tagGroup SexA Saturday Night of Fun

A Saturday Night of Fun


What I would really like to see Saturday Night

First I would like you to wear your new body stocking with a short skirt and a sleeveless top.

We can sit and cuddle and kiss for a while getting each other turned on and in the mood for some hot dirty sex.

Then, someone we have invited around from FAB arrives. You answer the door and invite him through to the living room offering him a drink. We sit and chat for a bit then I get up and pull you up to slow dance with me for a bit.

We start kissing, getting each other really turned on again, all the time the other guy is just sitting there watching. I pull away from you, turn you around so you are facing him and pull you back into me again. I reach round and start playing with your gorgeous tits through your clothes and you can feel my hard cock pressing against your back, you reach behind you and rub me through my trousers, your head thrown back on my shoulder, eyes closed while I nibble and kiss your neck.

I slowly lift your top, revealing your stocking covered tits to our guest who lets out a gasp when he sees them. I pull the top off, over your head and go back to kissing your neck and playing with your tits and nipples.

You look down and can see a bulge appearing in his jeans and you sensuously lick your lips imagining what is hiding under them.

I slide my hands down your stomach and over your skirt, rubbing your legs while your grind your arse back against me. My hand slides up under your skirt and reaches your already wet pussy and it's your turn to gasp as I brush against your clit. I reach further down and slide a finger into your tight pussy and slowly fuck you a couple of times before taking it out and popping it into your mouth so you can suck and lick your own juices off it. While you're doing that you look at our guest again and he is slowly rubbing his hard cock through his jeans.

Once you have cleaned my finger I reach behind you and undo your skirt then push it down over your hips till it falls to the floor showing your wet, glistening cunt to him.

As your skirt hits the floor you step out of it towards our guest and away from me holding out your hands to him and pulling him to his feet. You pull him in close, kissing him deeply while you carry on dancing and squeezing his arse. His arms start around your shoulders slowly going lower until his hands are on your naked arse and he starts caressing it. I sit down so I can watch what is happening in front of me. You both carry on dancing for a little while caressing each other's arses with him rubbing his finger up and down your crack occasionally slipping a finger between your legs and rubbing your cunt.

You move your hands round the front and start rubbing his cock through his jeans finding out how long and fat it is. You awkwardly undo the button on his jeans and pull the zip down sliding your hand inside, to find he isn't wearing any underwear, and grasp his cock, slowly sliding your hand up and down its length. He pulls his head away from your kiss and gasps as you gently squeeze and rub his cock. He pushes his own jeans to the floor and turns you around so his cock is pressed against you, running up the crack of your arse. You start grinding against him and he reaches around and squeezes your tits, your hands go round the back of him grabbing at his arse and pulling him closer into you, enjoying the feel of someone else's bare cock rubbing against you.

One of his hands leaves your tits and slowly moves down your body. As it gets nearer your pussy you open your legs slightly and his fingers slide straight down you slit and find your clit. He plays gently with it making you gasp and squeeze his arse even tighter. He reaches further into you and slides 2 fingers easily into your cunt it is that wet. He eases them out again and slowly starts to finger fuck you and from the noises you are making he is obviously doing it right. After only a couple of minutes of being finger fucked, your legs start to shake as your first orgasm of the night hits you. When you regain your breath you turn back around and guide his dripping wet fingers to his mouth, as he puts them in his mouth to lick them clean you kiss him, sharing your taste. Once you have both licked his fingers clean you take a step back and reach out for his cock that is pointing straight at you, sliding one hand back and forth over the head while the other reaches under and fondles his balls. You start licking and kissing your way down his chest and stomach continually playing with his cock and balls. You then drop to your knees in front of him so his cock is level with your face, with the hand stroking his cock you push it back towards his stomach and lean forward to lick and suck at his balls. All the time you are sucking his balls your hand is wanking his hard cock.

Watching all this after not seeing it for so long has got me turned on more than I have been in a long time and I reach down to undo my jeans and release my hard cock, pushing my jeans off completely, and start to slowly stroke my cock, enjoying the show in front of me.

Whilst you are still licking and sucking his balls you reach down and hold his jeans so he can step out of them making it easier for him to move. You release his balls and slowly lick up the underside of his long cock, reaching the head which is glistening with his pre-cum, you run your tongue across the slit in his cock, lapping up the salty pre-cum and looking him right in the eyes whilst you do it. You keep looking at him while you close your lips around the head of his cock and suck, hard. He closes his eyes, throws his head back and gasps, I know what he is feeling and my cock jumps in my hand imagining it is me in your mouth.

After removing your lips and licking him up and down a couple of times, you take him properly into your mouth, sliding your lips down his shaft, getting a little deeper each time until you start gagging and pull off, your spit leaving stringy links between his cock and your mouth. You catch the spit in your hand and wank his soaking cock for a couple of strokes while you get your breath back. When you slide your mouth down his cock the next time you stop just short of gagging and give him a blow job he won't forget in a hurry.

After sucking him for about 5 minutes, you stand up and kiss him deeply letting him taste himself on your tongue.

You pull away and ask him to lie down on the floor. When he is on his back you stand above his head and gently play with your pussy and clit, sliding your own fingers in, showing him how wet you are. He reaches down and strokes his own cock while he watches you fingering your own cunt, some of your juices dripping onto his face. You pull your fingers out and lower yourself onto his face, your pussy directly over his mouth while you hold yourself with your hands on his chest. He reaches up and licks at your outer lips making you shudder at the touch and lower yourself a little more. His tongue starts licking at your clit and then slides into your pussy making you even wetter, I can tell from the look on your face that you are about to cum again and almost immediately you start squirting all over his face, soaking him. I can see him swallowing trying to keep up with the amount of cum but failing miserably.

