tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Schoolgirl's Lesson Ch. 01

A Schoolgirl's Lesson Ch. 01


[This story is a continuation of the "A Whore is Born" series (also published on this site). Whilst it is not strictly necessary to have read this before reading this series, if you have not done so already, it may aid your understanding of some of the characters if you give it a go at some stage. In any event, to old and new readers of my stories, enjoy…]

A Schoolgirl's Lesson - Chapter One

Debbie had been fucked several times by the General before Alice, her young teenage daughter, witnessed her mother taking the General's enormous cock up her arse.

It had all happened just a few days ago. Alice, a keen violinist, had been due to appear in her school concert. Her mother would normally have come along to see her daughter perform but, for the first time, she said that she could not make it due to an urgent meeting at her church. A devout church goer herself, she understood how important this would have been and did not object when her mother was forced to cancel. She had hoped her father could come along but he was away in Iraq on urgent military business.

The concert had been due to start at 7pm and last for 2 hours. She was not due back home until at least 9.30pm. However, by 6.30pm, things were not looking good for Alice. She had been feeling under the weather all day, but had hoped that the queasiness would eventually pass. It hadn't. Instead she got worse, so much so that the poor girl was a shivering wreck when it came to performance time. Her teacher, having seen the state she was in, had little choice but to order Alice home early and for the teacher to take her place. Reluctantly she agreed and, having decided it was best not to call her mother away from her important church meeting, she took the bus home.

When she got home, at first she noticed nothing untoward. Just as it should have been, the house seemed to be empty. Alice removed her jacket, put away her violin case in the downstairs cupboard and started to make her way towards the kitchen in order to make herself a warm drink. However, before she could even get to the kitchen, she heard a noise coming from upstairs. It was the sound of someone moving. She stopped what she was doing to check if she was imagining it. More noises could be heard. Someone was in the house. She naturally assumed it was her mother. She must have returned from church early. Just as she was about to open her mouth to let her mother know she was home, she heard a voice. A man's voice!

"Oh yeah, that's good…"

Alice froze with fear. Her father was still away in Iraq. She knew that because he had called her to wish her luck for the concert just an hour or so ago. The only obvious conclusion was that there was an intruder in the house. She must get out. Quickly. She turned to make her way towards the front door, she had no intention of confronting the intruder. she could call the police when she was safely outside.

As she reached the door and slowly began to turn the handle so as not to disturb the intruder, she heard him speak once more: "Oh, yes, that's it, bitch, take that! Take that!" Now, Alice may have been an innocent teenage virgin, but she was still streetwise enough to know that burglars did not necessarily talk that way when they were robbing someone's house.

Alice now had the door open, she was able to leave but what the man had just said made her wait a moment. Curiosity was getting the better of her. And we all know what happens to a cat when they become curious!

"Oh yes bitch, oh yes bitch…"

The man was clearly talking to someone, but to whom? And what could he be doing to talk in such a vulgar manner, the innocent teenage beauty wondered? Things got more confusing with what came next.

"Oh God, that is so big, p-please, be gentle…"

It was a woman's voice! And furthermore, Debbie swore she recognised it.

"Oh, p-please not there, it is too big… Oh it hurts! It is so big…"

My God! That was the voice of her mother! And she sounded like she was in trouble…

Debbie shut the door and turned around. Her natural reaction was to save her mother. Clearly she was being attacked by whoever was in the house and it was her duty to go and help. But how? She was just a schoolgirl. She could call the police, but that would take too long. Whatever horrible things this man was doing to her mother, Alice needed to stop. And stop now. Frantically she thought about what she could do. She needed something to threaten this man. Quickly she went into the kitchen to get a knife and then she began to make her way upstairs. She was terrified, but she knew what she had to do.

As she did, the voices got louder.

"Take that bitch!"

"Oh, please… Oh! Oh! Oh!"

Her mother was clearly in big trouble.

She reached the top of the stairs and could hear noises coming from her parent's bedroom. The door was ajar. She was moments away from saving her mother. But then…

"Oh you love it bitch, don't you?"

