tagLesbian SexA Seductive Black Boss

A Seductive Black Boss


Acting Persons: Lisa Tandy (18), Kathy Masterson (46); Hsu-Chi (19); Indira (20)

Lisa Tandy attended a college in San Diego quite away from home. She lived on the campus in a single room of the student's home. To earn some additional pocket money she had taken a part time job at an insurance company. She was kind of "girl for all and everything" there.

Lisa was quite cute and had a real beautiful body. She was a real natural blonde, which did not only show at her hair but also at her skin, which was very white. She was wearing her blonde hair quite long, down to over her shoulders. Her face was very young looking. Some people wouldn't even guess her to be 16, least that she had already turned 18 a few weeks ago. Her figure was very slim and sportive but still specially curvy at the right places. So in spite of her slim body she had some perfectly, gorgeously shaped breasts that were even C-cupped. She was about 1,68 meters high and had quite long, sexy legs.

Lisa knew that she was a real sexy teen but had not taken much advantage of it so far. At some parties there had been a bit of kissing and fumbling with boys but she had never really liked it or found it exciting at all. So sexually seen she still was a virgin, even though she had lost her little skin already some years ago at doing sports.

The boss of the department Lisa worked in was a woman. Lisa had adored her somehow from the first moment, because she really had made her way up. She was a woman, she was black, she was publicly living her life as a lesbian and she was the head of a big department. Her name was Kathy Masterson. She had quite a powerful aura not only due do her position within the company but also due to her personality and her sheer appearance. With a size of almost 1,80 meters she was quite huge for a woman. Also her body forms were quite voluptuous. She had a very curvy body with big, round ass, massive but very well trained thighs, round hips and full breasts. She was kind of chubby, not thick, just some pounds to much, but exactly these pounds made her whole appearance very special. She also was well trained. Her skin was a very dark brown, almost black. Her dark, black hair was cut quite short. Her face always had that special expression of a woman knowing of her power and was taken care of very well. In spite of her age she had almost no wrinkles at all. It was the face of a mature but interestingly, beautiful lady.

Lisa's boss Kathy Masterson never had talked a lot to here. It was after a few months on a Friday late afternoon that she called Lisa into her office. Lisa was a bit excited. What would she want from her. She always looked up at her boss.

Kathy Masterson was very straightforward in her kind of communication.

"The reason I called you in, has nothing to do with your job in the company. You are doing very well, by the way, as I here from your colleagues. "

Lisa Tandy smiled and tried to hide that she was very nervous.

"So whatever your answer to my request is, there will definitely be no effect to your job. Is that clear, Lisa?", Kathy continued.

Lisa was getting really curious and excited now. What could that power-lady want from a young student like her, if it had nothing to do with the job. She could only stare at the mature, strong, black lady at the other end of the desk. The 18year old girl nodded.

"Yes, Mrs. Masterson. I completely understand," she said in a low voice.

"So what I ask you is completely private. You are a very beautiful young girl, Lisa. ", the woman said.

Lisa smiled and almost whispered "Thank you, Mrs. Masterson. "

"I have to admit the I like the bodies of young, beautiful girls and I love to take photos. I'm an amateur photographer and love to take kind of erotic pictures of girls. It's of course no porn. Mostly I take black&white – pictures in an artist kind of way and the girls don't have to be completely nude. So I wanted to ask you if you would like to be a model for me this weekend?"

Lisa changed the colour of her face. Never would she have thought something like this. Her face went deep red. She felt her blood rush through her brain and without thinking she nodded and answered in a low voice:
"It would be a great honour for me, Mrs. Masterson. " And somehow she really meant what she said. Never would she have thought, that a lady like Kathy Masterson would recognize her and less consider her so beautiful to want taking pictures of her. She really was flattered. Never had she given the slightest thought of modelling or letting somebody take nude pictures of her, but somehow being asked by Mrs. Masterson made it something real special to her and it got her quite excited in a very special kind of way, that she could not even describe to herself.

"Just to make things clear. I'm a lesbian, as you might now and I'm 46 years old. Is that o. k. for you? If it is, I would ask you to just call me Kathy, when we are private!"

