tagLesbian SexA Sexual Twist Ch. 02

A Sexual Twist Ch. 02


It isn't necessary to read Part1...but it might help, it is a great story :)


Helen was late! It was Saturday morning and Helen was late. It had occurred to me that she might not turn up at all. She had promised to come the previous weekend after three weeks of not hearing from her, not having any of my messages and phone calls returned. She had promised to be here that weekend and at the last minute had reneged.

"Something has come up," my answering machine had told me, "Sorry, will have to make it next weekend, see you then."

And there it was, the next weekend, 11 am, she had been due at 10 am.

I know it was a little... different, last time she was here. I know I had talked her into being taken by my husband from behind, without him knowing, and she had run off early the next morning, but she didn't need to be this awkward. I felt embarrassed and guilty enough for both of us, she didn't need to add to it. If only she would arrive and then we could sit down and talk about it, like adults, not teenagers. Ian would be away until Sunday afternoon, so it would be a perfect opportunity to clear the air, if she ever arrived.

I heard her car in the driveway and my heart skipped a beat. Why was I so nervous? Surely I wouldn't have been as nervous if Helen had just come back the following week or answered one of my calls or messages. Her avoidance had increased my own tension and there I was nervous as hell, not knowing what to say to my sister-in-law. But then a thought struck me. What do you say to your sister-in-law the very first time you see her after she has been secretly made love to by your own husband?

Before I could formulate an answer to that question, the doorbell had sounded and I had let her into the house. She glanced furtively at me but neither of us made eye contact for more than a fleeting portion of a second. We did the fresh air kiss, with our hands touching each other's arms and she was off rattling on about the traffic, and some last minute shopping and the 100 klms between our houses seeming to take longer and longer to cover these days.

I wanted to grab her an d shake her and talk about what had happened, but she obviously didn't and that made me a little uncertain, so we both discussed the small-talk subjects, the weather, the news, the traffic, until after about an hour of increasingly difficult mindless conversation, we had gone full circle and were talking about the weather again.

Helen was actually my husband Ian's brother-in law, having married and divorced his idiot brother, but I felt that she was my Sister-in-law, but more importantly she was my best friend, and the events of a month ago that should have brought us closer together, had actually had an unforeseen effect of driving an uncomfortable wedge between us, and I didn't like it. This was something else that had resulted from me not thinking things through properly. I was angry with myself, but I couldn't take any more.

"Helen, since when do we discuss the weather?"

"Well..." she stammered, "it's hot, I'm hot and bothered, shall we go and have a swim in the pool to cool down?"

She had changed the subject, firmly, so I felt even more anxious about raising the subject, but I had the need to talk to her, but right now she was making it really obvious that she didn't want to talk about it at all. Perhaps she was feeling guilty or embarrassed; perhaps she never wanted to mention it again. That made me more nervous about bringing it up. So I didn't.

I put on my navy coloured bikini and a wrap and strolled out to the pool area and climbed onto the double hammock that Ian had strung under the tree. Dappled shade flickered on the concrete pool surrounds. Helen arrived a few minutes later in her one piece swimsuit as usual, but wrapped in a large towel. Surprisingly, she didn't head into the pool, but rather she sank face first into a sun lounge near my hammock.

We lay in silence for a few minutes, and eventually I went inside to get the tray of sandwiches and a bottle of wine that I had been chilling. Helen turned to the sound of the glasses clinking as I walked back towards her with the tray. Her eyes were hard to see in the bright sunlight bouncing off the concrete, but it looked like she was looking me up and down, appraising me. As I got closer I noted that the towel was underneath her instead of wrapped around her, and the contours of her legs and bottom were fully on show. They looked as toned and as nicely shaped as they always had. Behind my sunglasses I was sure that she couldn't see me appraising her form in return as I walked towards her from the rear.

After a few sandwiches and a glass of wine, the air seemed a little less thick and we were discussing things that had happened during the week. Helen seemed to be more at ease and relaxing, either from the conversation or the wine, or perhaps a combination of both, but there was never a time when the conversation drifted towards the subject that I was sure was uppermost in both our minds. She was repeating a story one of her workmates had told her and we both thought it amazingly funny and both broke out laughing, easing the tension even further. Two more glasses of wine later, we were seemingly at ease and she was like her old self again; my friend was back... sort of.