"Oh God yes, I love it…"

"Tell me how much you love my big cock in your arse, you dirty whore!"

"Oh Master, I love your big cock in my @ss! Oh I love the way you fuck me there and treat me like your dirty whore. Oh Master, take me harder! Fuck me harder. Oh yes, Master, like that fuck my @ss Master, oh fuck me hard..."

Alice froze with shock. She was confused. Why was her mother saying these things to her attacker? She must have been forced to talk in such a disgusting way, she told herself.

"Take that you dirty whore! Take my big cock in you married little @ss…" There then followed the sound of a hand smacking flesh.

"Oh! Spank me harder! Spank me harder!"

What was going on in there, the naïve teenager asked herself?

Alice now reached the doorway. The door was three quarters closed. Her immediate reaction was to storm in there and confronts the attacker, thus saving her mother from her awful ordeal. She grabbed hold of the door handle and was about to burst in when…

"Oh your cock is so much bigger than my husband's I love it! Oh yes, I love the way you and your friends fuck me. Oh God, I love it, I love being your dirty whore! Oh yes! Yes! Yes…" Alice was shocked by what she was hearing. Could it really be the case that her mother was actually consenting to this, that she was being unfaithful to her husband, Alice's lovely father? That was too bitter an outcome for Alice to accept but, as the sound of her mother's activities got louder, and her mother's howls of joy pierced the poor teenager's ears, Alice decided that she needed to be sure that her mother was indeed being attacked before she stormed in. So, ever so carefully, she peered around the door and looked into her parent's bedroom...

The sight that confronted her confirmed the poor teenager's worst fears.

Her parents bed was positioned a good 12 feet away from the door, at the opposite side of the bedroom. It did however directly face the door giving Alice a perfect view of what was going on. On the bed lay a naked man and on top of him was her mother who was riding him cowgirl style. She had her back to the door and so could not see her daughter looking in. The way she was fucking the General's cock also meant that his face remained hidden from Alice.

Alice, assuming that her presence had gone unnoticed, moved to stand in the doorway in order to get a better view. Initially she focussed on just her mother who was wearing nothing other than black stockings and suspenders which were tied to a suspender belt; she had her hands on the back of her head as she screamed out. The man's enormous cock appeared to be sliding in and out of her mother's arse. As he fucked her arse, his hands were reaching upwards playing with her enormous breasts. Her bottom was a dark shade of red, no doubt caused by the spanking Alice had heard earlier.

"Oh fuck me Master, fuck me harder! I am close, Master, I am close…"

This was the moment Alice knew for sure that her mother was an unfaithful whore.

Her mother's head began to roll about as she was close to cumming. The man's hands moved from her breasts and he began to spank her bottom. This elicited more groans of joy. Alice meanwhile had stood motionless in the doorway, utterly mesmerised and horrified by the debauched activities happening just several feet away from her. She still did not know what to do. She wanted to storm in and confront her mother. Scream at her. Ask her what she was doing and how could she betray her husband, Alice's father, in such a horrible way. But she didn't. Some terrible force was preventing her from doing the right thing.

"Spank me master. Spank me!" Her mother screamed out, oblivious to her daughter's presence.

And the man did. And he spanked her hard with the sound of hand on bottom flesh reverberated around the room. Alice had all the while been focusing on her mother but now looked to see who the man was. Unfortunately for her, his face was totally obscured by her mother. He was faceless, although his cock almost certainly was not. Alice looked at it. It was huge. She still may have been a virgin and had never seen a man's cock before, but even she could tell that this was big. Very big. It must a been at least 10-11 inches long although she could not be sure since it kept on disappearing up her mother's bottom.

"Oh Master, that is so good! Oh Master, I am cumming, I am cumming… Oh!!!"

As her mother came, Alice, distraught and disgusted by what she had just witnessed, silently moved away from the door, tears now streaming down her cheeks and hurried outside, still convinced neither her mother nor her lover had seen her…

She was wrong.

