tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Reluctant Welcome To Sixville

A Reluctant Welcome To Sixville


"Jesus Christ!!!" Greg Smith shouted as he served to avoid the woman that had stumbled onto the deserted road in front of him.

His car ran off the road and as he juddered to a halt against a tree he caught his breath. He noticed that he was just before the sign that informed him he was about to enter Sixville, the town where he lived.

He looked back up at the road where the woman was kneeling in the torrent of rain.

Greg grabbed his raincoat and opened his door.

He ran to the woman and covered her with his jacket.

"Are you okay?" He asked, concerned.

"No...autographs..." She slurred, uncomprehendingly.

Greg looked into the bedraggled face and whispered,

"Holy, you're Kristianne Williams!" as he lifted her up and led the stumbling lady to his car.

Unable to force open the dented passenger door he turned to her and cried above the wind,

"Miss Williams, we'll have to get in my side. Kristianne, can you hear me?"

"Latte please..." She mumbled.

Taking that as a 'no', Greg pulled her over his shoulder and headed to the driver's side.

He opened the door and struggled to push the floppy, soaking actress into his vehicle.

"My first time was in a car...." Kristianne murmured.

Greg, paused to take a breath. Though she was light, moving the uncooperative woman was talking a real effort. He took in her words and figured she was probably a bit more focused now, as focused as she was going to get anyway.

"Miss Williams, my name's Greg. Can you tell me if you've taken anything other than alcohol?"

She half-opened her startling blue eyes, pupils dilated and whined,

"Some coke, I think...they were only small lines...very, very small. You're not small though..." She said, as she groped his crotch.

Greg evicted her probing hand and finally settled her into a seat.

"I'm going to take you to a hospital." Said Greg as he willed the car to start.

He had just reversed up the slope and back onto the road when Kristianne patted him on the shoulder and handed him a phone.

"Ring her..." She said as she passed out.

Greg fumbled to work the tiny Japanese device as he drove down the road. He was torn between driving fast and driving safely in this weather.

There was only one number in the phonebook and he dialled it.


"No my name's Greg Smith. I've found Miss Williams and I'm taking her to Sixville Community Hospital." Greg shouted quickly.

"Wait...She's in Sixville." Greg heard the other woman say to someone else.

"Well, I don't know!" She said, also not to Greg. This time he heard a male voice in the background say,

"The Sixville Cedars Clinic."

"No, get her to Sixville Cedars Clinic." The woman told Greg.

"That's an hour further away!" Greg shouted.

"Please Mr Smith. We need to contain this. Everything is going to be okay. Trust me, check her in with a false name and we'll be there just as soon as we can."

Greg listened to the calm and efficient voice on the line and glad that someone seemed in control.



"Mr Smith?" Said a gruff voice behind Greg's back.

Greg was shaken from his thoughts and turned around. His eyes widened and he took a step back as he took in the man who had spoken to him. The man was built like a brick shit house. Greg could see his muscles trying to burst from his clothes. He was at least 6" 5 and loomed over Greg. He had a baldhead and a goatee.

This hulk of a man was shoved out of the way by a petite brunette.

"Silly monkey..."She laughed at the bulky giant.

Greg shook her hand when she offered it to him.

"Mr Smith? My name is Penny Redden, Miss Williams' personal assistant. Thank you for looking after her. What name is she checked in under?"

"Umm, I checked her in as my wife.... Zoë Smith."

Penny turned to her companion and said quietly,

"Mr Troy, please go and check on Zoë Smith."

The towering man nodded and began to walk to the nurses' station.

Greg had taken this interlude to check Penny out. Short, but perfectly formed, she had a small pert behind displayed in a tight trouser suit, her waist was thin and her breasts were so full that they were barely contained in her blouse.

"Mr Smith, can we find somewhere to talk?" Penny said, turning back to him, a radiant smile on her lips but Greg could see traces of the concern and anxiousness in her eyes.

"Sure." Replied Greg, taking in her spiky bob and wide crooked smile.


"So you live in the area?" Penny questioned.

"Yeah, I'm an English teacher at the High School." Greg responded.

"I can't thank you enough for looking after Miss Williams, Greg. I'm sure that she'll be very grateful too.... Listen I hate to bring this up, but I need to get your signature on a few things..." Penny continued, and Greg noticed she blushed lightly, as if embarrassed.

"It's a non-disclosure agreement." She said as she produced an official looking form.

