A Service Wife Ch. 2

byLinda Jean©

After he came in my mouth he pulled out and quickly left the booth, as before as soon as he left another man came in, I put my face against the open slot opened my mouth and wiggled my tongue, telling him to feed my mouth, that I was ready for him. All the time the man behind me kept slowly fucking me. The man brought his cock to my mouth and this time I wanted to try and “deep throat” his cock, but he was sort of short, I could take his whole cock in my mouth and with my face against his pubic hair, he still did not hit the back of my mouth. I felt the man behind me pull out and as he did I felt something wet drop on my right upper thigh, I knew it had to be his sperm coming out of me. I heard the door open, close, and open again. I kept my ass against the wall to see what would happen.

I felt fingers probing me from behind. I felt fingers work inside my cunt that the big black man had just fucked. I kept making love to the cock in my mouth as I felt the fingers probing my asshole. They were gentle and who ever it was probed very gently, I felt fingers working my pussy and my asshole at the same time. I had no idea how the person was doing it, but I sure as hell did not want it to stop, it felt wonderful. I felt myself being slowly probed and my ass hole was feeling real nice as they kept working and opening me up.

The guy in my mouth came and I quickly swallowed down his salty cum. he pulled away and I expected another man to come in when he left, but no one did. I moaned with pleasure as I felt the fingers stretching my ass and fucking my pussy. I could feel myself getting close to a climax as who ever it was worked me like a fine musician. I felt myself so close and just as I knew I would pop, the fingers pulled out, I gave out a very loud disappointing moan. I felt a hard warm, cock pushing against my asshole; I knew that whoever it was wanted to fuck my ass. Now the two other times I had tried this, I sort of did not like it, the first time it hurt like hell, the second time it hurt at first, but after a few minutes the pain went away. I did begin to get some pleasure, the trouble was the guy banging my ass was so excited he came and I was sort of left hanging.

Today was different, this time I almost came from the fingers working me and I was ready for this man’s cock to fuck my asshole, I felt him slowly push forward into me and as his cock slid in, I heard him moan. I moaned with pleasure, and as I did the door opened in the booth next to me, I saw a big fat man walk in, drop his pants and he brought his cock to my mouth. I attacked his cock, his was long enough to hit the back of my mouth and I took a big gulp and shoved my face forward hard against his cock. I felt a gag come on, but it went away as I felt his cock in my throat.

I don’t know what it was, maybe because this was all so nasty, so dirty, I don’t really know, what I do know is I loved it, I loved being fucked in my ass by a man I could not see or would ever know. I loved the feeling of this cock in my throat and the sound of the two men pounding against the walls as they both were fucking me through the two holes. I heard a tap on the door and a familiar voice say, “Angel feed the tokes, you have to keep the video going.” It was Jill’s voice. Without stopping my sucking action I took a hand full of tokens and began dropping them in the slot without looking. The video started again and I felt so full. I had a climax so hard and it kept going and going. It was different that with Bobby, I mean it was harder, stronger, it seemed like it would not end. The guy fucking my ass said, “I’m coming, take it all in your fucking asshole, bitch.” I ground and twisted my hips, squeezing my ass cheeks, clamping down hard on his cock as I felt him pulse inside of me. He said, “Oh yeah. Fuck yeah. Oh baby, that’s the way I like it, milk me, honey, get every drop.”

I guess hearing this was too much for my fat man because he exploded as I drove my face as far forward against his pubic hair. I could feel his sperm oozing down my throat and I loved it. The man fucking my ass pulled out and I heard the door open as he left the booth behind me. The fat man pulled back and as he did he pulled his pants up and left. This happen again and again, man after man, I don’t know what came over me, but I kept my ass backed up hard against the wall behind me as I kept sucking other men with my face hard against the hole in front of me. I did think for a minute that I was glad the booth was so small, or I wouldn’t be able to do what I was doing. My back and thighs began to hurt from bending like I was. While sucking this one man I realized that no one was behind me fucking me anymore. After the person I was sucking got off, no one replaced him, so I stood up, and I felt exhausted, I stood my skirt dropped down back into place. I thought I saw something on the floor and in the light of the room I could see bills on the floor. I reached down and picked up six twenty dollar bills, three Fifty dollar bills and eight five dollar bills. I folded them and put them in my only pocket right on my right ass cheek hip of my skirt.

I knew right then how I was going to make all those tips Jack spoke about now. It wasn’t going to be from lifting my top and showing my tits. It was going to be right here in the video booths doing something up until this day I had no idea how much I loved. I waited for what seemed like a long time expecting some more action from the video booths on each side of me, but no one came in either of them. When my TV went off because the tokens ran out I decided to go back to the snack bar. My back hurt, my throat hurt and I wanted to sit down. I found the door I used to get in and I walked out, looking at Candy and another girl sitting on the stools talking to three men leaning against the snack bar counter. I walked behind the counter and got up on my stool I had forgotten about ripping my thong, so as I sat down, one of the men said “Looks like you ripped your panties, hon.”

