A Road Well Travelled (By Zombies)


And Zander agreed. He couldn't believe his eyes as they travelled over his friend's bodies. Their panties were so obviously wet. The girls giggled as they too gazed at each other.

Laura straddled Emma this time, their bodies pressing together as they kissed deeply, Laura probing Emma's mouth with her tongue. Emma offered a playful suckle, pursing her lips around that pink muscle, causing both girls to break out in giggles again.

Those giggles turned to heated pants as Laura's thigh rode up between her lover's legs, pressing firmly against her sex. Emma returned the favour, letting out a little moan as the friction of her panties and Laura's thigh stimulated her body.

The pair stayed locked in that position, rocking and grinding, kissing and touching, all the while teasing. Finally, Emma slowly worked her hand down, sliding over skin, her digits questing out to find the hem of her blonde companion's underwear.

She paused as she gazed up at Laura who bit her bottom lip nervously. It seemed all the playing and teasing had sobered them up, but it was easy to tell that they both still wanted it, still craved each other's touch. Emma gradually slipped her hand beneath those panties, through the small bit of damp hair, to find the exposed lips of her partner's hot, soaked pussy.

Laura arched her back, crying out a pleasurable moan as those exploring digits slowly stroked her. Emma grinned wickedly, teasing, never quite touching Laura's sensitive nub, driving her wild with fervent lust. Suddenly Laura reached out, grabbing Emma's neck and kissing her roughly, and Emma responded by dragging her fingertips across her clit.

Laura's hips would not stop rolling against her fingers. Even as her own hands reached out for her lover, sliding down her stomach and instantly beneath that small fold of fabric. Emma gasped unexpectedly as Laura slowly invaded her, teasing and stroking before she pressed her middle finger within Emma fully.

Emma's legs quivered as those fingers pumped back and forth inside her, sending her reeling. Not willing to be outdone though, she pushed her own inside Laura, quickly joined by a second. The girl groaned as she was penetrated, her silky walls tensing, squeezing those digits. She was so wet, so hot, swimming in a world of pleasure. Emma kissed her hard, before moving to whisper in her ear, breathing lust filled words.

"I want to taste you..."

Laura's eyes widened as she fervently agreed, and the two girls parted. They quickly removed the wet underwear, which was only getting in the way, and as Laura was adjusting her glasses Emma quickly crawled on her back and pulled the slim girl over so she was straddling Emma's head. She could see those pink glistening lips, just ready and waiting for her. Laura laughed, staring down at her partner's body.

She gasped sharply, as she felt Emma's tongue sliding against her folds. She swore loudly and fell forwards onto all fours, only inches away from her partner's sex. With the intoxicating aroma of arousal filling her senses, she pressed her lips to bare thigh, trailing those little kisses up till there was no-where else to go. Laura wiggled her hips against Emma's tongue with ever increasing enthusiasm, even as her own began to lash out over her lover's nethers, a lewd moan escaping from her throat as the heat enveloped her tongue. An explosion of pleasure caused Emma a momentary pause as she involuntarily cried out.

She whispered obscenities against her flesh as she returned; flicking her tongue out over Laura's engorged clit before she allowed it to trail in achingly slow laps over her slit, only to race back up over her pearl again and again. Laura's sweet nectar danced over Emma's palette as she devoured Laura's sex with abandon.

Laura slowly rocked her hips back and forth, a slow undulating pace, hissing sharply against Emma's hot flesh. Her passion was unrelenting, trickling forth with each swipe of Emma's tongue.

"Emma!" she suddenly cried out with a gasping intake of air. She clutched at her lover's thighs as her head instinctively snapped back, her blonde locks whipping about her head and sending droplets of perspiration flying. Laura's eyes flared fully open for the briefest of moments before rolling back into her head. The simple flick of her lover's tongue was enough to send her over the edge. She savoured the moment, biting down hard on her bottom lip as she ground against Emma urgently.

It felt like an eternity as she hovered there before she finally tilted her head forward and began her assault all over again. Laura focused on her lover's sensitive bud, seeking the same result the petite girl had inflicted upon her. Hungrily she lapped, her fingers tightening upon Emma' thighs, raking against her jewel wantonly.

