tagNovels and NovellasA Sacrificial Lamb Ch. 04

A Sacrificial Lamb Ch. 04


The sound of the heavy doors closing behind me reverberate around the room. I turn back feeling my way over the dark carvings, searching for the handles. My hands finally touch the twisted metal. I wrap my fingers tightly round them and draw them down, trying to pull the doors open. Beyond the thick wood I hear muffled laughter, and the doors refuse to yield. I bang my fists against the doors, yelling to be let out. My efforts are in vain as the laughing disappears. Resting my head against the warm wood, I breathe deeply, fighting the fear that is welling up inside of me. The silence that surrounds me is so oppressive that I have to do something, anything, to distract myself.

I step away from the door and wrap the red cloak around me. The material is so soft it offers me no comfort as I walk forward, my naked feet making no noise upon the floor, one hand reaching out in front of me, trying to feel my way through the darkness.

Each step is hesitant, but nothing obstructs my way. I continue onwards, some force pushing me, in the hope I may find an exit out of this nightmare. I hear a soft click behind me. I stop walking; my ears fight against the sound of my own heart beat, trying to distinguish where the noise had come from. My fingers curl in the soft sheer material, as I hesitatingly call out.

'Hello?' Silence replies. 'Is anyone there?'

I hold my breath, hoping for reply. Nothing. My only company is the darkness.

I continue onwards humming to myself softly under my breath to fill the aching hole. I had never liked silence, being happier in the bedlam of noise. I wonder to myself why I have been put in here. There is nothing barring me from moving forward so I must arrive at a door soon. This room couldn't be endless, could it? I spin on my heels as I hear another click this time so much closer.


Another click. I squint my eyes, trying to see where the noise is coming from and who is making it, but the darkness is too heavy. I step back as the clicking begins again, drawing closer. With each click I step back, trying to keep my distance. One click... two clicks.... My heart desperately pounds against my chest. I gasp, as my feet step upon cold stone. The clicking quickens, my feet following suit, until they stop; the silence resumes. I take one more step and then stop myself; I am breaking out into a cold sweat. 'Please show yourself?'

'She's here, she's here, she's here,' a hushed whisper begins, surrounding me; the voices join as one.

I spin around and around trying to pinpoint where they are. Their voices grow louder and laughter intermingles.

'Stop it! Stop it!' I cry out, unable to take anymore as I collapse down onto the hard stone floor and cover my ears. My body shakes involuntarily. I sob. 'Stop it, stop it, please,' I whimper, rocking back and forth, wrapping my arms tightly around myself.

A warm hand rests upon my shoulders, making me yelp in shock. I scramble to stand up. The hand takes my elbow and draws me up. My Master's voice is like a beacon of saving light. 'It's alright Sally.' I grasp, and take hold of his hand.

'Master is it really you?' My hands seek his solid form blindly, and I breath a sigh of relief as he gathers me into his arms. 'I'm so sorry, truly I am.'

His hand gently strokes my cheek. I look up towards his face but am met only by a mask. I draw a shaking hand up to pull away the mask to see and to know that it is him behind the mask. His face is so pale; his blue eyes glazed, as he mindlessly strokes my cheek.

'Master?' I grab his shoulders shaking him. His face shows no flicker of emotion. 'Master what's wrong with you?' Suddenly, a spotlight shines down upon us, and I see how pale my Master his. His skin is cold to the touch. I wrap my arms around him, pressing my body against his, and try to warm him. 'Oh Andrew what have you done?' I cry into his stone like chest.

A single clap breaks the silence that had surrounded my Master and I. Henri stepping into the circle of light. No longer wearing his butler uniform, he is dressed in a black suit with a red shirt which shines brightly in the light. His face is a picture of smug satisfaction. As he stands, just at the edge of the circle, I shake Master, desperately trying to rouse him from his hypnotic state.

'It's no use Sally,' Henri purrs, his voice laced with impatience. 'He's beyond your reach now.'

He turns his gaze over to my Master. 'Kneel Andrew!'

Master breaks away from my arms and slips down onto his knees and his eyes connect with Henri. I pull at my Master's arm, trying to get him to rise. I cry out desperately. 'Master, please, you kneel for no man!'

Henri laughs in glee. 'Such an innocent child. Sally, you know nothing!'