Now Lisa really was flattered. Being allowed to call her powerful boss with her surname was a real compliment to her.

"Of course it's no problem, Mrs. Masterson... I mean Kathy," she answered her face still deep red.

"Great, Lisa. You really make me happy. Do you have time tonight? I could just take you to my flat after work?!"
"Yes I would have time, Kathy!", Lisa quickly said.
"May I see what you wear, so that I know if we can use your actual underwear for the pictures? Would you just open your blouse a bit and show me your bra?"

Lisa's face went even redder. But without hesitation, she followed the black lady's request and started unbuttoning her blouse. She had to open to buttons till she could remove the fabric of her blouse to show the nice white-lace bra to Kathy. She was proud, that she had put on her best bra today.

"Pretty," Kathy complimented. Lisa smiled her best smile. "For our first session that will be very fine and if you like it and we have some more sessions I will of course buy you some things, Lisa. You have great breasts by the way!"
Lisa did not know what to say, but somehow she really was very proud.

Kathy Masterson rose behind her desk and so did Lisa.

"Thank you, Lisa. I'm really looking forward to tonight and I'm sure you will enjoy it. I will take care of it. Would you come to my office in two hours again, then you can drive with me?"

Lisa agreed of course. --

Lisa's heart was pounding wild as she left her boss's office. She was not sure if she had done right to agree to Kathy Mastersons strange request, but she was sure that she wanted to be her model tonight. She adored that woman somehow for all she had achieved and for all she was. She also had to admit that she found her beautiful in a very special kind of way and that she had often thought of her.

For the rest of the afternoon it was quite difficult for her to concentrate to her work and she was really happy, when the two hours had passed.

Almost all her colleagues had left already and so nobody would see, that she left the office with her boss.

The 18year old student-girl was very nervous when she followed the much older black lady to the garage were her car was parked. Kathy made easy small talk to her, while they were driving to her flat and after a few minutes Lisa really started feeling quite relaxed and calm and was just proud that her adored boss really took her to her home.

Kathy Masterson's flat was situated in one of the best areas of San Diego. The two so different women could take the elevator directly from the garage. Lisa's excitement was constantly rising. On the one hand she was really happy that her mature boss really found her beautiful and had invited her for that photo session on the other hand she was not completely sure if she was really up to it. The black lady had made it very clear, that she was lesbian and so the young girl was not sure of how to react if she wanted more than taking pictures. So all in all it was a very strange situation to her. Before she had made her thoughts clear they had reached the flat.

The black woman unlocked the door and let the young, blonde girl in.

"You have a great flat, Mrs. Master... I mean Kathy," said Lisa, who really was impressed as Kathy showed her through the huge, expensively equipped flat. It was well over 250m².

In a part of her living room Kathy Masterson had built up her photo-equipment.

"Just sit down and I will meanwhile mix you a drink. What about a gin-tonic, Lisa?"
"I would love it. Thanks!"

The big black woman soon brought her a well-mixed gin tonic and also a set of some pictures she had taken. Most of the pictures were in black & white and showed nude or half-nude girls, mostly teenagers. The pictures really were far from being rude, but really were quite artful. Lisa liked them and even found them quite erotic. Somehow she had always loved to look at erotic nude pictures showing girls or women.
"I'm really happy, Lisa, that you accepted my offer. You are maybe the most beautiful of my models so far. You have such an innocent expression in your face; you look so young, so girlish. I like that very much. I also like your very white skin. It will look just perfect on black&white pictures. !"

Lisa smiled at her. She loved it to hear that compliments. She had to admit to herself, that it even somehow aroused her, to obviously be attractive to such a powerful and mature lesbian lady.

Kathy Masterson reached out and gently let her hand, her dark, black fingers glide through the young teenagers long, soft, blonde hair. And for a second or two her experienced fingers softly stroke the girl's cheek.

Lisa felt shivers run through her body as she enjoyed the woman's hand touch her hair and her face.

Finally the massive black woman rose from the couch, where she had sat aside of Lisa and Lisa automatically followed and too rose. The two women stood now very close to each other. Lisa could smell Kathy's expensive perfume and she loved that smell.