Emma squirmed, falling away from between her lover's legs as she could feel her own desires rising. She closed her eyes, her breath ragged, her body slowly priming for the oncoming explosion. Suddenly she erupted, screaming an endless bout of heated pleasure, her back arched as Laura rode out her climax with a feverish pace. Emma shivered uncontrollably, and yet Laura was unrelenting, lapping until the girl could take no more.

Finally they collapsed together, breathing hard, relaxing in their warm affectionate glows. Zander smiled to himself, and watched for a little longer as the girls moved to the pillow end and slipped their arms about one another, holding each other softly. Quietly, Zander slipped out and returned to his own cabin...


I lived in the store for almost a week in my own sexual haze. I experimented and played with all kinds of toys bringing myself to countless orgasms. I rationed my food, stretching it out by eating the edibles. I wasn't sure of the nutritional value other than sugar but it seemed to keep me going for longer.

The internet finally reported on the shelter. Someone from a surprisingly good vantage point filmed the incident. The zombies running in, the flickers of light from the gunfire slowing going out one by one as the army was overcome. Then the zombies dispersed to chase after those who escaped. It was a wonder they hadn't found me, or heard my screams of pleasure for that matter.

I decided I needed to move on. My food supply was getting low and I was pressing my luck that I wouldn't be discovered. I packed my bag full of the rest of the food, my favourite outfits and some of the toys. I found some usable clothes in the bedroom wardrobe too, along with my gun and the few spare magazines I owned.

The only thing I needed now was a destination. Booting up the laptop for the last time, I looked for any safe zones being broadcast. There weren't any of course, so I chose to do what any rational person would do, and decided to travel over to High Point, North Carolina to find out if my parents were still alive.

It would take me ages to walk there so I prayed I would find a vehicle of some sort that actually worked. Slipping the straps of the bag over my shoulders, I stepped out into the morning air.

I must have looked so badass as I hurried down the deserted streets, holding my gun by my side. I hoped I wouldn't have to use it; gunfire attracted way too much attention. I kept to the backstreets, jogging along and breaking into a sprint whenever I could. Everything seemed so empty, too quiet, where were they all?

I heard them before I saw them. Rounding a corner I was presented with a view much like the balcony back at the shelter, a mall surrounded by the hungry undead. It was probably the survivors of the shelter taking refuge together in a large group, attracting the zombies, something which I had purposefully avoided by hiding by myself. This also explained why I hadn't seen many of them around the shop.

Some of them spotted me I'm sure, or smelt me or something, so I moved along rather quickly, heading towards the main highway out of the town. Most of my encounters were with individual zombies, easily avoided by being smart. They seemed to shuffle, sometimes they had good reactions if you got too close but most of the time they weren't a problem.

The further from the Mall I got, the more zombies I came across. My muscles began to ache from the constant movement. Soon I came across a huge group of them slowly ambling down the road, too many to avoid.

I briefly considered what options I had. Turning back seemed a good one, maybe another road was open but I was just as likely to run into another mob like this one. I could hear their dragging footsteps getting closer; I'd have to make my mind up soon.

With a curse under my breath I broke cover, levelling my gun as I watched the gang pick up the pace when they saw fresh meat, craving a bite of my tender flesh. There was nothing for it, I fired and hit the first one in the chest, making it fall backwards with the impact. I steadied myself, exhaled and shot off another two, one in the head and the other in the shoulder making it twist and fall.

Darting to the left, it looked like I could almost get round them. The ones I had shot, apart from the one with the hole in its head, started to get up again. Whatever I was going to do, I better do it soon. The air echoed with the cracks of my gun as I emptied the rest of the clip into the crowd, some of them finding their marks, others just taking them to the ground with the sheer force.

I sprinted hard to the right and past the thinned group. I almost cheered as I passed the last one, relief flooding through my head. I could almost hear the disappointed groans as they were denied their meal. It came out of no-where, must have been hiding in one of the front yards. Colliding with me as I ran past it took me to the ground. I could barely put my hands up in defence before it started struggling, its gaping maw inches from my face.