"What? Oh, you think I'd speak to the press?!" Greg cried indignantly.

"Greg, I don't think you would.... You're a good man..." She said, putting a hand on his knee, " but it's my job to look after Kristianne..." Penny explained.

"I agree that she needs help, rather than press intrusion, right now." Greg said as he signed the document.

Just then the door opened and Zoë Smith ran in, crying,

"Greg, are you okay?!"

"I'm fine, not a scratch. The car's had it though." Greg told his wife with a little laugh.

"Don't worry about that. We'll take care of it." Interjected Penny.

Mrs Smith turned to the woman, noticing her for the first time.

"Zoë? I'm Penny Redden. I think your husband's a hero!" Said Penny flashing a winning smile and Zoë beamed at the praise.

"Greg, do you think you could get us all some coffee? I want to chat with Zoë, that okay?" Penny requested sweetly.

"Sure, no problem." Greg said, realising that Zoë would have to sign the legal forms too.

The two women watched as the 32-year-old man walked away. Zoë thought Greg had never looked sexier to her. His wavy brown hair was wet and hung down as it dried and his lightly muscled torso and cute butt were visible under his damp clothing.

"Such a good Samaritan." Penny said aloud, also discretely admiring the handsome man.


Zoë picked her husband up from the school two days later. He looked at his wife after he kissed her.

She was practically bouncing with contained excitement.

"What's up with you? Something happen at the stables?"

"You have to wait till you get home!" She cried, determined to keep her secret.

"Okay, then...." He breathed, as he shook his head in puzzlement.


"It's a convertible!!!!" Zoë shouted to Greg as he stood in their drive, staring opened mouthed at the shiny expensive car.

"Wow!" Was all that Greg could say.

Zoë grabbed his hand and pulled him into the house, bouncing up the steps.

As Greg entered the house he gasped. There were flowers everywhere!

"....." He sighed.

"I know!!! Isn't it amazing? They're all from Kristianne Williams! A big Hollywood star sent you flowers!" Zoë said, proud of her husband.

"This is too much, I didn't do anything!" Greg protested.

"Don't be silly." Zoë shouted, giving Greg a playful punch on the arm.


Two weeks later the events of that night had faded into a bizarre, unreal memory, just as the flowers had wilted and died. They loved the new car but Greg and Zoë had to carry on with their lives and had put their brush with celebrity behind them.

Greg was, therefore, startled when a black limo pulled up to him in the empty parking lot of the school. A door opened slowly and Greg saw the famous red hair of Kristianne Williams before he noticed that much-photographed face.

"Kristiane! Er... I mean Miss Williams...er." He stammered.

"Mr Smith. Call me Kristi...all my friends do." She said huskily. "Please get in."

Greg entered the vehicle nervously. He had never been inside a limo before.

"I'm glad to see you... er... looking better, er Kristi..." He told her, hesitantly.

"Thank you, but let's not mention it again," she said placidly, "You're working late."

"My turn to take detention." He explained.

"I was never very good at school, you know? I had a crush on one of my teachers and couldn't focus on the work. I kept thinking about what I wanted to do to him..." Kristianne said thoughtfully.

"Okay..." Said Greg, noticing that the star's short skirt was riding up her thigh and wondering where this conversation was going.

"What about you?" Kristianne asked.

"Me what?" Greg asked, confused, as the sexy star poured him a glass of wine.

"Any of your students got a crush on you?" She clarified.

"Oh, I don't know...it's a common problem..." Greg babbled before taking a gulp of his wine.

"I bet there are some sexy little vixens amongst your seniors aren't there?" She asked as she sidled next to him.

"Oh! I would never cross that line...there's Zoë ...and it's just wrong, I guess..." He answered, beginning to feel hot around the collar.

Kristianne topped up his glass and stroked his face, before saying,

"So you can resist their hot lithe bodies...?"

"I never even think about anything like that..." Greg answered honestly but his head beginning to heat up.

"What would they know anyway? They are nothing to a real woman, are they? Like me..." Kristianne said as she lifted one of Greg's clammy hands to a huge breast.

His hand rested there, unsure what it was doing before it squeezed it instinctively.

"Whoa..."He gasped.

"You're very good-looking Greg. There's honesty in those brown eyes that I don't see in the men I'm usually with." Kristianne said as she stroked a hand up his thigh and breathed on his cheek.

"I'm a married man..." He sighed; unable to deny the pleasure the sensation was causing him.

