A Shoe Store Fantasy


She looked at me. At that moment, I thought she was one of the sexiest women I had ever seen.

"I think it looks perfect," I said, "does it feel as good as it looks?" I was still stroking my cock, but with a little more purpose now. It felt way too good for me to take my hand off of it.

"It feels even better than it looks," she said, pushing the heel into her pussy, pushing it all the way inside, then pulling it almost all the way out. She was fucking herself with the heel of a sleek, sexy pump, and I loved watching her. I was in a trance, just watching her thrust the heel into her pussy, till she spoke to me again. "Come here, naughty boy, I want you to do it."

I stood up, letting my shorts and underwear fall to the floor, my cock pointing straight out, and I walked over to her. I assumed she meant she wanted my cock inside her, but instead she leaned back on both hands, leaving the heel buried inside her. I grabbed the coral pump and pulled it slowly out, again rubbing it up and down her soaked and swollen lips. "Ah fuck!" she cried out as I brushed her clit several times before finally pushing it back inside her, moving it around in her pussy once I had pushed it all the way inside. "God, that feels so good!"

Here I was, in the back room of the mall shoe store, naked from the waist down, with a rock hard cock, pushing a 5 inch heel deep inside the pussy of the hottest young redhead I had ever laid eyes on. I must have had a heart attack while looking at the price of sunglasses and landed in kinky porn heaven. This was incredible, but I needed to taste her. So after fucking her with the heel for several minutes I pulled it out and sucked it into my mouth, trying my best to clean all her sweet juices off of it.

"You taste fucking good, Zoe," I said, and then offered it to her. Just as before, she took the shoe in her hand and slowly slid the heel into her mouth, sucking off any of her thick nectar that I left behind.

"I need to fuck you," I said to her, "my cock is so hard for you, little girl."

"Well I always give a customer everything he wants," she said with a wicked smile, "and how could I say no to that cock."

Zoe laid back on the desk as I took one of her feet in my hand, bringing it up to my mouth again. I kissed all over her soft wrinkled sole, nibbled her arch, and again took each of her sexy little painted toes into my mouth. I loved her feet, and she loved what I was doing to them. She moaned and played with her tits as I kissed my way from her ankle, down her leg, and up to her inner thighs. She reached down and started playing with her clit as I ran my tongue up her pussy lips, darting inside her. I moved her hand and sucked her clit between my lips, flicking it with my tongue and nibbling lightly on it. I reached down and spread her pussy lips wide as I tried to push my tongue deep inside her, lapping up her sweet taste. By her moaning and thrashing, I could tell this hot little girl was close to cumming, and I needed her cum on my cock.

I stood up, cock in hand, and looked down at Zoe. She was holding her tits, her eyes begging me to give her my cock, to fuck her pussy hard. I ran my cock head up and down her lips several times before sinking it slowly inside her. Her pussy was incredibly tight, and it squeezed my cock like a hot vice as I filled her.

"Oh my God, your cock is so big," she said as I took an ankle in each hand and spread her legs wide, pushing them back towards her. My animalistic urges took over as I fucked her pussy hard and deep, thrusting over and over. I could feel the heat building inside her as she begged me to keep fucking her just like that. I knew I was hitting her g-spot and that it wouldn't be long before she came.

"Oh fuck me!" she cried out, "I'm gonna cum. When I tell you, pull out of me, I'm gonna squirt for you."

Holy shit, I almost came right in her pussy when she said that, but I managed to hold off long enough for her to tell me to pull out, after which she rubbed her clit hard in a tight circle while squirting her cum all over my cock and thighs and on the floor below. It was so fucking hot! I had never experienced anything like that before, but I wanted more. I scooped up some of her juices off my leg and sucked it off my fingers. She was delicious.

Zoe stood up and turned around, bending over the desk, putting one knee up on it and looked back at me. "What are you waiting for, mister" she said, "fuck me and cover me with your hot cum."

Never one to deny a beautiful woman anything she asked for, especially when it involved my cock and me cumming, I stepped up behind her and sunk my cock back inside her. Her pussy was still swollen and soaking wet from all her cum and it felt incredible. I grabbed two handfulls of her ass and fucked her as hard as I had ever fucked anyone.

"Fuck, pull my hair," she ordered me as I gathered it up and pulled it hard, watching her ass bounce wildly off me. "That's it motherfucker, own that hot little pussy. Oh shit, keep fucking me like that and you're gonna make me cum again. Your cock feels so fucking thick, so good. Oh fuck, I'm cumming again! Uhhh!"

Her dirty mouth and her vice of a pussy gripping my cock as it orgasmed for the second time in a matter of minutes sent me over the edge. I couldn't take anymore of this hot, young pussy. I reluctantly pulled my cock out of her and shot load after load of cum all over her sexy ass, watching it drip down towards her tight little hole. "Fuck me!" I yelled out as the last of my my monster orgasm subsided. I couldn't resist wiping my cum soaked cock head across her wrinkled sole that was still hanging off the edge of the desk. Damn, she was a vision.

"Fuck me is right," Zoe said as she stood up, grabbing some paper from the shoe box to wipe my cum off her ass. "That was a lot of cum, sir," she said, "next time I want that in my mouth or in my pussy. Which one you gonna pick?"

"What was that?" I said laughing, but Zoe, the desk and the room around me were quickly faded.

"Which one you pick?" said the old Indian man working the sunglasses kiosk, "You decide yet?"

"I can't choose just one," I smiled "I think I'm gonna need both."

Just then my wife walked back up to me, her hands full of shopping bags. "You've been here the whole time?" she asked, "did you get some?"

"Yep, I got some," I said, "I think I'm set."

"Let's go," my wife said as she walked away, "I'm starving."

I followed behind her, glancing up into the shoe store window as I was leaving. Zoe, or whatever her name happened to be in real life, was arranging a display of shoes in the store window. We made eye contact and she waved and smiled. Damn, what a cutie! Something told me I would be needing some new sneakers in the near future.

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Wrinkled Senile Lothario...

Another old, old man thinking he's still attractive enough for a 20-yr-old -- ROFL!!! With your shiny scalp, hair-plugged nostrils and ears, pot-belly, knobby knees and flat feet, the only appeal you havemore...

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