tagRomanceA Second Chance Ch. 04

A Second Chance Ch. 04


Kris snuggled up against Matt trying to catch her breath and her thoughts. As her body continued to have small post orgasmic tremors, she realized that this wasn't how she planned it. She thought it would be romantic. Slowly they would work themselves towards the moment. Tender kisses, light caresses, slowly removing each article of clothing. She even purchased a slinky black nightie for the occasion. After many years of waiting, of being the good friend, she would be making love to the man she loved.

Instead it was the most intense lust filled fucking, (There was no other word to describe it) she ever experienced. Starting in the elevator, it was crazy. If their floor didn't come when it did, who knows what would have happened in the car. She came 4, maybe 5 times. Each one stronger, more intense than the last. Even now it wasn't enough. She wanted more.

She lightly traced her fingers across his chest and then down his stomach. Matt softly moaned as she sucked then nibbled on his nipple. Her hand continued downward until she found what she wanted. She raised herself up on her elbow and smiled.

There it was, Matt's cock, semi erect and covered with their juices. She touched it and it twitched. Wrapping her hand around it, it felt thick and heavy. She moved her hand slowly up and down, using their love juices as a lubricant. Even now it looked big in her hand. It was bigger than any one she had seen and the best part was it was attached to Matt.

Matt could feel Kris' hand moving on his cock. Damn it felt good. He opened his eyes. She had sat up more and her large breasts were swing in front of him. They were begging to be touched, kissed. Matt hadn't had that much experience with large breasts. A few dates in high school where the girls would let you cope a feeling but his first real time was with Susan. Her breasts were small, an A cup. She used to complain they were too small and she was built like a boy. They got a little bigger when Kelly was born and the two of them would joke that they hoped she didn't starve.

Kris' were much bigger and they hung down within reach. He took his hand and cupped one. It felt full in his hand. He then caressed the nipple and it responded by becoming erect. He raised his head and kissed the other one. His tongue swirled around it. It grew bigger. He sucked on it, trying to get as much into his mouth as possible. It was wonderful.

Kris moaned as Matt sucked on and played with her nipples. Her nipples were extremely sensitive and she loved to have them played with. When she masturbated, she always involved her nipples. Her hand moved faster on his cock. It began to grow harder in her hand, reaching its full length. Her pussy began to throb. She wanted it in her.

"Matt, please make love to me."

He didn't need to be asked twice. She rolled onto her back, stretching her arms above her head, which only accented the size of her breasts. He positioned himself between her legs.

Kris knew she was wet enough but asked, "Go slow, I want to feel all of it." She whispered, arching her back. "Make love to me now." Her eyes looking directly into Matt's, lovingly, pleading. Her fingers trailed up his neck. She planted kisses along his lips, his chin, his cheeks, the tip of his nose, his forehead. She arched her back again, whimpering. He could feel her warmth beneath him, begging for his cock to be buried deep inside her swollen pussy. "Please."

With one push of his hips, it slowly entered her. They moaned in unison, her arms squeezing around his shoulders, her legs wrapped around his. He nestled his head in the crook where her neck and shoulders meet, filling her.

"Oh, God!" she hissed in his ear, shaking against his body. One slow thrust blended into another, forming a steady rhythm. Already her juices coated him as his cock throbbed against her walls. She squeezed his cock every time he entered her, and her hot, ragged breath against the side of his neck sent shivers down his back.

Despite the air conditioning, sweat coated his brow as he picked up the pace, their hips slapping against each other. The bed started to creak beneath them, the headboard slapping against the wall each time their bodies met. Matt lifted himself by his arms; sweat dripping off his forehead and onto her beautiful full breasts. She closed her eyes and groaned, grabbing his elbows and arching her back. She met his thrusts as best she could, his cock pistoning in and out of her wet folds.

"Oh baby, yes," she whimpered. She clenched her pussy, sending his cock into a frenzy. Matt shivered and stopped thrusting for a moment, closing his eyes and gritting his teeth. He was about to burst, but he wasn't ready. Not yet!

Kris whimpered in protest, grabbing and clawing at his hips to get him to keep fucking her. "More," she pleaded, catching her breath. She grabbed her right breast and tweaked the dark nipple, her other hand scratching his chest. "Please, give me more. Don't stop."