I release my Master's arm and it flops loosely down to his side. I turn and walk towards him as anger burns deep inside of me. I don't care that the cloak floats behind me displaying my strapped body. The light makes my skin so pale, and the red rouge Savannah had placed upon me glimmers. Henri's smug face angered me so much that rational thought flies out of the window. I am propelled into some form of action. I lash out as I draw close, my hand impacting with Henri's cheek. His head is pushed to the side. My breath is heavy as I stare at him.

Stepping closer to my Master. I scream out: 'Let Andrew go!'

Henri rubs his jaw as he turns his face, back to me. Grinning sardonically he moves towards me with slow, steady steps. I stand my ground, my fists clenched ready to hit him again and again if necessary.

'Such a wild cat Sally, but do you really think you can resist me?' His confidence unnerves me, but I gather myself.

'Master owes you nothing!'

Henri stops and glares at me. 'That is where you are wrong Sally,' he roars. 'He owes me everything! YOU are the price I am willing to take!'

My confidence grows as I see how I have angered him. I crouch down beside Andrew and stroke his face. 'You cannot take what isn't yours!' I spit back.

Henri's head falls back and a loud dragging groan escapes his throat. I shake Andrew again, needing his support, but still I get no response. Henri shrugs his shoulders, straightens his jacket and lifts his head.

'Did you not listen to Savannahs advice Sally? Are you truly so stupid?'

I rise up, standing in front of my Master. 'I love him; you can't do this to us.'

My words sound feeble as Henri grabs me harshly, cutting into the flesh of my arms. His face is only inches from mine. 'This could have been so simple Sally, but now you have sealed both your Master's and yours fate!' His spit lands on my face.

My face grows pale as a horrid realization hits me and Savannah's words coming back to me: 'Your Master tried everything to prevent this.'

He did love me, but what had I done? 'Henri, Henri please, I don't care what you do to me, but please, please I beg of you don't hurt Andrew.'

Henri's nails dig into my arms, and as he spins me round to face Andrew two masked men drag him up to his feet. They pull away the cloak and reveal his body, naked apart from a black leather collar attached to his neck. Henri presses his face against my neck and inhales my fear as if it were some aphrodisiac. 'See your Master now Sally. See how frail and pathetic he is.'

'No, no, no,' I moan as tears stream down my cheeks.

The men drag Andrew off into the darkness. I try to pull away, but Henri's grip is tight. 'There is a way you can save him my sweet, quit this futile struggle, bend to my will and your Master shall be returned to his proper place.'

'I can't, I can't,' I cry.

I crumble down onto my knees. Henri looks down upon me with satisfaction. How could I let this happen? To see my Master in this harsh light tears my heart apart. How could I give myself over to Satan, when I had given myself to my Master heart and soul?

My head is dragged sharply back as Henri twists his hand in my ponytail. He hisses into my ear.

'You have no choice bitch!' He throws me brutally down onto the stone floor. 'The time has come, oh followers of black Satan, for us to feast upon this pathetic piece of flesh!'

More masked bodies enter the circle of light and grab hold of my arms and legs, flipping me onto my back like a rag doll, pulling me so that my arms and legs are stretched out as thick metal manacles clamp down. Someone unclasps the cloak. A grinding noise begins as I struggle. The floor rises up beneath me and the cloak slides down over the edges of the star shaped pedestal. Henri is prowling around me as I rise up, until the mechanics shudder me to a stop.

'You don't have to give in willingly Sally; I shall take what is mine.'

Henri draws a knife over my face, the metal shining into my eyes. He is going to kill me! I start to scream. Henri's laughter rings in my ears. 'That's it; scream for your new Master!'

He presses the blunt edge of the knife against my neck. It is so cold against my fevered skin. I know screaming is futile, but I scream even louder, fighting against the metal constraints that bind me.

'Oh yes Sally that's it! Scream scream for Satan!'

The knife is drawn over my breasts and twists as I feel the sharp edge graze over my fragile flesh, parting the skin, making blood ooze from the wound. My back is arching up in anguish as Henri presses his lips against the open wound and draws my blood into his mouth.

'So sweet.'

His warm breath blows over my nipples, making them rise. His hand takes my left breast and squeezes it, forcing more blood to flow from the wound. I look at him with his mouth smeared with my blood. It repulses me, but I cannot drag my eyes away from him, and he brings his lips close to mine, opening his mouth. His hand clamps on my jaw, forcing it open, as he lets my still warm blood flow into my mouth. He rears up roaring. His arms stretch out and he pulls away the shirt. His body is daubed with satanic tattoos, and his nipples are painted black. The masked men run to him, ripping the clothes away from his body.