In the large double hammock, I was actually higher up than she was and looked down at her along her body. Her head was at the other end of the sun lounge, near the foot end of my hammock, so I could see her feet and her legs close up, and the nice shape of her bottom as it stretched away from me. As my gaze made its way up her body, along her back to her smooth shoulders and finally to her head, I realized she had been watching me with a curious look on her face. She had looked like she was going to say something a few times, and each time my heart had gone to my mouth in fear. This was another time. She turned on to left side, facing me and looked me straight in the eye, uncertainty clearly visible in hers. She stopped, thought again, went to speak once more, that uncertainty wavering, but she persisted.

"Can I show you something?" she asked, to my great relief, "One of the reason I was a little late this morning? I had to go and pick it up, it was late arriving, and I haven't really had time to look at properly myself."

I nodded, more in relief than anything else, but she smiled a kind of embarrassed and sheepish smile, and that had me wondering. She got up and wrapped the towel around her, probably because she had caught me looking at her and didn't want me to do it again. She headed towards the house leaving me puzzled.

After what seemed like ages, she walked back towards the pool area still wrapped in her towel, and yet even more puzzling, she wasn't carrying anything. She must have seen the look on my face and looked even more sheepish.

"I didn't think I should show you," she started, explaining why I didn't see her with anything, "But then I thought, what the heck, so I did." The look of confusion on my face must have been evident, because she giggled and let the towel drop to the floor.

Had I been more observant I would have noticed that the straps of her swimwear that had been visible above the towel line were a different colour now to when she left, but what was before me made my jaw drop open and my eyes almost fall out of my skull!

Helen stood before me in the tiniest lime green bikini I had ever seen!

"I saw them online, you know, I got one of those emails that get sent around, and I envied your lack of tan lines, and I... thought they looked pretty cool, and so, I ordered one" she blurted out.

"I...I..." was all I could manage.

"It came in yesterday, and I had to go and sign for it this morning... that's why I was late getting here... What do you think?"


"Is it too much?"

"That's one thing it certainly isn't! It's absolutely tiny!"

It really was the tiniest bikini I had ever seen. It was lime green and it looked like it was made out of very thin lycra, but the straps over the shoulders and around the waist were really, really thin, almost like tiny bits of string. The tiny triangle of cloth over each breast barely covered her nipples, and down below was an even tinier triangle of material that hardly covered the space occupied by her lower lips, never mind the tufts of red hair that should have been there but were conspicuous by their absence. Had they still been have there, they would have been well above the material and not covered at all.

"Do you like it?" she asked, turning slowly around, embarrassed.

The back was as bad as the front, with no material at all, just those thin straps. There was no back to the bikini bottom, rather there were just a string coming out between her butt cheeks and joining with the waist strap, leaving her whole behind, basically completely naked!

"It's so tiny!"

"But do you like it? Does it look ok?"

"You look fabulous in it" I replied, not lying at all, she really did, "...but you're not going to really wear it to the beach are you?"

"Oh God no, just at home, to tan in the back yard." she replied, but I could see that certain far-away look for just a few seconds as the thought of parading around in it crossed her mind; her face had flushed a little.

She laid back down on the sun lounger, presenting me with the same view as before, only this time, the curves and the shapes were completely uncovered. It was about that time that I realised how hot the day had become. I looked at her and also realised that, like me, she had a thin layer of perspiration on her.

"You'll tan alright, burn more like it." I offered looking over at the shape of her ass cheeks curving upward from her long legs.

"Well put some cream on my back then." She said offhandedly.

I swallowed hard, an image of the last time I put "cream" on her sprung to mind. It had been shaving cream, but it I had put it on her pussy and I had shaved it, making us both very hot and flustered under the collar. I was therefore a little hesitant, and becoming a little flustered again. A lump seemed to catch in my throat and a lead weight found its way to my stomach, wherein it triggered a little flutter a little further down.