Running his fingers through Kris' hair, Scott planted kisses all over her forehead and over her lips before licking a trail of sweat on the side of her neck. She gasped at the sensation, pressing her body against his. Her hips met his in a frantic rhythm. But she was so wet, and she was growing tighter by the second, that it didn't matter. She was about to cum.

"Oh, God! I'm cumming" she called out. Kris squeezed her eyes shut, bellowing out a scream as her body finally gave and she melted into a full-body, quivering orgasm. Pussy juice leaked onto the bed.

"Oh God, it feels so good!" Looking him in the face, she pushed against him. "Cum for me," she growled, nostrils flaring each time her muscles spasmed. "Fill me with your cum."

She didn't have to ask twice.

Filling her to the hilt, Matt let out a scream of his own, "Oh,baby!" His cock exploded inside her, convulsing against her tight walls as he pumped his cum into her pussy. He closed his eyes and gritted his teeth, his scream dying into groans of passion as his high finally subsided.

Once the last spurt shot into her, Matt leaned forward. Still buried inside her, he felt their juices mixed together around his cock. They were both sweaty and struggled to catch their breath. He planted soft kisses along her neck and on her breasts.

Matt collapsed next to her and Kris snuggled against him. He could feel her warm sweaty skin against him and he pulled her close as she put her head on her shoulder. He felt wetness on him.

"Are you crying, Kris? What's wrong?"

"I'm scared. I never have felt like this with anyone as I feel with you right now," she sniffled. "And it frightens me."

"There is nothing to be afraid of," Matt said, trying to reassure her. He pulled her closer and then covered them with a blanket. Quickly the two new lovers fell into an exhausted sleep.

Matt awoke refreshed and alive. Kris was tucked close to him, her head on his chest. He could feel the warmth of her body. Damn, it felt good. It had been so long since he woke up with a warm soft woman beside him. It was one of those little things he missed these past years. Maybe he just took it for granted, Susan being there but now that she was gone, he realized how much he missed it. Waking up next to Kris felt good and right. He looked over at his watch. He gently shook her.

"Morning," Kris mumbled.

"Morning," Matt kissed her forehead. "What time is our presentation?"

"1 o'clock. Why?"

"Because it is 11:30."

Kris jumped out of the bed. "11:30! We're going to be late. Why did you let us sleep so late? I have to shower then do the set up." She raced around the room, not sure where to start.

"Relax," Matt said. "I'll get dressed and go down and set up the presentation. You shower, get dressed, and then come down. I'll come back up, change and then join you." He moved over to her and put his arms around her. "Or we could shower together to save time."

Kris reached down and touched his cock. That wouldn't be a bad idea, she thought. Then she laughed. "Then we would most definitely be late. How would we explain that to the Board?"

"I don't know but I'd love to see their faces as we did."

Matt dressed quickly, grabbed their briefcase which held their presentation and left. Kris padded over to the shower. The warm water felt good on her skin as she lathered it. She closed her eyes and imagined it was Matt's hands not hers sliding over her body. She realized that she still horny despite their lovemaking. Maybe she should have taken Matt up on his offer.

She took out her outfit she planned on wearing to talk to the teachers. It was plain blue skirt and blazer. A nice sleeveless white blouse finished it off. She would look like a typical teacher, nice and conservative. As she looked at it, she gave a wicked smile. She walked to Matt's luggage and opened it. She rummaged through it, not quite sure what she was looking for but she knew she could find it. There it was!

She found a pair of black silk boxers among his clothes. She didn't expect to find these but they would most definitely do. She slipped them on. The boxers were loose around her waist but tight on her hips. She moved around and discovered they would stay up. They also felt good between her legs.

She finished dressing and headed to the elevator. She met Matt as he stepped off.

"It's all set," Matt assured her. "The powerpoint is up. They made all the copies we needed. I'll change and be right down."

Kris kissed him. "Hurry down; I don't want to start without you."

"I will but you'll be fine."

Kris stood on the stage behind the podium. She was surprised at the turnout. She never expected that many would be interested on a unit on the Erie Canal but as she looked over her notes she realized that it was a lot more than that. It had something for almost every grade and subject with lots of ideas, suggestions, and variations. In other words, it was good.

She felt a little nervous as she looked around the room. She rubbed her hands down the sides of her skirt. She could feel Matt's boxers against her skin. It felt good and she relaxed. She began.