The 18year old shy girl looked up at the black woman. Standing so close to her she seemed even more impressive and powerful as she had seemed to her in the office. It was not only that she was much higher than herself but even more her whole strong and somehow massive body. Lisa liked that strong and black body of the woman. It gave Kathy the impression of dominance at the one hand and at the other hand made Lisa feel somehow very safe to be in her company. She could not take her eyes of the full, dark-black lips and had to concentrate hard not to stare at the black lady's full breasts.

"Shall we start with some pictures, Lisa?"

Lisa's heart was pounding. She nodded yes.

"Just walk around and behave quite naturally. I will tell you what to do. Don't be excited, my beautiful model. You are so pretty, you can't make anything wrong. ", Kathy Masterson tried to reassure Lisa.

The shy, blonde teenage girl followed her black boss's commands. She was very excited at the beginning, but the calm and experienced voice and commands of the mature woman finally really relaxed her.

Kathy Masterson had taken a professional looking camera and took pictures of Lisa. She gave her commands, what to do and the young girl eagerly followed her wishes as best as she could. Kathy liked the girl, she was just perfect – not only her sexy, young body but also all her character.

"Smile a bit, look up to me, yes, Baby, through your hair back. Great, Lisa. Perfect my beauty. Come closer a bit. Yes. Spread your legs. Great, Baby. Now slowly start to unbutton your blouse. Yes, Lisa, very slowly. Hmmm, your are so good. Smile a bit. Turn around, yes and closer to me again. Perfect, my dear. I love it, I love you Babe. "

The 18year old girl followed each command. She had completely forgotten her nervousness now and really enjoyed to model. She loved the compliments and just wanted to look beautiful and sexy for the photos and even more for her mature, black boss.

She now had completely unbuttoned her blouse and it fell open. She moved it over her shoulders, showing her perfect, firm, young, well-shaped and very curvy, busty breasts that were only covered by her white lace bra. She didn't really recognize, that her nipples had hardened a bit, so much she had got aroused by the situation.

The 46year old lady loved the look of the young teeny's gorgeous tits and the half hardened nipples that showed through her white bra, that underlined the innocent, young look of the girl.

"Perfect, Babe. Let your hands glide softly over your wonderful breasts. Wow, great. That's wonderful, Lisa. You are sooo great. Now take of your trousers, slowly. Open it. Hmm, great, it's perfectly erotic. Yes roll it down you legs. Great. Now step out of them. God, you have so wonderful legs and that white skin of yours. Just Perfect. Yes, Babe, turn around and show me your young ass. Great, Lisa. "

Lisa was just wearing her white bra and her white panties now and was performing as best as she could in front of the almost 30years elder black lady, as she suddenly heard a young, female voice from the entrance to the living room.

Lisa, who was only wearing her white lace panties and bra now, looked up.

An exotic, looking girl had entered the room and the girl did not wear a lot of clothes any more. She was stripping off her clothes while she was walking towards Kathy and all she was still dressed in wear some white stockings, up to her knees and white panties; the undergarments that had covered her breasts were just flying to the floor.

The girl, or young woman – Lisa guessed her to be 19 (and would later learn that she was 20) – was quite obviously from Indian origin. She had dark-brownish, oriental skin – but far from the darkness that Kathy's black African-American skin showed – and her curled, hair was shimmering almost black like silk and was reaching down well over her shoulders. She had a very beautiful, almost aristocratic, fine shaped face, with a perfect nose and full, dark lips. Her eyes were big and brown. She was quite tall, almost as tall as Kathy, with long, sexy legs and a slim body. Her breasts were perfectly round, like tea-saucers, but rather flat. Her cups could not be more than a good A or a small B. All in all she was a very sexy, stunning Indian beauty.

Her walk was very sexy and slow as she was now close to Kathy.

Lisa was shocked a bit. The last thing she had thought of was that there might be any other people in the flat. She did not know what to do – and she was jealous quite a bit, that she was not the only guest of Kathy Masterson.

The mature black lady just kept on taking some pictures and did not stop even when the Indian girl stood close behind her and passionately kissed her neck, using not only her lips but also her tongue to kiss and lick.