'Henri,' I sob, my mouth full of bitter bile.

As he looks down at me a tiny flicker of the Henri I once knew dances over his face, and his voice is soft once again.

'You would have given yourself to Henri wouldn't you?' I shake my head, 'you were my friend.'

His hand crashes down upon my cheek. 'Don't lie to me Sally.' His voice is low as the brutal hand strokes my cheek.

'You open your legs to any sort of kindness that is why you are so attractive, still so innocent and pure. But now it is time for you to become the servant of desire and lust. I am going to break you Sally; you are never going to be the same.'

His hand encircle my bare throat, and he squeezes against my wind pipe as he looks deep into my eyes. I am choking for breath as tears spring forth from my ducts. Henri licks my tears away. My protests are trapped deep within my soul.

He presses his hand against my left breast, digging his fingers into the wound, lifts the bloodied hand up and offers it to his faithful disciples. They descend upon the hand, fighting between themselves to suck Satan's fingers. Others kneel around him, kissing and licking his skin. I twist my head away, fighting my own body. The site of his followers' tasting the blood oddly arouses me.

'Enough!' he shouts, his followers scattering away, as he turns his attention back to me. I lift my eyes to see him towering over me, naked, his manhood standing proud, red and angry. My stomach tightening with a mixture of fear and trepidation. He takes my face tilting it up and presses his lips against mine, his tongue invading my mouth, his hands softly stroking up and down my neck, the nails dragging over my tension. Touching my most receptive and sensitive nerves. My eyes fluttering closed, my fingers releasing themselves from their tight fists. Joining my swollen tongue with his, his groan breathing life into my body. Sighing as he breaks the kiss, my lips feeling abandoned, my neck tingling desperate for the touch of his nails against my flesh. He walks away from me.

My mind didn't register the bite of the lash the first time it struck upon my torso. The shock was almost unbearable, as it struck over my breasts, torso and legs. One tail flicking over my sensitive bald mound.

Crying out, my throat growing hoarse, my pale skin rising up with stripes of bright red welts. The assault upon my unprotected body, making me writhe and twist, but there was no escape from the vicious torrents of snake thin leather.

'Master! Master!' I wail as the lash focuses on my breasts, the ends of the whip gleaming with fresh blood from my open wound.

'Who is your Master Sally' Satan hisses into my ear.

'Master Andrew!' I whimper

'Wrong answer.' He purrs stroking my face, his hand cool upon my fevered skin. 'How delightful' His voice soft insinuating into my nerves. I bend my neck tilting my head up looking up at him with tear glazed eyes. He clicks his fingers. 'Look up Sally, look up and see your Master now!' His fingers pressing down on my chin, breaking our gaze.

As I am forced to look up, my master, Andrew descends his body wrapped with thick silver chains. Red stripes matching my own all over his body, some had even broke the skin, small drops of blood forming along the welts. I look back at Satan as I now knew him, Henri had gone completely, this man that was abusing my Master and I was a stranger a vicious, sadistic, stranger. He smiles down at me, lifting his hand and clicking his fingers. The lash bites down once more across my hips. As I scream I hear my Master moan, a red welt rising up exactly where the whip had struck my body, just above his forced erection; caused by the leather cock ring surrounding the base of his shaft.


'Oh yes Sally, he shall feel every bit of your punishment, every whip lash, every twist of your nipple' to prove his power, he pinches my areola, twisting and pulling it between his fingers. My Master bucking wildly against his chains, the rattles mingling with his anguished moans.

I could not take my Masters pain as well as my own, sobbing desperately, having no option but to submit to Satan.

'Stop it, stop it please' Drawing a ragged breath 'I'll do anything, just free my Master!'

Satan wags his finger, his eyebrow raised mockingly.

'I mean Andrew, free Andrew.' I correct myself quickly.

'Do you give yourself over to your new Master Satan?'

There was no other choice; to refuse would not only mean my suffering but Master Andrews as well. I had to sacrifice myself to Satan to save him. My voice barely a whisper. 'Yes Henri, I give myself over to Satan.'

My blue eyes filling with tears as I look up once more at my Master, no, I mean Andrew, his body was slowly being lowered, drowning in his wounded dark brown eyes. The pain of the experience etched upon his face, I break our gaze, turning my face away, biting my lip. The pain little relief from the guilt I now felt.

