tagErotic CouplingsA Sensual Massage

A Sensual Massage


You are in the shower and I am in our bedroom changing the sheets. I am tempted to come into the shower with you. But I restrain myself and put a clean sheet on the bed. As I smooth the sheet out I think of us and how much loving we have done since you got here. It starts my pussy dripping again. I know you are nearly finished your shower so I quickly pull the blinds down and light the candles. There is already some blues playing on the stereo. Norah Jones probably lol.

I hear the shower stop and you getting out and drying yourself. Before you have a chance to start dressing, I call to you.

"Love can you come here a minute"

You wrap the towel around your hips and come into the bedroom. You smile at me when you see the blinds down and the candles lit. You take me into your arms and say

"Yes Fran what can I do for u my love?"

I smile up at you, kissing you softly on the lips and reply,

“this time, my love it is what I am going to do for you.”

"mmm I like the sound of that," you tell me.

Kissing you sensually, my tongue tasting your lips, I pull the towel from your waist. Your cock is already half hard and getting harder by the second.

"mmmmmmm," I say as I lightly caress it, "lay down love on your stomach for me. Your head up here for a birds eye view."

You lay down telling me that you are my willing sex slave lol. I slowly remove my sundress. I am not wearing a bra so am standing there in just my pink g string. My thumbs catch in the band sliding it down past my hips to let it fall on the floor. Stepping out of them, I reach for the massage oil and start to cover my torso. Pinching and squeezing my nipples as I oil my breasts and then down my stomach and groin... my mound. Lifting my leg up on the bed.... oiling it.... and then the other. I trail my finger from my crack across my puckering arse ....across my wet puss .. over my throbbing clit. You lick your lips as you watch my glistening wet lips.

Walking around the bed I climb up and sit across your hips. Pouring oil on your back I start to knead your muscles in your shoulders and back making you groan as the muscles start to relax a little. Sliding down I massage the oil into the small of your back.. your butt.. your thighs and calves. Reaching your feet I raise myself and get you to roll over. Oiling my way up your shins and thighs. My fingers brush against your balls making your erect cock twitch in excitement. I bend to kiss the eye quickly, my tongue flickering across it teasingly as I slide up more.

I have your rigid shaft trapped between us now love. Between your stomach and my wet pussy. My clit slides across it rubbing along it as I lean forward to kiss you sensuously. I lift up long enough to pour some oil across your chest. Then leaning forward again I suck on your bottom lip as I use my nipples to spread the oil across your chest. My god my senses are being assailed from all directions. From your passionate kiss, your tongue, touching tasting mine. From my nipples rubbing against the roughness of your hairy chest, making them hard as rocks. From my clit and puss rubbing on your rigid shaft as I slide up and down it. From my ass where your hands are squeezing and kneading my cheeks, your finger teasing my asshole.

I slide up more so the tip of your cock is now at my entrance and I whisper to you

"Oh God love, I want you inside me so much. Fuck me please. Fuck me hard please love."

Your hand moves between us guiding him in as I slide down over him. He slides into me so perfectly like a sword going into its sheath. My pussy contracts around your cock as I revel in the feeling of you inside me.

I sit up and start to ride you. Lifting your hands up to my breasts, I squeeze them over your fingers. You get my hint and start kneading and squeezing them. I groan and my pussy pulsates over your hard cock. I ride you hard your cock impaling me. My swollen lips enveloping it as I ride you up and down. Harder and faster. Up and down. I increase my pace as I feel my body tensing about to release its climax. I am trying hard to stop the orgasm coming. I want to wait for you... to cum with you. But one of your hands leaves my nipple to go to my clit and as you pinch it .. roll it between your fingers, I can control myself no longer. My body convulses as my orgasm pours from me... my pussy pumping out my juice.

The feeling makes you lose control too and you shoot your seed deep inside me. Our juices combine and pour from me all over you. I collapse into your arms, my breath fast, my heart pounding. Your now limp cock rests inside me as I snuggle in your arms.

"Oh my God love you are so good to me.. your loving is so good.. you make me cum so hard.. you make me cum so often. Thank you love," I whisper as I look at into your eyes smiling.

You kiss me and say, "I love you Fran and we are good together."

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