The young student-girl was changing colours from white to red and back again. She really did not know what to make of it and what to make of her feelings. Her feelings were a wild and unclear mixture of shame, anger, jealousy and excitement.

"Oh, I should have come earlier. You got a wonderful, pretty new model. Wow!! God, I got to get in front of the camera with her quickly. ", the Indian beauty said.

Lisa still could not say anything.

She saw as her boss gave the oriental girl a clap onto her bum and saw her smile behind her camera.

"May I introduce to you, Indira, Lisa,", Kathy finally said to the shocked teenager. "Indira is my god-daughter. She lives with me and is like a real daughter to me... and a bit more. "

"Oh, yes, Mummy," the exotic, young woman smiled back to the mature black lady and sent her a kiss.

"And this is Lisa Tandy. She works for my department in the company... and isn't she pretty, Indira?"

"Perfect! Can you make some shots with your camera, Kathy... or are we at "Mom" today?"

"You naughty girl, Indira," the strong black woman teased back. "You will end up over Mummies lap if you behave like this... "

Seeing that flirting and teasing around between the young Indian girl and her mature boss Lisa was getting completely jealous.

When Indira finally was very close to her and said smiling: "On your knees, you pretty white girl, adore me a bit for some pictures. ", Lisa got in a real rage, like she only got at very rare occasions.

"Fuck away you bitch," the 18year old teenager cried, tears welling in her eyes and starting to roll down her cheeks quickly. "I'm not kneeling before a black bitch, you whore. I want to get out. " Sobbing and crying she grabbed her clothes and dressed as quickly as possible and started running for the door.

Just before she could run out of the big flat, Kathy Masterson reached her and held her back. The 46year old woman had a very serious expression in her face as she spoke. Indira was standing behind her, her arms wrapped around the big, strong woman and her hands at her breasts, she was kissing her neck.

"I'm very disappointed about you, Lisa. I thought you were somebody special, open-minded, fun-loving and not a conservative, racist, arrogant child. Maybe you have been a bit excited. I give you one more chance. Take my telephone number and if you made a mistake now and you mean it serious you can call me tomorrow at exactly ten in the morning. Maybe I might forgive you – it depends on you. Now go – I really have enough of you, for now. "

Lisa could not say anything. Crying she stumbled out of the flat. The last thing she saw was Kathy Masterson turning around and falling into a deep kiss with the young Indian, as the girl was massaging her full, big breasts through the fabric of her clothes and her hands were directly longing for the girls naked tits and her hard nipples. Then the door fell shut. --

Lisa was sobbing all the way home. First it still was anger, later turning into jealousy and finally all that was left was anger to herself. It was hard for Lisa to fall asleep that night as she was sorting her feelings. She had to admit to herself that she was highly aroused by the thought of Kathy Mastersons body, by a woman's body and that she also had been aroused by seeing Indira half naked. She gave in to her lesbian feelings and she gave in to her feelings for the older woman. She had to admit to herself that she adored the lady, her strength, her powerful appearance, the highly erotic attraction to her. All she now wanted was to make good what she had done completely wrong that afternoon. She did not dare to call her that evening, but for sure she would call her at exactly ten in the morning. She would to everything to earn back Kathy's trust in her.

When Lisa finally had calmed down a bit she started thinking of the black ladies strong body, of her dark skin, her strong legs, her big, full breasts. She got aroused, felt her pussy getting wet and her nipple hardens. Automatically her hands found her breasts and her pussy. Tenderly and always thinking of Kathy she pleasured her sensitive nipples and fingered her cunt and gently stroke her clit, till she came to a satisfying and releasing orgasm and fell asleep, dreaming of Kathy again. —

At exactly ten in the morning Lisa called her boss.

"Hello, Kathy, this is Lisa," she said with a shy and guilty voice nervously. "I know I have been a complete idiot yesterday and I want to deeply excuse myself for... "
"I think you have not really earned calling me Kathy, I better be Mrs. Masterson for you again, Lisa, till you have proven yourself a bit more again,", the 46year old woman said with a harsh voice without greeting the teenager.
"Yes, Mrs. Masterson. You are completely right," Lisa answered almost sobbing again. "Is there any chance you can forgive me? I will do everything you want!"

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