I swung myself off the hammock and grabbed the sunscreen from the small table, and knelt next to her, I proceeded to rub plenty of cream over her back and shoulders, easily going around and under the back strap of the top part of the bikini, if I could call it that! She wiggled her hips violently from side to side, making the cheeks of her bottom wiggle from side to side also.

"These will burn too, more please." She added, sounding completely at ease.

I thought that if she could be as calm as ever, then so could I, but the feel of the cool cream on her skin under my hands had been very warming, and now that my hands had started rubbing her bottom, it was getting warmer and warmer. She giggled and squirmed, telling me that it was cold, yet very soothing, but I wasn't feeling very soothed at all.

"It tickles!" she said as her bottom moved up and down under my hands. When I rubbed some into the crease of her bottom, she moved rather suddenly and I thought I heard a small intake of breath but that was probably me being wicked with the coldness of the cream.

"Legs please...while you're there" She added quickly, peeking back over her shoulder with a strained smile on her face.

I quickly dribbled the cold sun-cream in a continuous line from her heel to her naked butt cheek and down the other leg, earning me a squeal and a shiver, not to mention a name calling, something about me being related to a female dog. As I started to rub the cream into her heels and then her ankles, it dawned on me that I was going to have to rub the upper parts of her thighs. The little flutter in my stomach became a bigger flutter. But why was I nervous. This was innocent given what we had been through 4 weeks ago, this was nothing...was it?

As I got to her thighs, I rubbed the cream into the upper exposed sections. Helen allowed her legs to part so I could get the cream into the inner softer skin. I thought I heard her swallow hard, but then, she was lying on her stomach. I could just see where the material ended on the front of her bikini bottom and where the string started. It was a warm day, so it was to be expected to see a little dampness there from perspiration.

I playfully slapped her naked bottom to tell her that I had finished, and watched the soft rounded skin ripple slightly. She quickly turned over and looked at me with an odd look in her eyes, and in a somewhat croaky kind of voice asked me if I would do the front too.

I laughed nervously, not trusting my own voice and playfully dropped the bottle onto her stomach and made my way over to the hammock to escape, it was so hot. She smiled and opened up the bottle's cap and squirted the cream onto her thighs and her stomach.

I laid there, watching her, not aware and not knowing why I was unable to take my eyes off her. The fingers of her hands rubbed the cream on her inner thighs and across her flat stomach. I watched transfixed as her fingers rubbed low, low down on her stomach near the top of the bikini, which I realised would have been where her pussy hair should have been. I saw the fingers rubbing over her mound, a mound that I had rubbed my fingers over seeking out stray hairs only 4 short weeks ago. I watched as her hands moved up and over the mound and the tips fleetingly disappearing under the edge of the material that was in itself incredibly small.

She dripped the cream in slow motion onto the wide expanse of her chest, my mind picturing a very bad porno movie. It ran in slow-moving rivulets down the curves of her breasts. Helen's hands slowly moved the cream around and rubbed it all over the exposed flesh. Her nipples hardened as I watched, either from the cooler air or because of what she was doing. I watched fascinated as they firmed before my eyes, and I felt the tingle around my own nipples as they too responded to what my eyes were taking in.

I couldn't quite understand why I was staring at her, but my eyes stayed locked on her hands as they moved slowly and what appeared to be excessively on her breasts. They gleamed and shined in the sun and I felt my face blush a little as I saw that Helen was watching me staring at her breasts. A few beads of perspiration trickled down my temple.

"Pretty warm now isn't it?" I said, and made my way to the pool and dived in, feeling the water cool my hot skin but not quenching the confusing heat I felt between my thighs.

The cold water only succeeded in accentuating the ache that had started in my own nipples. I swam hard, mostly underwater, swimming the length of the pool quite easily without breaking the surface. Helen appeared next to me, having dived in after me and we looked at each other briefly before racing each other back and forth through the water, laughing and jeering when the other lost the race. The previous few minutes had been forgotten, or so it seemed.

