tagBDSMA Sadist's Love

A Sadist's Love


Screams throughout the night; wonderful, bone-chilling screams. A thrill went through the Slaver, a grin on his wicked features. His favorite tool to use, as most Masters did, was the dagger. He lived to flay flesh off the victims, loved to hear the shrieks and cries of pain as he slowly killed them.

Who would have known that a Slaver could fall in love?

Blood; it went everywhere. Into every little nook and cranny one didn't want. It stained clothes, hair, shoes, but most of all, the hand. The hand of a killer, the hands of a murderer without remorse was stained with it. They held no rights in the world if they were caught, but as long as they stayed in secret, they would seem to rule their own little world.

Secrets stay secrets only as long as people don't share them. Then how can one know it as a secret and not some ploy, not something to spread rumors about? That is why this Slaver didn't enjoy any type of secrets. Least of all the fact that knowing a secret, made you want to speak to someone else...


Mamoru turned to look at the one who had called him, bothered to annoy him with simple speech. His name meant "Protector", and he despised it. What the hell was he to protect in a place like this? Just himself, his own hide... The female came running up to him, the one that had called his name. She always was one he was attracted to, and enjoyed getting their Pets to please one another. He never bothered to know her name, just cared about her figure, the same with his Pets he always had.

"What do you need me for...?"

His voice was low, a deadly silk, and so very paradoxical compared with his ways. It was actually one of his favorite things to do; earn the trust of the Slave, tell them it was going to be all right, and then slam them with the mind-shattering reality that they have no control in their lives anymore. The look on their faces, the terror, hopelessness, the complete despair made him hard instantly. And the virgins, oh, they were the most fun...

"Mamoru, there's a new slave! The Master said it was to be given to you! Ooh, pretty please, may I let my cat tear it up a bit?"

Mamoru looked at her with a raised eyebrow. It was near taboo to ask to play with another's Pet without the Master trying him or her out yet. Though that was the case, he considered it. She had a panther Anthro that knew how to give just the right amount of pressure to make someone shriek without injuring... He shook his head then, a brief chuckle. The look in her eyes... He knew she wanted him for herself. And she was quite the looker herself...

"I think I will break him in first..."

"Actually it's a her!"

Realization came across his mind then, a small chuckle. So she was jealous... He chuckled silently to himself, shaking his head. So a Slaver could be jealous...

"I will tame her first... You can wait till she is attached to me..."

His statement seemed to make the woman pout before she nodded, sulking away. Most likely, she was going to take out her anger on her pet that had ears and tail of a cat. She had made him eat from a bowl, feeding him milk when he was lucky enough, giving him only cat food most of the time. It sickened him to the core, to treat a human as an animal but he let her do as she wanted. Not like he could have a say in the matter anyways...

"Slave, get back here!"

The sound caught his attention in an instant, the yelling was quite close... he looked up, blinking slightly as he saw a bound slave running at him. So this is the new one... He thought to himself, chuckling. She was beautiful, yes, her ass-length red hair, fierce blue eyes... Oh, she would be fun to dominate... His hand moved in her path, and he caught her, a chuckle escaping.

"This the one, guys?"

Mamoru looked to the Traders, watching them nod. He grinned then, his eyes glowing dark with malice to the little girl quivering in his hold. He blinked as she went to bite at him, and he deftly grabbed around her neck, a low growl to her.

"Bite me, I tear your neck open..."

The girl froze in his hold, a small growl coming from her. Better... He could stand some growling every now and them, made it more interesting... He could tell that this one was going to be a fighter, and it made a wicked grin come to his features. He nodded to the pale Traders, tossing the girl over his shoulder. She struggled a moment, but a growl reminded her of where she was.

Mamoru nodded to himself once she stopped struggling, moving down the four flights of stairs to his own personal dungeon. A weathered 'Tamer', he had many privileges that others didn't get. His dungeon was large, many contraptions, tho his favorite was one that he made himself. A single chair made of cold metal, a machine next to it. Seemingly calm where it was, the contraption had made many scream before they realized what was happening.

Mamoru set the girl down on the floor, looking to the chair as he tapped his chin. No, far too rough right off the bat; her mind would shatter to bits... The girl looked up to him, eyes pleading, her arms tied tight behind her back.

"Please Sir, please; I don't want to die..."

The scared tone in her voice made him grin, a fanged grin, eyes glowing nearly crazed. He leaned down, cupping her chin roughly, a laugh coming from him. He licked the pale girl's cheek, licking the salty residue from it. Oh, it's been too long since he had a new toy to play with...

"Perhaps if you listen to my commands, I will spare you..."

He chuckled, a deep grin there, shoving her onto her stomach. She shook and then went still, then drifted his hand along her body, eyes hungry. He moved up, his hands forming talons, slashing through her bindings. He felt her freeze under him, grinning, letting her feel the thought that she could escape. Just this one night, he would break her... It's all he would take... He watched the girl work her mind hard, a terrified look on her face. As every other Pet he took in, he let the realization that she had no chance of escaping sink into her mind. A simple demonstration, and every Slave, like her just now, burst into tears, male and female alike. And yet, unlike the others, he stopped a moment. He moved back, letting her sob in the recognition sink in, not thrusting her on a fucking machine instantly.

"You can go nowhere; know nothing of this place without me. Understand that. That is your first command."

He growled slightly, turning, irritated with himself. Why couldn't he... He sat on the cold chair, watching her with cold eyes. What the hell was she...? She held some inner power he couldn't tap into, his power of no effect against her. Whatever it was, she couldn't get away from him now... She slowly drew herself together, quivering, tears all drained from her. A small shaky whisper from her lips drew a sharp snarl from him, instantly grabbing her hair and making her shriek.

"Your brother isn't going to help you... No one will!!"

He dragged her over, eyes furious, near fire in them. He tossed her into the chair, eyes merciless rage, slapping her hard and strapping her down. She cried out and struggled hard, tears falling, eyes wide in fear. He smiled wickedly, straps tightening fully, not letting her move, as the machine whirred into action. Seemingly innocent, the cups slowly rose from the floor. They rose up with mechanical precision, closing over the girl's mouth and nose, feeding in a type of aphrodisiac. The girl's eyes were suddenly weak, as she breathed in the gas, going limp in the chair.

"Just lay there for a bit, Master will take good care of you..."

He blinked at the sudden tenderness in his voice, the tender stroke to her cheek once the cup pulled back. She quivered and looked to him, a tear falling from her weak eyes, eyes that seemed to pierce his soul. He was shaking, he realized it now... The instance he saw the tear hit the chair, the straps flew from holding her, seeming to explode from the chair. Mamoru took her into his arms, shaking, tears welling.

"He will... Take care of you..."

The girl in his arms quivered, stroking his cheek, and then wiped away his tears when they fell. A sudden explosion from the side threw him hard against the opposite wall, a startled cry coming from his throat. A small groan in his arms then, his blood ran cold. He looked down, seeing the girl covered with bits of debris, bleeding, smiling in weakness.

"Pet... Takes care of her Master always... Live, damnit..."

His eyes wide, he shook, hand to her cheek as her eyes closed and she went limp.

"No... No, you can't do this! Damn, you can't..."

His voice was thick, tears falling down as the Resistance filed in, a gun to his head.

"Don't die!!!"

He screamed for her to wake up, but she never did stir in his hold... As he was led off, eyes locked on her limp body, her blood on his hair turned it to white streaks. He would live... For her last wish... Never again did he go by Mamoru. He could protect no one...

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