tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Risky College Drive in the City

A Risky College Drive in the City


(I posted this story right after it happened under a different username a few years ago. But now that Renee and I are submitting stories together under this username, I thought it would be nice for our readers to be able to read it here. And I can't really infringe on my own story copyright. It took place January 1st of 2003 when I was still in college and of course is 100% true. )


I had been sitting at my computer in my room, which was in the basement of the duplex I lived in that year of college; working on some school projects while Renee was upstairs watching bowl games. I was also trying to avoid working and had a browser open and was occasionally searching the web for things that caught my eye. My roommates were still gone on holiday break so we had the duplex to ourselves and Renee had expressed interest in playing some sort of sex game to take advantage of the situation. I was on a mission to find the perfect fun thing to fill our night and happened to find a pretty cool Truth or Dare website with a huge list of dares that I was scrolling through.

Some were dumb, some were funny, some very sexy, but there was a lot of exhibitionist type dares that really caught my eye. I'm not an exhibitionist by any means, that's probably the only area I'm uptight about. But I love reading about it and the thought of Renee exhibiting herself in public drove me wild and I was always trying to get her to wear sexy and revealing clothing when we went out to the bars which she would sometimes do, but I didn't think she wasn't into it that much. She wears very casual clothes to work and loves comfortable sweats when lounging around.

When Renee made her way down after one of the games was over, she asked what I was up too, and I said I was just finishing up a project. Then I showed her the website and let her scroll through a handful of the dares to see what her reaction would be, hinting that it would be fun to do one that night. I went upstairs and took a shower while she read, and then she took one too while I cooked us up a little meal. I asked her what she thought about the dares that were listed, and she said that'd be pretty fun.

"Really?" I said, trying to hide my excitement. "Which ones would you do?"

"All of them," she replied very casually.

Her answer really took me by surprise and my heart started pumping a little faster. I had read tons of exhibition stories of guys showing off their girlfriends in public and making them do all these daring adventures, but I never thought of Renee actually doing these. It was like a fantasy come true. While I was in the shower she had actually picked out a few more and added them to my list. Ones I didn't even pick out, because I thought, no way in hell she'd do these. I was wrong. One was ordering a pizza and answering the door completely nude for the delivery guy and driving through a drive thru naked. I was totally taken aback, thinking about her doing these made me nervous and turned on.

We decided on a fun and somewhat risky dare to do that night and kind of ease into it. The dare called for her to be naked as we drove around the city at night, I decided to modify it into our own creation. I gave her a white button up long sleeve dress shirt and told her to change into that and that was all she could wear, no underwear, no bra. The rules were that we would drive around the city and that she would have to obey all my commands, whatever they were, no questions asked. She agreed and I started my car in the garage to let it warm up. I came back in and she walked out of the bathroom in just the shirt and looked incredibly sexy. The shirt hugged her tits very nicely and the back barely hung over her ass. I couldn't stop staring.

We jumped in the warm car and headed out and made it downtown, which was not busy at all, it was a college town and being Christmas break made the city seem almost empty. Plus it was New Year's Day and everyone was probably at home nursing a hangover from the night before. It was a very cold night and we drove around campus for a few minutes, listening to music, I was searching for something to have her do, and she was nervously waiting in the passenger seat, wondering what awaited her. We drove to the south side of campus by the freshmen dorms and into a well-lit parking lot by the railroad tracks that only contained a few empty cars. I figured we'd start off with something simple.

"Jump out and go touch that light pole and then you can come back," I said.

She looked at me for a minute, not realizing that I was going to make her get out in this cold weather, but she had socks on and there was no snow on the ground. She looked at the three streets that boxed in the parking lot and they were empty except for one car that had pulled up to the stoplight up in the distant. She took a deep breath and opened the door and jogged out into the cold air and over to the pole. She touched it and turned around and jogged back, her tits bouncing under the shirt perfectly. She got back in the car smiling and giggling a bit.

"That was kind of fun," she said.