Kris went smoothly through her talk. She was so engrossed she didn't notice when Matt appeared on the far side of the stage. She gave a little start when he, right on cue, began his part. His timing was flawless. She gave him a smile. They made quite a team.

The Q & A portion went quickly and they were finished about 2:30.

"Nice work, Miss Walker," Matt said, helping gather up the supplies.

"Nice working with you, Mr. Crosby. Now what?"

"Well, we decided to split up, remember. Take in some different presentations. I saw one I want to catch."

"So did I. We'll meet back at the room, 4:30ish."

Matt agreed. "Then we'll plan on dinner. Any ideas?"

"I have some."

Kris got back the room first. She stripped off her jacket, blouse, and bra and stepped out of her skirt. Clad only in Matt's boxers, she thought about what she was going to wear. She hung the new printed chiffon dress on the closet door in front of her. As she did she absent-mindedly rubbed her hand on the silk boxers. They had ridden down a bit and were now low on her hips. It felt good as her hand moved over to her crotch. She rubbed harder against her pussy. She sighed.

Matt opened the door. "Hey, Kris!"

Kris turned, surprised.

Matt looked at her. "What you doing? Hey, are those my boxers?" He walked towards her.

She thought quickly. "I've been dying to get into your pants so..."

Matt grabbed her shoulders and they fell onto the bed. Landing on their sides, they laughed. "All you needed to do was ask," Matt said. He kissed her as she rolled on her back. He gently pinched one of nipples. Kris squirmed.

"You're making this too easy," Matt whispered.


"To make me think I may be in love with you."

Kris pushed him off. "Well then, I've never been easy. Maybe I should make you work for it."

Matt sat up. "OK but let's go eat first. I made reservations at a French restaurant called Alize. It is over at the Palms. You're thinking of wearing that? It looked great on you at the store but I don't think my boxers go with it."

Kris shoved him back onto the bed.

The meal was amazing and Matt thought Kris looked that way too. "I'm the luckiest guy in here," he said to her.

"Why do you say that? Plan on hitting the casino again?"

"No. I'm sitting here eating this great dinner with the most beautiful woman in the place. You look simply incredible."

Kris blushed.

"I really mean it, Kris. You do."

All she could say was thanks.

As they sipped their after dinner coffee and ate the sample chocolates, Matt leaned across the table. "I need to ask you a question about last night. I didn't, you know, use any... and I..."

"Don't worry. I've been on the pill since I was 15."

Matt leaned back in his chair and raised an eyebrow. "15?"

"It's not what you think, silly. I take it because my periods were so bad. So to control them better, the doctor thought it might help. It does and I'm still on it."

"I wasn't thinking anything," Matt apologized.

"Look, I lost my virginity to Billy the night of the prom. There were 2 or 3 guys in college and 1 after my divorce. I don't sleep around."

"I never said that and I didn't believe that, either."

Kris decided to tell Matt some things. "Look I'm not that confident around guys. Never was. In high school I didn't date that much. You see I was a little heavier then but I slimmed down just before college. Billy was my steady guy and you see how that worked out. Believe it or not, Susan had a lot more boys hanging around her. She was a gymnast, a top student, real confident. She could have had any one she wanted but she knew what she wanted. When she met you, she knew you were the one. You know, she told me when she came back from your 1st date, you were the one."

"I didn't know that, even after all these years."

Kris reached across the table and touched Matt's hand. "She loved you so much."

The two sat quietly, without speaking for a minute.

"Okay, lover boy. How many for you?" Kris broke the silence.

Matt lowered his head then looked at Kris. "One."

"One plus Susan?"

"No. Just Susan. You're the second woman I ever made love to. I don't know but I guess I really wanted to love a woman before I made love to her."

"Does that mean what I think it means?" Kris asked.

"I guess so."

They left the restaurant hand in hand. Exiting the elevator they had to cross the casino floor.

"Come on, Kris. One time, give it a try." Matt led her to the roulette table. He got $20 worth of chips. "Go ahead, pick a number or a color."

Kris hesitated and then put $10 on red.

The croupier spun the wheel. "Black 6."

"See, I told you," Kris said to Matt.

"Try again."

She placed $10 on red again.

This time croupier called "Red 11."

"I won!" Kris grabbed Matt's arm "I won!"

"Want to try again?"

