tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Shopping Expedition

A Shopping Expedition


We have a few hours before I have to return to the airport. Our weekend was relaxing, enjoyable and just what the doctor ordered. See, we planned a weekend all to ourselves to enjoy one another since living in different cities makes it hard to see one another so often. The days were filled with a lot of fun and although it stinks for it to be over, it happens. We decide to go to the mall for a few hours, to pass time and people watch. This is something that we enjoy doing together. It is amazing what people will do when they do not think is paying attention to them and we never tire of this activity.

The mall we go to is an upscale establishment in the area. There are no plans to purchase anything. My bags are packed full so I couldn't take anything back anyway and you are not exactly a shopper. The entire purpose of this visit to the mall is to watch others. We walk along the mall and point out things to one another; a woman in a mini-skirt very close to the railing on the upper level just above us, an attractive young woman having a very erotic discussion on her cell phone, women who walk by and their nipples harden through their shirts. We are really enjoying the scenery.

The mall starts to get busier and we decide to move along to another destination. The Daytona 500 is starting soon and we decide to go to a sports bar and relax with appetizers/drinks until it is time to go to the airport. As we start to walk toward the exit, you get my attention and tell me to walk ahead of you and then turn around and come back to you. I know that there must be someone behind us that you want me to catch a glimpse of.

I walk ahead of you as if I were window shopping in a nearby store. I look for a moment and then turn back to rejoin you. Behind you is a very tall, blonde female. She looks to be in her early 30's, very tall and has on a very short black mini-dress. She has on calf high boots and a tan sweater that goes down almost to the same location. She is carrying quite a few bags, is shopping by herself and honestly is lost in her own world as she walks through the mall.

For some reason, the minute I see her, I can picture you lifting her up and sliding her nice wet pussy down on your raging hard on. It was an instantaneous picture in my head that appeared in exquisite detail. In this image, I could see her tight little shaved pussy part as it welcomed your hard cock, could see your big strong hands on her hips as you lifted her and saw her head thrown back as her body eased onto yours. You saw something in my expression and knew that I was up to something in my mind. "Go ahead, baby" you simply say and I smile.

The woman we are looking at wanders into a clothing store in the next moment and I casually follow her into it. She is browsing the racks and I do my best to appear interested in the items on racks close to her. I finally remember a fantasy we had discussed and decide to try it out. I walk over to this woman and say "Excuse me, do you mind if I ask you a question?" She looks away from the rack she has dug into and looks at me to show that I have her attention.

"Do you see that man out in front of the store?" and I point your way as you look at me with a puzzled look on your face. She looks your way and then turns to me and nods. "That is my boyfriend" I tell her "and I noticed you as he and I were walking through the mall. I had this very vivid image when I saw you and rather than not talk to you and regret it, I wanted to ask you if you have ever had your pussy licked by a complete stranger." She looks appalled for a moment but she doesn't walk away from me.

So I continue. "I realize that this is probably a very bold question but he is quite handsome, isn't he?" We both look your way again and this time you look even more perplexed. "It is something that I have as a fantasy and there was something about you that gave me the desire to approach you. I assure you that he is harmless except that he will make you cum deep and hard as many times as you can handle. My fantasy would be to take you to a dressing room and let me watch as he takes you to a mind blowing orgasm. So what do you think? Can my boyfriend lick your pussy in this mall?"

We look your way again. This time you shrug and mouth the word "What?" to me looking as if you are getting frustrated with the situation. This stranger is studying you from afar and you do admit that you are a little confused. You thought you knew what I was up to, but at this point you are honestly not sure. Finally, the woman that I am talking to starts to smile and you see her turn to me and say something. My smile goes from ear to ear and the two of us start to walk toward you.

"Honey, please say hello to a complete stranger" I tell you. "She has never had her pussy licked by a complete stranger, but you are going to show her what it is like. Okay?" You look at her and then look at me and smile. I lean forward and kiss you and then lean back and look at your shorts which seem to have a bulge in them after this brief conversation. I look at her and direct her gaze to the same thing I am seeing and in that instant, the three of us have an understanding.

We decide to go to the nearest department store, Bloomingdales with the thought being that the dressing room would not be too busy. As she and I went to the dressing room with a few items in our hands, we see that our logic is correct. We both slip into the same room which is large and roomy with a full length mirror in it. There is a bench in the corner which I can already think of a million uses for but I have to slow down and get you into the room first.

I leave her in our room and come out in a new outfit as if to get your opinion. The store is really not busy, so my excuse to get you into the dressing room is really not necessary even if it was quite clever. You follow me to the dressing room and find our new acquaintance there also. The two of you have not exchanged a single word up close and I am so excited to find that you have both decided why start now as you push her against the wall when I shut the door behind us.