I think she thought that was going to be the extent of the night, but I had much more planned and pulled back out onto the street. I had a bill with me that I needed to mail and so I drove back towards the downtown area where the student union was located. I found a drop box right in front of the building and circled around the block once while I had Renee undo a button on the top and on the bottom of the shirt leaving only three buttons to hold the shirt together. Her upper thighs were clearly visible and I had a good angle of her tits from the side. Four Frat houses line the other side of the street opposite the student union and there were lights on in several rooms. I was wondering if anybody happened to be looking out. We pulled up to the box and I handed her the bill and told her to mail it. She got nervous and quickly checked for any cars, which there weren't except for in the distance again.

She opened the door and quickly ran to the box, you could see just a bit of her lower ass cheeks as she ran. She fumbled with the door and then slowed down and composed herself, as she dropped it in. The sides of her tits were visible on several occasions as she rushed back to the car, just as several cars came around the corner up ahead. She was breathing a little heavier thinking about her close call as the cars passed us by. Running around the parking lot on the edge of campus was one thing, but doing it in the middle of downtown was very different and much more risky. I thought she was enjoying the thrill.

Next we drove down to another set of dorms down the street and drove into the parking lot. I drove down to the edge of the lot next to a well-lit light pole. There were inter-mural football fields next to it and then a major and very busy street beyond that, about 100 yards away. I told her to unbutton the remaining buttons and go touch the pole like she did in the other parking lot and to make sure her shirt was wide open. She didn't even hesitate anymore and unbuttoned the shirt and draped it open and got out and this time walked to the pole enjoying the cold air on her naked body. I pulled forward about ten yards so that when she turned around she had to walk a longer way back facing the busy street. She walked slowly and looked beautiful with her tits and pussy clearly visible. Her shirt was open to her sides. She got back in and we headed towards the street and turned onto it.

We spotted about four young Latino men walking on the sidewalk and they were looking at our car as we passed. I didn't think anything of it until I turned and looked back at the parking lot and it was clear to me that they had a perfect view of what had just happened. Renee saw this to and got a worried look on her face as the realization hit her as well.

"Do you think they could see me?" She asked.

"They could probably see perfectly," I replied smiling.

She got a blushed, but excited look on her face as we drove around for a few more minutes. I had only one more task for her as I drove to the east side of campus where there was a quiet neighborhood. As we drove down the empty streets, I told her to take the shirt off completely and throw it in the backseat. She did and turned around to sit completely naked in the passenger seat, smiling and excited and asked if she could finger herself while we drove around.

"You read my mind," I said.

She licked her finger and slid it down to her gorgeous pussy and began playing with her clit and moaning ever so softly. It was a beautiful sight. We drove around a few more minutes until I found what I was looking for. There was a bus stop with a covered waiting bench on the outskirts of campus. It was very well lit and perfect for my last task as I pulled up to it.

"You are to sit on the bench naked while I drive around the block and come pick you back up," as I said it, it made me nervous just saying it and I didn't think she'd go for it.

But, I was wrong. She stopped rubbing herself and checked for cars and got out and walked naked over to the bench and sat down on her hands because the bench was cold. I drove off to the end of the street and made a right turn then drove a block and made another then another block and turned right and headed back to the original street. I approached her from behind and could see her clearly naked and still sitting on the bench. I came up to the street wondering if a car would pass right before me. I came up to the turn and looked left and saw a car coming down the street parallel to me but it didn't turn left. I slowly turned right now that all was clear, hoping a car would pull onto the street behind me, but none did. I slowly approached her as she got up and walked back to the car and got in.

She said no cars came down the street, but some went by on either street parallel and she said she was hoping that one would come down. She was shaking she was so nervous and excited when I departed around the corner and went out of sight. She kept wondering, what if I had gotten in an accident or got pulled over and she was stuck in the middle of the city with no clothes. She told me it was one of the biggest thrills to sit there in the middle of a city completely naked, with no clothes to cover her up. We were both so incredibly turned on that we raced home to fuck the night away.

Renee and I still talk about that night every once in a while as one of our most memorable adventures. We haven't really done anything quite like it since, probably because we figure we couldn't top it. But who knows, maybe we'll be daring again like that sometime in the future.

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