"No man is so happily married that he'll turn a down a pussy that's wet and hot for his cock, Greg" She said as she rubbed his now bulging crotch. "I can feel how hard you are for me. It's very big Greg, I want you to fuck me..."

The strong language he was unused to hearing woke Greg up.

"This isn't right" He cried as he pushed her away, unsure of himself.

"Greg, millions of men would kill to be here, with me!" She hissed at his rejection.

"This is real life! Not some dream and I am a happily married man. I can't do this!" Shouted Greg as he stumbled from the car.

Kristianne lent from the window and fixed him with a steely gaze.

"I always get what I want, Greg. I'll get you too. No one rejects Kristianne Williams!" She growled as the car drove away.


That night Greg put his hands around his wife and said,

"I think we should sell the car..."

"What?! Greg, why?" Zoë asked, puzzled.

"It belongs with a star or some rich boy, not a teacher in a small town..."Greg answered, thinking on his feet. "I'd feel more comfortable in something a little less flash..."

"Well, if that's what you want..." She started to respond as he pulled closer to her back and began nuzzling a delicate earlobe. His hand slide down her soft belly and down the white panties she was wearing.

She opened her legs to allow him better access and said, with a little laugh,

"You're frisky for a school night."

"I'm just a man and you are a very beautiful woman." He sighed into her ear. "That baby we want won't make itself, you know?"

Zoë giggled as he inserted a finger into her teasingly. She lifted her arms up and over his neck and rubbed her ass against his hard-on. Greg was enjoying the feel of his wife swaying against him and put his free hand to one of her naked breasts. Zoë had a modest chest, just enough to be a handful, but he liked the way that the nipple responded to his caress.

Zoë came softly, swooning into Greg's strong arms. He carried her to their bed and stood there admiring her tall, lean body.

He stripped to his boxers, and then she reached up and fondled his 9-inch cock through the cloth.

"This makes me a very happy woman..." She whispered seductively.

"You only want me for my penis?" Said Greg, feigning irritation.

"Right now yes. Right now!" Zoë said lustily as she cupped her breasts and stroked them.

Greg laughed and sat in the chair besides the bed, his erect cock jutting, rigid into the air.

"Greg!" Zoë shouted, impatiently.

"Why don't you show me what you're offering?" Greg suggested.

"Aaugh." Zoë moaned as she flipped over on to all fours.

She hesitated, and then smiled as she decided what to do.

She used two fingers down between her legs to open her sensitive lips to her observing husband.

"I'll give you minute to get up here. If not, you can sort yourself out tonight.

"Right," Greg said as he stood up and walked over, his pole in his hand.

He leant over her and closing his eyes as his cock entered this familiar hole.

The blonde loved feeling this full down there. She groaned breathlessly, as her husband began his slow, gentle rhythm and she could feel his sweaty, hairy chest rub against her back.

Greg kissed the top of her head and reached a hand round to Zoë's mound.

With the joint sensation on her clit and the stuffing in her pussy Zoë climaxed for the second time.

Seeing the woman stiffen as the pleasure coursed through her turned Greg on and he sped up his pace.

"I'm going to cum, baby." Greg said to no one as he shut his eyes.

He came hard, loving the feeling of exploding deep inside this tight tunnel. As he blinked open his eyes he was a little startled not to find a redhead before him. He shook his guilt away and withdrew. Kissing his wife on her spine he pulled on his boxers.

"How do you feel about James, if it's a boy?" Zoë asked, lazily.

"Or Nathan?" Greg replied as they fell asleep.


A few days later.

"Baby! Guess what?! Penny Redden phoned to day." Zoë gushed at her husband as he walked through the door.

"What did she want?" Said Greg as he tried not to think of Kristianne Williams.

"Kristianne's bought a house over in Weston and we're invited to her housewarming next week. Think of all the famous people we'll get to meet!"

"Honey, won't we be terribly out of place? What do we know about that world? We'll just embarrass ourselves..."

"Greg, I'll never forgive you if you say we can't go! She's an Oscar-winning actress and we'll be her guests; it's a once in a lifetime opportunity that people would kill for!"

Those words brought back the memory of what had happened in the limo and Greg tried to convince his wife not to attend by saying,

"What will we wear, huh?"

"Penny thought about that. She's going to take us shopping in the Weston boutiques tomorrow. On her! Isn't that sweet of her? I mean, I found it a bit embarrassing but she didn't make me feel poor or anything!"