The male zombie was strong, growling and snarling, trying to eat me. It was all I could do to stop him, and I knew it wouldn't be long before the rest caught up. He seemed fairly fresh, being this close I could see his skin had started its decay and the rotten smell was almost making me gag. I tried to flip him like I'd done before but I couldn't quite position him right. My arms were faltering, it wouldn't be long now. My eyes welled with tears as death seemed all but inevitable.

With a sudden surge of life-preserving energy and a loud scream of defiance, I managed to rip an arm free for a fleeting moment. Just long enough to fumble around for my dropped gun and swing it with all my remaining might. It connected with the zombies head with a squish. The thing flinched, and I was able to swing again, and again, blood spurting from the increasingly bigger wound. Finally he went limp, collapsing to one side.

The others were almost on top of me. There was no time to think, I've probably never moved so fast in my life, clambering up and running hard and never once looking back.


Zander and the group had been pretty fortunate. The yacht had been stocked with enough fuel and food to last several days, so there was plenty for the trip across the North Atlantic. They saw no-one else on that trip, which both surprised and disappointed Zander. So much death, were there really so few survivors?

They rejoiced when they saw land, until the fear started to creep back in as they got closer. They'd be back in danger, back where no-where was really safe. They travelled south down the coast at a slow pace, keeping a watchful eye on the shore. There was plenty of docking points, but there was one specific one Zander needed.

Finally, after a long journey, Zander recognised the Outer Banks, a long strip of narrow barrier islands off the shore of North Carolina, exactly where he wanted to be. He followed the islands, until they met the coast again. Miles upon miles of similar looking coast line. His companions started to believe he'd lost it, what was he looking for?

Finally, after hours of endless beach, Zander burst out with cheers of excitement. He stood on deck, pointing and jumping up and down. The others quickly joined him, Luke running to the front of the boat to look out over the landscape.

Two long rock piles funnelled the boat in towards an empty looking dock. Zander grinned as he steered the yacht in to dock, killing the engine. The sudden silence seemed eerily oppressing. Luke broke that silence as he stepped up beside his friend. "You know where we're going?" he asked, a moment of seriousness.

Zander nodded. "North Carolina emergency shelter." He offered no more explanation then that. Luke took him at his word, as he always did. A sudden smile appeared on his lips as he clasped his friend's shoulder, a wordless confirmation. As the group scanned the dock from their boat, they spied an idling bus. Zander looked to Luke, and then to the girls standing hand in hand, and grinned.


The highway stretched out as far as I could see, completely full of idle cars. Even if I could get one of them to operate, I would never get through all the traffic blocking the road. I hitched up my bag and began down the road, keeping an eye out for any movement.

After a few exhausting hours and some more near misses, I reached the site of the accident that caused the holdup. Cars blocked the road, blood stains on the tarmac. I slotted a new clip into my gun and steadily swept the area.

I took my time, searching the nearby cars. They'd obviously been abandoned, but the drivers had annoyingly kept their keys. I spotted a red battered four-door pickup that still had an occupant, slumped forward against the steering wheel. I wasn't taking any chances and fired a shot without even opening the door. The glass shattered and the things head exploded. Now it was time to get my hands dirty...


Zander didn't tell me much about his journey across American soil. I guess nothing exciting happened. But I can pick up his story as he arrived in Greenville, the town home to the quickly erected emergency shelter. The town was dead, but certainly not empty. The engine roared as the bus crashed over yet another corpse, the body squishing below its wheels.

"There's more and more of them!" Laura cried out from her seat beside Emma. The two clung onto their seats for dear life as Zander took a sharp corner, nearly rolling it as the tyres screeched their protest.

"We're... almost... there..." he called back to them. Then his words came true as they crested the next rise, and the large concrete building came into view. It was dark, and silent. Luke clasped Zander's shoulder tightly.

"Zander! This is a bus, not a tank. You can't hope to make it there, and look, it's a goner, a death trap... she's not there." This was the first time they'd spoken about their true purpose, Zander hadn't realised that he'd known all along. His eyes never left the road as he swerved back and forth across the road to avoid the walking dead. He gritted his teeth and finally shook his head to himself.