Tired and out of breath, I climbed from the pool and stood drying myself by the hammock as Helen did a couple of more laps before she too got out of the pool. As she walked towards me, my jaw dropped again.

"What?" Helen asked, wondering if she might have something on her from the pool.

"Your bikini..." I gasped,"... it's see through... it's almost disappeared!"

And it had! The lycra was so thin that when the water had soaked in, the material became like a second skin, a sheer membrane that left nothing to the imagination, nothing at all! If the nipples had been stiff before she got in the water, they were positively rock hard now and every small wrinkle of her puckered areola was clearly visible and exactly defined by the thin, almost non-existent material. The nipples stood hard and proud from Helen's breasts that were rising and falling with her breathing from her exertions. The bottoms were even worse! The material had melded itself to her skin, to her every fold of her pussy. The material followed every contour and disappeared into Helen's outer lips leaving absolutely no doubt she was clean shaven. The material was see through! Every bump, every nuance, every little fold of each lip was clearly outlined. I had seen photos in my email of what men called a Camel toe, but this would have been the whole foot!

"Damn, woman, I haven't seen it that exposed since we....."

Oh God...

I had done it!

I had inadvertently broached the subject we had been dancing around all afternoon.


I saw her face redden and watched as she suddenly became very interested in the colours of the pebbles in our pool surround. I didn't know which way to look, and if my face was as red as it felt, I was in real trouble. I tried to pretend that it hadn't happened, tried to convince myself and hopefully Helen too, that I hadn't mentioned it, but the look on my face and the same look in Helen's eyes told me that those attempts had failed.

She suddenly sank her face into her hands and walked towards me jabbering on with apologies and guilt and uncertainty. The dam wall breached, she was talking and apologizing so fast, little of it made sense, but the tone of her voice and her body language was clear. I dragged her up onto the hammock and pulled her hands from her face.

"Stop it!" I ordered softly, "there is nothing for you to feel bad about, it was me that asked you to...you know... and it has been me feeling guilty and embarrassed; enough for both of us, not knowing what you felt, not knowing how this would go. Worst of all, and as arousing as it all was, I haven't been able to stop feeling incredibly guilty about tricking Ian, so don't you start apologizing and making me feel worse!" I said, tears starting to escape from the corner of my eyes.

She hugged me and stroked my hair, soothing me and the rest of the dam let go, for both of us, it all came out. It was good that we were able to discuss the night in terms of guilt, and embarrassment, and after a few minutes, I felt a lot better. It would seem that she was as worried about Ian as I was, and as worried about what I might think of her after it was all over, just like I had worried the same about her. A huge weight was lifted from me, I didn't want something like this breaking up our friendship, although the guilt about Ian was still heavy in my heart and had been getting heavier by the day. The other thing that had been puzzling me, and that had created a lot of nervous tension about, was what Helen had done to me, how she had touched me, how I had responded that night. This was something as yet unsaid and unresolved, but even after the dam had broken, I wasn't sure just how to broach that subject, or even if I should. Perhaps it was something that needed to be ignored or just put down to the excitement of the moment, but I had enjoyed all of it, and that had made me feel funny, and I wanted to discuss it, but how?

We lay quietly next to each other, each enjoying the silence after the emotion...for a few seconds anyway. Helen jumped up and ran and dived into the pool again, probably to break an awkward silence that was beginning to stretch out around us.

She walked slowly back to the hammock toweling her hair, and I couldn't help but look at her body again as I propped myself up on one elbow. The minuscule little pieces of material were doing nothing to hide her private parts at all. If anything they seemed to be smaller still! Helen's nipples were almost peeking out from behind the material instead of through it, and her pussy lips looked puffier than ever. She sat on the edge of the hammock and turned as if she was going to say something, but didn't. I watched her, toweling her hair. I watched as the little tiny droplets of water run down from her shoulders to her breasts, watched them join with others and run down across the curves of her breast and drip from the underside of her very erect nipple. She patted herself dry a little more and laid back down next to me on the hammock again and almost looked like she was going to say something again but didn't. I waited, but nothing came out. I was quite taken with how transparent her bikini was and couldn't help but comment.

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