Looking at his wife's exuberant face, and unable to tell her the truth, he surrendered.


"I've never had a suit made for me before." Greg said nervously, as he stood before his wife and Penny.

"I bet that you're going to look amazing," reassured Penny. "With your looks and the right clothes, you two will fit right in!"

"Thanks again for doing this, Penny." Said Zoë as she hugged the smaller woman.

"It's nothing." Replied Penny as she kissed Zoë's cheek. "Come on, there's a fabulous vintage dress shop I want to show you. Meet us there, Greg?"

"Okay, girls." Greg replied resignedly, as the tailor took his inside leg.


Greg entered the empty waiting room that stood by the changing rooms and sat down in the only chair. He looked around lazily and his jaw dropped. Reflected in a full-length mirror he could see every inch of Penny's naked body. He looked away quickly and cleared his throat.

The mirror image of Penny looked up and smiled.

Greg looked back instinctively and watched as the brunette turned to the left and the right, showing her body to him.

Greg couldn't tear his eyes away as this seemingly wholesome woman brazenly flaunted her body at him.

She ran her hands slowly over her hot figure and Greg shifted on the chair, trying to relieve the pressure building in his pants.

She turned her ass to him and stroked one hand over it and down her tender legs.

"Greg, will you tie this for me?" Zoë asked, emerging from her curtained cubicle.

Greg looked at her and croaked,


"I guess that I look good, judging from your ...ahem...reaction?" Zoë stated as she saw the tent in his pants.

Greg shot a quick glance at the reflection of Penny's cubicle and was relieved, but also a little disappointed, to see the curtain was now drawn.


Greg stood with Penny as she paid for the two designer dresses and whispered to her,

"What was that?"

"There's no harm in looking, Greg. Don't you like looking at beautiful women, Greg?"

"I only look at Zoë...usually..." Hissed Greg, pained.

"Doesn't that get boring? You liked what you saw. I know that and you know that." Penny said as she breezily walked of to join Zoë.


Greg was fighting a feeling of great unease as he and his wife rode in the chauffeur-driven car. He couldn't help thinking he was entering enemy territory, with his strongest ally kept in the dark. Zoë was blissfully unaware that anything was wrong.

As she talked about canapés and what food they might expect Greg felt like throwing up. He opened the window and looked out at the mansion houses that littered Weston, the most exclusive neighbourhood in Sixville, which lined the coast. The beaches were all privately owned though.

Suddenly they were in front of the imposing mansion house Kristianne had just bought.


"Greg, Zoë I'm so glad you're here early!" Cried Penny as she saw the butler admitting them.

There were a few guests already milling about and Greg could put a name to every one.

"Zoë, I really want you to meet Lisa Scott. Come with me." Penny said to Mrs Smith.

"Oh my God, Greg," said Zoë to Greg. "I've seen all her films!"

"Not many people know this Zoë but she really loves horses. I think you'd have a lot to say to each other." Greg heard Penny say to Zoë as his eager wife was led into the labyrinth of the house.

Greg turned to the left and right, feeling neglected.

"You appear to have been abandoned Mr Smith. Remember me? I'm Jack Troy, Kristianne's head of security. You can call me Jack."

Greg shook hands with the massive man in front of him and winced as Jack pumped his hand up and down.

"Kristianne would like a private word with you before the party starts properly." Jack told Greg.

"Divide and conquer." Greg said under his breath.

Jack Troy turned to him and raised a black eyebrow archly.

"I think that's exactly what this is." He growled.

Greg looked down, chastened that Jack had such good hearing.

The security man led him up some secluded steps and along a dark corridor.

"This is the oldest part of the house. Its colonial or something." Jack said, in a freakish imitation of a tour guide.

They turned a corner and nearly walked in to a couple kissing passionately.

"Mr Parker, Mr Kent excuse us." The unflappable Jack said, politely.

As Greg and Jack went up another flight of stairs, Greg couldn't help asking,

"Are they gay? I mean, they both have wives!"

"I know it's none of my business. Maybe they were rehearsing a scene." Jack said gravely without looking at Greg or breaking his stride.

"How much further is Kristianne? I don't even think I'll be able to find my way back down to the party later!" Said Greg.

"We're here." Jack snarled as he opened a door.

Greg entered and the door shut behind him.

"Hello Greg, I'm so glad you came after our little falling out last week." Said Kristianne as she stepped out of her bedroom and into the reception room.

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