You lie forward, catching your breath, and just look at his hard cock while he slowly licks around your pussy, trying to get as much of your juices as he can. When you have recovered you lift yourself on your elbows and start licking and sucking at his cock again as he reaches his arms up, places a finger from each hand into your pussy, stretching it open while he licks at your clit again. It is not long before you are cumming again, this time only dribbling onto his tongue while you gasp around his cock.

You sit yourself up, then stand while telling him stay where he is. You turn around and lower yourself onto him so your wet, sloppy cunt presses his cock against his stomach. You slide backwards and forwards leaving your juices the full length of his shaft and I can see it glistening each time you slide back. After doing this for a while you lift yourself slightly, reach down for his cock and hold it up so the head is brushing against your lips. You rub it back and forward a couple of times, wetting the head with your dripping juices. Then you stop, holding it still and slowly lower yourself onto his hard cock, you can't get it all in at the first attempt, lifting yourself up again so just the head is inside, before sliding back down and taking the full length till you are sat with his balls against your arse. You sit still for a moment, getting used to the size before, slowly at first, fucking him, getting faster until you cum again all over his cock, your juices running out around him and down over his balls.

When you are able to move again, you slide off his cock and it slaps back against his belly still rock hard. Your climb off him, turn around to face me on your hands and knees and shake your arse at him, telling him to fuck you, hard. He gets on his knees behind you and uses his fingers to play with your pussy while you just watch me playing with my cock. I can hear your cunt squelching while he finger fucks you. You close your eyes and moan, showing how much you are enjoying it, when he stops and pulls out his fingers. He moves in closer and places the head of his cock against your pussy and pushes a little just to separate your lips and your mouth drops open and you push backwards, sliding your tight wet cunt onto his hard shaft and not stopping until your arse slaps against his belly. You both stop moving for a moment, enjoying the moment before he slowly pulls out and slides back in. He reaches forward with one hand and grabs a handful of hair, pulling your head up and back, holding you tight in his fist. He starts fucking you, sliding his cock almost all the way out and back in again, getting faster and harder with each stroke until I can hear his stomach slapping against your arse and his balls are swinging and slapping against your clit. Whilst he is doing this, because your head is pulled up and back, I have a perfect view of your tits swinging back and forth, slapping against each other and I have to stop playing with my cock before I shoot my load.

His strokes are getting shorter and faster and he is starting to groan, saying he is going to cum. You tell him to fill your cunt with his hot cum and push back against him harder. With a final groan he buries his cock as deep as it will go in you and empties his balls in you. Whilst he is cumming I get on my knees in front of you and you take my cock deep into your mouth, holding it as deep as you can while you cum around his cock again, the groaning noises you are making vibrating against the head of cock.

He pulls out of your cunt and you immediately turn around, push me back onto the settee then turn again so your back is to me and bend forward, showing me your gaping cunt and the cum dripping from it. You move backwards and I guide my cock towards your opening until my head is inside you, stopping anymore cum from leaking out. You move back again until you are sitting on my cock with it fully inside you, the feeling of your tight pussy squeezing my cock whilst it is full of cum is amazing and a feeling I have missed. You slowly start sliding up and down my cock, forcing more cum out with each stroke, and lean forward so you can reach our guests cock. You pull him towards you and take his softening cock into your mouth, tasting the mixture of yours and his juices, enjoying it so much you pull his cock from your mouth and, using your tongue, clean all around the base of his cock and his balls before taking it back into your mouth. Because he has just cum and it is about half the length it was when hard, you manage to get it all in your mouth. You keep sliding slowly up and down on my cock, playing with his balls and sucking his cock which I can see is starting to get hard again because you can't get it all in your mouth now.

I tell you I am getting close to cumming and push you off me and turn you around pushing you to your knees so you can lower your mouth onto my slimy cock. You lick off the combination of yours and his cum, licking and then sucking my balls until they are clean. I push your head back slightly and start wanking my own cock. You open your mouth slightly just as I cum, the first squirt going straight onto your tongue, the rest of my cum spraying all over your face. When I am finished you smile at me, swallow the cum on your tongue and lean back on your heals out of breath. You are about to wipe the rest of my cum off your face when our guest asks you not too because he wants to add a load to it once he has fucked you again. You look down and see that his cock is fully hard again.

You smile and lie back on the floor opening your legs, the tops of your thighs and all over your pussy shining in the fluids spread there. He drops between your legs, grabs his cock and rubs it all around your pussy, collecting as much of the juice as he can on the head of his cock before leaning forward and sliding fully into you in one stroke. Yours eyes fly open and your mouth drops open but no sound comes out. He starts to fuck you, hard. No messing about this time, he is just using your cunt as a fuck toy so he can cum again. His balls are slapping hard against the squelchy mess under your pussy and on your arse. He suddenly pulls out and scoots up your body holding his cock, when he gets near your head he starts wanking and cums almost immediately all over your face. As it's his second load there isn't a lot, but it looks absolutely gorgeous on your face next to mine which is drying. You take the head of his cock in your mouth and suck it in, cleaning it as you go. I look down and you have got three of your own fingers in your pussy pumping away. When you cum you spit his cock out of your mouth so you don't bite on it. You both just lie there for a good few minutes getting your breath back.

He eventually climbs off you and starts to get dressed. You sit up and take a well-earned drink before standing up and wobbling a little.

He apologises saying he has got to go but can't thank us enough for a fantastic night and hopes we can do it again soon.

You wrap your arms around his neck and kiss him deeply saying you have really enjoyed yourself and it was the best night you have had in ages.

You see him out to the door and lock up when he has gone. You walk back into the living room slowly saying your face is covered in cum but you don't care because you haven't had that much fun in ages and was about to say something else when you looked up and saw me playing with my cock which was rock hard again, you just smiled and...

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