Although the General never got to see Alice's face, he knew who it was standing at the doorway. You see when the poor girl had foolishly opened the door to get a better view, the General was able to see past Debbie and note that someone was standing there, although much of her, including her, face remained hidden. At first he had thought it was Debbie's husband, but then he recalled he had only sent him to Iraq a couple of days ago and was not due to return until the end of the week. And when he saw part of a grey pleated skirt and white shirt, he put two and two together and got Alice. Her presence of course did nothing to stop him from fucking her mother. Indeed it actually spurred him on, forcing him to fuck her even harder and the presence of the teenage daughter as he fucked the mother appealed to this sick man's worst instincts.

Of course by the time he came in Debbie's arse, he could see that Alice had gone. He rightly assumed that she was too shocked to stay and confront them.

Now this of course presented the General with a potentially sticky dilemma: tell the mother in order that she stop Alice from telling the father? However, if he told Debbie that her daughter knew that she was a whore, she may be so overcome with guilt that she might stop being his fuck toy. The alternative was to keep quiet in the hope that the daughter was too shocked to tell either the mother or the father and he could go on happily fucking Debbie.

As he got dressed and pondered his dilemma, he noticed a picture of Alice on her mother's dresser. Being Debbie's Godfather, he of course knew Alice, not particularly well; indeed they had not seen each other properly for at least three years. And he had always remembered her as a rather nondescript, spotty little teenager, nothing like the beautiful mother. However on picking up the picture he immediately noticed that things had clearly changed. For the better.

For staring up at him was a beautiful teenage girl, not the spotty adolescent of a few years ago. The picture must have been taken on holiday for Alice was wearing a red bikini. She was at the beach, standing next to her mother, who was also wearing a bikini. The outfit naturally did nothing to hide her lovely teenage body. Her breasts, even at this tender young age, were big. They seemed slightly smaller than her mother's, but still must have been at least a 34-D. She had a perfect flat tummy and slender hips which flared out to a lovely petit little bottom. Her face was beautiful. She had an angelic face, with long blonde hair. And the spots were now all gone, replaced by that lovely girly beauty which so appealed to an old lecherous man like the General. The only geeky reminder of past times was the glasses that she was wearing which looked out of place next to the skimpy sexy outfit. However this did not prevent the familiar feeling of arousal being stirred inside the General. And as he looked at Alice, he began to change his plans, rather than go on the defensive and work out a way to prevent the mother from finding out about what her daughter knew, he would go on the attack and ensnare the young teenager daughter into his dark depraved web…

Two days later…

Alice, as she normally did every Thursday morning, got ready for school. Alice was 18 years old and in her last year at school. She was an exceptionally bright student who was due to attend Oxford university to read law.

She had, as the General had hoped, not confronted her mother with what she had seen. She feared that the consequences of revealing her terrible secret might end up leading to her parents getting divorced, something she desperately wanted to avoid. But at the same time, she did want to stop her mother from being unfaithful to her father. But that of course would mean telling her mother all she knew. And if she did that, might her mother leave them for her new lover?

And the other thing that kept on nagging away in poor Alice's mind was that cock and how it had fucked her mother's arse. Alice did not know such a thing was possible, that a woman would ever allow a man to enter her in such a horrible, disgusting way. Alice was deeply religious, just as she had thought her mother was, and the only sex she had ever envisaged having was when a man entered a woman's vagina and for Alice this would only ever happen when she was married. But for a woman to allow a man to enter her bottom? Why, that was evil beyond belief.

And Alice should have felt a sense of revulsion, but strangely she did not. Instead her mind was filled with images of that enormous cock sliding in and out that bottom, and she could not help but wonder what it would be like if that same cock was fucking her bottom, treating her like a whore and a slut. And whenever she had these terrible thoughts, she desperately tried to put them out of her mind, but try as she might, she could not. And then she would notice how wet her pussy had become…