"No," Kris whispered in his ear. "I want to go back to the room and try my luck there."

Outside their room, the two kissed. It was nothing like last night's when lust controlled them. This one was soft, passionate, and romantic. Like last night's though, it excited them and they needed so much more.

Kris directed Matt to the bed as they entered the room. She turned to her suitcase. Looking over her shoulder, she smiled. "I'll be right back." And she went to the bathroom.

"This is crazy," thought Matt. "My palms are sweaty and my mouth is dry. After last night I shouldn't feeling like this. It isn't like this is our first time." He looked towards the bathroom, wondering what she doing in there. He stripped down to his boxers and sat back on the bed.

She looked in the mirror as she finished dressing. She slid her hands along the sides. It felt good. It was a black teddy with red ribbons. It accented all her curves as her breasts seemed to spill from the top. She tossed her head and ran her fingers through her red hair. She wanted to look good. She wanted to look perfect. She opened the door.

The light from the bathroom framed her outline. Matt gave low soft whistle. "I was wrong in the restaurant. You look even more fantastic here. Come here."

Kris laid down beside him. He slowly scanned her body as if he wanted to remember every inch of her. Matt put his hand on her shoulder and rubbed it down her arm. The mere touch caused Kris' skin to tingle.

"Fantastic!" he said quietly.

Pushing her onto her back, Matt kissed her. There was more urgency in this one. Her mouth yielded to his tongue allowing him to penetrate her. His hand roamed over body, rubbing it through the material. She moaned around his tongue.

He kissed neck, nibbling, sucking it as he moved across her chest. Kris placed both her hands on his head, running them through his hair, holding him close. He kissed the top of each breasts as his fingers teased her nipples. She could feel the sensations straight to her pussy. She arched her back as if willing him to go further, faster.

Matt deftly undid the straps allowing her breasts to fall free. The feeling caused Kris to sigh. Matt lifted his head.

"Hold your beautiful tits so I can suck them. Hold them for me."

She slid her hands beneath her heavy breasts and lifted them so that the swollen nipples were level with Matt's lips. He flicked the tip of his tongue up and down over her left nipple. Then he bit it, gently. "Is that good?"

"Mmmm, yes," she murmured.

He moved from side to side, from nipple to nipple, licking and biting until both nipples were swollen and reaching for his mouth.

She loved the feeling. He teased, he caressed her breasts, he loved them but she wanted more, much more from him.

He slid his finger inside the material along her pussy, touching her erect clit, and then pulled his hand back.

"Oh, God," she said, feeling her juices soak her pussy. "It's so good when you touch me."

"Like this?" He caressed her clit again.


He slid one finger between her swollen lips. He could feel her muscles react to his touch. Her hips were moving involuntarily. He said, "Spread your legs so I can see your beautiful pussy."

She stretched out across the bed and parted her legs. He undid the snaps that covered her crotch.

He leaned over and spread her legs wider. Then he blew a stream of air on to her pussy and watched it quiver. He flicked his tongue over her swollen clit and then blew on it again.

It was torture. The alternate warm and cool sensations were driving her wild. She reached towards her pussy but Matt grabbed her hands and pinned them to her sides.

"Oh no. You can't relieve yourself that easily. Only I can give you what you want and you going to have to ask."

She wanted his fingers, something inside her. Mindless with desire, she said, "Please, put your fingers in my pussy, please."

"Oh yes, baby." He inserted first one then two fingers into her pussy and spread them to fill her. He pulled out and then pushed them inside. With his other hand he rubbed her clit until both of them felt the ripples of Kris's first orgasm.

"Don't stop," she screamed. "Oh God, don't stop!"

"I won't," Matt said, feeling the orgasm roll over her entire body. "Let go."

"Yes, yes, yes." She spasmed for what seemed long minutes. When she calmed down, he leaned back on his knees. His large, fully erect cock stood straight out. Hungrily she watched his hand stroke the smooth, hard flesh.

"Do you want to touch me?" he asked teasingly.

"Yes, I want to touch you. I want to suck your cock."

She tugged on his shorts, pushing them down his legs and freeing his cock. He sighed at his newfound freedom, the underwear hanging off his right ankle before he kicked them to the floor. Her smile turned dark, lust flashing in her green eyes. Her right hand reached down to grab his ass, squeezing his cheeks before giving him a light slap.

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