"Of course you're right. Let's get out of here." Luke flashed him a grin and Zander steered off the main road and onto a side street. There were less of the zombies here, so they simply trundled down the small winding residential streets. Zander sighed to himself. The shelter was so tempting, if it hadn't been raided already there would be supplies and weapons just sitting there, and maybe she was there, hiding away. The likelihood of it was though, that it'd be empty and they would be dead.

Just as they were contemplating their next move, they came round the corner and sighted a boarded up house with a large mob of the undead with their sickening moans banging and scratching on the wood.

Zander slowed the bus to a full stop. Someone had clearly drawn attention to themselves. There would be no getting rid of that horde now they had the scent of whoever it was inside there. As they sat and watched, a few zombies of the fringe of the crowd turned slowly and began to amble towards them. Zander put the bus in gear and prepared to move off but Luke put a hand on his shoulder.


A board that had been covering the inside of a window on the ground floor had suddenly disappeared, and a woman in a blind panic was banging the glass, screaming in fear. The sight sent chills down Zander's spine. He paused, his eyes scanning the danger, but started forward again.

Both Emma and Laura cried out in protest, scrambling up from their seat and charging up the aisle.

"You can't just move on like that!"

"We have to try and rescue her!"

"She's going to die if we don't!"

"Who else is going to save her huh?"

Zander looked at them calmly, but with a sad expression. "She could already be dead for all we know. We can't risk our lives for every person."

Luke, still holding his enigmatic smile, said very simply. "So ... what are we doing here, in America...?" Zander just looked at him and then back up to the girls, with their pleading eyes.

"Fine! But I formally protest." He stopped and stuck the bus in reverse, the loud beeping as the vehicle moved backwards started to draw the zombies attention, and the woman inside certainly heard it. When the bus was far enough back, Zander slammed it into First and stuck his foot to the floor. "Hold on!" he cried as the bus crashed through the bodies like they were bowling pins.

The vehicle came to rest in front of the open gate that led to the back of the house, and the bus doors parted with a hiss. Luke grabbed his wood axe and forged ahead, disappearing into the garden. The zombies gathered around the bus, hammering with their palms, leaving bloody smears on the glass. The girls watched them apprehensively.

Zander hefted his golf club and followed, closing the doors behind him. Several squishy thuds came from the direction Luke had gone, and by the time Zander got round there, he was already alone. He shrugged nonchalantly and stepped over a decapitated corpse to get to the back door. It hung open, swinging back on its hinges. Another chilling scream came from deeper into the house; the zombies had obviously entered this way. The two boys charged through the house, entering the front room.

A quite stunning woman was struggling with a female zombie; its blue mottled skin was almost hanging off its bones. The woman, for all her screaming, was doing well at keeping it at bay, but more of the undead lurked, shuffling toward her on all sides.

Zander and Luke let out a challenging roar as they began swinging. Luke was the first to reach the centre striking out with his axe to imbed it into the dead woman's skull. She let out a final sigh and went limp. The woman beneath crawled out, her eyes wild with fear. Luke smiled softly, but the expression fell as he looked upon a massive bleeding bite on her arm. He stepped away hurriedly, turning and joining the fight once more.

He struck out, slicing down into the shoulder of a nearby figure. The wretched thing fell back, pulling the weapon from his grip. Luke cried out in surprise as suddenly another attacked him, reaching out to pull him in. Sharp nails swiped out, a very near miss, but as it prepared for another swing, Zander was there. The golf club came down repeatedly, sending the zombie to the floor.

The two guys gave each other looks and Luke shook his head. With a sigh, Zander too glanced down at the woman. Her eyes were so full of hope, yet the boys knew there was none. The undead were closing in, there was no time.

"I'm sorry." Zander said with a dry throat. He turned and with Luke in tow, they hurried out of the house, to the sound of the woman's terror filled shrieks, only to be suddenly silenced. As they passed through the kitchen, Zander spotted a handgun resting on the side and scooped it up. The woman must have been caught unaware, trapped in her own living room. Human error... it's always human error.

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