Henri leans forward his tongue sliding over my ear. 'You have made the right choice Sally, Master is proud of you.'

'Thank you Master.' my voice tinged with regret 'Please will you now release me?'

Henri draws my earlobe between his teeth, grinding the soft flesh between his sharp teeth, his breathing heavy. 'Now why should I do that slut?' He growls 'You are mine to use as I please!'

Part of me still wanted to fight to prove Henri wrong, that I only belonged to Master Andrew and could never serve another. His closeness was making my stomach churn as his tongue slides down over my neck. I was sure he could feel my body tensing as his tongue hesitated briefly for a moment, my heart skipped a beat. Then I felt his teeth tearing into my flesh, I opened my mouth to scream but his hand covered my mouth muffling my terror. I struggled desperately against my binds, my body bucking wildly. Hands pushed my hips back down, forcing me to be still. My chest heaving heavily with the effort to breathe through Henris hand as he continued to suck at my neck, I felt a strange sensation emanating from where Henris teeth had pierced my skin, I could feel the blood flowing into his mouth, sapping me of my strength, my screams turning to whimpers, struggling to remain conscious, my eyes fluttering closed. I feel the hands moving from my hips, running over my stomach, lips kissing my breasts, so many, so many.

Henri removes his hand from my mouth, I was relieved to be able to breath freely once more, my eyes closing completely as I feel Henri drawing away from my neck, the many lips and tongues teasing and tasting my flesh, to weak to protest, nor really wishing to, each touch sending a small jolt of pleasure through my aching body.

I am brought back to consciousness with a quick slap across my cheek, my eyes shooting open, Henris face leering over me, his mouth covered in my blood. 'Oh God!' I moan as his face draws closer to me.

'Yes I am your God now Sally and you taste so sweet. A true blood maiden.' His lips so close to mine I can smell the stench of copper, my blood upon his lips.

Whimpering helplessly, trying to move my head away from his descending lips. His hands clenching my head in a vice like grip, tears streaming from my eyes, there is no escape as he presses his lips against mine, forcing my mouth open his blood stained tongue stroking mine, the taste of blood infiltrating my senses, I expected my taste buds to reject this alien liquid, but as Henri kissed me, his tongue exploring my mouth and coating my tongue with blood, all thoughts of revulsion were ripped from my mind.

My brain registering fingers pressing against the soft folds of flesh that protect my sensitive clit, moaning into Henri's mouth. My body bombarded with a mixture of conflicting emotions responding to the touches and caresses I was unable to prevent. Henri releases his tight grip upon my face, lifting his lips slightly away from mine; I immediately lift my head up to his seeking his lips with a desperate need. But he denies me the contact with a chortle, looking down into my passion crazed eyes, drawing his fingers over my neck and then placing them into my mouth. No longer caring that I am drinking my own blood, I eagerly suck and lick at his fingers, drawing his fingers deep into my mouth, grazing the flesh with my teeth, my moans growing more abandoned as fingers explore my aching pussy lips, the fingers sliding over the lips with ease, occasionally, teasingly sliding between, nails grazing the hooded clit.

Henri withdraws his now clean saliva soaked fingers, my mouth achingly empty. He obviously notices my look of disappointment; he smiles softly as he leans forward. 'Lick my face clean slut' He breathes quietly into my ear. At the same moment fingers delve into my wet passage, making me writhe against my constraints in delight. 'That's it pet, let yourself go, give yourself over to me.' Henri growls, his hot breath tickling my ear.

'Yes, Yes master!' I moan, sliding my tongue over his lips, lapping up the now dried blood that rests on his chin and cheeks. He presses his face against my tongue making it difficult for me to move, his hands running down my shoulders and over my breasts, his nails dragging over the open wound, making me squeal as the pain is mixed by the pleasure being given to me through the stranger's fingers.

'You are going to experience such delights Sally, I am going to invade all your senses, your mind will be mine, and you will not be able to hide anything from me.' His hands now massaging my breasts, the nails digging deep into the soft flesh, my nipples responding, rising into small tight buds of rose red, pressing against his palms. An animalistic instinct takes over me I bite at his cheek that still presses tightly against my tongue, my teeth scraping over the taut flesh. He jerks away from me, growling. 'Careful Sally.'

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