Your hands instantly start to roam her body and she wastes no time pulling up her skirt revealing a very sexy pink thong. The hunger between the two of you is very erotic to watch. Her nipples harden beneath her clothing though you take just a moment to free her breasts exposing them, showing how hard they really are when not covered up. You lean down to lick her right nipple and I watch as she throws her head back, grabs your head and moans. This is the first sound of her voice that you hear. You look to me and invite me in with your eyes. I lean over her left nipple and copy your motions on her body. I very much enjoy this game of follow the leader.

After a few brief moments of this, I step back to allow you to enjoy this stranger's body. I enjoy watching your hands touch her and to see goose bumps follow the trail of your touch. I love to see the way she is accepting your touch and almost begging you to touch her pussy with her body language. My pussy is soaking wet by the entire scene and I can smell sex begin to fill the room. Luckily, the activity in the dressing room is almost non-existent.

She finally looses her patience and pulls down her thong, revealing her glistening pussy lips. This action merely increases the smell of wet and it entices you to give into her desires, to touch her. You slide your fingers across her swollen pussy lips and she uses the wall as a brace as she pushes her hips out to allow for access. I watch your fingers dance expertly and begin to massage my own pussy under my skirt without realizing that I am. You pay attention to her clit and pinch it between your fingers and thumb, merely making her pussy lips swell up even more. You slide a finger into her pussy and the sound of her sucking her breath in by that move, makes me cum instantly.

After slowly sliding that finger in and out of her shaved pussy for just a moment, you slide your finger out and take it to your lips to lick her from it. She looks at you and shudders by this act. You kneel down slightly and blow across her pussy before I watch you take your tongue and lick from the top all the way to the bottom of her pussy lips. She takes this tease for just a minute and then grabs your head and starts to fuck your tongue. In an instant, the two of you go from slow, deliberate actions to fast, hard, horny ones. This momentary lapse of control sends me over the edge again and when I hear her softly moan as she cums on your face, I do so again.

This does not stop you from pleasuring her with a combination of your tongue and your fingers and she almost looses control of her hushed orgasms. I move toward the two of you and start to massage your very hard cock through your pants. Without any thought to the situation at hand, I undo your pants and slide your cock, covered in pre-cum into my warm wet mouth. This action does stop you from licking the stranger and she now watches us as she catches her breath. I can hear her labored breathing in the room and feel you move as you continue to caress her, all the while with your cock in my mouth.

You move your hips to meet my motion and it is hot to think that the watched now becomes the watcher in the tall blonde. I back up to see that she is very engrossed in watching us. I stand up and kiss her deeply with the taste of you still fresh in my mouth. I lean into her ear and ask her if she would like to help me suck your cock. She practically drops to the floor in front of you and expertly slides you into her mouth. The feel of this stranger's mouth is erotic and looking over to see me enjoy it is even better. I lean up to your ear and after I lick and suck it for a minute, I whisper in it, "Watch this, baby".

I travel down your body and kneel in front of the two of you, watching up close. She really seems oblivious to me watching and concentrates on your nice hard cock which is sliding between her beautiful lips. I slide my fingers down to her pussy and start to finger fuck her as she pleases you. You can look down and watch as your cock slides in and out of her mouth, can see me watching her and you with pure lust in my eyes and can see my hand move in and out of her pussy by the way we are moving. You know she is enjoying it as she gets more and more engrossed in your cock.

I can feel her pussy tighten around my fingers and it gets wetter, wetter, and wetter the more I fuck her. You see me right in her ear encourage her to suck your cock, to let you cum in her mouth, to ride my fingers like she wants to. The whole picture is one in which you cannot hold out anymore and you start to jerk your body which lets me know you are going to cum. I fuck her harder and faster knowing this in hopes of making you both cum at the same time.

Your cum starts to spill out of the corner of her mouth but you never take your eyes off of the two of us. As she starts to cum, she opens her mouth showing you the mouthful of you she has on her tongue. You see the muscles in her neck and watch her cum by my fingers. You grab your own cock and stroke it, forcing a second orgasm immediately following the first.

All three of us sit still for just a moment as we catch our breath. The stranger eventually stands, straightens up her clothing and turns to me merely saying "WOW ~ thanks" before she exits the dressing room. We both smile at one another with a 'can you believe what just happened' look between the two of us. We both know that it is time for us to regroup, leave the dressing room and figure out if it is time to head to the airport yet. What a weekend!!

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