As Alice put on her glasses and looked at herself in the mirror, despite her dowdy look, she could see that she was beautiful. She never wanted to dress in a way that accentuated her beauty. Indeed she did as much as possible to hide the fact that she was a stunner. You see even at this young age Alice was quite the feminist and was a firm believer in women's rights and their fight to be taken seriously in a male dominated world. It was Alice's strong belief that dressing up in a way that pleased a man was demeaning. As such, she always dressed in a way that made her feel comfortable, rather than what would please the opposite sex. (The one exception was the time when she was forced by her mother to wear a bikini - she had protested but her mother had insisted and had then taken a picture of her to prove to Alice that it could be nice to dress up every now and again. Little did her mother know what the fateful consequences of that picture would be.) When dressing for school she always wore long flowing skirts, a baggy shirt and jumper. And unlike most girls of her age, she had absolutely no interest in boys, she was more interested in academia, her violin and God. She had no time for playing around with the opposite sex and her sexual experiences with men was restricted to a kiss with a boy after the church disco, something which she bitterly regretted afterwards. However recently, she had got rather close to her best friend Louise…

As she completed her outfit by putting on a pair of flat black shoes, Alice was convinced that she was now old and mature enough to handle this crisis by herself and to bring about a satisfactory conclusion. A young teenager she might have been, but she felt, with some justification, that being exceptionally bright would mean that she could handle this potential disaster.

As she pondered how to deal with things, the man who was responsible for bringing about her mother's downfall, and who was now planning a similar operation of attack against the daughter, just so happened to be standing outside her home, ready to knock on the door and prepare his onslaught…

Freddie Jackson, a General in the British Armed Forces, already knew that Alice had yet to reveal her dark secret to the mother. He knew this because only yesterday he had fucked the mother while Alice had been at school. The fact that Debbie had allowed this, and mentioned nothing was wrong, told him all he needed to know. And the General was very keen to keep things in this happy state because he so enjoyed fucking the mother.

After Debbie had been fucked by the three black men at the Ambassador's party, the General had decided that he now wanted her for himself. He had fulfilled his side of the bargain by allowing the Ambassador to fuck her first, but now he was entitled to enjoy this 36 year old beauty. And no complex plan was needed to get her into bed. One afternoon he arrived at Debbie's home when he knew she would be alone. Debbie initially thought it was a social call but that was until the General showed her irrefutable proof that she was a whore - pictures of her being abused in the dungeon. She protested her innocence and pleaded for the General to go easy on her. The General instead raped her there and then. She was flung on to her marital bed, her legs forced wide open, dress lifted up and then the General forced himself down on her. She of course screamed and pleaded for him to stop. He instead just ripped open the bodice of her dress to reveal her naked bouncing tits. He then took his giant cock out and forced his way into her pussy. Despite her screams of protest, the General immediately noticed how wet her pussy had become, and the ease with which he could force his way in. As he took her, he took great delight in watching her big tits shake up and down with each of his violent thrusts and watching her tear strewn face look up at him with those pleading begging eyes and her mouth open in a constant state of shock. And it was not long before those screams of protest gave way to howls of delight as the whore's natural instincts took over and she came as the General raped her.

After that, Debbie was his. Once he had finished raping her pussy, he immediately ordered her on all fours and raped her bottom. Her virgin bottom. She of course begged him to take her pussy, but he ignored her pitiful howls of protest and happily thrust away in the tight confines of her arse, savouring how her virgin bottom clung to his big dick. Poor Debbie understandably found this humiliating for there she was, on all fours, on the bed she shared with her husband with this brute of man, a man she had previously trusted and respected, raping her bottom. However this was not even the most humiliating part of the proceedings. It was when the phone went and the General forced her to answer it, even thought his cock was still up her arse that was particularly galling to the young housewife. For calling her was none other than her husband. The man she had promised to be faithful to. Debbie was then forced to maintain a conversation with the man she loved whilst she allowed another man to fuck her in the @ss. The sound of the General thrusting into her bottom and him spanking her tender cheeks did not go unnoticed by her husband who immediately enquired what the noise was. She told him that it was the TV and that she was so out of breath following her early morning run. Luckily for her it worked for, a few seconds after she hung up, she screamed as she came like she had never cum before. The combination of committing adultery whilst talking to her husband was all too much for her.

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