I felt caught and it was only then that I realized I should have gone to the restroom to clean myself up, my crotch must have been gleaming with cum residue. I closed my legs and the man said, “Honey, here’s a 20, open your legs and let me look at the most beautiful pussy that I have ever seen.” The man standing next to him said, “Here’s another 20.” I looked down and there was forty dollars sitting on the counter I reached forward, picked up the two bills and as I did I let my legs open nice and wide. I gave them their moneys worth, and then the third man asked, “Do you ever go back and watch the videos in the booths?”

I gave him a great big smile and said, “I sure do. I just got back. My favorite booth is 15, but my back is hurting right now, I need to take a break. Give me a few minutes and maybe I’ll head back to ah, watch some more movies.” Candy said “Tammy, meet Angel, she just started today and from what I saw, she is going to work out real well here.” I looked at Tammy as she reached out her hand to shake mine. I took it. The men kept standing there looking at me; I began talking to Tammy and Candy as if they were not even there.

Candy asked, “So, what do you think? Isn’t this wild, where can a girl work and have fun at the same time? You should have seen the hallway outside your booth; the men could not wait to get in and put in their tokens. Jill told us she had to remind you about them. No matter what you’re doing in there, you got to keep the videos machines going. Do like I do, walk in, drop 10 tokens in the slot and when they are gone, come back out here for a while. Don’t worry about the boys, they can just wait, right, boys?” The three men all said together, “Sure, yeah, we can wait.”

Tammy said, “I’m going to go back and get in booth 28 to watch some movies. Talk to you two later. Nice meeting you/ Oh, and if you would like, Angel, you know booths 25 through 39 are for two people. You are welcome to join me back there.”

Now let me tell you, I have read so many of those sex books I knew what Tammy meant, she wanted a little one on one action with me in a booth. I have always wanted to try something like that even before I began reading those dirty books. I looked at her and said, “Maybe later, Tammy. I need a break right now. I’m not used to being bent over like that for such a long time.”

Tammy said, “Great, no rush, but I will tell you, you will love it when you do join me, won’t she, Candy?” Candy said, “You know it, baby, you’re the best. Now go play and leave us poor girls to these three men.”

When she said that one of the men said, “I got another 20 if you’ll show me those tits of yours.” Candy said, “You talking to me, honey, or to Angel?’ He said, “I’ve seen your tits, honey, I want to see Angel’s tits.” He put another 20-dollar bill on the counter and after I picked it up I lifted the top of my short top and gave him very long look at my tits that had my nipples sticking straight out at him. Then he said, “Honey, I’ll give you a 100 dollar bill if you’ll meet me downstairs in the ladies restroom.” I looked at Candy and said, “Can I do that?’

Candy said, “Well, if you are going to go downstairs and lay down on the day couch in the ladies room to take a break on your own time, make sure you lock the door. If you don’t, some man might just walk in on you and you could get raped down there.” I smiled and said, “If I see a $100 bill on the counter, I think I’ll go take my break, I’ll head to the rest room.”

I saw the man place a 100 dollar bill on the counter. I picked it up stuffed it in my back pocket with all the others and I got off my stool. I walked to the door that said “restrooms” with an arrow pointing down. I walked down the stairs and I saw the ladies restroom. I looked up the stairs and saw the man coming down. I opened the restroom door and stood there until he walked in the room with me. I locked the door and I saw the big pale yellow day couch on one side with a vanity on the opposite wall. I walked over sat down and as I did the man walked up to me and unzipped his pants. I reached up and inside of his pants. I grabbed hold of his nice big cock and began to pull on it. He undid his belt and then his pants dropped to the floor. He pulled down his underpants and I pulled his cock to my mouth.

I knew I was going to fuck this man. I was so fucking horny at that moment, I would have fucked any man with a dick. I felt his hands on the side of my head pulling me back off of his cock. When he was free he knelt down in front of me and brought his face down between my legs. I wanted to close them because I knew I was very messy down there. I should have gone straight to the restroom and cleaned myself real good down there, but as I told you I went back to the snack bar.

I said, “No, don’t, I’m too messy down there, don’t do that.” The man stopped, looked up at me, and said, “I know you’re messy down there, that is why I want to eat you and clean you. Trust me, you will love it.” I simply laid back and as I did I relaxed my legs and I felt his mouth begin to work on me bringing pleasure that I had never felt before. Oh I have been eaten before, I love it when boys go down on me, but this was different, this time I was messy, I mean real messy, I had fresh and dried sperm all over my cunt, my pubic hair and inner thighs. Now with the thought that a man got off licking me clean and got turned on by doing it made me feel great.

The man licked and I think sucked every drop of cum he could get from both of my well-fucked holes. I laid there holding my knees up and back as he was running his tongue in and around my asshole. God, what a feeling that was! He stopped and asked, “Are you ready for some hard fucking, honey?” I looked down at him between my legs and said, “Honey, I was ready the minute you walked in this door.”

He moved up onto the day couch with me and I reached down between my legs to grab him. When I did his cock felt like a steel pole; he really got off on eating my messy pussy. I guided him to myself and once inside, I locked my legs around his ass and we fucked, we fucked so hard and fast I thought for a moment that the couch was going to break. We were both sweating as he worked against each other.

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