only shocked at the unexpected intrusion. After all, such behavior was heartily encouraged in the Wilder home.

"I heard the screaming and the moaning all the way in the kitchen and I just had to make sure it was coming from two real throats and not just a nice family themed movie," Lara continued.

"Oh! And I brought a guest with me," Laura gestured to the buxom redhead entering the bedroom behind her. "Amanda is in town for the annual 'Women's Health Fair and Expo' to run some workshops featuring her company's products. She was originally just going to stay in a hotel next to the convention center but I convinced her to come home for at least one night, so here she is!"

Amanda stepped out from behind her mother to look down on her two sweaty and panting kid sisters. The 28 year old business woman and engineer worn an expensively tailored charcoal black business skirt and suit designed to accentuate her ample curves and large 36DD chest. While not as massive as her mother's assets, the cut of her clothing showed them off superbly. Amanda wasn't displaying anywhere near the amount of cleavage as her desirably dressed mother, but the distinctive swell of tit flesh that peaked out the top of her white blouse testified to the strength and design of her undergarments. And despite being mostly covered by her suit jacket, her breasts obviously intended to be on full display. Just as Emily and Laura had similar red hair, Amanda also had dark red locks which she worn in a tight bun at the base of her head.

"Hey, Cora! Hey, Emily!" Amanda exclaimed with equal enthusiasm as their mother. "I'm glad you two have been getting along so well! And I haven't seen such worked over assholes in quite a while!" she added approvingly, nodding towards the thick anal intruder still sticking out from between Cora's butt cheeks and the hint of the gaping cavern between Emily's. "Well, at least not since last month when Todd posted some before and after images of my own asshole on our corporate website to promote the prototype of one of our new proof of concepts to potential investors," she added. "I was sore for two weeks afterwards. Of course, I would have healed a lot faster if Todd could manage to keep things out of my ass for more than a single day, but boys will be boys I guess!" she finished happily.

"Yes they will," their mother added. "No matter how sore I thought I was, your father always managed to show me that I wasn't all that sore after all." Turning to Amanda, "I'm glad to hear that Todd doesn't take a woman's word for it when we might complain that we're too tired or too sore for him to play with our beautiful butts; especially one like yours. I knew I liked him the moment I met him!" she said happily. "Some men can get a little lethargic with their women's anal needs as a marriage gets on in years. Be sure to thank him for taking care of my little girl for me when you see him next."

"Oh I will," Amanda assured her. "Of course, I honestly don't think that's a problem with most couples these days. If it was, Todd and I would be out of business tomorrow!" she concluded laughing. Laura joined her in her mirth.

"How long have you been watching us play?" stammered Emily when she saw her chance to enter the conversation. She had recovered enough to get that much in edgewise. Cora was still a few minutes away from forming a coherent sentence.

"Oh, more than long enough to be very proud of my two youngest daughters for taking care of each other's needs so thoroughly," Laura replied as she leaned over the bed to give Cora a big wet kiss. The kiss lingered for some seconds while Laura's fingers sought the orgasmed-out slit between Cora's legs and reached deeply inside. Breaking the kiss, she brought her fingers up to her lips and sucked them quickly clean before bending farther over the bed to repeat her motherly greeting with her youngest daughter. Both girls grunted softly at the intrusion into their overly sensitive front holes but made no attempt to impede their mother's actions. Breaking the kiss with Emily, Laura stood up and smoothed her business skirt.

Turning back towards Amanda, "be sure to taste Emily while you're here tonight. She really has come to be quite delicious," Laura said offering her Emily-soaked fingers to her oldest daughter. Amanda sucked them into her mouth greedily. "I don't know what she eats to be so sweet, but she needs to continue."

"You're right! No wonder you're always telling me Cora can't get enough of that," Amanda concluded licking cum residue from her lips. "I'll have to let Todd know. He might find a way to get out here to visit more often if he knew the truth!" she giggled.

"He just might," Laura agreed. Turning towards the door, "Now if you girls don't mind, I need to go to the bathroom and give myself a nice hot enema and then slip out of my work clothes. I'll let you two get caught up with Amanda while I'm gone. Keep in mind that dinner is still at 7:00." And with that, the buxom and insatiable mother of five ravenous anal whores left the room. All three sets of eyes locked onto the swaying butt under the tight blue dress as she left the room. They all hoped they still had such an amazing ass when they where their mother's age.

Amanda watched her mother go and then turned her attention back to the two younger women. As she walked over to the closest night stand to retrieve a bottle of all purpose lubricant, she unbuttoned her suit jacket and threw it across Emily's unused bed. Underneath, she wore a full bodied leather corset that went from her pelvic bone at the bottom up to a set of quarter cups at the top. These were designed to push her already impressive rack up and out even more; which in turn were the source of the top swell of mammary that was visible while her jacket was on. Her obviously braless breasts and large hard nipples at their zenith were poking through her silk blouse yearning to be free. "Alright girls, now you've got me all curious, so you know the drill: Scoot back to the edge of the bad and then knees to boobs," Amanda told her two kid sisters as she spread lubricant on her hands and wrists. Cora and Emily complied without protest.

Kneeling down at the foot of the bed she continued, "Get those cheeks of yours spread wide and let an expert take a look at your handiwork. As well fucked as you think these young back holes of yours are, I doubt they're completely fucked out for tonight," Amanda said as she extracted sixteen inches of thick latex from one of her sister's cavernous bottom. She had expected the thick latex tool to slide smoothly out of the teenager's backside and was surprised to feel the amount of resistance she met. The massive dildo had hardly any lubrication on it at all! Amanda took a moment more to familiarize herself with the two impressive gapes before her: Emily's a little bigger than three inches across and Cora's a little wider than four. Both cavernous gapes were formed by the inner edges of two puffy red, and obviously extremely sore, anal sphincters.

"My, you two HAVE been busy! But don't you two believe in proper lubrication?" she asked seriously.

"We just used the juice from our pussies like mom taught us to," responded Cora as she looked past her knees at her older sister.

"Yea," chimed in Emily, her head peaking around her knees as well. "It's how we always do it. Didn't mom show you how to properly bugger another woman with cunt lube when you still lived here?"

"Of course she did, sillies!" Amanda said. "Although I think I was closer to twenty before we got to that portion of my training. I'm just surprised she already taught you two something so advanced; and that you've become so experienced with the technique already.

"I don't know if mom told you this or not, but it's actually the way she prefers to relax before she goes to sleep. I actually spent most nights while I was in college helping dad get mom ready for bed. He would have her lay on her back and have me straddle her face and hold her legs up and away. While mom ate my asshole, he would select one of the largest dildos I'd seen up to that point in time, put just enough of mom's girl cum on it to let it slip in, and then pound it up her ass until she started cumming; and then he'd keep it up until she was ready to pass out."

"Mom did mention that dad used to put her to sleep that way when he was still around. But didn't you ever cum yourself from having mom eat your ass," Emily inquired. "I know when she eats mine, I don't last very long."

"Of course I did; all the time. Mom has a very talented tongue. I just wasn't allowed to let go of mom's legs," Amanda replied. "Dad always called it 'prepping the next hole'."

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